No-sperm spaces

Freedom of association means the right to exclusion. This includes social isolation and bodily rejection.

They don’t want dick. Not just your dick, ANY dick. Even the greatest dick of all time. No.

You are not entitled to the sexual attention of ‘pristine’ women, as if their sexual intercourse with other women magically doesn’t count as a real sexual relationship. How insulting, that some of them clearly think this. The larpy types. Even if you got all the surgery, they still have a right to refuse you. In the strongest patriarchies, women could veto a husband prospect, women could and did reject men. The entitlement can be obscene, I’m so glad I don’t have to go to these places. It’s like men preying on women by going to gay bars, since there’s less male competition. This is creepy. These predators really think of lesbian women as virgins, they have a perverse virgin fetish. As if lesbians are purer, despite many of the same health outcomes as the homosexual men. It’s deviant to project your fantasies onto a whole group of people who owe you nothing. They don’t live to validate you.

The rule is no sperm, they do not like semen. It’s very simple. That is their one thing. They have a right to their thing. Like some men never date blondes. That’s their thing. As long as it isn’t self-loathing and/or hypocritical, standards are allowed.

There was a tranny nutjob who almost murdered a bunch of people in a ‘gas station’ in America, carrying in an axe. They got off on almost no charges, because they blamed mental health issues. That doesn’t absolve you of any responsibility for criminal actions or prisons would be empty. Psychopaths are mentally ill too, they still get the death penalty (even in the Bible). Women are already most likely to be murdered by a man, hiding behind muh mental illness is bullshit. So you have all the threat of a man, all of the danger, layered with frilly deceit and a pre-packaged legal defence? I don’t blame them for running. It’s like the tranny in this country who showed up to all-girl schools and they’d normally arrest the pedo, except he was wearing a dress when ‘offering’ to talk to little kids about tampons.

There is no excuse for predatory behaviour. NONE.

Treat them in asylums again. This is why we had them.

It isn’t hatred, discrimination is necessary for tactful self-defence including that most feminine of passive behaviours, avoidance. This is why men who constantly seek women out, even in the street, are creepy. A doctor discriminates between a health person and a sick one. A modelling agency is supposed to discriminate beauty from ugly (supposed to). So lesbians deciding who they feel safe around physically is their duty, since it’s their duty and to hell with anyone trying to take that basic human agency away. Individual discrimination is vital for life. Systemic discrimination, including so-called positive discrimination where they have to hire certain people and keep them on, is evil. Systems are not people, they don’t have feelings. Individuals are exposed to threats in life, some more obvious over others.

The softball version of this is the man who pretends to be the Really Nice Guy, now a toxic trope thanks to all the gamma males doing it. I guarantee you, these larper lesbians are gamma men. Society used to mould them, now it encourages their depravity and points to women, saying why didn’t we stop it? How? We’re not his keeper. He is not a baby. He’s a manchild. Men are meant to police one another, women lack the physical strength or might to do so. Only men can punish other men, but the weak ones, the evil sick ones, are sticking up for one another loudly and crowding out the voices who want standards, who are castigated as ‘mean’ or hilariously, simp. What about simping for creeps of your own sex? How is reaping what you sow mean? What about the meanness of their own sowing? As if we’re cruel for expecting an eye for an eye. They hate justice. They seek revenge, as if it’s the same when sexual selection is a norm, it’s a right, it’s justified to reject them. Some modern men have zero appealing traits whatsoever, I’ve met them. They were horrified women didn’t comply like in porn. They expected porn whore compliance (das acting, son) from regular, real women. It’s insane. It’s like jumping off a building expecting to fly because you saw a superhero film do it. Gammas resent rejection, praise brooding and bitching, and will destroy other men and women, with bad advice or darker means, ‘taking down a peg’ to do so. Tall poppy syndrome across the sexual landscape. Like old men telling young men to be whiney nags and bitch at women for MRA type inequalities, from skewed cherrypicked data. Shrewish men trying to be suitors. The old men think if the young men are bitter enough, young women must turn to them, as ‘mature’ and stable and seemingly cooler. It’s all a con. They’re being conned too by older gammas and they don’t even see it because they’re young enough to be naive. By the way, here is a PC Boomer stating the obvious:

There are fish that act like this, it’s called the sneaky fucker strategy.

