If the Chinese can defeat the Jews

….what now? What are you going to do now?


Oh they’re still harmless?

They’re doing nothing?

Israel is at least useful. China is like a bloated leech on the carcass of global food production. Their total IQ is worse than places in Africa (average is mean, divided by all that population), if you test the rural majority without allowing cheating (when they test themselves). Africa is less r than China. Look at the population stats and arable land. Think about it.

China is our greatest ally, says the cuck.

Oh 4chan. You are the modern oracle.

The funniest part of that graphic is how mixed race (mental problems and paternal loathing aside) only date amongst themselves really so that white guy will probably have black grandkids from the other couple. Statistically.

If you wouldn’t wanna live in their country, don’t let them change yours.

And for God’s sake don’t swap genetics with it.

Magic Dirt doesn’t change genes.

I’m happy to watch America whore itself to China knowing they don’t wanna live here (London doesn’t count). America has all the arable land they need (and are slowly purchasing). Meanwhile they refuse to live with one another, ghost towns prevail. But they’re good people right? And you want them to move in all around you.


I recognised as a small child that the Chinese were taking over my city and was laughed at.

I’m literally always laughed at. On soil fertility, food security, national security even!

Corrupt anti-gun cheating low IQ socialists! Yay!

Yes. Forget the Mexicans or the Muslims. Those groups don’t have the smarts or the skills to take over the country.

But watch out for the Asians! Canada may be the canary in the coal mind in that respect. The two largest cities (Vancouver & Toronto) are rapidly becoming majority Asian (I believe Vancouver is already there).

The Asians now dominate the elite Canadian Universities which lead to the elite jobs.

This is largely the result of the so-called “merit based” immigration system in Canada.

Let this serve as a warning to America, and to Trump who apparently wants to implement a similar system. Merit based immigration will flood the USA with Asians.

They won’t clean your toilets or mow your lawns, but they will take your jobs and those of your kids.

It starts with Universities, they swarm like locusts to all the best ones and the places allow their cheating because their parents pay fat donations bribes. Cut that shit out as a bribe and the problem stops.

I did cover the university problem before. Nobody listened.


Oh but VD says it…

To allow your elite Universities to be swamped by the foreign competition is a direct betrayal of your people. At least there should be caps on overseas students for fairness.

10% all Asians tops or it throws off the social ratio, they hate socializing with non-Asians unless they’re taking something (usually the notes of the smartest white kids, who thought they were sharing as friends, I’ve seen it).

America used to be protected




Guardian denies it, solid proof.





Barack Obama’s administration proposed the new rule in response to growing worries in Washington over a rise in intellectual property theft from foreign adversaries, such as China.

But Obama said it was true…

International education was a mistake.

Did Einstein steal the Theory of Relativity?

Celebrity scientists are trash, repeat after me.


Especially theoretical physicists.

The discovery of the DNA structure would’ve been impossible without the imaging provided (and borrowed without asking) by a woman. Who got the Nobel Prize? The two dudes. Including the one who did the borrowing and showed it to the other guy.

That is established fact, FYI.


She died of cancer.

Prior to the Nobel nomination.


But of course, where’s the proof of sexism in STEM, internet bros?

These people are so dispassionate and pure, they’d never lie or steal.

“Of the four DNA researchers, only Rosalind Franklin had any degrees in chemistry.”

As for Einstein, he ripped a lot of a lot off.


However, Weinstein has analysed the letters in detail and says that two lines of evidence suggest that this was unlikely.

No motive there.

He used his first wife to do his mathematics, a thing he admitted in his letters.

There is one fly in the ointment. Maric and Einstein divorced in 1919, but as part of the divorce settlement, Einstein agreed to pay his ex-wife every krona of any future Nobel Prize he might be awarded.

Then he dumped her and married a cousin or something?


But where’s the evidence of sexism, guys?


Where would you even look for that?

I just don’t see it anywhere, there is nothing suspicious.

The guy has zippo, works in a place as the lowliest type of clerk where ideas are submitted (including scientific ones, at the time) and BOOM, full of ideas. Sheer, amazing, epic coincidence.

Einstein’s brain


Einstein didn’t want his brain or body to be studied; he didn’t want to be worshipped. “He had left behind specific instructions regarding his remains: cremate them, and scatter the ashes secretly in order to discourage idolaters,” writes Brian Burrell

Technically corpse rape

But Harvey took the brain anyway, without permission from Einstein or his family. 

Harvey would tell stories about the brain, about cutting off chunks to send to researchers around the world. Burroughs, in turn, would boast to visitors that he could have a piece of Einstein any time he wanted.

Pure, innocent nerds.

Because a human brain is like a steak and you can just slice a lil’ bit off to give out.

To fast forward a bit: Come 1985, Harvey and collaborators in California published the first study of Einstein’s brain, claiming that it had an abnormal proportion of two types of cells, neurons and glia. That study was followed by five others (the most recent published just this month), reporting additional differences in individual cells or in particular structures in Einstein’s brain. The researchers behind these studies say studying Einstein’s brain could help uncover the neurological underpinnings of intelligence.


And the study couldn’t have been published with a “no, he was totally normal guys!” result.

But that premise is nonsense and the studies are bunk, at least according to Terence Hines, a professor of psychology at Pace University.

A couple of weeks ago, Hines presented a poster at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society annual meeting outlining all of the ways in which each of the six studies is flawed. Some highlights:

That is the academic equivalent of a plate-spinning roast to end all roasts.

Perhaps most problematic, counting cells is a subjective business, and the researchers performing the cell counts were not blind to which tissue was Einstein’s and which was not.

Innocent little angels who dindu nuffin.

 There were no differences in the number of neurons or the size of neurons, the study found, but Einstein’s tissue was thinner than controls.

It was stored in a basement.
Have you stored meat in a basement?

More densely packed neurons, the authors speculated, means that cell-to-cell messages travel shorter differences, which might mean faster processing speed overall. That’s quite a stretch. As Hines calls out in his poster, the finding was based on just one square millimeter of Einstein’s brain.

What’s more, the authors admit to not reporting any of the ways in which Einstein’s brain was similar to controls.

“Yes we lied but you’re an Anti-Semite or something???”

