Melanin is an aggression hormone

Not just a pigment. Biologists know this. It’s found in countless other species.
We even know the reputation of black birds with witchcraft and death.

“Do pigmentation and the melanocortin system modulate aggression and sexuality in humans as they do in other animals?”

Click to access Rushton-Templer-pigmentation-aggression-sexuality.pdf

Remember the femme fatale is always black (haired*).

From the abstract:

“Both within human populations (e.g., siblings), and between populations (e.g., races, nations, states), studies find that darker pigmented people average higher levels of aggression and sexual activity (and also lower IQ).”

Yes, they look at IQ too.
It’s a reason Asians try to look paler (even the men).
The classic intellectual is pale. It’s status, it’s about money.
It’s also more ‘civilized’, as in less prone to criminality. This is key to collectivists, such as Asians.

*Historical references to black women e.g. Anne Boleyn, always referred to hair because black skinned people obviously didn’t naturally exist in Europe (they’d be referred to by geography, Moors are common descriptors). An African in Europe wouldn’t do well for many reasons including Vitamin D deficiency. Without imported sources, it can be fatal and the NHS guidelines do target Africans in Europe for warnings about this.
Italians were considered the most passionate women in the Middle Ages (and angry) due to their black hair, closely followed by dark-haired Irish women.
Spanish women were considered mongrels due to Islamic conquest, along with some Italians to this day. Northern Italians are what all Italians used to be, genetically.

Video: Black girl on skin bleaching

Mostly logical.

While it should be available (white people get pigment), and I don’t believe in banning skin products for political reasons, there shouldn’t be a pressure to visibly change your race. That isn’t healthy.

However, Beyonce and co have been doing it years and everybody’s scared to bring it up so…. clean house.

Darker people (including Asians, most Asians are swarthy but they’re also the biggest bleachers – Jackson tier*) who think they can pull off that pale look are wrong. They just look like zombies. Even if a Southern European does it, some Italians and Greeks couldn’t do it either, they’d just look dead.

You can’t erase undertones, it’s literally your blood.

Why hate yourself? Skin is so basic. They don’t look white, they just look ill.

I don’t just think white people should play the cards they were dealt, everyone should.

Bit weird to dye your hair red/blonde and wear blue/grey/green contacts though.

That’s the next thing.


She also refused to have children until she could get white DNA sperm. Deliberately wanted to be a single mother, what a bitch.

Update: most Asians are brown too, that’s true. Remember the B in LBFM.

Boys should be fragrance-free

You like skincare, huh? K.

And you’d be amazed how many “male” colognes contain lavender or rose, the latter of which hasn’t really been studied but if I were a man, I wouldn’t risk it.


Called “Ultra Male”

will ironically give you bitch tits.

I swear the fags are fucking with us.

Tom Ford boasted his vision was making straight men smell like gay dick.

I have grounds.

While men are the display sex of our species, they shouldn’t be the alluring, pretty, seductive-looking and smelling one. Y’all are idiots if you fall for metrosexual branding attempts to keep the exact same chemical ingredients and hock it in a blue or black bottle.

At least buy something cheaper with the same cheap ingredients?


“Lots of people have asked me if I’m wearing Tom Ford – enough said”


Make-up dupes exist and so do perfume ones. Entire sites list these. Don’t go broke smelling like cheap car leather. What they won’t tell you is that large branding celebrity houses often rip off the little guy so the cheaper thing called a dupe is frequently the original.

Male colognes tend to include so many irritants (smokey, woodsy, grassy ingredients) you’re practically guaranteed to develop allergies over time, in particular

at the application site from chemical exposure, made so, so much worse by citrus oils and UV-enriched sun exposure.

Bergamot is the worst. You wouldn’t rub it on your neck so why.

It smells like Earl Grey to me.

Bergamot is really big in colognes.


All for the bragging rights of purchasing the highest-status smelly water.

And what do we also have here?


Great if you want to smell like Queen Victoria’s bloomers.

Fuck it, I’m going to go full bitch mode.

What’s next, a bottle of a statue of Priapus? Okay, I’m done.

Foreskin cell injections

derived from the dermis of normal human neonatal foreskin or adult skin”
some are also fetal derived, so vain people in California are filling in their wrinkles with babies


You wonder why foreskin chopping doesn’t stop when they can sell it?