In humans, women are utterly disgusted by the gamma, because he has delusions of being an alpha or lately sigma. Nobody likes them, not a sigma. At least a beta is reliable, honest, loyal, hard-working and productive. Gammas can’t do any of that, they’re useless. The omega knows this and minds his own business, he doesn’t arrogantly wade in on the affairs of others but you see these male channels where it’s called some pretentious bollocks like Suave Strong Alpha Man and women cringe because if you have to self-describe it’s because no one else will. Or the guys with vampire anime avatars daring to judge the life choices of Jerry Springer candidates when at least those people try. Somebody loves them. All they have is a circlejerk of schadenfreude. The imagined future misery of women or girls. The You’ll Be Sorrys.

They’re not. They’d rather die alone than end up with a male so broken.

You’ll die alone – everyone dies alone? As opposed to…?
But the Pettibone types pander to it, practically smearing them with the digital equivalent of pussy juice. That’s a pick-me. Seeking approval from other men is a form of cuckoldry. They’re scared to disagree with the gamma delusions of supremacy because they are the most ardent fans, the stans, the biggest simps.

You never see genuine conversation from them. Most aren’t stupid. Like the women of porn they act, but only with their feelings. It’s a feelings hooker, validating strange men over the internet and never daring to express any autonomy of thought. Train track brain. They want to seem vapid so the gamma projects onto them and naively believes she actually likes him, really approves of the man he is. He isn’t a man. They console absolute losers, there is no mental challenge or behavioural standard. That’s why so many men are weak. Like a toxic mother who tells her fat son ‘just be yourself’. That’s good advice, but not THIS time! Women know. She knows get yo ass down that gym. But they’d rather waste the guy’s time and life with lies because they get donations being Fox News anchor girl with too much make-up talking up modesty like the painted whores of the Muslim teen demo. Both use porn make-up. Playboy bunny.

Remember, traps are gay but they’re also rape. If you’re defrauded over what you consent to, it wasn’t freely given fully informed consent. Consent is a medical decision. Like they can’t ask you to consent to a procedure without telling you step by step what will happen. That is needed for consent.

Rape by fraud has always been a crime, like lying about a dowry is fraud too. The body is still something with privileged access, this isn’t the CCP night surgeon where they can snatch up organs. Anyone who rejects this, rejects the notion that consent needs to be accurately informed. Truth is objective. Don’t lie. If you’re really so impressive, women can discern that for themselves. Women find gammas so repulsive because they think they’re smarter than us. Women are subtle with our intellect, SUBTLE. What low IQ men call crazy is just logic they cannot comprehend, usually. If every woman is crazy, the problem isn’t them. The average IQ of women is higher but this difference is bigger in the gamma, a male low in genetic fitness, who ‘confuses’ technical expertise (yes, fine) and padded finances (ew) with general competence. Women have more verbal areas to the brain, we can spot their lies even as they’re making them. We have to be polite and wait until their sentence is over, if they even let us speak and let us leave. The most naive women and girls reject them from a gut feeling of disgust, deeply evolved, so they’re called ‘stupid whores’. That’s the biggest tell among women who’d have been an abusive husband or lover. We dodged a bullet, we’re relieved to have that creep case confirmed. A man who is so feeble he cannot handle rejection is no man. Women handle rejection too, we just don’t base our whole identity and life around it, that’s impractical and silly. Stupid whore is a funny way to ‘jab’ at women by trying to readjust the power dynamic. It doesn’t work, like negging only works on other low IQ cases because in doing so, you’re admitting they’re above you. You feel threatened by them. Gammas feel intimidated by everyone and also lie to other men. I see stories from ‘men’ clearly made up for approval on boards. Whores is projecting their own shameful desires onto the sexual object and stupid because as projection that’s how they feel being spotted for what they truly are. Unworthy.

Women are not your mother. They don’t owe you validation. Seeking it via women is sick. Seeking it via other men is homoerotic. Stop seeking it outside. Just self-improve without thinking about bros and girls. But the gamma is vindictive and cruel, they only improve to make others feel inferior. It’s revenge for a wrong that never happened. People assessing you accurately is not evil. It’s perception. You forced them to comment by placing them in that situation. That’s why they hate women. They gave women power over them and shrieked when it was placed back into their hands. We don’t want responsibility for a manchild. Go clean your own shit. Victim mentality is bigger in men than women. The ‘oh my ex cheated on me even though we were never married, you need to heal my broken soul’ shit is so tumblr 2014. Get thee to therapy, dude. They see women as the solution (fairy godmother) and when that’s impossible, the problem. The menace! Women don’t cause all your problems, just avoid all conversations about women for a month. They couldn’t even go a week, they need a scapegoat for their misery. Self-imposed misery. That makes them weak and women despise weakness. Impulse control is the most masculine thing going.