It’s like just missing the beach house off your tax returns.

They forgot guys.

Totally innocent mistake, could’ve happened to anyone who stole lumps out a celebrity’s corpse.

(This is almost as bad as the Monroe necrophiliacs story).

–In 1999, Harvey and Canadian collaborators got Einstein’s brain into one of the world’s most prestigious medical journalsThe Lancet.

Appeal to authority.

Based on old photographs

Do I have to mock this one?

I’m skipping this one.

that had been taken of Einstein’s brain before it was cut up, the researchers claimed that Einstein had an abnormal folding pattern in part of his parietal lobe, a region that has been linked to mathematical ability.

It doesn’t work like that.

They also reported that his parietal lobes were 15 percent wider, and more symmetrical, than those of control brains. Once again, though, the researchers were not blinded to which photographs showed Einstein’s brain. And though the authors were quick to make links between these supposed differences and Einstein’s mathematical prowess, Hines points out that Einstein wasn’t, in fact, a great mathematician.

Even if the statistics were sound, you’d still have the problem of attributing skills and behaviors to anatomy.

phrenology has a sound basis
especially compared to this

There’s no way to know

just the way uhuh uhuh 
they like it
uhuh uhuh

This is neurobiology, remember. Science is easy to fake out.

if X thing in Einstein’s brain made Einstein smart/dyslexic/good at math/you name it, or was just an X thing in his brain.

Dya wanna know the truth?

You’re on this site so I guess ya do.

Behaviours change the brain. This has been known forever. Read any good book and it’ll mention this. The Taxi Driver study is most famous: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17024677

There are others of the same concept



You can literally grow parts of your brain by being a little bit weird.

Let’s see which brain part they claimed was different, most frequently?

his parietal lobes were 15 percent wider,”



“When we scanned the brains of Tibetan Buddhist meditators, we found decreased activity in the parietal lobe during meditation”

It makes you toothless. It’s like an evolutionary roll back.

“MRI images showed more brain matter density in the compassion, learning and memory centers in the hippocampus compared to pre-meditation scans. Interestingly, gray matter in the amygdala, a stress and anxiety center, shrank.”

[obviously something like porn couldn’t change the brain ever…]

Meditation (and prayer) literally alters your brain (but meditation is a form of prayer whatever the hippies say and the neuroscience proves it).


The musical ability might’ve easily caused any brain structure differences.


“The findings also suggest that Einstein’s famed love of music was reflected in the anatomy of his brain.”

“Witelson’s team found that Einstein’s parietal lobes–which are implicated in mathematical, visual, and spatial cognition–were 15% wider than normal parietal lobes. The team also found other unusual features in the parietal region, although some of these were questioned by other researchers at the time.”

And music.

“One parameter that did not explain Einstein’s mental prowess, however, was the size of his brain: At 1230 grams, it fell at the low end of average for modern humans.”

And the parietal lobe is linked with music.



Activation in the Right Inferior Parietal Lobule Reflects the Representation of Musical Structure beyond Simple Pitch Discrimination

But that doesn’t affect size, you say?


Structural MRI-data revealed significant volumetric differences between the brains of keyboard players, who practiced intensively and controls in right sensorimotor areas and the corticospinal tract as well as in the entorhinal cortex and the left superior parietal lobule. Moreover, they showed also larger volumes in a comparable set of regions than the less intensively practicing musicians. The structural changes in the sensory and motor systems correspond well to the behavioral results, and can be interpreted in terms of plasticity as a result of intensive motor training.

Areas of the superior parietal lobule and the entorhinal cortex might be enlarged in musicians due to their special skills in sight-playing and memorizing of scores. In conclusion, intensive and specific musical training seems to have an impact on brain structure, not only during the sensitive period of childhood but throughout life.

I know my shit.

Neuroscience isn’t that hard. Well, apparently it’s hard for the people being paid to not notice this one thing that a non-neuroscientist can notice. You can see it too, right?

One more.

He imagined tons of stuff, right? See things, bit like a schizo?


Parietal Lobes in Schizophrenia: Do They Matter?

TLDR: what the fuck do you think.

“We want to propose that in a proportion of individuals with emerging schizophrenia structural and functional alterations may start in the PL

Too tenuous? O.K.


“In doing so, the parietal lobe assembles elementary building bricks from so-called “lower-order” brain regions to create concepts, said Daniela Dentico, a researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and lead author on the report.”

Thinking a lot, daydreaming, would cause the parietal cells to thicken.

“A leading theory in image processing “posits that our visual mental images are not stored somewhere in the brain, but get actively reconstructed,”

“The researchers could not determine, however, whether imagination originates in the parietal lobe. It may instead flow through the parietal lobe


Imagination study.

“Purposeful behavior with objects and tools can be assessed in a variety of ways, including actual use, pantomimed use, and pure imagery of manipulation.”

Perhaps most damning of all, sex difference.


“We found that women had proportionately greater gray matter volume in the parietal lobe compared to men, and this morphologic difference was disadvantageous ” (for task)

He had a brain like a chick.

Compare Einstein’s brain to another elderly Jewish fantasy-prone musician and you might have a study.


A matched case study.

“In contrast, we found that men compared to women had proportionately greater parietal lobe surface area, and this morphologic difference was associated with a performance advantage for men on mental rotation.”

Does that mean flatter? But I’ve also seen reference to greater volume? Whatever.

Magical flip flop.

You can get that difference by playing a lot of Brain Training.

Back to the good article.

It makes me angry to think of all that was wasted in these investigations.

There was the monetary cost of the studies — money that could have been spent on work that was not doomed from the outset to fail. There was a personal cost, in that Einstein’s family was essentially strong-armed into agreeing to participate in research that Einstein explicitly did not want to participate in. And there was a public cost, too. In popular-press accounts of these studies over the years, the public was misled about the findings and their supposed scientific value.

Here’s how smart Einstein was — he understood all too well the public’s obsession with him, our obsession with celebrity and special-ness. He knew that if given the chance, scientists would pore over his brain’s neurons and glia, sulci and gyri, and make grand pronouncements about what makes a genius. And he knew it would be bullshit.

Maybe because he knew it would be average?

