Money doesn’t buy class

Worse of all, it isn’t her money.

I’m actually starting to warm to her for the gall of it.

Because Harry is a bigger dick than her. The “whites are always right” numpties are just trying to excuse bad behaviour.

This is a rant.

I don’t trust any woman with a personal brand blog and no sarcasm, especially fashion. Wearing clothes is not a skill. The craziest bitches are weirdly sincere about their ‘blogging is work’ choo choo cuckoo train. Whether it’s this or the stay at home whores (no kids!*) claiming to be “traditional” as an excuse to grow their ass and accrue sun damage while being just as oddly narcissistic as instawhores and thots. Stop it.

*Technically, a married woman can be kept and it’s just as trashy as adultery, if not moreso. Get off your arse and work, bitch. Sloth is a deadly sin.

There’s a definite rise in gaudy people in society, instructed by social media.

The tackiest thing are the abusive Asian parents who force their child to learn white music on the violin, of all the cultural appropriation, that’s the tackiest. There are videos of them all over the internet being snobs about it, like anyone cares about the grandiose delusions of rice farmer kin.

This isn’t the sodding Regency, where we gather in living rooms and humour controlling parents. Stop.

Most white people haven’t even listened to any Mozart in full, nobody gives a shit.

Your parents worked in a gift shop, fuck off. That’s your level, go back from whence you came, culture thots!

Likewise, Sparkles is hardly the next Dior or even Ted Baker.

Forced association was a mistake, it shows multiculturalism up for the lie it is. The farce would be harder to detect otherwise.

They can go to the same events, pretend to have the same hobbies, wear our clothes (which almost all of them do) and listen to our music, it changes nothing. Culture is chromosomal, you cannot buy into it. They shouldn’t even want to, they would do better embracing their own and shunning us, rather than riding coat-tails their whole life as a token joke (all tokens are long-running jokes), how exhausting, how humiliating. How do they think whites became predominant? The biggest white supremacists right now are all ironically non-white. 

By dressing, speaking and acting like us, you’re telling us we’re superior.

It’s uncanny valley. You don’t ape inferiors. That’s the signal.

White people around race LARPers:

You’re not allowed to tell them how fucking stupid they look.

I imagine it’s the same with blacks and white guys with dreadlocks, or the white guy dressing in bright Buddhist robes and being a prick. The pure utter fucking CRINGE of these people.

STAHP race-larping. STAHP it. I blame cosplayers for starting this shit.

Picture Cindy from CA in a rice hat, this is so dumb.

The American red flower dress from 80s cop shows that people associate with Asia is actually American as a design as well, so it doesn’t even work the other way. They have to face the fact there’s nothing we want to imitate.

Cherry blossoms are a big deal 100% because of Van Gogh.

Meanwhile, they have plastic surgery so involved to make a Russian blush

Looks like a Mr Potatohead Nose and the jaw is ….broken.

Note: she isn’t white, Jewess. That damn nose. I doubt the left pic is the original either. They’re notorious for coming back to school after summer holiday age 14/15 with a new nose. It doesn’t help.


You can alter the shape but not the fleshiness or the harsh bones of the face.

There’s also the saying “when a girl with a nose job smiles, her old nose grows back” for that reason.

The underlying bones and musculature do not change. Reason instahoes no smiley but all pouty.


The race larping goes to such extremes among the non-white

-yet they still want 8 year-old looking faces…. not weird at all.

One easy tell for surgery, the sexual maturity of face and body do not match.

A woman with those hips would not have those lips. A woman with those tits would not have plain eyes. A woman with that waist would not have stick arms or a piggy nose. Following all the trends at once doesn’t fit, how many of those traits were In the first time she was seen with them? e.g. was she curvy before it was the thing, when athletic skinny was? They can only come after if they’re following. Do they express dissatisfaction if the In shape changes from ‘their’ type? If it’s real, a level of idgaf occurs. Personally I want my body shape out of style so the thots fuck off.

They come up to me and ask about my surgery. Yeah, my ‘clinic’ was called DNA, you whore.

“Where did you get X done?” Er… My conception? Like, what do I even say to that?

No feminazi DARE talk about THAT sexual harassment. And they try to make it sound so casual too. There’s no casual way to say “I think your tits are fake” to a stranger.

or whatever body part or feature

This is not the Real Housewives of Fuckwhatistan. You just don’t speak to people like that. This happens to other natural women I know (some with huge breasts, just amazing how they’re walking upright really) and we’re disgusted with our own sex for it. It might be behind declining SJWism, as the fake people assume everyone else is fake too and try to make that behaviour seem ‘friendly’. If I’m in the frozen section of Waitrose during a heatwave, fuck off commenting on my arse as I bend over to get the better ice cream. This actually happened, I almost slapped her. A man can’t get away with that shit.

They make lewd comments about men too, the skanks. Our men are not your fresh meat, mystery meat.

The things you hear in the Harrods cafe are similarly abysmal. I am literally here for a cake. One, one cake. A tenner is not that much, really. This is not a special place. It’s a shop. Stop treating it like a brothel. If you try to seduce the same sex, they’ll assume you’re a lesbian and also reject you socially. I’ve been told I’m fat** (but jk, lol, right?), I’m going to get fat or too much sugar (how do you know what’s in this cake, bitch? Do you have x-ray vision for calories?) will make me fat (literally none of your f-ing business). Buying one cake. One little eclair size cake.

I did not sign up for negging, I got off the train early for a cake.

It’s like, 300 calories. Tops. You can’t get fat over that. A small Diet Coke is more! The good shit isn’t pumped with fattening chemicals and filler, that’s why it’s expensive!