Women would still leave babies out in the forest if men allowed it.
Those laws don’t exist for women. Logically. It’s because the gammas making the law know they’d have zero genetic future, whether they trick a woman into marriage via social predation and have a baby that way or just rape some girl and cry consent later, forensic facts be damned. You cannot prove a negative, and rapists know this. Pure r knows this. The victim blame is another manifestation of their mental damage. Women know they can’t fight it, the pig in mud enjoys the attention, just run. Women never flake a man of higher rank. Never ever. Flaking is a cope because she saw through bravado to the bitter profligate bitch beneath. The problem isn’t the mask. It’s you under it.

The sneaky strategy is rape, of different degrees, whether it involves drugging or something with more plausible deniability. It complies with sexual selection theory because it plays along with competition and fitness signalling. It pays lip service. They exist and ‘play’ within that system. They cheat. There is no current mechanism to punish them. The Boomer stoners designed this, being gammas themselves. They wanted sexual access to top women, usually senseless on drugs. You cannot consent under those conditions. It’s like sleep-talking. I’ve seen obvious gammas who didn’t know they were rapists, because they didn’t care if the woman was drunk or drugged. Like a boy, they pretended not to understand the rules, gammas play dumb a lot. It’s annoying because they are dumb. They pretended not to know if women were interested, like you needed Eagle Vision in Assassin’s Creed. No, use your words. Ask them. The gammas know this doesn’t ‘work’ and they want sexual access to the woman, even knowing she’d be disgusted. That’s a rapist, whether they act on it or not. Like a pedo asking a child to sit in their lap. When the kid says no or nothing, stop asking. They owe you nothing. It’s weird. Gammas try to over-ride a no into a yes. No normal man is paranoid over rape accusations unless there’s a track record of years of history with women. Hence gammas hate it when women compare notes about them. Their tricks are exposed. Like ‘what do you bring to the table’? He invited her. He already knows. It insults our innate social intelligence, they don’t win any power back. They lose it. He’s playing dumb but comes off as a retarded toddler. At best it’s rude and pointless. It’s like inviting someone for a job interview and saying why are you here? They’re mentally planning to leave (like a hostile workplace environment) but women will wait politely to find an excuse, to appease the crazy. He’s more likely to attack her if she suddenly tries to leave. Women know this. “Where do you think you’re going” is a threat. “You can’t leave” is a threat. “Hey, what about- red herring thing, you have to-” is a threat. The date is over long before she leaves, in her mind. Gammas are too dumb to know this. They think it was a smart question where they ‘owned’ her like others on the same forums, forever alone. She was disgusted, not stunned by intellectual brilliance. Women aren’t bowled over by their non-existent emotional intelligence. They study to trick women longer than for degrees. That’s pathetic. But proves women are not stupid. It’s established a tone of immaturity. Any woman who previously respected him loses it. Like a dickhead boss who’s mean at interview. “Just joking” no you’re not. You’re seeing what we’ll put up with. We’re not your mother.

Do trannies have copper toxicity?

(gammas too)

More estrogen (inc xenoestrogen) is stored in the body, along with a build-up of copper. These can produce psychiatric symptoms.
Maybe this is our version of Rome’s lead problem.
So glad I never touched those hormonal things.

Here is a short list of psychiatric symptoms and traits associated with copper overload:

Hyperactivity, academic underachievement, learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, skin sensitivity to tags in shirts or rough fabrics, intolerance to estrogen and birth control pills, onset during puberty, pregnancy or menopause, white spots on fingernails, skin intolerance to cheap metals, emotional meltdowns and frequent anger, ringing in ears, sensitivity to food dyes and shellfish, high anxiety, depression, poor immune function, sleep problems, poor concentration and focus, low dopamine activity, and elevated activity of norepinephrine and adrenaline.

“I have anxiety” sure Dave

Other medical conditions associated with copper overload include acne, allergies, Candida overgrowth, hypothyroidism, anemia, hair loss, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, migraines and male infertility.

