Video: Overleveraged, hyperinflated

Technically all equities are hyperinflated already in a bubble, but nobody can define what the hyper- part means.

Stock is just easiest to track, real estate is the bigger one, by far. It affects all companies with locations especially tourism.

How dumb must someone be, to recently buy IN at ALL TIME HIGHS?


At minimum, accounting for taxes means you lose, and bigly. CGT here is 30%, what are the odds there’s another third of juice left to squeeze? Muh boomer logic of ‘time in the market’ applied to the second half of the 20th century. We don’t live there anymore. It applies to Gertrude who bought IBM in the 70s – NOT TO YOU.

and you vote for socialism, so THAT PHAT TAX is going to the moon*

At least equities are fungible readily. Real estate is a bigger time commitment than most modern marriages, and you’ve got all these MGTOW blokes with a real estate ‘portfolio’ celebrating their shackles. The Boomers famously made the ‘rent from the banks’ mistake and ‘buy too much house/s’. You can’t pay X with hyperinflated money, the banks put clauses in to tie you to inflation, chucklefucks. Lynette Zhang has mentioned this. The endgame is banks sweep the board. That means you. Banking family is new royalty.

It amazes me that Marxists are buying stocks and voting for higher CGT parties.*
Nobody help them. They actually deserve to be homeless. Imagine no possessions, it’s easy if you try…. above us, only sky…

Stock critic kang returneth

After watching this I need a post-coital fag. Fag means cigarette here, no homo.

This is the ketamine-enriched rock festival of youtube channels and I’m here for it.

Boog drop was not a myth, I repeat, not a myth. The banks are ramping up purchases for a reason. GPS has covered this. Never trust ‘super secret trades’ pushed by MSM. There needs to be approx one more solar cycle for the final n00b rinse like a slutty washing machine.

I never considered watching history would involve so many fidget spinners. It’s not over until the fat lady sings. The banks want to repossess everything – every mortgage, every commercial portfolio, the lot.

Besides, legally, they had to let the people do the thing in order to have proof they wanted to do the thing. Give them enough rope to hang themselves by.

I’ll attach a fresh spicy comic as I have no tendies. Regrettably mine were pillaged by Tesla vikings. I’ll keep you posted on the anal reconstruction surgery. For the spergs – I am joking.

Fare thee well, fellow traveller, into realms of unspeakable autism.

I have a feeling Musk has a pubic tattoo reading HOP ABOARD for all the people he’s going to fuck.

Video: Hannibal trap of global ‘wealth’

Jeremiah warned of this. What you gain with lies abandons you near the end.

All this globalisation and immigration has produced NO net global wealth?

Imagine my shock.

Re-arrange the deck chairs with REITs, I’ll be in the life boat keeping it warm.

Almost like you can’t change national IQ, that predicts GDP.

And as IQ tanks….. since we’re living in the dysgenic Idiocracy….. not good.

Well, we look down on old people at slots or lotto, but now it’s Robin Hood retailers.

When everyone is trying to retire early, NO ONE gets to retire early. The retire abroad lot will fail due to the arrogant inability to STFU. No, they just HAD to ‘share their secrets’ in blog posts, on forums, in e-books, programmes and poncy videos.* Indices like S/P 500 are grossly over-valued, we have an index bubble based on 20th century price analysis studies, cherrypicked and prone to normalcy bias. It happened in their lifetime, it must continue in ours – nope. When everyone has the same information, everybody fucks up the same way. What worked for the Boomers will NOT work for us**, and generational timing is everything. It isn’t about the price WHATSOEVER, but when you buy-in and when you retire. Buy low, sell high is about your generational time, idjits. Different generations merit a different theory. This will be the social media caused collapse of prices. Classic lemmings case study used in future.

No surprise. Dumb money is lazy. Most of the index gain is bandwagon jumpers on the e-book crooks.

And all nations will charge expats eventually, especially if bitcoin is the global currency (no running).

*Retirement is only possible if a minority is doing it, chucklefucks. The maths no longer works, it went kaput. At least socialists cut to the chase and don’t bother to work for it, a rare instance of logic.

**the 401k systems by law caused their bubble, not even a true gain, the switch over they benefited from as a large demo – no other is as large


Something like a bearish ETF may rocket in value when a market crash occurs from debt collapse, but if the dollar or other common currencies such as Euros become worthless, then you won’t be richer for long. All this is to feed the very upper crust of the incredibly wealthy cabal who see themselves as world citizens entitled to become living gods. They want the Earth, immortality, and full control over all life. What’s happening was prophesized a very long time ago. They likely won’t be successful for long after doing up Great Reset and move to neo-Feudalistic totalitarian one world order. Hi fellow serf. lol

global citizen = one of Them, trust no ho
predicted in that book I posted a while back, about the death of ‘aryans’ written by the ‘jew’


I guess it’s to include everyone still alive, but on their knees begging for safety and world peace after the big WW3 event happens. I don’t believe anyone on the surface of Western countries are going to fare well, but only Westerners (filthy rich cabal) hiding inside the mountains of Switzerland will be the only remaining white people. They don’t want keep us unwashed masses around now that the many decades of work in developing the New World Order is almost complete. They don’t want to keep democracy around nor keep telling us what we want to hear for they don’t need us nor want us calling them out on their crimes.

“white” people….

Zoomers are smug sitting ducks, absolutely quackers. ‘We’re not like the Millennials’ no, you’re like us pre-GFC. Much worse.

I remain insouciant.

Biggest disappointment this week is sell-out Swift, who went from being a 4channer to promoting witchcraft and white genocide with Asians in her latest video. If I call her a rice cooker, am I jealous too?

Or will you notice China has been funding a theme in media? It has FA to do with me.

Video: 5,000 year bond bubble

The arrogance of the dudebros on their little forums is extraordinary.

>5,000-year high
>tHiS tImE iS dIffErEnt

And they’ll still cry to the rest of us that they weren’t warned and we owe their third wife a bailout to keep her in shitty Hermes horsies.

Seriously, look up some Youtube videos on those things. It’s obscene.

History books will call the 20th the Century of Socialism, where mass hysteria was caused by a fervent atheist belief in the sanctity of retirement with no kids, a new model of polite slavery, of other peoples’.

Zoomers will be losers

Robin Hood bandit types, anyway.

They call the rest of us stupid but trust an app.

Because Apple would never lie to you….

And what even happens if your phone is stolen?

If there’s no fee, they’re selling your data to the Big Money. Why else would big money investors fund fintech startups? It’s a huge data collection programme and these guys are actually paying to be robbed.

Everyone’s a genius in a bubble though, granted they look smart for now.

“nobody could have seen this coming”

What a time to be alive.

How long until Academia feels the pinch of vibrant diversity restricting THEIR way of life?