Germany bringing back segregation (on trains)

Other Western European countries are in talks.

remember this when we're beyond all hope

This is actually a good idea. The sexes are different and women don’t wanna be groped. Contrary to what these guys say, we don’t want their attentions and the new arrivals think of the Tube as a free-for-all frottage buffet where we can’t escape.

The better thing is class division, but on a larger scale, going down to 3rd class. Upper class men don’t act like brutes.

London Underground sick of unions, will replace socialists with driverless trains

If they don’t take sick days, that’s already a huge saving.


If robots can replace you, stop bitching about having better conditions than the private sector as if you’re hard done by.

from London Evening Standard.

Transport chiefs today announced plans for a £16bn overhaul of some of the Tube’s most neglected lines, including a fleet of 250 “driverless” trains.

Unveiling the new-look Tube, they said it would be phased in from 2022, with passengers benefiting from air-conditioning and walk-through carriages for the first time on the “deep-level” lines, as well as wider doors to load more passengers and step-free access.

Capitalism. If you’ve been outcompeted by a Chinese motherboard, you should be embarrassed.

The £16bn contract includes enhanced signalling which will increase capacity 60 per cent on the Piccadilly Line, taking it to up to 19,000 passengers  per hour, and by at least 25 per cent on other lines.

A driver’s cab will be incorporated into the initial roll-out but the train design makes it possible for these to be removed, creating London’s first driverless Tube train, though probably not until 2030.

A Tube strike was recently cancelled shortly before this development was publicly announced.