Fatigue, hair loss, MALE infertility.

It can do this to a female body, imagine what it does to the male?

I’d sue, if I were them. The consent was uninformed.

The reason that copper is linked with such a long and varied list of conditions is that it is absolutely essential to the proper functioning of the immune system, the endocrine system, and the nervous system.

Copper is important for regulating the synthesis of neurotransmitters that mediate psychiatric symptoms. It is a co-factor in the chemical reaction that converts dopamine to norepinephrine. When copper levels are high, more norepinephrine and epinephrine (adrenaline) are synthesized from dopamine, which can causes feelings of agitation, anxiety and panic, overstimulation, racing thoughts, restlessness, and insomnia. In other words, it has an amphetamine-like effect, revving the nervous system into a state of overdrive. Consider that copper is often used in electrical wires because it conducts electricity well, and likewise increases nerve transmission, which is an electrical chemical process.

transduction, but ok

it’d be piss-easy to study, hair mineral analysis before meds, and after

Copper is also central to cellular energy production, and thus many patients with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue conditions related to mitochondrial dysfunction have disorders of copper metabolism.

it all fits!

Copper overload is particularly common in women.

not anymore they just don’t check men

Estrogen can cause copper retention and accumulation, which can eventually result in toxicity. Hormonal events such as menarche, pregnancy or menopause can trigger it. These days when a patient tells me about a history of postpartum depression, severe PMS, dysmenorrhea or adverse effects related to the prescription of oral contraceptives, I immediately suspect copper overload.

Copper promotes the formation of blood vessels (angiogenesis) and when copper levels are elevated, it can predispose an individual to endometriosis and fibroid tumors, as well as increase the blood supply to other types of tumors. Excess copper can accumulate in the liver and impair its capacity for detoxification, which can result in chemical sensitivities.

I wonder if carnivores can get that?

I know it’s used in make-up a lot, as a colourant too.

Copper is carried in the blood by a specific protein called ceruloplasmin. Some patients have low levels of ceruloplasmin and thus have a large percentage of unbound copper in their blood. Unbound copper causes oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress is characterized by the presence of free radicals which interact with molecules in the body, damaging various cell components such as DNA, protein and lipids, and giving rise to various disease states, including autoimmune disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, and cancers, to name a few.

so it’s like poison to men, is what I’m getting

There is commonly an inverse relationship between zinc and copper in the body. Often when a patient has elevated copper, the zinc level is low. Zinc is another mineral essential to cellular function, regulation of the immune system, wound healing, and synthesis of neurotransmitters. An important ingredient in the treatment of copper overload is supplementation with zinc. This must be done very slowly and carefully, because zinc mobilizes copper stores. During this process, a person can initially feel even more anxious and symptomatic. Anti-oxidants are also used in the treatment of copper toxicity, as well as the elements molybdenum and manganese, and amino acids which promote metallothionein production. Metallothionein is another protein which binds heavy metals in the blood, and which is important for regulation of zinc and copper metabolism. It’s important to find a trained practitioner to help you with this process. A good resource is the Practitioner’s Page of the Walsh Research Institute website.

Birth Control: Copper Toxicity & Estrogen Excess

Copper toxicity is a hidden epidemic. Birth control pills and copper IUD’s contribute to excess copper in the body. For thousands of years, copper has been known to be anti-microbial in nature. Copper IUD’s work by releasing small but significant amounts of copper into the uterus. Copper immobilizes sperm as it travels to the fallopian tubes. This copper can and will enter into the blood causing all sorts of problems.

Birth control pills also tend to raise copper levels in the body. High levels of copper destroys vitamin C in the body, can deplete zinc levels, can lower iron, can cause an unusual rise in Vitamin A, and can aggravate B-vitamin metabolism. Birth control pills contain estrogen and progestin, and these powerful hormones in birth control pills turn off a woman’s ovulatory cycle. Estrogen and copper are succinctly related. Copper tends to raise estrogen in the body, and estrogen tends to cause copper to rise. Both copper and estrogen tend to feed one another.

and they give these to MINORS

but smarties have too much sugar.

There are long term consequences of both copper toxicity and excess estrogen. High levels of copper can cause numerous symptoms ranging from migraines, to PMS, chronic fatigue and allergic reactions. Copper is used in the body to produce ceruloplasmin, the major copper carrying protein, which is involved in iron utilization and the formation of hemoglobin.

