the r in Refugees Welcome signs + funnies

Look at the facial expression in the Bible quote. That’s an atheist going to Hell for blasphemy.

Spliced with photo of actual ‘refugees’. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Hopefully the Manchester attack, nail-bombing little girls has redpilled these feminists.
Somehow I doubt it. This is the one that started it all.

This one in particular triggers me, the way to kill it is with apathy: So?

So was Jack the Ripper, so was Hitler, so is Trump. Tired of whataboutism.

“they are us, we are them”


Meanwhile, actual refugees

Yeah, let’s not save these people waving round the white flag of Christendom.

Are they welcome in YOUR home? Why not?

JK Rowling has yet to take in any ‘refugees’ that someone offered to pay to fly to her homes!

She is irrelevant. Like…

Emma Watson hasn’t spent a night in the Calais camp alone, without security.

Locks are racist! No borders? No walls! Let’s all live in pagodas! 

Now a series of triggering memes and funnies.

It’s been a while. 120 funnies. Some repeats. A few serious.

about as real as her hair

Going by her Coco the Clown makeup, I think they do.

The People do not consent to open borders. The native people.

Everyone into Lord of the Rings.

All harassment is bad but sexual harassment is the worst.
It’s the First World, fucking act like it.
Recently, a German woman was beaten by a ‘migrant’, because she told him not to call her a bitch.

Tesla’s expression, my fucking sides.

He never said that but yes. Fitness is in adaptation.

Just like consciousness. You can’t touch it or test it. It’s unfalsifiable. It’s the scientific concept of spirit.
It isn’t scientific though.

Sexual orientation theory is BS. There’s only behaviour – which hole is your goal?

SJW’s playbook.

The alt-lite treats the J-word as their N.

And strange brown men on the street.

The temporary alliance of SJWs and Muslims is simple: the sexually entitled support the sexually entitled.
Also take down White Man but obviously, SJWs aren’t white or men, typically.

Video: How to destroy the world

Stefan is knocking it outta the park recently. Highest quality redpill stuff.
Who turned him onto us? Anyone know?

wow omg likey

TLDW: Social engineers are child abusers.

In one word, it comes down to Legacy. The legacy is the future.

You either have one, or you don’t. You eat the cake, or you keep the cake.
But it doesn’t last forever. Never kick the pup because the pup grows up.
We are reaching that tipping point. I saw a comment, I think it was on Vox Day’s blog, pointing out that by recreating the conditions of Weimar Germany in every system, it’s predictable what would happen next. But neolibs don’t listen to history, they’re on the Right Side… *snicker*

I treat you as a sentient intelligent lifeform. Objections?

He’s right that the quality of men dropped before the quality of women. I feel the manosphere forgets there is another half to the equation. Post-WW, the few surviving men lived it up. Then the Sexual Revolution just happened on by shortly thereafter because women felt left out and wanted some of the attention. Men lost their motivation because sex is practically all they want from women and…. yup, that’s pretty much it. This causes the economy to tank eventually and we’ve been building up bubbles ever since (look at the time you went off the Gold Standard to cover for it, LOOK) because men buy most of the shit needed for a family from a position of surplus and women, while easier to sell to, must buy on credit.

The manosphere mocks women for saying “Where have all the good men gone“? Answer: They’re Peter Pans at home playing video games and watching porn, the Lost Boys, which hardly reflects well on men as they think it does, while all the time most of their discussions feature “Where have all the good women gone“? without a trace of self-awareness. Answer: Pump and dumps, pretty much. Not Asia. Not S. America. You chucked them, or some other guy did, and now they’re psychologically ruined by it.


Maternal instinct isn’t a myth. It’s much like paternal drive in men. Some have it, some have it strongly and some do not have it at all. Women are dumb enough to freely admit where they lie there, oblivious to how it affects their long-term value: are you pro-choice? They can only answer for themselves and only the women who state the rape/cancer exception are permissible.


Gold Standard in America: 1971. I’m sure that’s a maaaa-ssive coincidence.
UK: 1934. WW1 made us broke. However, we had similar problems:

The crisis was seen as a national humiliation.

To be a woman, you must first be a girl

Here are the things that grind my gears on transsexuals, example men pretending to be women.

  • they force everyone to buy into their delusion and simply standing aside and leaving them to it gets a telling off – to an adult
  • they cite a feeling as a fact
  • they ignore the idea if it’s mental, you can change your mind (many do post-op)
  • they refuse to accept you cannot change the brain, this man will always have his male brain he developed before birth and cannot think like a woman if his life depended on it
  • every cell in your body tells the truth, no one called Michael Jackson white because he had treatments, dying my hair doesn’t make me a natural blonde
  • changing your birth certificate is fraud since you can use it to marry someone ignorant of the truth
  • they are lied to about their dating prospects, and cry when they can’t get a date “being myself”
  • they get off on their own appearance, there’s always a sexual component to it
  • they demand access to safe spaces, each sex has a right to, which fairly pisses off the radfems
  • it’s a fashion with permanent consequences on taxpayer money
  • some get off on deception, when they rape unknowing straight men and have the nerve to cry they were the victim of the picture
  • the rates of comorbid mental illness and drug use or suicide demonstrate their opinion on what is good for them is ill-advised to outright wrong, you rarely see any over 40, do you? And the HIV rates, do not get me started.

Nonetheless, the claim to womanhood by those who were not born to it does essentially demean those who were; the defining of a woman solely by her sexual organs and by what you see when she is or is not dressed is the province of Page Three girls, not of those proud of their sex and proud, sometimes, of surviving the years of trials it may have brought.

This applies, by the way, to both sexes: should a bold, male soldier be felled by an IED in Afghanistan and left without legs or gentlemanly tackle between them, would we then declare that he is no longer a man? Obviously not. It is widely understood that a fellow in such a predicament who cries that he ‘feels’ himself to be no longer ‘a real man’ will be hastily reassured by all who love him and all who treat him that he was made to be a man from the moment he was conceived and he will die as one, too.

Eunuchs are men. And they have less male tissue than transsexual “women”.

By the same token, I can no more shrug off my formative years and experiences than can Frank Maloney, now to be called Kellie. I can no more forget pregnancy and childbirth than, I imagine, he (or she, if I must) can forget the conception and fathering of three children; more than sex, more than body shape, more than clothing — and certainly more than wishes or feelings — it is these things that define us. Irrevocably so.

…But as long as the newly created Kellie carries that irksome, dangling little y chromosome, whatever the word is, it is not ‘woman’.

This is a fad. They choose to get this stuff done, you don’t choose your race or (probably) sexuality. Feminists are just trying to recruit the mentally ill, which is really sad when you think about it. None of their ‘logic’ holds up, it’s a fantasy.

Equality: Where’s The Evidence?

It is a means of increasing conflict by turning otherwise kin groups against one another. For a ready example, “male feminist”.
Ah, Lewontin’s attempts to prize variance and anomaly (extremes) to prove sameness.
No mention of how the very idea of a Progressive creates a semiotic Regressive, a classist, racist, sexist et cetera idea. Meaning words are defined by duality at the essence. Light and dark. Man and woman. Air and vacuum. Feeling and paralysis.
A fun idea is to ask whence they think cultural differences arose to begin with?
If everyone is equal the idea of 2+ cultures is IMPOSSIBLE.
All evil is artificial to them because the truth is too painful to handle. Equal opportunity is a true social construct. It cripples the strong, an act of injustice for “justice” based on birth – two wrongs make a human right?
If relativism were true, computers wouldn’t be in binary.