Men rejecting masculinity

Alt title: men rejecting their gender role (then blaming women).

“More nuanced and incisive rebuttals, such as Edward Feser’s The Last Superstition and David Bentley Hart’s Atheist Delusions, somehow never quite achieved the same recognition.”


“The questions and debates engaged in by the new atheists were often reductive, emotionalized and glib, but one does have to grant that they at least tackled the great questions of faith in their way.”

All redditfags do is strawman and pretend to be House on social questions while their own lives are miserable bachelorhoods full of porn and video games. It’s like church ladies self-congratulating.

Yeah, in spite of mathematical certainty, they’re all 130+ and can’t spell or compose a sentence for shit. O.K.

The only way they feel good about themselves is crusaderism, finding a “sinner” and making them feel bad or stressed e.g. Christians.

“Its supporters soon tired of tedious and repetitive debates,

with their navel

and they began to argue with each other about social justice and political correctness.”

And failed, clue.

Nothing they say is original. They’re multicultural monstrosities.

“The answer lies in the grey zone between believers and atheists.


If you want to find the real wolf steering sheep away from the flock, look not to fedora-bedecked atheists, but to your average apatheist.”

No, hedonist. They pay lip service to virtue to continue a life of vice, massive cognitive dissonance.
You are not special, broflakes. This is not a special thing worthy of a snowflake term.
e.g. they will say all men should be married, and refuse to get married. Idiots.
They will say all men do better in the military and call the draft “sexist” (like evolution didn’t happen).
Women are weak but should magically overpower any male attacker with kung fu grip (but hitting a man is sexist).
They will know about atheist sub-fertility and refuse to be religious because they think it’s beneath them, a status signal, and again, they’re avoiding patriarchal standards i.e. no manwhoring, no carousing, no drugs, no lechery, actual standards of historical masculine virtue.
They don’t want to grow up or can’t (emotionally regressed). Peter Pan spent all his time “having fun” and dodging responsibility.
The idea of being a gentleman or “respectable” is something they dismiss out of hand with another mis-label, cuck.
No, a cuck is someone who rejects tradition and history in their own life while verbally going on (and on and on…) about its importance, they’re cuckservatives hoping to freeload off the backs of real men’s hard work. For thee but not for me. They’re worthless humans, if they won’t contribute they should emigrate. They’d actually take a class on Penis Studies (Man Studies) because they’re so mind-numbingly boring (predictable, all on the same diet, same clothes, same haircut, same reading material across borders, like a cult of dull) and lacking in individuality.

They’ll say men should be providers – and refuse to provide even for themselves (a mantrum) and worse, defend deadbeats!
Cowardly r-types.

“It’s okay when we do it” hypocrites. They’re socialists who self-loathe in different ways. An abortion clinic on every corner and whore pills in every 13yo girl’s hands would be alright by them! Moral relativists. “Social liberal, economic conservative” cucks. All the gibs, as long as someone else pays.

You can only strike from your gender role if you were competent enough to have ever achieved it.

They reject their gender role, like male SJWs, in favour of materalism, atheistic hedonism (acting like an animal). It’s the exact same thing.
In their own ideal society, they’d be rejects!
Nihilism in the pomo sense of the word is the belief system of losers, it’s their cover for postmodernism while pretending to be oh-so different (special) from the SJWs (narcissism of small differences).
Even this article’s like “this is a new and special thing”.
No? It’s just that we notice because dueling is illegal (otherwise their lip would get them shot by a real man) and they can’t be cannon fodder without an overt war. This is what happens in the dysgenic situation when you let the Low IQ males with delusions of superiority (a self-proclaimed penis pass, if you will, on all sin) run their whining mouth about how, in the most spoiled society ever, they’re still abject failures! Oh, poor baby in your air conditioned palace on welfare! It must be so hard!
Their failure isn’t society’s fault, it’s a character fault and on the contrary, the ones bitching online are exclusively reared in the middle-class (they had advantages).

They have no excuse.

If a meme about a spoiled suburbanite Prince stereotype offends you…. it should.

Shame is GOOD.