Excess levels of ceruloplasmin is found among those with OCD, Schizophrenia, Angina, Alzheimer’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lymphoma.

Dangers Associated with Estrogen
Copper raises estrogen and vice versa. Estrogen is touted as a therapy for numerous medical conditions such as Osteoporosis, but this mass media hype fails to identify that estrogen is stress-promoting on bones and is age-promoting. Numerous studies have shown that estrogen can produce prolactin and that prolactin can cause osteoporosis.

In short, high estrogen and low progesterone increases bone loss. Osteoarthritis is associated with excess estrogen. It is true that estrogen can cause retention of calcium. But it is now known that high levels of calcium does very little to prevent or improve symptoms of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is not bone loss, but rather the breakdown of the collagen matrix that holds bone together, a degenerative and catabolic condition which consists of deficiencies of minerals such as boron, magnesium and phosphorous. Only if the miracle estrogen or calcium was the answer to this and other degenerative diseases. They are promoted as such but all that calcium will just end up in the toilet, and all that estrogen will displace other hormones and nutrients, causing further complications.

soil fertility issue

Could also give them cancer

Comic: Transplaining

The funny part is that they make up catcalling stories for attention.

When they’re totally honest. Do the she-males wanna ‘date’ one another, or is it another guy with a lesbian fetish who feels entitled to pussy?

That’s the reason, that’s the trigger.

Point out medical data, nobody listens, nobody cares.

Make a joke about entitled lesbian rapists, everybody loses their minds.

It’s just. Too. Easy.

Their suicide rate is so high because it turns out, lesbians aren’t so easy to trick.

The transphobia of cannibal stories


I’m not even surprised any more.

What are you people on?

And didn’t the cannibal of the Hannibal books end up snagging the detective bird anyway? And making her a cannibal? Did they run away together or am I mis-remembering?

A heartwarming tale of gaslighting, murder and cannibalism indoctrination.

Obviously Hollywood had to adapt the series.

Ed Gein and Gary Heidnik were real. With womb transplants, expect a lot of women to go missing or have organs robbed.

Freudian issues and autogynephilia go hand in hand.

Owning Ed Gein

Just a Boy and his Mother: Ed Gein

You have to be pretty special to get a mention in American Psycho.

Like the gay propaganda about how happy (not suicidal and diseased) they are, there’s tranny propaganda encouraging women to trust them. Despite crime stories against women.

At best, the normalisation with musical numbers is the sneaky fucker strategy. At worst, they’ll rape you like the female prison psycho or by their forum activity, wanna steal your womb.

We look at them with increasing skepticism, especially as they go after children.

You can fake all the flamboyancy you want, your “femininity with a penis” will never out-weigh the kind of feminine real women have. Interesting to note which is shamed and which celebrated. They actually think they can best women, at being women. The gay guys tried to do it with mannerisms and appearance, rather than butchery of anatomy and nabbing model contracts.

Tranny sex offender tried sneaking into school

Repeat Sexual Offender Arrested After Dressing Like Woman to Sneak Into School: Geoffrey Kelley

Ballygawley, County Tyrone, UK – A man convicted of three previous sexual offenses has been arrested after he was accused of donning a wig and women’s clothing to enter a local school.

Police accuse Geoffrey Rainey Kelly, aged 35, of putting on a white skirt, pink jacket, pearl necklace and blonde wig, and gaining entry to St Ciaran’s College through a side door.

Not premeditated at all.

School staff say they caught Mr Kelley wandering the halls and attempting to turn the handle on various doors.

When confronted by staff, the man claimed to be searching for a particular third-year female pupil, and gave staff the name. Staff could not find a child listed with the name on the school register, and questioned him further.


And what if they had such a kid? Let that thing in a room with them?

Mr Kelly then stated that he was “just looking around.”

It would make sense if most misogynists (sexual predator kind) just pretended to be trannies to attack women in gym showers. It would make sense.

He left the school and drove away in a vehicle, and was later arrested by police at Ballygawley Park and Ride, still wearing the clothing described by St Ciaran’s staff.

Declaring Mr Kelley at high risk of re-offending and noncompliance with bail conditions, Judge Mark McGarrity denied him bail, noting that he had violated a Sexual Offences Prevention Order that bans him from coming within 20 meters of schools and other places frequented by minors under age 18.

like only minors should be protected?