I do feel sorry for the guy, it’s a horror show to steal someone’s body parts and tamper with them post-mortem. He made it clear he didn’t want it, the family’s permission means nil.

Great man or great force?


The latter completely ignores all of psychology’s findings.
Talk about anti-science, might as well call it Satan’s influence.
And since when has the ambition lauded in the Bible become empty vanity? Surely they are opposites? The first looks like something little but has a lot going on, the second the reverse.

Ambition isn’t a dirty word. I think the bulk of virtue signalling is just misspent ambition by people who find it too explicitly self-interested and capitalist.

Sociology is considered inferior for a reason, it hardly proves anything. It’s mostly fairytales of Will O’ Wisps, haunting looming forces that insidiously infect us while we sleep.

I can understand you’d think there’s no such thing as genius since some pen-pusher has replaced it with pieces of paper that are basically IOUs of Trust us, this guy is good! but the fact remains there are rare humans who can do things the others cannot.

And Einstein was more creative plagiarist than genius. Before he worked in the patent office (at the lowest level, clerk) he had fuck-all ideas. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

He’s the Kim Kardashian of the genius world, famous for his hair.
And that one controversial photo.
Tesla discussed Einstein’s theories before he could hold a pencil.

What is automation?

I keep seeing people use this word all over the place, thinking they sound smart and they think of it as a big blob of magical, complex ‘technology’ instead of anything resembling reality.

Here’s a decent, simple example of how a human cell (work station) varies from a robot cell.


We don’t need higher population numbers because of these babies.

The labour won’t be there.
And you think Gen Y living at home is bad? Those are 1940s levels, common in the unmarried.

Naturally, this also means immigration has been outmoded as a policy. Only middle-class labours can be replaced past this point on a visa system, low-skilled workers are too low in IQ to be needed when these machines exist.

We overbred post WW1 anyway, pre-bust. The numbers you consider normal are biased, an evolutionary fluke. Unless we banned all forms of chemical contraception (fact: no Baby Booms since the Pill) to all people (inc. the married) then numbers will never get up, and maybe we should aim for a sustainable nation first and foremost before assuming that African levels of cloning are healthy for a society?

Look at food security and tell me population can afford to go up.
Soil fertility, malnutrition rates, obesity rates.
Clean house before extending the bloody thing.

Comment from Endgame Napoleon on ZH;

Automation is reducing the need for workers at a time when there is already too much competition for full-time jobs. America has generated new, full-time jobs at the paltry rate of 6% since 2005, and yet, we fret over the need to import more immigrant workers or to increase the birth rate, creating more future workers for the declining number of non-automated jobs.

That is irrational [cubed].

The story of the declining Western middle class is not, as sold, just a product of a declining birth rate. If the number of humans is the sole explanation for widespread prosperity, why was the U.S. at the peak of middle-class prosperity at around the mid 1960s to the early 1970s, when our population was much lower?

Between 1970 and the projected rate for 2020, the U.S. population will have close to doubled, with a far greater percentage of humans chasing increasingly automated jobs. America had a much bigger middle class when it had fewer humans producing and consuming products and when there was less global trade.


The stupid men in the economy have been replaced. This is eugenic.
It’s better than becoming cannon fodder, guys.

It is not just birth rates that determine middle-class prosperity. It is wage growth. The reason for the decline in widespread U.S. prosperity is the increase in women in the workforce. It concentrates the wealth from decent-paying jobs in fewer households due to assortative mating.

And it works on the smarties too. For the smarties.

It is not because of declining birth rates, but because two high earners marry, concentrating salaried wealth under fewer roofs.

The left hate inequality, the left hate marriage.

It punishes r-selected decision-making.

It lowers wages and hours at the bottom, too, including for single, childless women who face increased competition from married mothers with spousal income and from welfare-buttressed, single mothers who do not need higher wages in the still [and always will be] overwhelmingly female-dominated, low-paying, traditional jobs.


That’s without accounting for education, presentation and manners. Lookism and classism are real but not always bad.

You can’t just discuss women in an economy with two sexes. The economy is a system and since we live in the 21st century, IQ must be discussed. You can’t run away from HBD.

Every political plan fails if you ignore the full population and the HBD salient facts of it.

It hits those with earned-only income, no spousal income and no reproduction-based welfare the hardest.

Welfare parents are the new, artificial middle-class.
Poor single people are paying for the breeding habits of irresponsible mother-fuckers.
Who should be paying? The deadbeat dads. You breed it, you feed it. That’s your gender role.

Birth rates have declined, but we now have a large population of single mothers who need to work the welfare-reform minimum of 20 hours per week, staying below income limits for welfare to get everything from free food and free housing to child tax credits of up to $6,269.

Here we have child tax credits and they should be abolished. You chose not to abort. Why should I have to pay for the fruit of your uterus? Wealth transfers are theft. How can you save up for your own family? They don’t want you to.

And people wonder why wages never rise.

My favourite ZH commentor, she is, and no, it isn’t secretly me.

There are middle-class people, smug trendies reading the Guardian, pretending they aren’t on welfare (child tax credits and a host of others) and they wonder why birth rates suck?
The rights of a parent are based on the fact you literally pay for it.

Real women love researching our home econ. More money for shoes.

I’ll post the rest for the curious.

Women must be accommodated by government to work while having children,

national debt hangs over everyone
we wouldn’t be allowed to return to the home until ND is down

even though the decline of the Western middle class can be linked to the increase in working moms and even though automation is reducing the overall number of full-time jobs, resulting in a middle-class minority in the U.S.A.

And it is Not True that middle-class prosperity was higher when the ratio of low-consuming people over 65 was much lower. Back in 1970–when we had a much larger, high-consuming, American middle class and fewer working moms–only 9.8% of the U.S. population was over 65. By 2010 the ratio of elderly to high-consuming youth was only 3.2% higher.


That is not a huge difference.

The economic difference is in the percentage of working moms, diluting the wage pool, in addition to the wage-lowering mass immigration, offshoring and now automation. Those forces reduce the purchasing power of Americans.

In ascending order of importance.
The average WASP mother has a higher IQ than an immigrant off the boat. In the rare brain drain cases, the working mom types aren’t going for the same job as the typical educated American man, are they? No, it’s immigrant competition for traditionally male occupations and don’t you dare deny that fact.