Their slide down the social mobility scale is a sign the system works. You aren’t entitled to a better life than your parents unless you work at least as hard (complaining isn’t work).

I’d know.

9/10 they’re actually nagging. But they do nothing themselves. Only nag. We have male shrews! They expect the rest of us will step in like their helicopter parents. You’re an adult, we owe you nothing.

The Boomers are right about the entitled ones. It just happens to be the hippy kids.

Nagging only works if you’re bound i.e. parents, marriage. Nagging society doesn’t wash and given the advantages men have on many levels (that they deny “male privilege is a myth” when they seek to evade responsibility or champion with hyperbole “men are superior biologically” to signal, both when it’s convenient, like we don’t notice), they don’t have an excuse that blames women e.g. when boys lose out on math tests and other schoolwork, it’s because they study less around the time they discover porn. Asians can’t watch that stuff all day, look at their grades, it isn’t “all men”, it’s all degenerate men who make poor lifestyle choices. So they want a meritocratic system – but only when it leads to positive outcomes for themselves (liars).

If someone works harder than you, they deserve to beat you! Add up hours studied and you’ll find female (and male) conscientiousness isn’t bias, they activate with their IQ the traits which help them. The guy or girl “winging it” the night before deserves to fail*. Low IQ don’t have the IQ to know what they’re NOT doing! That isn’t everyone else’s fault! If there are systemic forces against men in some fields, the same must be true of women in other fields because that is how systems work, ya dummies!

Otherwise it’s like saying there’s north without south or taste without those tacky cheese squares at the other end of the spectrum. Logic is consistent! Smart men address the topic of stupid men – until they’re shouted down as “sexist” (???), like smart women.

It just so happens by nature that there are more lazy men! So yeah, they fail! Confound!

You cannot ignore the left half of the bell curve, men overpopulate it!

They’ve simply never survived in these numbers before because responsibility is the new leprosy in a decadent West. It makes a lot of sense actually. No prior society (that didn’t collapse) ever had to tolerate this much stupid and it shows.

If we live in clown world, send in the clowns…

War is like sexual selection, it’s a good thing that keeps the bad genes down. The modern world is like adding shit to the pool so it doesn’t feel excluded.
It turns out you don’t need to sterilize irresponsible people, just give them a free sex doll on condition they never have children (or they’d be aborted). We could solve this in two generations if we stopped listening to their “feelings” (they don’t have feelings, relativists, they only ramble and screech).

Seriously, hand them sexbots on condition of no kids to inflict on the future world (and no sex crimes, because apparently their hand wasn’t as big as their ego). They’re genetic suicides anyway, that or move them (could be cheaper) to a literal Pleasure Island with no internet (no corrupting the outside world) and they can never leave (I figured Westworld was about this, a brothel prison with no victims, would’ve been cooler). They’d OD in about a week without the nanny state. Actually, a literal death camp could work very simply: press lever 1 for food or 2 for heroin. Technically, it’s suicide. Dummies are predictably hedonic.

*They’ve been told it’s important for literally over a decade. You can lead a horse to water. Education is wasted on the lazy and stupid, and they’re the same people. That’s Dunning-Kruger. They’re blind to what they’re missing because they’re missing it!

They cannot see past their ego to anything, including Pascal’s Wager. Again, deny and dismiss, typical cuck.
The destructive person (antisocial to society) telling you you deserve to be destroyed (like an SJW) because society sucks unless it’s sucking them off (but it isn’t their job to fix it?)… boys who weren’t raised with real discipline have no shame (sociopath trait). They’ve been allowed to get away with ruining themselves and remaining psychologically as teenagers.

It’s just the dysgenic men too proud to become blatant SJWs. 

Actually worse than SJWs, wow. They’d sell their grandma for a porn star.

You can’t sympathize with people who hate you and your people.
There’s the obvious traitor and the sneaky little shits who under-mine attempts to make things better for everyone because the gap to their own life would become greater. Fifth Column is worse.

Mansplaining chart


There needs to be a specific word for these guys who spend too much time on reddit and think they know everything. A word that includes when they stick their oar in to men as well.