Mr Kelly has prior convictions for sexual assaulting female individuals in 2016 and 2017, and a 2017 conviction for entering a clothing store and emerging from the changing room fully naked in front of a 16-year-old girl who was employed there.

Rehabilitation is impossible when they enjoy offending, literally.

The cure for pedophilia is lead.

also here

Sex offender caught wandering school dressed as woman

Also, library drag freak a convicted pedophile.

“Drag Queen Storytime” Reader at Houston Library a Convicted Paedophile: Albert Garza

Pedos don’t dress up like the big bad wolf anymore, but a hooker.

Predator’s paradise

Locked in a room with victims who cannot escape.

“White also had previous convictions for indecent assault, indecent exposure and gross indecency involving children, animal cruelty and dishonesty.

do we have police or what?

Prosecutor Chris Dunn described White as an “alleged transgender female” who has used her “transgender persona to put herself in contact with vulnerable persons” whom she could then abuse.

plotting legal defence

“The prosecution say that because there is smattering of evidence in this case that the defendants approach to transition has been less than committed,” he added.

Sentencing White to a minimum of eight years-and-a-half years in prison, the judge, Christopher Batty, said: “You are a predator and highly manipulative and in my view you are a danger. You represent a significant risk of serious harm to children, to women and to the general public.””

Should’ve been an asylum, like the other psychopaths.

Why not hanging? If someone’s a danger like that, why not?

Put sexual sadism in the DSM already.

Among the most violent of prisoners, including rapists, cross-dressing and fetishism represent a top hobby.

Really throws “muh gynocentrism” as a legal defense out of the window.

Scared of the word “vagina”


When various politicians avoided the word in a reproductive debate, that’s what they were called.

Men don’t get to define womanhood. “Front hole” is the cake hole, obviously.

They hate women because it’s competition for straight men. Really. They only pretend to be female to rape men. It’s the sneaky fucker strategy.

Literally their thought process.

“Will I be more successful getting straight men as a woman than I am at getting gay men as a man?” (The last decision has to be weighted by a particular transsexual’s degree of preference for straight versus gay men. Most vastly prefer straight men.)” Rapists.

Disgusting rapists.

Straight men don’t want them. NO MEANS NO.

Legal recognition as a “woman” is about coercion and rape, so men can’t object. I won’t stand for it.

They do everything they can to oppress women (we can’t say vagina, really eunuch?) and if they had their way, they’d just kill us all as sexual competition, it’s insanity. You’ll see.

The violence is the reason they want to be “women”, actually female-passing, they think, sociopathically, it’ll be easier to get away with legally. They’re testing the woman-bashing theories of MRA’s perverse interpretation of gynocentrism and every time, it fails.

e.g. expect to see more of this, tranny rage. Testing the law.

When they aren’t above the law, cue crocodile tears and the incredible sulk.
They aren’t in another state or anything, they’re actually aroused by the thought of violence. They’re more present.
Medically, reducing your testosterone levels would make you less violent (there are studies), so you’re doubly responsible 1. for doing it, nutjob and 2. for blaming women’s hormones (sexist) and lying in court (perjury).

Remember Ed Gein.

Cross-dressing is a trait of serial killers and has been studied as a top fetish in prison populations.
They get angry (and the threats are all translated “you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”) because when you spot a predator (mask drop), it attacks! [This is what real women put up with, with creepy straights. Exactly this, the intimidation, coercion and “the creeps” survival instinct.] They’ll also target young (underage) men/boys because, like most sexual predators, they take advantage of the benefit of the doubt (trust), how society enables them with myths and social inexperience. Men must discuss how to avoid predators themselves, the time is now. Learn about freeze responses and ways to escape such a situation. There’s widespread grooming of adults and minors to accept the behaviour as “good” and “fun” whatever their personal objection (conscience).

Intimidation – you aren’t allowed to find me sexually repulsive gaslighting (I’ve written before that if you aren’t allowed to be sexually repulsed, you aren’t free).

Coercion – scared you might like it? It doesn’t count as gay…

I mentioned a study I could scrape up before.

You aren’t allowed to study these anymore.

Paraphilias deserve no legal protected status, look at these!

-Gender games

It’s a phase caused to numb the pain of an unhappy time in a person’s life, like SJWism or MGTOW.

