Burn the vanities!

Burn the heretic!


These impulses don’t go away.

Cultural Marxism is weak, the instinct for purity it borrows is strong.

Acting like a mob, because acting like a mob is WRONG.

We’re not threatened, the shapes on the paper are scared!

Amazing how patriotic they are, in any other time frame.

New Yorker: Trump as literally Hitler

hahaha fuck you


drive-by bitching today

“plausible” – they keep using that word a lot…..

snort lol laugh haha hmph derision yeah duh really uhuh mhmm princess bride

“reverse the New Deal,” correct me if i’m wrong, …but that sucked?

I was taught at school it basically saved the West and these same textbooks were wrong on plenty of other stuff once you read around them, as almost nobody did.

“decades later, the world is ruled by fascist powers.”
unlike the EU
“A year later, the show’s second season has arrived amid a resurgence of real-life white nationalism”
[citation needed]
“As a man with a vocal admiration for authoritarian leaders is about to be sworn into the White House”
if the words hurt them, imagine the guy who comes after Trump
the force of the full pendulum swing might kill them
Pence is the real Republican and Trump knew he’d be competition in a future election, the man is not dumb, he pretends to be, like a less cuddly Boris Johnson, better thought of as the snake of Westminster. 
>The past is not the present, this reality is not sci-fi. Stop.
you must be new here
These people are academics??????
ffs this is why they lost
everything is Hitler, shares in Hitler memes, buy buy buy
they tried really hard to make the nazis look bad in that show, like – they have cameras
but the modern internet is worse so…. nah
no crime, no disease, but they have cameras, goys
“non-Aryan people, and their culture, have been eradicated”
I am a lady and I won’t rise to that bait.
omg why no facepalm god ugh wut
The urbanites really hate the idea they’ve been replaced, huh?
Your politics are not relevant, guy in a studio apartment.
You can tell they’ve been getting their politics from comedians for too long.
“shows Americans adapting to fascism with an alarming smoothness” idiots
implying all americans are white and xian
true, but idiots
shooting themselves in the foot
like in every white man, a Hitler crouches, waiting to spring out
….like, I wish they had at least one ball…
anything but a weeb, basically
Hitler is really just this century’s Napoleon anyway.
“Tuesdays, they burn cripples, the terminally ill,” he says. “Drags on the state.”
…..this person either knows nothing about communist state murder or chooses to ignore it
and if they’re terminally ill, that’s euthanasia, which they support
“For those not targeted for elimination, the show suggests—for nice young white men like Joe Blake in particular—the American Reich would not be terrifying at all. It might, in fact, look a lot like the America we already know.”
I demand 50 privilege points for this gif.
Harry is the epitome of white privilege, he is literally magic and saves the world with Saviour Complex.
the 2nd season was just banal, tepid, so-so
the death potion scene in fantastic beasts was fucking disturbing and that’s a kid’s film
“Yet it becomes worryingly easy to overlook his atrocious misdeeds,”
>heroes must be spotless jesus figures, implies the jew
they dropped the brackets trend pretty quickly when it revealed their power levels, didn’t they?
“an expert emotional manipulator who terrorized subordinates and innocents alike” 
that's enough stop please karen will and grace
-all the judgemental stares for that vacuous comment-
a competent, intelligent white man with no vices is now satan
how far has popular culture sunk
even superman is killing illegal aliens
if Trump turns out to be milquetoast, all bluster, will they hate him more, or less?
” In another year, the show’s insistence on humanizing fascists might have seemed like a provocative choice”
dehumanizing people IS fascism
fascists are people, human and capable of love cos this isn’t a fucking disney story, it’s reality
“when it is more urgent than ever to distinguish right from wrong, real news from fake, and differences of political opinion from the dangerous undermining of democracy”
things the vatican would say for $200
“the dangerous undermining of democracy”
people voting for someone we don’t like, this undermines my right to win, somehow
still think trump is controlled opposition
the jewish line is too hard and pushed too hard
the resistance to socialism is often full of shitty people, they can’t be both pro-state and rebels, these bloody signallers
“moral desperation, a loss of faith in anything but self-destructive violence”
“unavoidable complicity of living “normally” under empire”
bull-shit, son
nobody has a choice there, it’s live or die, until you can vote in someone new
the hero never has a family, cos he wouldn’t risk them for his ego
“a novelist—an eccentric inventor of alt-histories who served as a stand-in for Dick himself”
is that an allusion to alt-right
is this like the new voldemort
you don’t pronounce the T, it’s silent, so it’s really alt-rye. we are big on gluten.
all-aryan heritage grains, really, which is germinatedly superior
artists step out of the politically correct because it’s morally wrong
*mic drop*