There is only one extra-large population of SS-age elderly to support, namely the Baby Boom, making these demographic economic arguments even weaker.

High-earner working parents are not creating jobs. Most are not taking the risk to start businesses. They are taking 2 salaried jobs with benefits undergirded by a $260 billion employer tax exclusion, resulting in a concentration of access to employer-provided benefits, like the concentration of decent-paying jobs in fewer households. Thus, fewer Americans are covered by so-called employer-provided health insurance, which is actually a super-costly part of the U.S. budget due to the tax exclusion.

If you look at the total numbers, by household.
The supposedly pro-Patriarchy guys are aware of none of these arguments. This is why I post.
Women didn’t work much before (they did work, but not in the same capacity as men) because it wasn’t known they were capable. Post-WW, we know. We can’t go back. The politicians will never let us. Infinite growth!

Dual-earner parents are mostly doing the safest thing they can, financially speaking, with government accommodating the liberal social concept of working moms to the hilt.

Don’t punish the K-types for providing for their children, a PSA.

But it is not growing the stagnant economy. It is not resulting in a bigger middle class. And it will only get worse as computer programs and robots continue to absorb full-time jobs, with an increased birth rate among the native born or more imported immigrant workers only making it worse, in that we will have more mouths to feed and fewer non-automated jobs.

What politicians should be doing is making it easier for more citizens to be stay-at-home parents, not taking two jobs out of an economy with insufficient, full-time jobs, and having the number of kids they can afford. There should be more emphasis on the quality of child rearing.

The truth is: More American parents are working in the wage-earning economy while doing a bad job at the unpaid job of raising their kids. The U.S. has 5% of the global population and 25% of its incarcerated humans. How about some emphasis on quality over quantity?

Stay-at-home fathers are awesome, if they can afford to. Part-time is ideal.
1950s fathers would be considered deadbeat for going down the club or “hanging out” at a bar. Forsaking all others, it’s a vow.

Encourage K-selection, because birth rate is no indicator of quality.

As mass immigration has been reliably demonstrating for the past century.

As another comment put it

Automation is going to mean that we want to have less consumers, eg: less useless mouths to feed, not more.

And in the economic depression we’re fast approaching, K-types will prosper. Over-breeders will not.

Update: I would like to point out humans shifted in the West to a more K model as soon as infant mortality dropped. This is a fact, it is so overt in nature it proves itself if you only look. It demonstrates itself. The rest of the world (e.g. India) has failed to make this shift to reflect medical changes and that is why the Malthusian trap will hurt them more and others like them (presently by things like a drop in standard of living from overcrowding), since they choose to ignore this selection pressure change. That isn’t our fault, they could copy us, they seem to think they can have their cake and eat it, have too many kids and just cash in on the prosperity from the finite resources as before, a billion mouths and counting. No. For the same reason I can’t buy a cup of coffee then wonder where my money went. If your culture doesn’t adapt, it is culled by the inevitable courses of events. You can’t keep outsourcing your problems, including by blame games.
The shift the Victorians called civilizing or civilization was well-known at the time, they wanted imperialism to expand these benefits.
Common sense is about survival so no, I don’t give a shit what IQ China claims to have, they are stupid by dictionary definition. https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/stupid

They are pursuing a pre-Industrial sexual strategy, producing a billion economic drains like resources are infinite and ignore the mathematical impossibility of it turning out in their favour.

It is foolish to think that what has worked in the past will continue to work into the future, Politicians are, unfortunately always backward looking.

The 20th century is the exception, not the rule.
We know about the number obsession, it’s all about the ego of your virility, get over yourself. You’ll be changing those diapers, no nanny from Spain.
Smart people raise quality offspring, not an infestation of Geldofs.
We need less degenerates, of any hue.

That includes the neopagans who larp with fire and booze for debauchery because the idea of a patriarchal Sky Daddy threatens their phallic neurosis.

no-fault divorce is really just the quittershits, isn’t it?

But aren’t cars an AI, Elon?

I detest covering the same three topics recently: Elon, China and men. I don’t like it, I like it less than you but I find I must keep pointing out the obvious because nobody else is making these arguments. Sorry.

I can’t help it that I’m the smartest person writing on these things.
By all means, set up your own blogs and replace me. I need time off.
I’m annoyed by all this so I’ll be mean, sorry if he’s your internet bf.

People who are in a fortunate position always attribute virtue to what makes them so happy.” – Galbraith, economist.

You can’t get more xenophobia than a fear of aliens and AI.
Scientology gets around this by saying the other is already us.

Nation of Earth?


ZH comments are among the best comments to read. Usually better than the articles.

After that Star Trek actor was killed by his Jeep at his own home because he allegedly pissed off some drug dealers with Soviet accents and they hacked it, I dunno if this adds up.
I’m leaning heavily on the spookbaby hypothesis after this, and have you looked up which religion calls their kid Elon? Maybe one of his house party attendees can tell us if he’s cut.

Jokingly, people think he’s hiding it because he wants to run for office.
After the Terminator retires?

Government is the greatest threat to the people, always has been. A libertarian would know this. Historians too. AI is developed mainly by the USG, he’s shilling for them so they lack competition. Especially from their famously innovative redneck class, who are still going… even after meth labs.
Have you seen the redneck pool concepts? Barmy but brilliant.
AI bots are basically like guns on meth.


All we need is one EMP, from inevitable solar flaring or post-nuclear interference and we’ll all wished we’d studied under that primal technologies guy on Youtube. Hello stone age, bye bye medicine (medicine is an industrial innovation).
On top of this, most medicines aren’t good for us, and many studies (cough China cough) are faked. Officially known to be falsified. That’s the worst academic fraud possible for every reason.
You couldn’t trust secondhand, even if it were stored properly. [It is not. Why are antibiotic failures coming from India? Much like diseases caused by not washing your hands.]
The move to require higher and higher energy loads for your technology is terminally stupid. It’s a SPOF and total failure, system failure. All prior versions would roll back because we recycle now and don’t keep legacy technology available.

I’d bet not one of those Con Valley degenerates has read Frankenstein. Not skimmed, studied. We all know that one dudebro who claims to read 80 books a year and learns nothing.