Transgender: it isn’t you, it’s your anatomy. (logically, still you)
SJW: it isn’t you, it’s white people. (so no, they aren’t feminists, race>sex or male examples wouldn’t exist)
MGTOW: it isn’t you, it’s women. (usually white women, so cucks)

When the time passes, it disappears like a goth phase. Otherwise, Hulk rage.

Last month a new chapter was opened in the debate on childhood desistance with the publication of a new article in the International Journal of Transgenderism by a group of transgender-affirming activists and clinicians headed by Julia Temple Newhook. Desistance is when children who are diagnosed as gender dysphoric by medical practitioners go on to accept their bodies and do not end up identifying as transgender once they have passed through puberty. The article questions the exceedingly high rates of desistance reported by previous studies.

Kenneth Zucker’s rebuttal, “The myth of persistence,” is a brilliant riposte. Zucker, a psychologist and clinical lead from 1981 to 2015 at the Child Youth and Family Gender Identity Clinic (GIC), Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), is an internationally renowned specialist in the field of gender dysphoria and gender-identity development as well as the editor of the journal  Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Just pointing out it’s a mental illness will get you arrested here.

Are anorexics fat too? Must I be forced to agree publicly? (dysphoria has many forms)

What about class dysphoria? Must I treat a poor man like a rich man?

This has been about revoking your right to “treat as you find” and express disapproval.

The American Psychiatric Association named Zucker to be the head of the Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders group in 2008 for the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, also known as the  DSM-5, and he is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health  (WPATH). In short, Zucker is a professionally trained psychologist with a profound expertise in gender dysphoria and the intricacies involved with childhood gender identity disorder (GID) diagnosis (which was reclassified as Gender Dysphoria under the DSM-5).  …

Trans activists spearheaded a successful campaign to have Zucker terminated following what Jesse Singal refers to as a “show trial.”

SJWs Always Lie.

Turkeys for Christmas.

It goes to show the depth of their illness, when if you don’t mutilate and harm their group, they’ll punish you.

To reconcile the cognitive dissonance (e.g. cosmetic surgery won’t change a misdiagnosed personality disorder) they force others to make the same mistake out of spite, in a classic sunk cost fallacy.

Typically, if someone wants a ton of cosmetic surgery and a complete physical overhaul, you’d be looking at NPD, BPD and possibly ASPD if they want to look “sexier” (to be a better predator). It’s like changing the cover on a lamp, it doesn’t really matter. In a personality disorder, they will never, ever admit this. Because there’s no bulb.

They want to know they’re worth spending the money on for surgery. Narcissistic, seeking external validation. Covert narcissism can present as constant victimhood and helplessness (a manipulation tactic). The money as a lump sum would work on this group because they’d suddenly “change their mind” and not want surgery.

OR that they can manipulate the clinicians to get what they want, sociopathic. So they’d push for brain surgery if it were the most prestigious treatment option.

OR they think it would actually help, having no stable identity to show, borderline (halfway between neurotic and psychotic). Then they actually have a reason to commit self-murder because they chopped off and “killed” parts of their anatomy already and there’s no going back. Even if you could magically get a POP! new body, you’d need to do years of brutal psychological hard work (adolescence) developing a real personality. No shortcuts.

Painting a door won’t change the house location.

I would hypothesize that when more follow-up data of children who socially transition prior to puberty become available, the persistence rate will be extremely high. This is not a value judgment—it is simply an empirical prediction . . . parents who support, implement, or encourage a gender social transition (and clinicians who recommend one) are implementing a psychosocial treatment that will increase the odds of long-term persistence.  

Allow the parents to push it on condition that, as an adult, their child can sue them for barbaric sexual mutilation if they’re wrong and using them for attention (abuse!)…

The pills affect brain development so it’d be quite a lawsuit.

Taking the “desistance myth” and inverting it perfectly, Zucker shows how the Temple Newhook commentary speaks against desistance by pushing social transition:

Temple Newhook et al. (2018) go on to state that “It is important to acknowledge that discouraging social transition [with reference to the Dutch team’s putative therapeutic approach] is itself an intervention with the potential to impact research findings . . .” Fair enough. But Temple Newhook et al. (2018) curiously suppress the inverse: encouraging social transition is itself an intervention with the potential to impact findings. I find this omission astonishing.

Translation: liar liar pants on fire