Parliament to debate adding Muslim and Hindu religious festivals to recognized list, ignores patron saint of England St George

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“The proposal has proved hugely popular in Britain’s multi-cultural communities, far more popular than proposals to mark St George’s Day, which is England’s patron’s saints day. The petition reads: “I believe that, given the number of Muslims and Hindus in this country it is only fair we allow them to have the most important days in their faiths recognised in law.”

If they don’t like living in a Christian country, they could always move.

remember this when we're beyond all hopeSomeone start a Gov petition for May the Fourth.

Happy St. George’s Day!

“No forreigne prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence within this realm.” ~ English Bill of Rights.

Yes, we (England) have a constitution and impervious constitutional law.

Including the original Magna Carta, never to be overturned. These rights may be expanded upon, however.