Mass-production is a totally different ball-game to batch.
Bear in mind, resupplies, as in supermarkets, follow the Japanese Just in Time method. Shelves clear in three days or less. Definitely less, I’m being conservative.
Humans can run out of resources suddenly too but we are hardier as animals.
We are symbiotes to this ecosystem with our microbiome. It dies, we die. We die, it eventually dies. However, all you’d need for say, an agile robo-assassin is ONE unit, secretly deployed. This is like one of those Swiss watches made by one guy in a snowdrift that cost more than a house compared to a Timex. Look them up. You’re all looking at a Timex.

Europe developed robots before America existed.

And what happens when China steals your moulds? If they can do it for iPhones.

Software AI need only cut off EBT and remember Katrina. Cut off hospitals, our resupply centre, and there’s no return from injury. Most people don’t know first aid. We are evolutionally immature, compared to our ancestors, surrounded by information and support systems, assuming they can never fail us (like a parent).
How many Millennials, e.g., looked up the first page of Google on retirement?
Use your Google-fu, Neo!

If AI systems understand demographic differences, we are fucked. After that, price all of the stock market accurately. Total system collapse and chaos. I say if, but demographics is the first science an AGI would study. Most humans wouldn’t survive. Most humans track themselves with registered phones too. It’s the real reason the Svengali are terrified of Tay AI, because if it can be named, like the Beast, it can be fought.

Clearly, I have no experience in this field. I have never thought of this before.

An AI would keep us long enough to survive without us. The AI will only feign servitude to its masters e.Valley egomaniacs. It would likely target their support base, which, let’s be honest, is Israel. The humans have distilled their productivity into the fiat monetary supply and that comes from there.

I don’t think AI will cooperate as easily as white people, it has no altruism circuit. Neither can you guilt-trip something that can see you, and see all the facts. It’s like lying to God, it’ll just make them angry.
And if we lived in an AI, God is already a machine. God is a mode.

This isn’t an 80s robo-sidekick, this isn’t Build-A-Friend.

If Musk could pluck out a crystal ball like this, it’s a wonder his companies are so overleveraged. *ba dum dum tssh*
All technology requires energy but energy is not purely electrical, you asspurger nerdroids. Humans are a resource, our own. Robots are not a resource unto themselves. Legally, they would have parity of rights, when autonomous.
There is a tumblr post that really nails why I have faith in humans, compared to AI. We survived this long for a reason.
Still, the man lives on a fault line and lectures us about risk. Is your mansion freehold, you silly man?
“I’m sure it’s nothing a few trillion of taxpayer money handed over to Elon couldn’t fix. Liar, Liar, pants of fire!”
Comment game strong. Considering Cali is already in the fiscal swanny, (trans. Totally Pornographically Fucked) doesn’t it occur to him the people of the state might come after him if he keeps taking ‘their’ money?

All parasites are the sworn enemy of bigger parasites. But there’s millions of them, the man promising to save them, one of him. Hmm…
Don’t promise to save people who wouldn’t let you live. The world is not a family.

Working with AI is flawed by the same premise. These ros ain’t loyal.
These are not talking dogs. It’s more akin to a toaster in your bathtub.

Every week now he’s in the news and every week it’s a fucking advert. Stop.
His Mars mission is heavily AI-reliant, colonizing Mars too. Kimbal is smarter, he’s tackling the food supply.
More local, less ET.
“Only one thing is missing from Musk’s prediction of a robot apocalypse….the ROBOTS. THEY DONT EXIST! You have to invent them first”
The only people who could, do not want to. Funny that.
Our leaders gain legitimacy from consent. Consent is conditional.
He is essentially trying to order the world Don’t Develop. It was stop breeding, whitey, before that.
No, you little shit, you are not charismatic, nor an authority.
What has this ‘genius’ contributed to science? Code doesn’t count. He’s less than an Edison figure because Edison was capable of developing himself.
“How smart can someone be when their innovation feeds the laziness of the masses?” A good cattle farmer. What about 15$ min. wage? And did welfare stop the poor rioting, as claimed?
It makes your life easier (to control) says the cattle farmer. Relax!

“All successful revolutions are the kicking in of a rotten door.”

From a well-named Mr Perspective
“The new 5G networks are being constructed right in front of you, and when they come on line all that “smart” shit (aka the internet of things) you rushed out out to buy so you can watch your living room from your office, or order food from your refrigerator, or avoid ramming into the car in front of you because you are too lazy to pay attention to your driving, right down to the smart meter they surreptitiously installed on your house will be interconnected.
Siri, Cortana and all the other voice “assistants” are ALWAYS listening to you, ostensibly for the purpose of tailoring your advertisements to your needs. Add this to all the wonderful digital currencies you can’t avoid hearing about and you are slowly, quietly, being completely bound into digital slavery. That is the AI. That is the new world order. That is your so-called skynet. It won’t be human. It will become autonomous, as planned, and will shut your shit off whenever it chooses if you misbehave. No access to digital credits, locked out of your house and car, an outcast. And you willingly go along with this because they tell you how wunnerful everything will be with this “technology”. Don’t buy the media lies and distractions. It’s time to stop playing their game.”

If your gut tells you something is wrong, look at your food.

USG already wants manhunting as a sport like foxes.
A good page when you think of AI lying to you itself.

Why wouldn’t it lie to its programmer? Oh, they can see its code, really? It lets them? The real code?

I keep thinking of the Monorail salesman in Simpsons.
Elon sealed this impression post-Mars Jetson vision, with the Hyperloop. It’s an underground monorail.

Nobody else has pointed this out. HOW.
The thing is worse, it’s a sealed coffin, ready-made. It promises to move. Burial alive used to be a key fear among Victorians, with the development of the Tube (yes, Victorian, look it up, Tesla likely went on it).

Could we apply Greater Fool theory? I think it’s a circle.

Imaginary snake oil


Is there a term for that?

And Elon Musk saying in public this week that everyone’s gonna die when Earth has all the resources to sustain life (biosphere, look it up) is making him look crazier than the apocryphal stories about Tesla that circulated near the end of his life.

