Conservative art death threats

Left Uses Threats, Violence to Stop Conservative Art

Conservatives often complain how little right-of-center content exists for them to consume. You can’t withdraw from pop culture, they cry. Engage, don’t retreat.

  • Make conservative art
  • Share conservative art
  • Inspire the next generation of conservative artists

That’s understandable, and smart. What happens when these same artists, daring to shake up the Left’s cultural stranglehold, runs into death threats?

When they said “make good art” they meant “art I find morally good, as an evil person”.

You could make a bloodied wax foetus and they’d praise it if you called it Liberty.

Call it Moloch and they’ll SWAT you.

Nivea refuses to get woke

Forcing companies into politics is illegal…

Trying to SJW a company that makes huge buck on skin lightening cream…

The famous fat ad actually lost money (the first get woke, go broke) because surprisingly, telling dumpy mystery meat mediocre women they’re lovable just the way they are might work in a Disney film but fails to shift cosmetics.

You know the most valuable market, Queerty? Breeders. Because they self-replicate.

You know who isn’t valuable? People who go in for Botox instead of repeat buying a skin cream that does NOTHING.


Straight people are like 90+% of the global market.

If you want to make a profit, do not piss them off.

The people who buy the most household shit?

Straight women. Do not fuck with us.

Your job is to make the company money, not political masturbation.

Meanwhile, Gillette is pissed with the beard trend and trying to tell men they need to shave their armpits because… reasons.

Men, ask for every trend? Do gay guys do this? Then don’t.

Women, same of dykes. This isn’t hard.

When’s the book burning?

Lillian Gish Name Removed From Campus Theater For ‘Birth Of A Nation’ Role

You know if supposed college students burned Hillary Clinton’s book, they’d screech.

Picasso next, openly hated women, wanted to burn them.

Marx raped a maid and got her pregnant.

MLK serial adulterer.

Aren’t purity spirals inherently supremacist?

This is the film.

50 seconds in:


We do not fear censorship, for we have no wish to offend with improprieties or obscenities, but we do demand, as a right, the liberty to show the dark side of wrong, that we may illuminate the bright side of virtue – the same liberty that is conceded to the art of the written word – that art to which we owe the Bible and the works of Shakespeare.

They were dealing with history-erasing SJWs a century ago.

This has to stop.

Based on a true story, apparently.

The unquenchable irony

Understanding the Unbearable Whiteness of Farming

Pack up and go home.

Stop trying to ‘feed the world’, they’re ingrates and it’s white saviour.

Let them starve…. or grow their own food.

Dear Africa (and soon Asia),

we’ll stop oppressing you by keeping you alive.

We foolishly assumed you would appreciate it.

Don’t come to us, we’ll come to you.



I can just picture actual Westerners with a spine writing White Guilt in a cheeky scrawl on the side of one of their missiles, if they knew what the outcomes would be of fighting to help such people with our own blood. Typically, one doesn’t allow enslavement of the victors, financial or psychological.

Try and find Sweet and Wild Africa (18+), it was taken off YT.

Test the Chinese.

Can you see the future?

The number of early humans may have shrunk as low as 2,000 before numbers began to expand again in the Late Stone Age.

Bring on solar cycle 24!

Rain dance for the Grand Solar Minimum!

History does rhyme. Even if they bumped off white people to eat the seed crop, they’ll still die, and in colder climates than they ever evolved for. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

I made this when they were going on about ‘refugees’ like it was our responsibility instead of their own Government’s.

This is what happens when I get bored.

Still true. Hurting the hand that feeds is preposterously stupid. Heads we win, tails they lose.

But Asia is going to be worse off than Africa (total population plus density, the r-select criteria).

“You cannot reason with these kinds of people,” Wang said. “They think they can do anything with their money.”

This will end pleasantly.

Have you ever played the nuke game? You have three nukes, where do they go and why?

It tells you a lot about someone’s degree of wokeness.

I know the best answer (play a few times and you’ll figure it out, clue: magic rock) but this is about something different.

A literal psychopath once told me something amazing, he said he’d only need one.

I didn’t believe this, everyone always wanted more.

Having never heard this before, intrigued, I asked where.

“Easy, New Zealand.”

O.K. Why?

“Because whoever caused all of this death thinks they can hide out there, safe in their rich asshole bunkers while everyone else dies, so nobody would think to bomb them and their farms, their future food supply. If we’re all going to die, we have to take the people responsible down with us. At least they can’t crawl out of their hole without risk to enslave whoever’s left.”

To this day, that’s the most brilliant answer I have ever heard.

They buy in NZ on the premise that nobody would think to bomb it, he explained, which is exactly why it’s the first place you should strike (assuming it’ll be your last). Only a psychopath could make that so… neat.

Everyone else struggled but he instantly got it without crying about the evils of nuclear warfare.

He just took their plan and pissed all over it.

Like sure, you can come out, hope you like mutant steak. 

Little known fact, psychopaths have a greater than average potential to be heroes, if they follow a moral code.

So there ya go, wanna know nuke strategy? Ask a psychopath.

He said if you got the bunkers with a direct hit, regardless of depth, you’d bury them alive and they’d starve slowly like they deserve. Maybe suffocate. What are they gonna do, come up for fresh air?

He also told me China would never nuke America, not at first and not Midwest (just coastal), as it needs the farms. EMP because they have the factories to just replace everything and Americans are addicted to that stuff, headless chickens without it.

Well here we are, years later. So far, he’s proven correct.

They’ll remember.

18 years of “repent at leisure”

Years after his “grandmother”‘s gone, he’s going to have to live with this.

