Genius IQ genetic study in America

I’m amazed you found any.

Guys, IQ has a genetic basis! This is a TOTALLY NEW THING.

Representing the top 0.03 per cent of the ‘intelligence distribution’, these individuals have an IQ of 170 or more – substantially higher than that of Nobel Prize winners, who have an average IQ of around 145.

Genetic research on intelligence consistently indicates that around half of the differences between people can be explained by genetic factors. This study’s unique design, which focused on the positive end of the intelligence distribution and compared genotyping data against more than 3,000 people from the , greatly enhanced the study’s power to detect genes responsible for the heritability of intelligence.

Paper geniuses. err… sure, okay, that methodology works I guess... but isn’t it a case of academia proving the benchmark of academia (grading, as SATs are a mathematically acceptable sub for IQ)?

On paper, Obama was a good President.

Did they check other demographic factors, like religion? Nope.
Did they check for any intelligence level above genius? No. Tests do not exist nor apply.

So they’re not even comparing the norm to the BEST, they’re comparing to themselves.
There are no polymaths in academia.

Our research shows that there are not genes for genius. However, to have super-high intelligence you need to have many of the positive alleles and importantly few of the negative rare effects, such as the rare functional alleles identified in our study.’

We’ve mentioned that before around NRx, it’s called the genetic load hypothesis.

I'm smarter than anyone else you'll ever meet

I’ll leave this here.


Meanwhile, the people who can do maths are waking up.

TLDR: Stereotyping is MEAN! ….But also accurate?

It’s only prejudice if you ignore the evidence when it arises.
So if you ignore the negative evidence e.g. that guy could kill you, you’re also being prejudiced ( to ‘that guy couldn’t kill me’, the belief held prior to evidence aka The Prior).

‘Educated’ adults are hiding under the blanket from terrorism, hoping it will go away.

Nature tends to cull those people pretty quickly. Ahh, Darwin!
The tone of all these articles is the same: Disregard race, attend education.
Chock full of fallacies. They want censorship, they want suppression. You don’t ignore a factor. Science 101. Nothing is forbidden. This isn’t religion. If you don’t feel comfortable, scientists don’t care.
If HBD were true, what would we see in social science following a Blank Slatist denialism over many, many decades, an academic fraud enforced by regressive speech law?
A reproducibility crisis!

You have to understand that this system is not real, it’s just a game. In real life you have to be straight-up wrong sometimes. So you may as well get it over with.

This whole blog is one big thought experiment. Thanks for tuning in.

UK Shocks to the System

Inspired by the thought experiment from the ever-excellent:
I really like this idea and am kicking myself for not having thought of it. Mine is more topical.


  • The Sierra Leone volunteer in the Hampstead Hospital spread Ebola via the air to a single NHS worker by random chance, who hopped on the Tube to get home with millions of other people, some of which are on their way to Heathrow Airport and ports unknown?
  • The reason the BBC conspired to hide evidence of paedophilic entertainers is because they recruit victims with their casting for children’s programming?
  • There was a single vaccine for every disease in existence, but it killed 10% of its users horribly? Would the Government fund its use or make it compulsory for the Public Health?
  • When the inflation rates rise, millions are made homeless and Jew-owned banks repossessing were blamed in a conspiracy?
  • A single London borough declared and enacted Sharia Law? Would it be a separate state? A declaration of civil war? What if it were voted in democratically by immigrant voters? What if it began expanding?
  • Sex education in state schools begin running more practical lessons?
  • Public sector workers destroyed the robots who replaced their jobs, including ambulance workers?
  • The NHS hospitals ground to a sudden halt in London due to decades of embezzlement?
  • The London Riots started up again, targeting native Brits for ‘racism’?
  • Tasty food was banned thanks to the Nanny State, and bland food the only option? Non-alcoholic beer/wine?
  • Food prices sharply spiked and many in urban areas were starving?
  • Negotiation failures with energy suppliers cause rolling blackouts across the country, during a cold winter?
  • The coal runs out?
  • In 10 years, there were two parties: the Islamic Party of Great Britain and some further-right version of UKIP? The former kept winning by vote-rigging?
  • Demographic changes turning London minority-majority call for permanent reparations from the rest of the country?
  • Prisons move underground to save space, or out into the sea?
  • Human Rights were completely abolished?
  • Freedom of Association were outlawed as prejudice?
  • The European Union orders euthanasia of all those above a certain age and below a certain health level, because they are a drain on the environment?
  • The private sector was taxed at 99%?
  • A new form of multiculturalism arises, where the country is divided by culture, instead of borough, each with its own customs?
  • There were no borders?
  • Our official language becomes Arabic?
  • Every second citizen is placed on benefits paid for by the other half and Labour wins every election hence?
  • Marriage is banned as a symbol of patriarchy?
  • The Monarchy is abolished and we gain a Presidency?
  • Votes are counted by computer?
  • ID cards are embedded in our hands at birth/infancy as proof of citizenship?
  • Parenting is deemed too important to leave to the natural birth parents, and The State demands to raise all children until the age of 18, released on good behaviour?
  • The next PM was a black, Muslim lesbian who listens to Dubstep and shoots puppies?

And finally,

  • We run out of tea.

Must be off, going on a tea run.

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