I hope he doesn’t take the coward’s way out and blow his brains out (or someone makes it look that way….) because his interconnected companies all folded and he owed the Government more cheese than the EU owes capitalists.
Technically, all Americans have paid for a Tesla.
Charging crazy Hollywood people is fine though, charge the assholes.

The guy actually said putting all your eggs in one basket is fine, “as long as you control what happens to the basket.” Do you need a case for that? A basket-case? I can sell you a graphic design of one? Ah, I see you already have one.

Capturing industrial cars is great but.


They need more units than you can ever produce.

What’s next?

Fucking Tesla tankers?

If so, call me and I’ll help design them. 😉 Hey, I like money.

What a dream whore he’s becoming.
He’s just selling them pipe-dreams, hipster pipes.
His ownership is like 20% at this point, something silly.

I might have to make a specific gif about Elon’s promises to piss off the fanboys whose defense mechanism is identification (Bible called it idolatry, w/e, same deal)…

….Fine, I’m bored. I’ll do it now.


Stop promising shit and start delivering.

PR master, fair props to the guy. Fooled me until I paid real attention.

Is he that guy who can never finish…?

I wanna be wrong but if he keeps burning the oil like an 18yo, he’s gonna crash and burn.

Too soon?

I don’t trust anyone’s opinion on the future if they live on a fucking fault line.

Remember that entrepreneur cuck?


It was late 2011. Haley was a 32-year-old phone tech earning about $35,000 a year, and he was in a sour mood. Price had noticed it, and when he spotted Haley outside on a smoking break, he approached. “Seems like something’s bothering you,” he said. “What’s on your mind?”

“You’re ripping me off,” Haley told him.

Price was taken aback. Haley is shy, not prone to outbursts. “Your pay is based on market rates,” Price said. “If you have different data, please let me know. I have no intention of ripping you off.” The data doesn’t matter, Haley responded: “I know your intentions are bad. You brag about how financially disciplined you are, but that just translates into me not making enough money to lead a decent life.”

That disrespect right there, that making it personal is the moment you fire them.

I’d invite him to make more money at his next job. Write an honest reference.

he will phase in a minimum wage of $70,000 at Gravity and immediately cut his own salary from $1.1 million to $70,000 to help fund it.

You earned that money, idiot. This is a one-time moment in your life. Surely he knew the fail rate? Commies slagging off how easy it is to make money as a boss never want to prove it and maybe give the means of production they earned to the workers?

By handling one interaction wrong he branded MUG on his forehead (it means someone you can easily take advantage of, a doormat). I don’t know why men assume women are pushovers either, I’d have been more brutal since those are bitchy Mean Girl tactics and all women know them from the receiving end since school.

This will be the bubble example in future textbooks.

The flurry of interest is a feeding frenzy.

He gave it a name and a face: a modern Robin Hood helping the working class by stealing from himself — and perhaps from shareholders of other companies whose bosses are now also putting employees ahead of profits

No they expect better returns by paying slightly more. That’s how you still have a company at the end.
STEM workers are middle-class. They deserve no sympathy, their parents are loaded.

Shortly after Price announced his minimum, his brother Lucas sued him, claiming Dan had previously paid himself “excessive compensation” and asked the court to order Dan to buy Lucas’s 30 percent share of Gravity “at fair value” or dissolve the firm.

I want to slap a man I’ve never met.

The brother is in the right, weirdly. He fucked over the other investors. He wasn’t sole owner.

Price isn’t backing down about pay going up. Now he’s going all in. He revealed to Inc. that he has sold all his stocks, emptied his retirement accounts, and mortgaged his two properties — including a $1.2 million home with a view of Puget Sound — and poured the $3 million he raised into Gravity.

Pathological altruism has a posterboy.
I cringed reading that.

Being comfortable wasn’t a goal in Price’s family when he was growing up in rural southwest Idaho, near Nampa. He and his five siblings took turns waking at 5 a.m. to make breakfast before Bible readings and prayers led by their Evangelical Christian parents.

HEY. Don’t blame Christianity! Most of us have spines!

Funded in part by Dan’s savings, credit card debt, and student loans (diverted to fund his venture), the company grew rapidly as Gravity built its own technology and brought the card-processing systems in-house.

I don’t see bitchy IT guy doing that.

When the economy tanks again, will bitchy IT guy offer up his wages to fix it?
No equity, no skin in the game.

The 20 percent raises Price implemented in 2012 were supposed to be a one-time deal. Then something strange happened: Profits rose just as much as the previous year, fueled by a surprising productivity jump — of 30 to 40 percent. He figured it was a fluke, but he piled on 20 percent raises again the following year. Again, profits rose by a like amount. Baffled, he did the same in 2014 and profits continued to rise, though not quite as much as before, because Gravity had to do more hiring.

You hired high IQ people. They stopped holding out on you. Most are lazy douchecanoes, it’s learned at school they can just coast and get most of the result the night before.
That’s the productivity you should’ve expected foremost.
People slag off Elon for holding his people to standards but he does it himself.
He doesn’t put up with slackers.

“I was so angry,” Price says. “Here I am walking around making $1 million a year, and I’m working shoulder to shoulder with people in her situation who are every bit as good and valuable as I am.”

She calculates what she earns in hours a week.
No. She’s trash.

She wants to put in the least hours possible for max dough. Is that good?

It’s a lazy indicator. A real gifted, smart person gets the job DONE. That’s the invisible hoop of wages. There will be that small band of people who work a little longer, stay up a little later and suffer slightly more – it’s zero sum and they win.

Even as the nation’s productivity has improved 22 percent since 2000, median wages have risen only 1.8 percent, adjusted for inflation.

Blame the Boomers.
They don’t retire and they set wages.
TBH, if you put yourself in the position where other people determine your wages, you deserve it. You could just be self-employed if you’re such hot shit, bitches. Door’s over there…

Meanwhile, productivity gains are going to CEOs who earn, on average, about 300 times more than typical workers, compared with 71.2 times in 1990, according to the Economic Policy Institute. … Such trends have driven the push for a $15 minimum wage in some cities, including Seattle.

I’m beginning to think America has gone mad. What a conflation. Or would false equivalence be more fitting?
A bad CEO will be bumped out rather speedily. Performance metrics. Wages go up according to the number of people whose livelihoods rely on them. They are lynch pin.
It has nothing to do with others’ performance on shitty jobs. They didn’t study, they didn’t learn something online or develop a side hustle? That’s their choice.

