Penny stocks are a scam

I rarely give financial advice. You know this.

There’s a thing going round the desperate about Amazon penny stocks, don’t do it.


I don’t want to see any of my readers scammed.

Normally, I’d turn a blind eye but they trust Amazon for some reason and it’s intended to snag people who think they’re too smart to buy Apple. Problem is, you have no friends in this industry. I do.

I would rather buy seeds.

This was literally in Wolf of Wall Street as a massive con.

They’re lying to you.

I say this because I care.

With any stock tips, it’s 99% BS or 1% illegal.

Video: We are in stagflation

Your money is worth less, because of debt. Government, corporate and personal.
Prices are going up (RRP) but the intrinsic value (production) is the same or lesser (growth stagnation).

Go long on tantalum

It’s the new wonder coating to all those implants the aging population will need.

That is, if you trust a complete stranger on the internet to make your purchasing decisions on your behalf.
Disclaimer: it would never hold up in court.