Comic: Everything wrong with STEM

I made this.

I’m tired of the lies.

Fight me with your shitty string theories and un-predictive climate models.

Best is the 9/10 MIT tries to pass off ancient science as ‘radical innovation’.
You, American taxpayer, are paying for their ego trips. Here’s some wi-fi pin art.

It’s getting like modern art.
If you disapprove of the misuse of funds, you just don’t understand it because you’re stupid, right?

Creative people know most of what they make e.g. author first drafts, sucks. It completely sucks. You have to embrace the suck.¬†Unless you’re being state subsidized to suck.

The STEM crisis is a myth

Pushing people into jobs because of perceived prestige or possible high pay cheque is stupid.

If you’re stupid, you won’t have a career in STEM.

STEM is too cut-throat for affirmative action cares but they’ll take the cheap labour of suckers gladly.

Oh God I made eye contact with the social fuckwit losers.