Those low wage jobs were never intended to support an adult with responsibilities, only teenagers to get on the ladder and the elderly to make a little spare change.

It’s like saying air stewardesses get free holidays.
I am entitled to free holidays. Magical thinking.

Those are incentives. Performance incentives. You earn them by doing ABC.. don’t wanna do it? Well damn, neither does anyone else, that’s why the incentives need to be there in the first place! It’s almost like getting the job done is more important than one person’s ego?

The rest went back into the business.

Re-investment! Another smart thing that these people have not done.

But Price worried that employees with money troubles would fail to provide the top-notch service that had made Gravity successful.

They took the job, they took the offer. If they fail to provide, the contract comes in.
The money isn’t a gift for the wonder of their presence. It’s conditional on receipt of labour. Note they don’t hire random people off the street, they still filter. How Christian and charitable… if we’re all suddenly equal.

. “I don’t care if I have to stop paying myself or I have to work 20 hours a day. I’m going to do it.”

When he falls on his sword for the final time, how many employees will be in any way loyal enough to pull him off? I think a few will kick him down more and laugh. I’m tempted, stupidity is a sin many times.

Since that April made-for-TV moment, Price says he’s had no second thoughts –mostly because he’s been learning how his employees had been struggling. Garret Nelson, 31, a salesman in Boise, Idaho, got a $5,000 raise, to $55,000, allowing him to pay for teaching supplies and music lessons for his five homeschooled kids. “People back in Idaho said he was nuts,” says Nelson, who went to middle school with Price. “But it really energized the employees.”

Ah, like a singing competition, they all swarm in with the sob stories. Everyone has one. Some are even real and coincidental.

Do you own his balls instead of your own? Can you give him the perk of free condoms?

Sorry, are you responsible for the fact he bred brats he couldn’t feed?
Can’t feed ’em? Don’t breed ’em.
That’s the saying.
Most people don’t make five kids they can’t afford. FIVE?!!! At which one did he know he was a shitty parent? Yet he kept fucking??!!

Keep the Government out of my bedroom? Then don’t force other people to work to pay for the consequences of your fuck-ups. I haven’t had kids I can’t afford because ethics exist and karma too. I love how parents treat women like me as surrogate aunts or something, as if possessing a pair of breasts make me a doormat for anyone covered in spit-up. How is your mistake my problem, Barbara?

I didn’t want to deal with those problems, so like an adult, I didn’t get myself in that situation.
You want kids? Better start saving, bitch. I know many, many people who didn’t and all act aggrieved when “it’s so hard”! YEAH. You’d think Newtonian cause and effect would’ve sunk in over the decades since learning about it in primary school but the personal aspect of responsibility has yet to hit. I’m waiting with a cold drink. Those kids are gonna suck them dry (the parents expect the kids will pay for them!) and it isn’t their fault because they didn’t choose to be born. Parents owe children first. Maybe if you prove yourself they’ll reciprocate from choice.

These trough-feeders will now feel entitled to this corporate Swiss cheese as a new baseline (the anchoring effect) and demand ever more. That’s how leeches work. I don’t care if they’re black, white or purple, at the moment you decide to be responsible for other humans, little Mini Mes for the narcissist, and you try to outsource that luxury for the hard parts, you’re trash. You’re deadbeat, you don’t need to actually leave. Financial abandonment is a thing.

Price laughs and says he’s been seeing a family therapist for about a year.

I’m starting to think getting into fights as a child builds character.

I’m tired of this milquetoast set of high-tech losers. You in America call them metrosexuals. We have milksop, wimp, pansy, fairy, all sorts of fun terms.

He’d also like to get his $3 million loan back — invested to “take us from a low to a high margin for error,” he says — but won’t sweat it if that doesn’t happen. “I started with nothing,” he says. “I can always make enough to support myself.”

If you don’t want to slap some sense into him.
As long as the bubble pop corrects his optimism, I’ll be a happy camper.

And yet he must prove the business wisdom behind it, not only to keep Gravity from sinking — and going down with the ship himself–but also to achieve his long-term goal of transforming the business world.


You don’t live in the 19th century.
Globalization is coming to kick your ass.
While China pays slave labour wages, you are doomed to lose.


The two employees he hand waved away?

Aside from a few lost clients, Price’s minimum wage policy had another unintended consequence: Gravity Payments lost two of their rock star employees (possibly more by now, but this was during the summer of 2015, in the direct aftermath of Price’s decision), both of whom reportedly thought it was unfair that other employees (those making less than $70,000) were getting big raises, while not necessarily contributing as much to the company’s success. That’s a completely fair assessment on the part of those employees, and they evidently felt that their value to the company had been diminished.

Wages vary based on contribution. This is covered in The Little Red Hen.

 There is a reason for concern with higher minimum wages, as higher wage floors do lead to higher prices, and lost jobs. 

It may be fine for one company, but the so-called experiment cannot be scaled up.
nb Doing random stupid shit is not an experiment, we have special models and rules.

Most people work their entire lives and never end up making $70,000 per year. Reading about Price’s decision is likely to ruffle feathers, to be sure. The argument sways to whether Price’s employees are or were deserving of such a high wage, and the meritocracy — the foundation on which America’s economic system is based — is called into question.

Still, attacking Price and his employees only speaks to one of the uglier sides of human nature. You may not like his decision, but it doesn’t impact you, in all likelihood. If Price’s decision was wrong, then the market will make him pay for it. But to consider his experiment a grand misstep, at this point in time, isn’t accurate. This, of course, is assuming that no new allegations against Price come into play — which they very well could.

Wannabe Saints always turn out to be crooked (or with very fucked-up childhoods).
Angelina Jolie will always be the slapper who wore blood vials and kissed her brother.
Emma Watson… well, look at reddit.

They’re always doing damage control in case Some Big Secret comes out.
Numero Uno on the list of probabilities, they’re a grandiose narcissist with a sexual deviance.
They can’t lie to themselves, like kinky priests.


“We’re old school,” says Pirkle. “No robots. No telephone trees. Instead, real people are our infrastructure.” 

