Merkel says we must surrender sovereignty

because it’s so unimportant.

I would remind you, the EU has no citizens. The EU has no nations and therefore no native populations from which to draw a citizenry (or army). This despotic demand is tantamount to an act of war and asking you be enslaved just because.

It isn’t getting enough play.

Like when she said years ago that multiculturalism has “utterly failed”.

Reminder: Europe is not the EU.

Europe is a piece of homeland.

The EU is a piece of paper.

Know the difference.

All this talk of the EU’s immortality is like a thousand year Reich.

We know how that worked out.

You can put an occult symbol of the Biblical whore plus a crown of stars as your “flag”, it won’t protect you from becoming a Christmas ornament. This is why you don’t shelter socialists, it’s putting out the bait for the sharks. Paying for other people’s children at the exclusion of having any yourself is genocidal.

Refer to c) and d);

See national and racial and religious there?

England, France, Germany, Italy, Christian, White. Legally protected. In their homelands.

When do we see arrests for these?

This plus Army talk and drafting in many countries…

Nobody’s calling us “stupid” for voting Leave now, are they?

The double standards are hilarious.

It all reminds me how Charlize Theron literally purchased a black baby and nobody is calling it slavery. Buying a black person to tote around like a handbag.

Present your temporary visitors with the full bill of their visit and they will leave.

None of them will pay into the system. Medical, school fees, things they took!

Queenie supported Leave, Trump is pro-America

I like the news recently.

Obviously the sovereign supports sovereignty.

yes nod sup Lestat IWTV film uhuh I know

The nose knows.

This one’s to you, your Majesty.

ah yes toast drinking damon ian nodding

She never lets me down.

Bess is bae.

A Pro-American President is meant to be a shock?

A patriotic national leader, the horror!

Next, he’ll be putting Americans before the globalist (capitalist) dream!

Like, people > money! What a monster!

Seriously, I’ll say the same about him as I said about Obama. As long as he’s a good President, I don’t care who he is.

Barbarians are awakening: “Europe belongs to us”

What was it the hippies said?

The children are the future.

“This is a salute from the Swedish youth, to our European brothers and sisters.
Europe belongs to us. Europe belongs to us. Europe belongs to us.
Europe has given birth to strong and free nations with rich and thriving cultures. We have always held our heads up high and been proud of our heritage and history.
In just the last few decades this has all changed. The free nations of Europe are being enslaved by the EU. The politicians are giving away our sovereignty to bureaucrats in Brussels.
An insane experiment with multiculturalism and mass immigration is tearing apart our previously united nations.
Europe is bleeding. We have had enough. We are the generation who refuses to be silenced. We are the generation who loves the nation and who will always defend it. Join us in the fight to regain our freedom.
Against the European Union. For a Europe of nations and for the freedom of all peoples.”

Happy St. George’s Day!

“No forreigne prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence within this realm.” ~ English Bill of Rights.

Yes, we (England) have a constitution and impervious constitutional law.

Including the original Magna Carta, never to be overturned. These rights may be expanded upon, however.