You can see why it’s called the Jew Yorker, can’t you?
well if white identity politics is morally wrong, in a time of relativism, and jews are white, and not a race*, and up is down, every jewish person is literally hitler? #sjwlogic

blackadder I know sarcastic

*implies Israel/Judea is not anybody’s homeland, because those exist for races, not religions

High Castle s3, textbook SJW entryism

As soon as they get a sniff of success, they’re in there.


“When asked what she’d hope for in a season 3 for The Man in the High Castle, actress Bella Heathcote, who plays Joe Blake’s love interest in season 2, says, “I’d want my character to find a way to be a feminist under the regime, try and change the regime from within. That would be a great way to go.”

I knew there was a reason I took an immediate dislike to her. I thought she was gonna be his sister and he’d have to shoot her for being a degenerate and raping him or something. But no, that would be a true use of the material…
Something dead in the eyes, like a doll, some morally hollowed glassy expression typical in the vacuous bimbo brigade.

Apparently not much acting was required. That whole plot was boring and futile.

There weren’t even fun young Nazis. I was promised fun young Nazis.
Instead we got blond degenerates doing LSD in a serial killer cabin.

That’s literally the opposite of the point of the whole show.
The reason for its success is being 180 from that shit. It’s like a media palette cleanser.

omg why no facepalm god ugh wut

How can you feminist an alternate universe of Nazis?

Just…. HOW.

Is she retarded? The French for slow?

Did the bad dye job chemicals neurotox the brain or has it wasted away thanks to the obvious anorexia of Miss Berliner Bobblehead 1962? She looks too 21st century, get Diane Kruger on the line. Jessica Stam would be perf. Jane Seymour is better looking now and has more dignity in her little finger for the project than personal politics.

I also want a mention for Sienna Guillory, who actually likes SF/F and doesn’t try to change it.

The Nazis were actually very fair in their handling of women, same guys who were big on the environment and animal rights, giving women generally whatever they needed in support of their prosocial goals. There’s the keyword – if you want state/socialist money, it needs to be prosocial for the nation.

Is The Man in the High Castle alt right?


In short, a once fitfully interesting series about the perniciousness of fascism lost its showrunner — because Amazon didn’t seem to believe its biggest show even needed a showrunner — and slowly but surely devolved into plot-heavy Nazi kitsch. Season two looks gorgeous, but it’s dangerous, like a well-designed fireworks display that sets a whole city aflame.

It’s the worst TV show of 2016.


My opinion? No.

It doesn’t go far enough.

S2 is light on Japanese cruelty to make the Nazis seem worse. The Nazis are having ‘doubts’ even though there’s no ideological basis for this. Whatsoever.

They’re really trying to make them seem less interesting though.

It isn’t alternative enough. It’s trying to summon or evoke feelings of the here and now.
That isn’t alternative or history though.

what wtf wut confused shocked are you seeing this omfg how


It’s good.


It isn’t good enough.

That’s not at all the case. By the end of its second season, The Man in the High Castle has essentially abandoned everything fascinating about its first season in favor of a junky sci-fi drama with reality-hopping characters and a bunch of caricature Nazi bad guys.

When an SJW says your Nazis aren’t punchy enough, sort yourself out.

The Man In the High Castle is SJW-proof

Yesterday it got renewed for a second season.

The SJWs are finally leaving a piece of geek culture alone, because the very premise triggers them and even admitting to watching or liking the show would open them up among their fellow SJWs to accusations of endorsing Nazism so it’s well worth a watch. They can’t even call it bad because it’s been getting rave reviews (likely in response to the SJW control of recent years, this is like a breath of fresh air). By far, the best thing about it is Rufus Sewell as a Nazi officer, that character needs more screen time.

The final episode surprised me.