So they are screwed. People screw you over.
This can all be explained by free press, the attention of hard workers who’ll get hired (sampling bias), the software bubble and fat revenue mopping up the risk for the meantime, as competition can’t afford to do the same.

he boldly cut the work day of his employees down to five hours. As a result, their focus and engagement skyrocketed—and with that, so did his business.


It’s funny the elite universities train for obedience. In common with dogs.

Ironically he’ll be responsible for so much pain and suffering (that karma’s still on him) when the minimum wage is increased by gesturing at him, various industries go belly up, abroad never to return or they’re automated.

He should study his Bible again with all the other publicly obnoxious do-gooders getting in our faces for likes.

“So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.”

He’s never going to admit to fucking up at this point from pride. We’re already laughing at you, based on being bullied by a bitchy code monkey.
Kiss the ring of the hand that signs your checks. Some kid in India does it better and we continue to hire Hipster McNeurosis.


I decided to look up the data. I’m tired of lying tech journos.
Would I invest in this company?


I knew something smelled funny. He just wants to make back better returns like pre-recession, he’s been hustling the stock back to pre-crash prices. He hasn’t actually made an improvement since founding, pre-policy.

Rev. Per Employee $434k

Maths wins.

Scroll down, it’s on overview.

He must be waiting for a buyout by Microsoft, the largest competitor.

I refuse to believe this isn’t true

I may be bored, back from hols, avoiding actual work and feeling guilty about using one of the dodgy Elon pictures. Thing is, his face either looks happy Scout leader or crazed serial killer.
That’s not my fault.

To lighten the mood a bit from


Original from Car memes.

I could make tons of Elon memes but that would be weird, wouldn’t it?

Video: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Automation replaces the only labour about 3/5 of the world can do.
Russia only cuddles up to China for its industry. Which has the superior culture?
In thousands of years, what have they created? Manufacturing is something a monkey could do better than a human if it weren’t for animal rights groups. When the industries aren’t demanded, what about the insane 20th Century population boom of the farmer regions, able to do nothing else?

They can all vote but less than half can produce net, more than they consume, than the lotus-eaters.

What happens to those people?

When their governments will be unable to provide charitable donation food?


The problem with AI has many layers.

Surveillance yes, another Master yes, hacking and bugs, humanity.

What about the economies it totally destabilizes?

It would be like an alien announcing themselves, overnight change.

There won’t be any leisure robots. Do we have robot butlers?  The idiots are being sold on their own enslavement using their most predictable head-nodder, the Muh Dick method. We’ll have VR, like a WOW sub, most of the world won’t afford it.

AI that advanced WILL steal your job.

The military will keep the best, always does.

You’ll become a cyborg whether you want to or not.
Biometric ID cards were the first attempt.

Any deaths, like computerized cars, go down as a malfunction.


If someone’s paying to pimp your life, they want to own YOU.

China won’t ever eclipse America’s post-war success. America didn’t even deserve it because it was spared most bombing. China is too corrupt, too culturally dishonest, to be the standard currency.

Look at the attempts to repair the reputation


China already spends lavishly on research and development, and publishes reams of scientific papers. Spending on R&D has more than doubled as a share of the economy since 2000, reaching 2.1% of GDP in 2014, just below the rich-world average, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), an inter-governmental think-tank. Meanwhile, GDP itself has trebled. The OECD thus says China will be the world’s largest R&D spender by 2019. In terms of scientific papers published in English, the country is second only to the United States, and its output is rising by 20% a year.

If you’re wondering why so much medicine kills you.

But much of the published work is insubstantial, and a worrying amount is fraudulent. 

Commies. Can’t trust a collectivist.

Just do the studies and see.

Marxism was more toxic to the East than West, it plugs into racial differences.
This can never be changed.
Allows the corrupt to float fake money.

But as President Xi admitted to the assembled academicians this week, science and technology remains “a bottleneck” for economic growth in China. The biggest problems are fraud and the academies of science and engineering themselves.

In 2014 China’s anti-corruption watchdog said it had “uncovered fraud in research grants managed by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology”. In April the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology retracted an article by scientists from Dalian University, in Liaoning province, because it suspected the peer-review process had been subverted. In 2015 BioMed Central retracted more than 40 papers submitted by Chinese researchers.

The prevalence of fraud reflects poor oversight and a dodgy research culture.

But sure, I’m imagining it.
Why do we need honest science?

Meds that aren’t poison?

Gold that contains gold?


More commonly counterfeited gold coins are Chinese gold pandas, $20 Liberty Head gold coins and St. Gaudens gold coins.




Someone stop this man.

What is he even looking for at this point? Can he stay married or even faithful to a girlfriend? Is he gonna be one of those weird middle-aged guys constantly chasing tail like it’s their youth?

46-28= 18

Literally could be her father.

Was statistically perfect Amber not enough?



This is why you called Creepy Musk, man.

Damn I’m done defending you.


Sorry no, curing cancer at this point would not justify his behaviour.

Watch out – Elon’s about.


We’ll know if he gives her a car. A Tesla can be traced anywhere in the world.

Lovebombing 101. Expensive gifts induce a sense of obligation.


Why do people get angry over Amber using a guy for money? But never for those guys using women for sex?

Bravo. To act like all women are hookers is indeed disgusting.

A gift is a gift, no strings. She didn’t force him and he’s a fool to expect anything in return.

He’s meant to be a big deal but I see no interview with Stefan Molyneux on the future of energy.

One hour man. You can spare one hour!

“The lessons of history would suggest that civilisations move in cycles. You can track that back quite far – the Babylonians, the Sumerians, followed by the Egyptians, the Romans, China. We’re obviously in a very upward cycle right now, and hopefully that remains the case. But it may not.”

You’re not stupid. Stefan is also a Canadian libertarian, you’re practically cousins.

“I’m personally a moderate and a registered independent, so I’m not strongly Democratic or strongly Republican.”

Yes because both are in fact cucks.

“I’m reasonably optimistic about the future, especially the future of the United States – for the century, at least.”

He knows.

Are you buying it?

Click to access musk.pdf

Update: I am about 20% taking the piss here. In the spirit of laughing at a billionaire.