However, mansplain is the word we’re stuck with until then.

They’ve been known as fools, boors, dullards and other terms throughout English history.
This is not a new concept.

As you’d expect, it’s a thing of beauty: clear, concise and perfectly designed.

However, with a predictability that wobbles precariously along the high wire between hilarious and infuriating, a man decided that she was wrong and he was going to tell her why, whether she wanted him to or not.

I blame the popularity of House.

The sneering guy saying “you’re wrong” is wrong 9/10.
The explanation just goes to show, it’s fallacy after fallacy after misconception after biased information. Just a steaming pile of total crap and there’s no use trying to turn that shit into gold by correcting the corrector.
The issue is that they want a lecture, a monologue, and think turning a conversation (equal exchange of info) into a “ur so dumb” shaming session will make people like them. People only like snarky smart guys on TV because they’re magically always right and in spite of the bitchy attitude. These men are vapid. They align perfectly to vapid women. Yet these guys insulting the same behaviour in women scream like …bitches, when you insult their magic wikipedia penis for being obnoxious and #fakenews.

They don’t know anything so naturally assume they know everything.

Dunning-Kruger doesn’t just apply to women, guys.

In a debate, both parties can be wrong!

translation: Men can’t be wrong and even if we are you shouldn’t tell us we’re wrong! #broflake

“Why make this a gendered issue? What you are basically defining here is condescending behaviour that can happen in any human interaction, regardless of gender. I take offence at the sexist implication that this is a male oriented behaviour.

His ancestors probably fought in wars.



“I take offence” I bet he’s circumcised, you can smell the butthurt. Can we set up a safe space for little crybabies who don’t like being called out on obvious bullshit?

They’re making this a totally valid term, it’s so fun to watch.

“It’s gendered because the behavior is predominantly gendered”

True. That’s how words work.

I bet he doesn’t want to remove the “Man” from “Mankind” although that’s heavily gendered.


Fuck, such a snowflake.

Would you prefer bitchsplaining? Boysplaining? Cucksplaining?

Actually memo to self: cucksplaining is gold.

These are the same twits who ruined kek for everyone.

“Based on this chart girls explain things to me without me asking… So maybe we should start accusing women of

Well technically, it’s already in the word. Man means Man and/or woman. If you actually read and know your grammar. This is the average level of ignorance of the MRA. AVERAGE.

As an experiment, if all women stopped explaining things to low IQ men, their death rate would go up even higher for that year, I guarantee it. Fine, we can stop pointing out ways you’re about to commit a very creative suicide with ancient ramen noodles, that’s totally equivalent to me not liking your totally backward “interpretation” (opinion) of a Nietzsche quote that missed all the humour any literate European above the age of nine would’ve noticed.

Americans have an 8th grade reading level, reminder.

Americans have an 8th grade reading level, at best.

And they try to correct English people….on English.

On that note alone, mansplaining exists. Yanksplaining?

Actually Americans act like they’re more White than their European homeland, yes. They act like they know our history better than we do and have any kind of culture, they deserve it.

“If you have more experience, a man of her experience wouldn’t know it, and you asked if she needed an explanation, you’re fine. It’s the assumption that you have more knowledge that’s insulting.

Redditfags think they know everything.

To use the older meme, assumptions make you an ass.

Would you prefer to be called an ass, than a man?

There’s a point the article neglects.









they’re complaining she did the thing other men wanted

This is why patriarchy crumbles, the stupid men drag down the smart ones.

It describes a real phenomena thus the neologism is valid. That’s how words work.

Totally valid as a word. You’re making it more valid acting like etiquette ceases to apply in male-female interactions. It always applies. In all of them. If you act like her dad that power dynamic is creepy, especially at work, which part of that is hard to understand?

It’s like the psychopath who tries to act like your shrink. Err, no, you have no authority. Even if you did, it has to be accepted to operate under that paradigm. No. Women know social dynamics, thanks Mr Crazy Control Freak. We won’t accept your “frame” coated in bullshit. There is no such thing as verbal “frames”, you’re a chronic liar and we can see through you.

