Sign of the times

K-times artwork vs. r.

Never trust a teacher.

Despite this being her job, and she volunteered, it’s ruined beyond repair.

Children exist who could’ve done better. And how could a woman get the makeup wrong?

“the art restorer Carmen Usua suggested that it might be impossible to bring the statue back to its original state, due to incorrect sanding, questionable coloring, and dodgy work on the plaster. The culprit now faces a fine from the Spanish association of art conservators and restorers, who plan to bring the issue to the Prosecutor’s Office of Navarra.”

Big fine, it’s cultural heritage.

Pew Research on Millennials


The future belongs to the young. But what if there are not many of them?

Nowhere is this more evident than in Europe, a rapidly aging region facing severe economic challenges. What the dwindling youthful population of Europe believes and how their views differ from their aging and far more numerous elders may go a long way toward determining Europe’s fate…..

In another;

…They lack a sense of agency: A majority don’t feel that they can impact the world around them or their future, a stark contrast with their American counterparts…

They are correct. This is the result of child-centred self-esteem parenting models. If it doesn’t come easily (circumstantial reasons) they succumb to defeatist fatalism that it must be impossible.

Interesting report. Superficial, of course. Case in point for Special Snowflakes;