Link: On pathology of low birthrates, explained

From the HBD side, both Anonymous Conservative and Jayman have previously agreed that the low birth rate of liberals is a feature and not a bug. The former from the perspective of low child-rearing in r-selection and the latter from genetics and, I guess, Malthus?

It’s connected, r-type extinction events are Malthusian in nature.

Obviously, the PC practice of pathological altruism (there is an academic book of that title on the subject) is applying ingroup evolved mechanisms to depress the ingroup birthrate and increase the outgroup based on the largesse of state theft. It’s a combination of resource reparations and treacherous (if not suicidal and insane) genocide, by the post-WW2 original definitions, already linked here.
~tuts in Social Darwinism~

A selection of neat lil quotes.

“But even people who think about this when it comes to profit and organisations often don’t think about the equivalent for ideas and cultural practices.
To wit: if you want a culture or idea to survive, the people who practice it must have high birth rates…
Because ideas, like most things in this world, are heritable. Both genetics and culture mean that parents in general pass their values on to their children. Take away the children, and you take away the people likely to hold the idea tomorrow.
Of course, people are apt to forget this, because it’s a slow-moving effect. The faster way ideas spread is through communication across a given population.

requires homogeneity and a culture of respect for received wisdom, interrupted in the 20th century, when all the major fault-lines started showing

Which is all well and good. The more you spread the idea, the more people who hold it right now, and, ceteris paribus, the more people will hold it next generation…..”

Richard Dawkins did not advance the idea of a meme.

It was Darwin.

The ‘gene’ is an idea of transmitted information, it is not limited to the biological, it is symbolic theory nor limited to precise ranges of biological material. That is a 20th century use based on chemical experiments to ‘crack’ human DNA using computers.
‘Origin of the Species’ should be on school reading lists. It isn’t because it’s accurate and unPC. Many science teachers aren’t qualified to explain it either, knowing nothing about say, farming or animal breeding, which are used in examples. You need life experience to explain life.

Meanwhile, the intelligent are either at home or in the wider workforce.

Later, on progressivism, political correctness, social justice warrior feminism etc…
Feminism in particular needs a constant fresh crop of young women far more than Patriarchy.

Anti-natal ideologies are parasitic on the host’s reproductive potential, it cripples more surely than Polio. Just look at abortion and anything labelled Cultural Marxism, it’s dysgenic, it’s a society-killer. Just like there are no centuries-old atheist or multicultural societies, these things do not have any survivability or, in PC terms, sustainability (really longevity, they don’t stand up to the scrutiny of history). The ‘right side of history’ rhetoric assumes humans have innately changed within a few generations and the old rules no longer apply.

Why? They are ‘fat and happy’ for the first time in human history. If you look up the history of mankind, we are not designed for this surplus unless our behaviours are prosocial and good for fitness of our ‘family’, genetic kin. (To love your neighbour had always previously meant distant genetic kin). However, charity has murdered the West as well as it has Africa, the fighting spirit and much of the independence and creativity has gone, the intellectual thirst died with candy. A little hunger if we fell behind on bills without welfare or some reliable religious fasting kept us sharp, there are plenty of studies that demonstrate health benefits, epigenetics is coming in, microbiome improvements AND the cognitive spectrum from starvation to gluttony, each with particular traits. Could it have been a sin because it leads to a decadent mind? Perhaps. Too much of a good thing is a very, very bad thing. All these anti-obesity efforts that blame the wrong thing (it isn’t fat, it’s carbs) and increase the price of basic foodstuffs (see CPI and how starvation includes malnutrition, with the lower nutrient profile of mass-produced food) and THAT is a superior explanation for K-shift and the so-called ‘rise of conservatism’ like a tidal wave.

Bread and circuses.

The deepest self-loathing is genetic suicide, the notion you don’t deserve to live – into the next generation.

All surviving religions have a pro-natal credo. This is not a coincidence.

I like these old-type posts but feel I’m explaining why water is wet.


If you’re searching for dysgenic factors or variables to trigger suicidal liberals.

NRx v AR

It's a fantasy of social power above sexual power

Apparently this needs to be explained. Howdy.

Trump was partially elected because all the SJW CMists could do was evoke a ‘parade of horribles‘. ‘Literally Hitler’ ad hominem is that fallacy in reality. The enemy promised he’d be effective. They miscalculated that normal, sane people wanted the things they threatened.

View at

“It has been argued that neoreaction is just an elite salon that has no obligation to interface with the public.”