Explaining to someone something they know better is vulgar, America.

If someone says they don’t want to hear your “explanation*”, change the subject or leave. Your opinions are not a gospel gift bestowed on mankind by the deity of wikipedia. Get over yourself.

*Normally their pretentious word for what turns out to be an emotion-laden rant we’re expected to sit there and soak up like an emotional tampon. Women don’t want to stand around emotional vampires wasting our time and feeling like shit, okay? I think their mothers praised them too much as children. They expect their slightest opinion is award-winning genius and to be received as such. It’s insufferable.

Assuming they’re thick based on their appearance… really, need I explain that?

You want to be seen as a nice person after that, huh?

They’re fishing for compliments on their subjective opinions.

I bet they’re such dunces they actually think it makes them attractive. Pull her hair too. That’ll go well.

Arrogance is never attractive, America.

Think of all the times you heard a man explain things that was wrong. Ass-backwards, missing the point, how could you be so stupid kinda wrong.

Now think of how women are sometimes expected to pretend he’s right, be “nice” (a total doormat) and humour the moron on the long odds he might get violent and chimp out at her?

Well, we never used to. In the old etiquette books, you avoid those people. Naturally, they do not like this. They are kinda like the trannies in the sense they want you to continue their pretentious delusion of intellectualism and you aren’t their mother, you don’t care about their feelings just because you have tits. Men are allowed to politely call them wrong and have that dissent respected (since it was only an offer of information) but these redditfags (the worst examples) refuse to believe it’s physically possible for something they read on the internet to be wrong.

Pause to consider how retarded that is.

And we’re meant to humour that?

Egotism is bad at the best of times (real genius is actually disagreeable, not the same thing) but when combined with educated stupidity is practically social knock-out gas.

But a woman walking up to THEM and saying that, “duh, there’s more than two genders” is the only stupid one? What if they truly sincerely believe that huh?

Don’t signal smarts unless really smart. Common sense?

To men who genuinely don’t get this and think lying about intelligence impresses women, imagine the guy is showing her his Rolex watch and it’s a fake and she points this out. He gets upset. Why? He brought it up!

He waved the subject in her face and forced a conversation about it! We aren’t gonna lie!

This has happened to me a lot because I hardly ever reveal my power level on watches. I love it when they lie about the functions and the function they state has a missing button. Just innocently ask “where’s the button for that?” it’s great. Just because a woman isn’t wearing a watch, doesn’t mean she can’t tell your watch is fake. I happen to find a real Rolex too heavy for my bird wrists. Similarly, just because a woman doesn’t seem to know a certain subject, doesn’t mean you know more than her. You should have the basic decency to check.

*What is it with the pretentious labelling of opinions now? Every chucklefuck “writer” online calls their random dog turd of a fiction a “thought experiment” and their illegal bullshit a “satire” when God damn it, satire is hard to write! You can’t just write something stupid and say “satire” to look intelligent, you need layers and depth and realism!

We make this look easy! Believe me, it is not. Writing a few lines of vague disconnected prose isn’t a poem, either.

In science, almost every “explanation” is rejected!

If I call it “an explanation”, you can’t call it “wrong” is some rule they made up in their head.

It’s equivalent to getting angry with a stranger because they didn’t act like how you rehearsed in the shower.

Women were coal-miners


As were children, you don’t hear them trying to signal with it. It’s rare to find a male-specific line of work women weren’t roped into at some point.

Why do Americans lie?

Are they too dumb to look it up?

Intellectual dishonest?


Is it because they don’t have a history without us?

For once, the feminists got a point. Working conditions are important but since men worked in more factories, it uplifted men at the same time – something they had no problem with.

Look at all the issues with matchstick factories exploding and asbestos inhalation.

It’s particularly grating because all of the men complaining about miners refuse to do that kind of labour now. Yes, that’s right, they totally claim a gender role only to reject it in practice.

Nice freedom ya got there.


AI loves edgy meme

I swear this wasn’t me.

But this one was

Based on Gym Bro.