“During a stop on their three-day tour through Morocco, a representative from a local girls’ school offered up her congratulations to Meghan Markle on her pregnancy, prompting her husband to react in mock horror, “What, you’re pregnant? Is it mine?” Never one to miss a beat, his bride replied, “Surprise!””


“Baby Sussex isn’t due to make his or her arrival for another month and yet royal watchers are already gobbling up details about their nursery being set up inside Windsor Castle’s Frogmore Cottage (said to be awash in gender-neutral whites and grays) “

By grey you mean vaguely shit green?

“But after that, the little Duke or Lady might have a legitimate shot at having a relatively normal existence. To be sure there will be certain expectations and pressures placed on their tiny head, milestones will be celebrated whether the public is welcomed in or not and any major decision or achievement will doubtlessly be dissected.

But unlike their older cousins, Prince George, 5 Princess Charlotte, 3, and 11-month-old Prince Louis, Meghan and Harry’s offspring won’t carry the weight of a royal title unless Great-Grandma steps in.”

About as likely as a pig in flight.

She wouldn’t lend a sodding tiara. Didn’t want mud on it.

“Baby Sussex only has the slightest shot at ascending to the throne.

No shot.

Born a distant seventh in the pecking order and set to slide down as their cousins start families of their own, the newest royal won’t be a spare heir like Dad, 34, or even a spare of a spare like little Louis.”

And Markle will never be royal nor a Princess, having less blue blood than I have. By a lot.

Healthy family.

Imagine how funny their family photos will be. Think of the memes.

Simple contrast will say it all.

This is what you could’ve won….

“Though the popular rumor is that Meghan spilled to those at her posh New York City shower that she would be having a son, the avowed feminist, “has been talking to some of her friends about the birth and how she and Harry plan to raise their baby,” a source recently told Vanity Fair. “Her exact word was fluid. She said they plan to raise their child with a fluid approach to gender and they won’t be imposing any stereotypes.””

Think of all the people redpilled by witnessing this shitshow.

Why is the wedding ring on the right? That’s very Jewish…

Jews aren’t allowed to rule this monarchy, Protector of the Faith is their title, Christian faith.

“Harry and Meghan intend to forgo professional help, instead choosing to lean heavily on the former actress’ mom Doria Ragland. The L.A.-based social worker and yoga instructor “plans to be around a lot when the baby arrives,” a source told Vanity Fair, noting the couple have included a bedroom for her in their renovation plans. “She wants to be on hand to help Meghan and Harry with the baby.”

Social workers love baby boys.

I bet the Queen is having kittens.

“Meghan and Harry “are thought to want a more diverse education for their child,” a source told E! News. “Meghan is also keen for her child to be fully aware of his or her American heritage.””

The child isn’t American at all, citizenship doesn’t change African DNA.

What heritage? It has no race. There is no heritage.

That’s a category error, race is an exclusive term.

“After all, a half hour or so of distance is rather negligible when you have access to a fleet of chauffeured sedans and even helicopters.”

But she’ll be on the first plane home (to Canada) if they let her.

Her and Little Meal Ticket. This is the woman who didn’t pick up a phone to one husband and coldly just sent him back the ring. She might go abroad for “diplomacy” and never come back, like his mother abandoning him to virtue signal for other women’s children* solely in hot vacation destinations. Coincidence, I‘m sure.

Look at the skin bleaching, she looks like she’s dying now. Compare:

A woman that pregnant cannot walk in heels that high. I call bullshit.

And why isn’t the bump sinking?

Why is she leaning forward? Where’s the heft?

Skinny jeans + bloat do not happen.

*Maybe he married black because his mother would rather cuddle a hundred black babies than him?

Mongrels already have mental health issues, this is going to be hilarious.

They’ve doomed it before it’s even come out of whatever fertile woman is paid to play surrogate.

I find it strange that, despite trying to get pregnant on the quiet for literally years prior to the sham of a wedding, she magically gets ‘pregnant’ in under 3 months (unheard of among the young and nubile), knows the exact due date early on somehow and whilst vegan anorexic for the wedding dresses, which is known to stop periods and cause miscarriages.

That looks nubile.



Did the HRT supplier miscalculate?

We have another Wallis.

Man with known love of Nazis gets too close to a throne, throw him a man with tricks.

You know if she had an ultrasound, she’d show it.

Another thing —

There isn’t a trace of fear of childbirth. In first-time mothers, that is non-existent.
Where’s the nausea and other symptoms? Third trim women get vertigo standing up, those heels are laughable.

She’s going to end up universally hated (and eventually ragequit), we’re all already sick of her, even people who liked her before hate the attention-whoring – just like Diana.

I love their best retort to this schtick is something along the lines of “your kids/grandkids/everyone will be mixed race in the future” – bold claim and a long odds gamble but, like, bitches too thick to know they just insulted themselves. If you constantly act like you’re inferior, people notice. The logic is hilarious: black people good because punishment becoming black? Haha?

Yes, silly white people trying to evade this punishment you have planned.

Logically, if they were smart, they’d want white people to continue to exist to enslave them. Because if you’re superior, you need someone to feel superior to.

Picture Will Smith’s kid but a million times worse.

You have the shit-tier of two races breeding, nobody has ever considered Harry a well-bred gentleman. An object lesson in low IQ Idiocracy patterns. If she becomes much more of a “problem”, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Queen made deadman’s hitman arrangements or a Diana Special. Do not embarrass the firm. The monarchy will do anything to survive and PR is vital to its existence.

Technically, since the surrogate isn’t married to Harry and is carrying the child, it would be illegitimate.

That’s why they don’t admit it. Until her tell-all book nobody will buy.