That isn’t treating (and having a foreskin isn’t a disease, nor is pregnancy), that’s reaping.

White people are stupid, exhibit A

Anything about “exotic” beauty and white people get silly.

Yes, trust the random vain person online, it’s alllllll natural….

Or some combination of aloe vera, coconut oil and antioxidants in a $3 jar.

That isn’t how skin works. Skin has pores.

Skincare can easily be 5 figures. Yes, FIVE. Look up luxury skincare prices. If it’s genetic, you’d see it in the poor girls of the same race. You never do.

It’s like someone floating instead of walking, it’s obviously a trick.

This reminds me of the 60+ women who got cosmetic surgery literally every year since the age of 14 but dopey Westerners sincerely believe it’s genetic. Asian women age terribly, it’s partially the climate. The Japanese sun is insane. A salty heavy seafood diet makes the skin puffy. Too many cakes, especially the Westernized brats, makes their eyelids close in.

Have you ever spoken to a cosmetic doctor? Just for health reasons, it’s like getting your heart checked out, they know all about the blemishes between races. Asian women get terrible acne, look it up.

They didn’t evolve for the dairy products Europeans did.
The piggish ones refuse to give up the treats, including corn syrup.

There are natural beauties but like the myth of the Russian porn babe, it’s 99% surgery. Why would a natural beauty show off too much online?

You’re admiring silicon. It’s as real as this guy.


There are plenty of fillers and chemicals that give a temporary smoothing effect.

Asian girls are known to fake everything about their pictures.

Sometimes, white people can be so dumb.

It’s this one thing that keeps tripping us.

These women are as natural as the fucking Kardashian infection.

Does masturbation cause acne in males?

I bring this up out of sympathy.

Based on traffic, this might be of use as motivation to certain readers.

Here’s a woman’s pitifully ill-informed take, trust the men who say it causes breakouts. Trust them!

It throws your hormones out of balance and depletes your nutrients. The skin gets those last. Since it’s a self-soothing behaviour, you’re likelier to do it when stressed and compulsively, instead of say, exercising and eating better, to feel better.
The hormones released during the male orgasm (I assume that’s the intention) such as progesterone (yes, the thing in The Pill and the reason women get period spots) DO literally cause acne. They boost sebum production and it’s inflammatory too. Women might require more because it balances the increased estrogen produced, so obviously that doesn’t apply to men.
Androgen spikes occur when male levels are already higher, as do the usual ‘thrill’ and stress hormones. Thyroid and adrenal (DHEA-S) issues might throw off the acid mantle’s protective function and no offense, but most compulsive masturbators have awful hygiene, they’re unlikely to be using toner after their exertions.
It wouldn’t apply to women because the way women orgasm (vascular, electrical) doesn’t do much to the hormones and probably makes the skin clearer, if the rumours are true (Vivien Leigh’s carnal rejuvenation).

Scientifically, go one month without touching it and get your levels tested.

The next month, whack it as much as you want and get them tested again.

This way around so you aren’t working from a depleted sack.

For starters.

I would like to reiterate for the millionth time, ejaculation is not synonymous with orgasm, in either sex!

White skin privilege

“In reality, they had plenty, and not just in Europe. ‘White slavery’ today means the international trafficking of women for prostitution. Back then, it meant the provisioning of the Muslim world with European concubines, who were valued for their white skin (Lewis, 1990, pp. 11-13, 56, 72). This trade was considerable in Muslim Spain:”

Slavery has always (9/10) been about sex.
Which color of woman has been most ‘popular’ sexually?

Survey says skincare is now androgynous

Yes, that matches all the men I’ve had to help with concealer swatches to hide their nights out.

snort lol laugh haha hmph derision yeah duh really uhuh mhmm princess bride

There’s nothing vain about taking care of your skin. It’s like going to the optician or getting a blood pressure check. Cancer is real. You don’t want to miss out on a promotion because you didn’t spring for the dark circle caffeine roll-on.

Goes to show men aren’t as confident about ‘aging like wine’ as they say.
Although anyone who knows about wine will tell you the cheap ones get worse over time.


They never get better.

So when men use that phrase, do not correct them. It’s funnier that way.