Vice celebrates the self-sterilizing

We should be paying them. One-time lump fee. Just enough for a great holiday.
Weed out the high time preference. £4-5k? Conditional on their signature that they’ll never try to reverse it or otherwise breed, or at least won’t take welfare if/when they do.

If they aren’t responsible enough to make this choice at 18, they aren’t responsible enough to consent to sex. The schools should be blamed, since they were nowhere else.

Please make this the hot new trend.

It’s still eugenics if they do it to themselves.

Congratulations Roosh and the other genetic suicides, you’re in the fine company of these lovely ladies.

“Life isn’t just about reproduction.”

Thank you for not breeding.

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I bet the majority were already sterile due to undiagnosed STDs.

As one guy put it “your mutations end with you!”

Essentially they’re recognizing their existence is a mistake of nature.

Tell me Peter Pan Syndrome isn’t a thing.

What would they say to people who think 19, or even 29, is too young to make a decision so final? That this is a narcissistic lifestyle choice designed to hold onto their not-quite adult status? 

Katelin assuredly disagrees.


“I want time alone, time with my partner and time to travel and spend money on luxury. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that,” she says.

how is that not-

“My generation live in a broken world. We come from broken homes and have broken minds and bodies. Many of us just don’t want to reproduce. It’s my life, and I’m not hurting anyone.

Still a vector for sexual diseases though, huh?

Never mention that?

They never want other tissues and nerves cut, no, that’s crazy!

superman drinking give up nope

Super-gonorrhea will have a long time to incubate in these people, before spreading to the normal population.

What is Solipsistic?


Technically, all those men slinging this term exclusively at women while being mistrustful Look Out For #1 types are being hypocrites. Classically, men are the more selfish sex. A self-interested man is quite literally an idiot.

Book source:

Storied Words: The Writer’s Vocabulary and Its Origins by Jeske

Link: ‘Saving the World’ and other delusions

When you grow up, you stop believing in fairytales. Certainly, you don’t write yourself in as the Hero. Modern culture is infantile, many adults are more akin to children in maturity. The bubble about the Real World is the reason most of us are here. On Best Post I addressed this.

Ah. Can you hear Orwell laughing?

You can ignore me, but I’m not going away.
Neither are the ideas.

However, many of us have the uncanny experience of believing we are meeting a fellow adult only to hear as preposterous a belief as writing to Santa or hunting for the Easter Bunny. It’s hard to keep a straight face.

“I’m gonna change the world.”

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“I’m gonna save the (animals)/(people)/(plants).”

At times like this, it's best to just run with it and laugh

“I’ll be such as awesome person when my dreams come true.” (Usually lottery)

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“I work so hard and I deserve this” (They work 20 hours in full a week, tops)

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“I don’t know why it happened, I did everything right.” (Where is the logic here)

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“They wouldn’t lie to me………………………………….”

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“I don’t need a plan, it’s destiny, I know it.”

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“I’m passionate, all you need is passion” (2 mins later) “My life is so empty.”

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They don’t hear themselves. They think aloud. The cognitive dissonance is apparent but if you draw their attention to it, it washes over them like a wave breaking over a sandcastle. They think they’re deep because they’re oversensitive and over-expressive (coining it) but really they’re deep as a paddling pool.

My favourites

“I’m a fucking Princess and I will get my Prince”

What to do when the "intellectuals" hit reality like a brick wall? Laugh, I guess

“I need (thing), (thing), (other thing) and (stuff) before I can be happy/human.”

This aims to be a neat summary. Neat explanations are frequently superior.

These people will never, ever be happy. Contented. Comfortable. Secure.

Their lives will always lack meaning. Don’t pity them, it’s terminal stupidity.

You know what they really want? Glory. They want the whole world to bow down in gratitude for how epic and awesome and totes magical they are, Just the Way They Are. They can’t be reasoned with, get out their way and possibly profit on their little crusade, as you fairly warn them not to do it. Play Devil.

you're fucked lol tilda constantine gabriel

These are the people who would have you shot for disagreeing with them. No quarter. No mercy. No option.

Almost all societies in the past had a complex bucket of metrics involving personal virtue, material success, and success of the family – with “impact on the state of the world” being an also-ran at best.

Between the 19th and 20th centuries, self-improvement switched from character, what you DO, to a model of personality, what you ARE. There’s your problem. The ___ of Personality.

Despite being their stated Life’s Purpose, they haven’t thought about Saving the World for five minutes straight. Know why?

“Saving it from who, exactly?”

The bad guys, presumably.

“What are you going to do with them?”

