I thought some of you might be curious about my recommendations.

There are American brands that are apparently good (Pure Coenzyme Q10 by BulkSupplements) but obviously I can only cover those available to the UK market.

Top 5 and why.


Pharma Nord Bio-Quinone Q10 Gold Capsules 100mg 150 Capsules

Expensive but well made and bovine capsules too.

£55 for 150 = 36p each.

You take coQ10 with FAT (any kind) to improve absorption.


Multivitamin with CoQ10 100mg, Vitamin D3 2000 IU, K2 100mcg, B Complex, Vitamins A 800mcg, Folic Acid as 5-MTHF 400mcg, Zinc 20mg and Lutein

A bit busy for my taste but you could save money if you want all those things. Great option.

£28 for 60 = 47p each.

D3 is from sheep wool so not vegan but whether you get capsule or tablet (people disagree) it’s quite a hefty size.

Actually tablet

Inessa Advanced Daily Multivitamin


COLLAGEM: Collagen Enhanced Dietary Supplement. Award Winner Best Beauty Supplement

This is my vanity talking, the vanity option.

£40 for 14 sachets. The trophy wife option. £2.86 each.

But they fucking work I tried them once. Then my wallet cried like a battered wife, begging me to stop.

It’s a grand a year habit. Those are coke prices*, I expect to look like a literal baby for that money.


Nature’s Best CO Q10 (Co Enzyme) 100mg 

Cheap but good. As long as you try no other, you’ll be content.

£24 for 120 = 20p each.

However, I am supplement trash.


Coenzyme Q10 Powder 3000mg (100% Additive Free)

Powder is the best form but inconvenient. This is meh.

£22 for 74 servings listed = 30p each.

Factoring in my laziness, no.

*It’s a way that business and finance people refer to budgeting daily expenses, I am not a coke fiend.

Every time someone says The Past Wasn’t “Really” Sexist

I want this to flicker into your mind.

Treating one another like human beings is required for civilization, these divisions hold traditional values back by waging a war within a nuclear family. These people have feelings and until you know an individual you should tread with caution.

There are rarely adverts of aggressive women, but overall women bore the brunt of being ‘picked on’.

If we can’t improve past school-age manners, what is the point?

They attacked women for everything, some rational (sweat) and other cruel (natural intimate scent), when in fact, men are worse on all hygiene and beauty counts.

It isn’t edgy to encourage dangerous things in good people.
Because the bad people don’t listen to it.

This is also subhuman degradation, not merely ‘funny’.

I can hear Freud’s ghost yipping.

Sexist prejudice has always been a problem for certain, insecure men when they had more social power, and that is unforgivably brutish.

Only in such pervert’s minds could female enjoyment of sex with their own spouse be considered a disease.

If the husband is so great and quick to judge, why isn’t he fit enough to provide it himself?

Naturally orgasm was only seen as a ‘disease’ if a man wasn’t required to provide or enjoy it. Seriously, how can you be jealous of a machine you bought? It’s these rational foundations that feminism was based on before it twisted onto the good men as well.

Feminism was a response to this bullying.

Moreover, such terrible men are also awful to their own sex (yes, they hate their own sex because they are self-loathing). Peddling sexual pills because their own admittedly unhealthy sexuality – isn’t a disease.

Supplements for game – some things never change.

Nobody was allowed to be happy with themselves. They were always broken (classic narcissist projection).
I think perhaps the wars culled off the bravest men because they volunteered first.

But women are so useless we were indispensable in service to men. Gotcha.

So when feminists say Sexism hurts men too, they’re actually telling the truth. Do you want to be condescended openly and anonymously by the worst of humanity too?

For those saying it’s a joke, I’d love you to explain it to me. And note, they didn’t say rape of adults or women. Still funny? Would joking about murder be alright?

Of course, as skincare products, men’s makeup and more hair stuff than I can explain continues to expand in the market, men deny they’re being led like a women. Is it still vain or false advertising when men do it? Self-improvement? Shaving? Deodorant? Waxing? Hair dye?

If you want to validate these people who mock you too, go ahead, but know full well what you’re endorsing.

How many underwear models do men see like this? Better or worse than lingerie in public spaces glowering down at children and the elderly?

Here’s some STD shaming for you.

There are genuinely witty inversions of stereotype, though.

In general, advertising by insults (verbal or symbolic) is wrong.

For the butthurt among you who think I sided too much with one/other/neither…

Lust supplements case study: arsenic

Although this was nonsense, it was true that very small doses of arsenic could stimulate circulation and increase weight gain. There was great excitement in 1851 when a Viennese medical journal reported on the sexual benefits which arsenic consumption was supposed to have brought the peasantry of Styria – a remote mountainous region in Austria.

The Styrians commonly swallowed quantities well above the lethal dose, but they ingested it in solid lumps which passed through their digestive tracts almost intact.

Just enough was absorbed to increase blood flow, giving the women a rosy- cheeked glow and the men an increased libido, resulting in an inordinate number of illegitimate children in the region.

By all means, trust people selling you medical supplies online.

I’m sure

there is

no way

this could


go wrong.

And they call women vain, we don’t take magic pills like Horny Goat Weed.

That last link tickled me.

If you can’t boost it the natural way (diet, exercise) don’t bother. Taking any form of supplement will decrease natural production because the artificial kind signals the production organs.

If you’re such a manly man and it’s all natural, you don’t need this shit.

Sure, load up on whey protein, bitch tits, I’m sure that’ll make up for refusing to drag your ass to a gym.