So it’s accurate for the remaining white people?

London Police’s Facial Recognition System Has 81 Percent Error Rate

It would be interesting to see if this ‘error’ rate is race-specific.

In other “fucking duh”:

Amazon Admits It Keeps Alexa Voice Recordings Indefinitely

Buy your own Big Brother.
Purchase your own prison guard.

Spend on credit for your own blackmail tape.

but but but …it tells you the weather?

Know what I do, when I wanna know the weather?

Stick my head out a window.

Wet face – rain.

Dry face – no rain.

Burning face – sunny.

This isn’t fucking organic chemistry.

No burning eyes – night time.

They literally need to be told the sun is shining.

The smartphone is literally a remote control for their entire, sad little lives.

Buy a thermometer. They’re in alarm clocks now.

Red herring

The story isn’t this.

That’s fake news.

Even that is a distraction.

3 layers deep, Musk levels of PR trick.

Makeup has become very good. If someone has your facial scan, they can easily mock someone up to look like you and do or film something compromising.


How long until it’s mandatory?

Mark of the Beast, chip in hand.

And imagine all the chaos if you control the food supply.

Who would really suspect poison in their monthly, predictable delivery of coffee?

State already turning on liberals

Has United States always been sarcastic?

It’s rather predictable actually, that the self-proclaimed rebel’s phone is tapped.

I’m sure it’s innocent surveillance.

“Noteworthy is that NightSkies had reached 1.2 by 2008, and is expressly designed to be physically installed onto factory fresh iPhones. i.e the CIA has been infecting the iPhone supply chain of its targets since at least 2008.”

Imagine all the hipsters.

With all the discussions about how much they hate various authorities.

You have no idea how much fun I shall have with this information.

The triggering potential is immense. Paranoia develops the amygdala.

And they said Trump wasn’t spied on.

Who puts anything important on their phones, though? Illegal things, they carry with them 24/7.

Spy agency Easter eggs. And they’re going to pay to give up their fingerprint pretty soon!

Hey, they wanted to exchange liberty for security, if you have nothing to fear…
Would liberals have more to hide on their phones? SJWs?
I’m sure having someone’s porn habits and bank details won’t be useful to any Trump government.
I’m beginning to think all that revenge porn may be higher than expected.

See, when you make the governance so powerful, whoever gets in in future has access to it as well.

This machinery will eventually used by conservatives. Christian or Muslim?

One will build a roof, the other will throw your pan-binary Sonic-queer ass off it.

Trust no switch

Great. Now Even Your Headphones Can Spy on You

An old trick, re-purposed. It may read OUT, but appearances can be deceiving.

Like the people who can turn their navel in or out.

They really are watching you

Rather than deport or hang the traitors, they’d rather put them up in better-than-hostel conditions on the taxpayer dime and spy on the independent-minded  common. Which is the public enemy here? The criminal or Joe Public?

Where are all the people who laughed at the Orwell comparisons?

The people saying nutjob? Conspiracy theorist? [as if various conspiracies didn’t turn out, in fact, to be true] and best of all, plain crazy?

Ah, I love me some sheltered liberal gaslighting in the morning. They try so hard to make the denial total.

If I won’t see it, you can’t see it either! – the very essence of anti-liberal censorship.
If you don’t want a conservative rally, don’t go to one.
If you don’t like guns, don’t get one.
If you like surveillance, hand your data over to the nearest officer personally.

oh really am I supposed to be scared angelina jolie wanted big man uhuh


I’m certain this won’t be used to spy on political enemies like the Gestapo.

Mind your thoughts, you might get arrested.

Whatever you do, Don’t mention the war Alt Right!


And they’ll continue to claim they can’t do anything about children viewing porn.