Bitter old women in HR ruin hot females’ career chances too

Between the lines but it’s there.

Again, the people who were most attractive were rated lowly by people of the same sex. The effect was especially strong for women, who “selected highly attractive female candidates only 11.7% of the time, significantly less than chance,” Agthe and her colleagues write.

Spite is stronger in women and girlish boys.

Indeed, these may be examples of what University of Ottawa psychologist Tracy Vaillancourt calls “indirect aggression,” which she wrote about in a 2013 paper provocatively titled “Do human females use indirect aggression as an intrasexual competition strategy?” 

Women are actually more aggressive than men. Even as children.
It’s just they’re sneakier and get away with it more often, being harder to prove.
Next time a feminist says it’s okay for boys to cry (no it isn’t), realise she is asking boys to play by the rules of her game because she cannot win at his.

“A clear way that indirect aggression serves an individual’s goal is by reducing her same-sex rivals’ ability, or desire, to compete for mates,” she wrote. “This is typically accomplished in a concealed way, which diminishes the risk of a counterattack.”

Mean Girls grow old and get meaner.
Notice the Go Grrrl rhetoric for women in say, STEM, is based on male action? What about plain women being nice to the hot girl? No no, that’s too much to ask of the Sisterhood apparently. The hot girl is presumed to have “too much” already. Sisterhood approval is inversely proportionate to the attention you glean from men without trying. (n.b. Sisterhood spinsters hate me, which I take to be a compliment in light of the reasons). Funnily enough, their chronic jealousy and hatred will etch lines on their face sooner and the stress of competing with the pretty girls (instead of the smart thing, cooperation) will make them even uglier.

Remember that fairytale trope? The Ugly Sisters.  Based in reality.

Female bullying targets are always superior to their bullies. Take heart, ladies.

Article: Get out of the middle class (mindset)

When you meet a new person you should search for information and ask yourself “can we both win by working together?”. If the answer is not a yes, simply move on. There is no reason to compete with someone if they are not going to be in your lane.

Many a timeless truth in this one, highly recc.

Prestige is a Trap

It’s laughable how few people realize this when reaching for a career.
Ask law students (or politics, anyone full of themselves really) what they’ll do if no one respects them as a full, paid-up lawyer and watch them blanch.

In short, to be exceptional, you must be willing to do things which make you the exception. Everyone else takes weekends off? Work weekends. Everyone else gets drunk at bars, with pictures as evidence? Never do that. Everyone is competition. (Or no one, as it becomes ideally).
You’ll speed past them faster with omission than commission.

Women are bitchier on The Pill.

SCOTUS was actually doing you a favour for The Sisterhood, American women.
The Pill literally makes you a hormonal bitch.

Among the women in the study, the higher the dose of estrogen in the birth control they were using, the more likely they were to rank other women’s appearance as very important to them, the researchers found.

The results of the new study as well as previous research suggest that the way women rank other women’s traits is likely related to the hormones in the contraceptives they are taking, said study researcher Valentina Piccoli, of the University of Trieste in Italy. However, without measuring the women’s hormone levels in the blood, the researchers could not [yet] pinpoint exactly how the hormones may have affected the participants’ rankings of other women, she said. [every pill has side effects]

“This mechanism may be a direct result of the hormones ingested via contraceptive pill use,” or it could result from changes in the body’s natural hormone levels that occur in women using the contraceptive, Piccoli told Live Science.

Previous research has shown a relationship between the levels of estrogen in combined hormonal contraceptives and increased jealousy and so-called “mate-guarding behavior,” in which a person tries to ensure that his or her mate is not interested in pursuing other men or women. The new findings show that estrogen levels may be also be related to women’s paying more attention to potential female competitors, the researchers said.

Piccoli stressed that, in the new study, the researchers did not administer different doses of estrogen but only assessed the doses of the hormone that were in the contraceptives the women took. Therefore, the study does not show a cause-and-effect relationship between the different levels of estrogen and what the researchers have called “objectification” of other women, she said.

The researchers will next look at a larger sample of participants to better understand the results, she said.

Why do humans argue?

Because there’s a wrong way to do things and we need to defend it.

paper pdf, here’s select from the abstract section ;

“Our hypothesis is that the function of reasoning is argumentative. It is to devise and evaluate arguments intended to persuade.” [DS: good]

“Skilled arguers, however, are not after the truth but after arguments supporting their views.” [ehh, sorta]

“Reasoning so motivated can distort evaluations and attitudes and allow erroneous beliefs to persist. [that’s poor reasoning and should be discounted from pure theory]

Proactively used reasoning also favors decisions that are easy to justify but not necessarily better. In all these instances traditionally described as failures or flaws, reasoning does exactly what can be expected of an argumentative device: Look for arguments that support a given conclusion … favour conclusions for which arguments can be found.”

I like cogpsych papers, but they tend to miss the wider picture and the subtlety of linguistics in rhetoric e.g. emphasis.
Social signalling, in short. If your social reputation depends on empirical truth, suddenly it becomes the primary priority. This is why politicians don’t have lifelong careers at the top. Ownership is separate from outcome.
A theme that could be applied to this blog: smug