Why England’s rulers are a bunch of whackos — boarding schools and Privileged Abandonment

Attachment issues, intergenerational resentment and strong Stockholm Syndrome.

I think these psychological issues can only get worse until the buck is stopped.

Mindweapons in Ragnarok

This explains why Britain’s rulers are so cavalier about bringing third worlders into their country, and why the English aristocrats were the first Europeans to surrender to Jewish power (Nathan Rothschild in London in the Napoleonic era).

Boarding school kids don’t bond with their family, therefore they don’t bond with their country or their race. They probably envy the middle class and lower class kids who actually get to live with their families, and want to hurt them for it.

I had a very good friend in high school, and re-united with him by chance in college, who was a child of privileged abandonment. His father was the second in charge of a Fortune 100 household name company; he was worth 100 million back in the 90’s. He said his father told him, “Do what you want, just don’t embarass me.” My friend had an older brother who suffered from…

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Academia is becoming a viable 1% profession

What will be their excuse now?

It's so cute when r types try to be K.

It’s so cute when r types try to be K.

The coming flood of feminist films

Coming to a cinema near you.
What can we surmise?
Their stranglehold is crumbling as they realize they took on too many pets who are now devouring princess middle class white girl.

This is recruitment strategy.

Ironically, discussion of these films will enable discussions of the myths and lies they perpetrate – a counter-recruitment strategy in all but name for the wider internet. They won’t work to recruit as planned by the Hollywood propaganda machine and will suffer the same fate as other politik-heavy flicks, consigned to the dustbin of history for their errors and blatant yanking of the heartstrings. Those types of film are notoriously unsuccessful with normal audiences (they sense the bullshit creeping down their throats and refuse to chug).

It may be taken as a bad sign on first sight but it begs the question: why do they need to put it out now?
Their neoliberal comrades need something to cling to for emotional sustenance while times get increasingly tough, as predicted.


Sit back and enjoy watching as they cling to fictions while reality crashes down around their ears.

Sit back and enjoy watching as they cling to fictions while reality crashes down around their ears.