Ebony Tower?

2SD minimum barrier for entry is right though, hence normie-reaching memes.

NRx is the dialectic to the AR rhetoric.
It is the accurate, scientific foundation to your shitposting. The truthful basis is the edge the enemy cannot match.
The HBD IQ data behind the immigration memes.
The hierarchy behind the failings of democracy.
The religion behind the anti-degeneracy.
The history behind the memes.
The leadership opposing the cucks.
The enlightenment behinds the lolz.

“Personally, I think neoreaction does have a future, and will continue to. It serves as an indispensable bridge for intellectuals from outside of the reactionary world. If it were not for neoreaction, many of today’s younger Reactionaries probably would not be very reactionary at all. What other role models do they have? Andrew Anglin? Milo Yiannopoulos? Mike Cernovich? No.”

Study them for a change lol see how they like it

The model white societies found all over European history, that has not a Jew in sight. History shows what we can achieve and Yarvin points this out. The dark part is understanding we are in the real Dark Ages – of degeneracy.

“Neoreaction is more of a way of thinking than a coherent movement, a way of thinking distinctly different than the alt right but valuable in its own way.”

First, Trump got the Republican ticket because of the Zodiac theory, and don’t you forget it, or we’d all be sucking on Hillary right about now. People who didn’t know who Cruz was, knew that meme.

The formula for victory is simple.

1. don’t do what they want you to, always ask yourself the question
2. don’t fit their stereotype, ‘protest’ doesn’t work*
3. don’t be a degenerate when you’re criticizing their degeneracy (a lot of supposed* right-wingers, are not)
4. live the good life, be the happy model as much as possible
5. patience and indoor voices, the SJWs want to trigger you, be the voice of reason and let third parties decide
6. they hold the swing votes to bring in the people with the power over the CM academia to actually Do SomethingTM

We have memes and a dream. That’s all we need, baby.

jessica stam wink sexy

*use the enemies’ tactics against them
fight fire with fire
protest is a victory lap, the mind is the terrain

*signalling subversives, liars, turncoats and hypocrites

Where did the fake Trump leak come from?

They’ve been waiting to doxx something on Trump for years.
What a way to start 2017, amirite?

You know, I once knew an English theatre actor, you’d probably know his face, who was/is heavily into water sports….

You’d never be able to tell by looking at him, though.
It’s one of those ambiguous and vaguely gay fetishes.

It will never not be funny to me.


I am an adult and I resisted the temptation to passive-aggressively post his picture here.
Tumblr would cry. I’d cry with laughter because there’s a detailed anecdote about foreskins.

Note the mysterious gaps.


Thanks, Anoni-chan!

Thanks, Anonymous Buzzfeed and MSM tipper!


Off-topic and on a totally unrelated note: the Allies spread a rumour about Literally Hitler having that exact, oddly specific fetish. I’m sure that’s a coincidence…

Why are Taharrush ‘games’ a problem?

You don’t see much of this in Saudi Arabia where it’s punished.

TLDR: slavery.

This comment;

These invaders came with this belief that the European women are sex obsessed sluts. They get there and find reality is quite different… and they are pissed off about it. They’ve been told their whole lives what sluts these women are. So when the women reject them they really are shocked. They think someone is just screwing with them.

And on top of that… they’re 70 IQ savages.

bad combination.

They don’t even get why they’re rejected. You see the same problem with many PUAs comparing their success scores with one another as if it is comparable. You wouldn’t compare the number of contacts in a phone between an extravert and introvert, would you?

Whites have the lowest outbreeding/race-mixing levels. TBF: We aren’t even fucking each other (sterile contraceptive sex doesn’t count).
One valid explanation of this outbreeding aversion (actually natural genophilia) is due to the recessive gene profile of Europeans (where the white women at) and greatest phenotypic diversity (as easily illustrated by all the colours we come in).

For the PC excuse of “it’s their culture”, yes it is their culture. Cult is also from the word culture and we don’t tolerate them.

Rape culture is their mating strategy. Including the goats.