**I have never, ever been fat. Also, calling my ‘ass’ fat is NOT a compliment. Why are people like this?

I also get the look up and down when food shopping of any kind because it’s not vegan rabbit carbs. Sometimes the cashier gives me shit about ‘cancer’ and ‘the planet’, unless it’s Waitrose. You can wear a clown costume with a wizard hat and princess sceptre in there and nobody gives a shit. Meanwhile: There’s a reason you’re a cashier in a Tesco in a train station, Chan, stop doling out wrong medical advice with a side of muh global temperatures. Ring up the fucking custard creams and STFU – I say with my eyes.

Pretty sure the professionalism is 90% why people go to expensive shops. Vive la robot replacement.

Unmentioned: 75% of the time this is from OTHER women, although the 25% male is objectively worse (rape threats, mostly).

It’s such an insult to assume everyone’s had surgery, especially as an icebreaker with a stranger. And no-touchy, I don’t want your herpes. Only in London do you run the risk of more cold approaches by some expensive slit than trashbag men. I hate it. I can vent that here because it’s relevant and clearly not for attention or praise. I wanna move but then remember, no, I belong here, THEY move!

I don’t want to be befriended by some chucklefuck Kazzimski from Jewish Russia thinking I can get her “In” with a rich crowd she can gold dig from, with her grubby stubby dwarf hands. They see women as softer targets when actually the opposite is true in fact but it’s still bloody insulting. Like, you’re standing in my country, don’t act as if you own the place. You’re a tourist.

Your cultural visa has expired, you’ll be deported shortly. Brexit, war, whatever.

You can tell if a person is for real because there’s a strict no gold diggers policy. Anyone trying to look ‘expensive’ in layers of beige cotton (cough Sparkles cough) or giving off that distinctly Russian prostitute vibe is a fucking black ball to a social re-invite, because you’re held responsible for people you introduce. If they turn out to be prize cunts, you suffer in reputation because everyone trusted your reference. They were under your roof. So they target the women as ’emotional’ or some shit, we see them coming a mile off with their pink Chanel beach totes (this season) and 2.55 crapbags (black caviar, silver hardware, the tacky 80s clasp, taken every-where like we care or some garish colour like chunder green) and it’s like… no. No, ho. No.

We protect our kind, step off from my fren.

I’m actually put off getting a 2.55 or a Chanel tote purely because of these people. The sociopathic ones who imagine they’ll ‘steal’ all your rich friends. Rich people don’t spend money on their friends, though?

I don’t care if they’re poor either, stay the F away from my person.

There’s a principle of possessiveness, a protective one, that a lot of whites seem to have lost. Do not introduce your friends to new people, to people you barely know or who seem The Type. You can keep them at arm’s length to better avoid them. That’s the new segregation. Table scraps, because they’re dogs.

Begging for attention.

The Asians with Chanel are the absolute worst for this. Head to toe in trendy bullshit. Black women are usually smart enough to keep it to accessories, which they can actually pull off.

Non-shallow men find them dull but off-putting. Women don’t wanna deal with them either. Then there’s the jealous fatties, loud fatties who had lipo, just so much bullshit.

I think all the cowardly ‘racist’ baiting to get college places et al is really a projected self-hatred because they want so badly to be white, thinking the grass is greener. Nope, plenty of tacky, miserable white people too.

Being good at imitation is not culture, there’s no soul, you’ll never be one of Us so you’ll never get soul for that music. Sucking up to the outgroup is FIRM middle-class ponce.

Jews and Irish Catholics aren’t allowed in country clubs (because they’re also tacky and take it over with relatives), Asians are considered dog-eating social climbers. The epitome of the vulgar Riche.

The violin, in particular, is an instrument you hire OTHERS to play FOR YOU.

It’s the HELP.

It’s only cute if it’s YOUR child. They might as well be playing fireman.

When you know, you just know.

The New Money always assume they can buy certain hobbies and position but it’s a way of life and seeing it that they’ll never, EVER get.

I know snobs, I can be a snob at times. Well-heeled snob is genetic, you can lose all the monies and be one. Being a snob as an act isn’t enough and the act falls flat on any topic of controversy to outsiders.

For instance:

There’s also furniture colour. Namely, the observation that if most of their furniture is white, their children probably aren’t. If most of their furniture is brown, their children are probably white.

If it’s clear, they most likely have no children (bachelors). Glass is unsafe for children and acrylic both cheap and sharp cornered.

There’s my proof of all the above. Regular people don’t notice this shit until you point it out. There’s a parody song in that one waiting to happen. Do it, TRS.

The midwit people who white-wash antiques or chop up books for ‘art’ have a special layer in Hell.

Credit: Stop being a pleb

There are linguistic turns you won’t hear on TV (therefore, largely unknown in common tongue, either). It can be shocking to snowflakes and the foreign. It find it hilarious to drop them in conversation e.g. no use of gay, they’re homos. Just very literal speech.

To cry about that is to imply those things are BAD.

Asians are lumped in with the other browns, because they are. See BBC use of “Asian” for their rep.

Only trailer trash people or middle-middle class race mixers in parts of cucked America “consider” them white. It’s like “identifying” as a different sex, you can’t.

When is Cultural Appropriation encouraged?

When is Cultural Appropriation encouraged?

When it erodes white European pride in our heritage: our arts, science and history. You cannot buy membership into one of the best cultures the world has ever known, especially with fakery.

Click through gif to explanation of what appropriation is, from feminists.

Pictured: Beyoncé, at the beginning of her crash into The Wall.