#~*sound of tumbleweed*~#

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That’s right, the fastest means to accomplish that goal is unpleasant, the fastest way to save the world (but not all humanity), involves mass murder. And that’s how history was made. Dictators and all. ‘Saving the World’ isn’t fun, kids. The question shouldn’t be Can I? The question should be Why would I?

Accurate gif, terrifyingly accurate

A fairytale about female desire

Hypergamy is bullshit.

Sexually, it applies far more to men than it ever could to women. All the sayings we have about getting around are like “men sowing their wild oats” and “trading in for a younger model”. No healthy woman does it. It doesn’t appeal. If anything, the evidence tells us that men are the hypergamous sex, but I still think the term is bullshit. Projection is annoying for the rest of us.

It’s a combination of two things, which are conflated.

  1. r-type promiscuity. r-types think everyone is as morally weak as they are. Of course everyone is a powderkeg of lust who’d never settle down given ample opportunity. /sarc
  2. ambition. Ambition is one of the greatest things a person can have, it’s an intellectual form of hope. A person cannot self-improve without ambition. Not to be confused with hubris or vainglory, which the Left tries to do, to discourage the proles from improving their lot and moving into the Tory voting bracket.

In my experience, those with the delusions of grandeur (read: ALWAYS narcissists) fear responsibility. They desire responsibility, imagined as various titles and powers, because they are the least fit to wield it. So I find this fairytale rather funny, because a woman who went beyond the stone palace  (space to raise children) isn’t a fit wife.

Think of the people who get bossy and always try to be team leader. They must be that way because they’re incompetent and nobody would choose them. Even within a monarchical system, they’d have their heads cut off before the year is out. How many spoiled brat princes did this happen to? Were they alpha, when they couldn’t control their base desires? Narcissists fail to account for the desires (and needs) of others in their daydreams. It doesn’t just apply to women. There is no woman who daydreamed about being a Genghis Khan. How many more ambitious men exist than women? Yes, it’s rooted in testosterone, partially.

Women evolved to desire resources because their lives would often depend on it. Whether their children would starve or survive a winter. Whether they could pay protection money as a serf. It’s as futile to critique a woman for desiring SOME resources (sufficient for a purpose) as to criticize men for having any form of sexual desire. For a lot of supposed redpills, they sure do expect women and men to act and think alike when it comes to sex-specific subjects.

Gratitude is abundant in non-narcissists. Narcissists are made an example of in these types of stories.
Just because you want something doesn’t mean you deserve it. Whether you deserve a thing is judged, yes, JUDGED, by others. Others who will see the narcissist for the coward they are. If such people do gain power, the People enact terrible revenge against the tyrant.

Isothymia as a means of Megalothymia in SJWs

This is going to be brief, I’m working.

  • Isothymia is a desire to be seen as equal to others (when one is inferior, especially by one’s own chosen actions).
  • Megalothymia is a desire to be seen as superior to others (status-signalling SJWs, for example, who are considered common or negatively when not broadcasting their trendiness).

What we have is a symbiosis of the mentally ill, neurotics, as other species like the shark and remora fish do.

In return for moral (social) relevance from the otherwise ostracised white middle class oppressors, they support the claims of those whom they know represent no real threat to their status, and furthermore, simply wish to be considered as moral (equal) despite their immoral background. This destructive relationship must be continuously reinforced as taboos are broken or new trends created. Outcome: Holier than thou spiritual purity in social justice.


Otherkin demand NHS operations for fins. The Bourgeoisie permit this, because they do not use the NHS and remain separate from Nemokin.

It is a codependent relationship requiring a Victim and a Saviour. It is tinged with moral implications related to masochism and sadism respectively. Each needs an outlet for their weaknesses but the sadist casually discards its victims as part of its feeding pattern once its optimum use has ended.

This coincides with r/K theory, as there are two types of narcissist and each is angered by different things. It isn’t hard to guess which is which.

Blue Pill Media: Girls & Boys by Good Charlotte

I’ve been reviewing old material I grew up with in light of the realities of the world and it’s surprising to see how obviously some people flirt with the truth and never quite get there. This is called Purple Pill. I may do little pieces like this from time to time and point out things that stick out.

These guys had fame game, they knew firsthand how shallow women can be but how many of these dumb women sang along to songs like this without any idea they’re being insulted? Like all the absolute munters singing along to Sexy And I Know It? Now if we could recruit middling influencers like this, red pill could take off in a huge way in a short space of time. It may not be perfect, but a wry take inoculates the movement against backlash.

In short, you can’t parody a parody. You can’t satirize a satire. It’s a wonderful technique to expose propaganda.
Just an idea.