That’s why they’re actually totally justified in calling most of these women racist, but we buy into their frame that freedom of association (and sexual choice/consent) are a bad thing. People are different. They are not like us. They don’t think or behave like us and never will. How many centuries did the Middle East have to put their house in order, before any foreign wars too? They rape their own women covered head to toe in black, a rapist doesn’t target women based on the amount of skin she shows (actually a myth) but an estimation of the resistance he’ll face (gait studies). It just so happens the two tend to correlate, but plenty of women have been raped wearing casual clothes, jeans or menswear (i.e. nothing feminine at all from the neck down), and going back in time, if they’ll rape women in petticoats and hoop skirts, it isn’t about the clothing, is it? Whatever a woman wears, she is a potential target. Clothing choice is not a valid behavioural concern on this subject. Back on task…
Centuries later… Are they still desert-dwelling bigots who murder the victim? Compare to Japan’s terrorist problem.


Oh wait – they don’t have one.

The feminists brought this on themselves. They wanted men to leave them alone, only the nice ones complied.


If a grown adult wants to play with fire, let them get burnt. Don’t get murdered or your own family gang-raped because you wanted to play the Hero to someone who’d side with your attacker.

A hundred years ago, in 1916, white women were still being sold into ‘white slavery‘, which in the dictionary means sexual slavery, to Muslims. To quote from wikipedia (terrible habit, I know but it’s referenced);

This trade continued up until World War I. Henry Morgenthau, Sr., who served as the U.S. Ambassador in Constantinople from 1913 until 1916, alleges in his Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story that there were gangs trading white slaves during his term in Constantinople.[40]

Slave is actually taken from Slav, a people so white you couldn’t miss them in the dark.

Yes, it’s totally about race and white people are the victims. These EU invaders are trying to start a modern-day Slave Trade. 

If the Alt Right wanted to wind up the SJWs, all they’d need to do is an historical documentary, completely 100% true, about the history of White Slavery. Really harrowing reconstructions of beautiful white women being sold at market. Something like…

A Primer on Biohistory

I haven’t been this excited since I discovered r/K. They have much in common.
It includes r/K to a lesser extent but expands outward as an empirical, predictive model of history (a first, in all mankind) and brings in both religion and science as vital for the future course of human prosperity.

Extract from Biohistory book;

Click to access jpIntro-and-chapter-one-Biohistory-1-Academic-version.pdf

Extract from Biohistory: Decline book;

Click to access Biohistory-Popular-Version-Chp-1.pdf

Please, share this around.

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The Best of Baby Boomer memetown

Feel free to link to others (imgur preferred).

Honestly, I could just leave it at this one.

Since they can scarcely use this interweb thingey, this is the best means of attack. It might get through to the Twitterati, now wouldn’t that be fun?

You need experience, to get experience…. Fine, when the time comes we’ll say you need a pension, to get a pension.

His daughters Paige, Buffy and Arya.

What, like it’s genetic…?

I know some people retired longer than I’ve been alive.

Fact-check, anyone?

The charge of narcissist can hardly be applied to the people responsible for paying a bill of luxury goods they didn’t run up.

We’ll get the last laugh. They care about themselves, and their legacy, in that order.

They can’t live forever, and we’re writing the history books.

Since they pushed the marriage poison of Sexual Revolution and wonder why we aren’t making (great)grandchildren…

Why am I posting these?

It would piss off The Guardian.

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And baby, that’s all the reason I need.

No truce with the left

As Anonymous Conservative said;

Sit by the river long enough, and the bodies of your enemies will float by. The key will be Conservatives vowing to never help any liberal survive the mess they have created, or fight the monsters they have previously supported. They are not our people, they are our enemies. And they will deserve everything they will get.

This needs to become a meme among the right.
Half the nonsense they pull, they do it because they assume they can always come crying to us, false patriotism in hand, when it backfires on them. We must make our position clear – you have Othered yourself from the nation, we owe you nothing.

What kills a subculture?

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Good stuff.
I’ve noticed this with geek conventions. A few years ago it was myself and a few friends browsing the comics, then Avengers came out and 20 “geeks” for every real one sprang into existence. Plus hipster parents and their kids, I’m sorry but conventions are no place for a child.

Article: Should France go back to being a monarchy?

Do you think a king could unite France?
A king would be a symbol of consensus and national unity. Monarchy wouldn’t guarantee political balance, as the Head of State wouldn’t have any real power and wouldn’t have been elected by the citizens. However, it appears to me that the European monarchies – except Spain, a particular case because of the Francoist era – are much stronger when they face political and institutional crises in comparison to the republics.”


What’s your opinion on that?
In times of “controlled” crisis, it seems highly unlikely that one of these regime will re-appear. But if one day we actually do come face to face with the collapse of our political and economic structure, who knows?”

They’re asking these questions. This is good.