I’ve decided this entire summer is a holiday, as I sit here with a tequila and peeled limes.

No borders, make Europe a zoo again

I secretly adore when the Left tries to meme. It makes me feel superior.
I don’t know what they’re on, or how long those two people at the front have been in solitary confinement, but this is our opponent on immigration policies and people need to see that.
Simile is offensive. Metaphor is hate speech.

Ignore all nature-based behavioural comparisons. Ignore all behavioural sciences.

“There’s no such thing as predators” imply people who should’ve been culled from the gene pool a long, long time ago.

Also, why are there so many fat vegans? It doesn’t convince us of the healthiness of your choice. Vineyards kill plenty of animals to grow your calorie-dense booze.

I want to edit this song with the same music but footage of how ‘innocent’ animals really are.

Queers turn on Disney
There are many like this, it’s just short and to the point.

“Furthermore, Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, sits on Trump’s advisory board. I don’t know how any company that claims to support queer people can support a man like Trump so explicitly.”

You can bend over backwards for SJWs, they’ll just hate Daddy more.
They don’t want you to give them what they want – or they aren’t rebels, are they? They aren’t special.

They want you to follow your rules or their deviation means nothing.
Understanding this is vital to undermining them.
They don’t howl when you do that, they go quiet.
You aren’t supposed to approve of the bad boyfriend. It’s reverse psych 101. Punishment of the punisher. Society has cast them as loser so they win by sucking harder, loudly. Hence victim complex.

It’s petty, cos they’re at the bottom of the hierarchy. That’s why ‘equality’ and signalling, so there is no bottom, the only way to go…. It’s the way powerless embittered people try to steal it from the competition instead of developing their own. Hence, the Marxism.

Supposedly Saint Watson has finally experienced the Feminist Throwback.

Personality cult.

Idealization follows swiftly with devaluation sure as night from day.

They always do that to pretty or rich ones eventually.
Hollyweird is backing off. THOSE people.

Finally male slut shaming


After all, it’s just terrible, isn’t it?

teadrinking sipping pretentious sarcastic bitch mmhmm not my problem lol

Inb4 “not all men”, 1. nobody ever says that, 2. it’s an Appeal to Special Snowflake. Nobody is special. NAMALT, NAWALT, we reserve the right to refer to the opposite sex without being called sexist, thank you. If it’s wrong, they won’t have proof. #anecdotes


That’s how stupid it looks.
Derailing is an obvious tactic easily remedied by ignoring the person that ignores their own Burden of Proof. You can’t use logic on someone who doesn’t understand it.

Black/white thinking. All men/women are evil/terrible/wrong.

[And yes, the odd real sexist will try to claim that or falsely claim their opponent thinks that. Because apparently an entire sex is beyond reproach. Sounds logical. Even if they did, what exactly are you going to change about it and how?]

It’s amazing how many supposedly high IQ men (oh, they’ll tell you their -childhood- IQ score!) try to outwit the witless…. ~slow clap~

Note how even the most r-type of young men, the fuckboy, is suddenly signalling?

Yes, shame them. Shame them hard. Remember, it’s slut shaming, not nude shaming. They’re advertising sexual services.

They’re the same type of creature as the women they’re trying to attract by insulting them. (It works about as well as everything else they try).

You can tell these people aren’t European. We have nude beaches, nobody gives a fuck.
If you told a Frenchman a woman willing to take her clothes off in public wasn’t wife material, he’d laugh in your face. Or spit in it, it’s the French way. They actually love women.

Actually, Europeans are more likely to be insulted by (false) modesty. Those are the traps.

Typically ignorant Americans, of course, know none of this.
They forget twitter signalling is bigger than America or its trash-heap of ‘values’.

Nobody cares if they can see your tits.

They care if you’re a whore.

Nudity does not equal sexuality. Hollywood lies.

We take small children to ogle this.

Nudity doesn’t bother us much because Europeans haven’t been conditioned into whorish behaviours. Sex is still something between two people, rather than anonymous body parts. Anyone who fears the neutral, natural human form is ashamed of something….