1929 Stock market crash documentary

Living on debt? Check. Overvalued assets? Check. This time it’s different? Check. Decadent culture? Check. Buying stocks on credit? Check. Rags to riches myth? Check.

[a few people are allowed to succeed in a corrupt system to attract idiots]

Everyone’s doing it? Check. “Easy money”? Check. Traders considered investors? Check. The rich idolized? Check.

Don’t bail out these people.

[they also don’t mention how most of the new system occupants were dumb immigrants]


Famous last words

Americans really don’t study history, huh?
Edison failed, his operations were eventually shut down.

For pie-in-the-sky promises and dodgy business practices. He was a crook temporarily lauded as a genius while he put Tesla in the poorhouse.

The company comparison is named after the very man who ruined Tesla and free energy. The fall out with Morgan proves it, his technology worked. Modern EVs bearing Tesla’s name (his family don’t see a cent of that money) stand for everything his life’s work opposed – plugging into a fixed grid (DC) owned by the plutocrats (((read: bankers))). That’s terrible karma.

Plus the carbon is worse on EVs when you include manufacture – mining metals, producing the ‘electricity’ from the likes of oil industry, the battery disposal issue…

It’s the midlife crisis car of Boomers who dropped cash on that but have zero retirement savings because they refuse to admit they’re aging.

This cult of personality is entertaining. Cucking for Musk, because a multi-billionaire on paper really needs defending like a defenseless maiden in a tower.

Musk’s EVs aren’t the only ones in existence, Edison actually made a killing with electric car batteries a century ago.

Look it up. Wake up.


The guy is literally Edison but his fans must be thick to make the comparison.

Californian delusion: They can’t give up coffee but they can (((change the world.)))

Eat your GMO ‘meat’.

Track record of failure

Deutsche Bank’s Crisis Will Likely Lead To U.S. and Global Banking Crisis

“What is troubling and indeed significant for American policy makers, however, is the nearly complete failure of our friends in Europe to address their banking sector, either in terms of cleaning up bad assets or raising capital to enable the cleanup.”

Yeah, blame us.

America’s the strongest economy in the world until something goes wrong, then it’s all European’s fault.

“Sadly the HNA equity investment in Deutsche Bank was financed with a lot of debt. When the Chinese firm started to literally implode two years ago due to massive debt payments on its $40 billion in obligations,

sign of strength, of course

I deploy information in a timely manner.

it began to sell its shares in Deutsche Bank, creating the latest crisis for the chronically underperforming bank. Today HNA is being liquidated under the supervision of the Chinese government. And to this day, nobody among United States or European bank regulators really knows who owns the company that was briefly the largest shareholder of Deutsche Bank The setback with HNA led to discussions of merging Deutsche Bank with Germany’s Commerbank, another poor performer among the country’s banking sector.

Commiebank, am I right?

Because two failures make a success!

Again, German politicians led by Chancellor Angela Merkel refuse to even hint at public assistance for Deutsche Bank, but the mounting troubles with banks across Europe may force Merkel’s hand as it has in Italy.”…


If only we’d voted to leave the EU and could hard exit at any time.

Good luck coming after us with that timing.

No bureaucracy …for a thing that doesn’t exist.

Irish Exit the UK from the EU.

Free tickets on the Titanic


You count those mother-of-pearl deck chairs.

Per citizen, by volume, China’s stagnating more than Venezuela.

Russia’s inviting in entire Muslim families to reproduce.

The fastest growing population/race is Asian.

The fastest growing religion in Asia in Islam.

The global IQ is tanking per person.

This will end well, certainly for GDP.

No coincidence that fake livestream was structured to look like a Let’s Play.

Bring on the fall!

April/May 2019? At a guess. Consequences begin.



Apparently China will do well because more negative press is impossible and it’s tied to the Euro, which can never fail.


Someone’s going down.

To de-stress, practise some thoroughly modern yoga.


Rigged system

You’re right Jimmy. Damn it, you’re right.

It’s like a running race with someone in a Ferrari.


Something else that I meant to mention in this video is the outstanding student loan debt. It’s insane. That will absolutely play a part in this. Additionally, there is currently more DEBT in the world, than MONEY that exists. Think of the implications of that. Lastly, i noticed when I watched this that I stated that “most people” work for publicly traded companies…which is actually inaccurate – most people work for small businesses. Something else to clarify is my comments at the end about industries that thrive during economic downturns. (I mentioned debt consolidators and hospice care – however, debt COLLECTORS and senior living establishments are really at the front of the line). Hopefully the next economic “downturn” isn’t quite as catastrophic as many are predicting.