Do the Royals still like refugees?

They’re trying to keep this quiet.

So it must be BAD.

You import the low IQ and violent, the mentally deranged who’d never pass a simple flight check given their previous… and from countries where the way to be Boss is to kill the old one?

What did you expect?

After Parliament, this was an obvious target. It’s a symbol of the nation.

There’s a pattern.

“Ghodratollah Barani strangled homeless man after voices told him he’d become monarch if he did it – before he broke into palace to meet the Queen”

They don’t want to be like that infamous swan.

(Swans are sacred here.)

Keep Calm And Get Shot

But the terrorists haven’t won, no!
Perish the thought, lumpenprole!
This isn’t a war, after all! That would require invasion and weapons used against an outgroup, while pillaging and raping native resources!

“An incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity.”
“An unwelcome intrusion into another’s domain.”

This could all be fixed with a length of rope. Internment camps delay the actual handling of the problem.
Normalcy bias kicks in and most Brits can’t run, did you ever take that Bleep test?
If you leave belongings, how do you call for aid? The elites must be laughing their arses off.
Essentially, they’re asking that you get the shooters and stabbers to attack SOMEONE ELSE.
Were the kebabs worth it, goyim?

Vox is right, they must go back. They must all go back. Including Vox Day, to his Native American tribe. He has no right to be in Italy telling others to fight for America. Wascally wabbit. Triangulation at its finest. He oversells Patriarchy too, classic fake K technique – because he can’t be drafted into Italy’s army, making him untouchable – or so he thinks.

Hollywood has slowed down response times significantly, in these situations, people depersonalize and report it was like watching a film, their brain trained them to think it wasn’t real. Despite all the proof from Bandura up, we’re still subjected to gun glamorization and movie/TV violence.

This kind of propaganda is what happens when you have cowards in the leadership, they get to hide behind their security personnel, behind the walls of your corpses.

I should go long on tea candle stock.

The greatest enemies of K-types are self-aware r-types offering half-solutions, another way to stall K-shift and run.

The plan post-attack

This is a deliberate replacement strategy.

Call out the traitors in your midst. Those defending murderers are at least a little screwy themselves. Hybristophiliacs? Co-dependents? Masochists? Who cares?

Fact of the matter is, we need to call out the fact this is all considered collateral damage by those people who don’t want Europe, homeland of whites, to be white anymore.

If that sounds genocidal…

The vigil is a victory dance for those who hate ‘Western Civ’ and vowed to kill Christianity. These are just their grunt, their disposable Third World fodder. Know thy enemy.

Link to the Alternative Media. Don’t link to the people who watch you get stabbed because you dared go out on a Saturday night like a normal person, in contravention of Sharia law.