Video: Transgenderism and cultural decline


Sign me up for your feminism, plz. Plz lady.

Broad strokes, bold and true.

Except they’re throwing out the old books for ‘digitization’ or barring them from students to access because the books are so old, honest faculty gets fired and you can’t even express those opinions online to your ‘friends’ without some monstering mob. They screencap and dox, privacy settings do nothing.

Thought Prison covered the academic rise of PC. You need to understand how we got here to fix it.

Academia is now the politician’s bitch, saying whatever they need to keep the loans fraud going.
Passing various equality legislation isn’t technically credible, justice is meant to be blind and freedom of thought, expression and association prevail.

Critical theory discourages women from contributing to the culture. Art or other expression = evil.

You wonder why I don’t tell you what to think on this blog? Everyone else does.
Think I’m right, think I’m wrong, whatever. That’s why I’m anon, it doesn’t affect me and you can consider the merit of the ideas presented without that appeal to personality or title.

Ah, have I revealed my power level in the past week by being smarter than usual?

Link: The Trans- Sociopath Overlap
For the broader group, personality disorder (1+) would be highly effective.
If they mutilate you, if they torment you – you can’t leave them. Nobody else would have you, as gaslighters put it.
That’s the common reason behind borderlines – being borderlines. They want to damage and depress those around them, to weaken them from leaving.
The nymphomania is pretty indicative of classic psychopathy.
You can tell by someone’s personal life alone whether they’re crazy. Elsewhere, people hide.

Same goes for the ‘gay’ domestic abuse rates, and drug use.
Classic psycho traits. High time preference.
Also, wouldn’t it be a typical narcissist to name themselves ‘happy’?

“As healthcare officials will attest, the biggest problem with mental illness, is the mentally ill don’t think they’re mentally ill and refuse treatment. As long as they can pass an examination that states they aren’t a threat to themselves or society, and aren’t sociopaths gaming the system, then give them their desired “X” for gender on their driver’s license (and if Target wants to spend $20 million to build gender neutral bathrooms in all their stores, that’s their decision, but considering their stock has dropped 25% since the announcement, and during a record high bull market at that, their PR stunt speaks for itself).”
They are all listed in the DSM. It’s literally a disease.
They are also coded in the ICD, which Americans forget about but we have that in Europe.
The D stands for Disease. It is literally correct to say they have a disease.

Narcissists are typified by a rage at happiness.
Naturally, they love any excuse to play victim.
This makes them look good and the good person look bad.

You might call that crazy. Well… yeah. That’s the point.
They’re the human equivalent of an infection. Emotional contagion is a weapon.

They’ll turn up at someone’s birthday party knowing they aren’t welcome.

You could say etiquette exists to isolate them.

In general, those with personality disorders resent the normal, want to destroy and replace the norm, to steal its power for themselves. They can’t run a piss-up in a brewery though, but they can inflict plenty of damage as they take society down with them.

Most have been diagnosed with at least ‘depression’ (*a false effect produced by the low when someone thwarts their precious way or doesn’t allow themselves to be abused) but tend to have rage issues and psychotic symptoms. Some depressive meds are also used as anti-psychotics.

*A depressed person would never use it as emotional blackmail.
An abuser would.

Video: Trannies that trick men by non-disclosure

It meets the legal standard of rape, especially the fraudulent aspect of it. Sex is still considered biological so to pass yourself off as another thing is like a socially lesser form of breach of promise or false light. Generally it’s a really shitty thing to do. It’s fundamental to the person’s history, their current identity and the attraction, including the natural questions e.g. making babies that arise.

‘Tricking’ is too kind a word. It’s deceptive. I linked to a book here Red Queen or something I think, and many transgender/transsexual types wanted the surgery to deceive heterosexual men. They didn’t even want a bisexual man to take care of them, they wanted to poach a straight and live a fairytale princess life.

Update: this

Any straight woman would laugh at that, but it’s a really sad motivation when you think about it.
Especially when you consider that motherhood is integral to that picture.

It’s rape if the person believes you’re someone you are not.
Where this ties into seduction law is unclear.

Claiming ‘phobia’ is ridiculous. Someone is allowed not to fancy you.

Consent magically flies out the window if it’s a hetero man?

The classic example is if you’re married to one identical twin and consent to the other, not knowing it’s the other – still rape. Keeping someone in the dark is terrible for dating anyway, mention it on the first date as a heavy filter because living a lie whatever you are simply isn’t worth it. Why would you want to deny who you were? Isn’t that a major red flag for psychosis? It’s almost counterphobic to suppress like that.

Quite a few Asian LBFMs are actually, biologically men.

As for a whole tag called He Didn’t Know I Was Trans

It’s despicable, and makes them all look awful. Do guys really need to cheek swab you on the first date?

How can you have love without trust?

You can’t claim victim status when you’re the criminal.
The law will side against anyone who behaves like that. As it should.

You don’t get to avoid an uncomfortable conversation to get sex. Although it is a very male thing to do.

the r in Refugees Welcome signs + funnies

Look at the facial expression in the Bible quote. That’s an atheist going to Hell for blasphemy.

Spliced with photo of actual ‘refugees’. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Hopefully the Manchester attack, nail-bombing little girls has redpilled these feminists.
Somehow I doubt it. This is the one that started it all.

This one in particular triggers me, the way to kill it is with apathy: So?

So was Jack the Ripper, so was Hitler, so is Trump. Tired of whataboutism.

“they are us, we are them”


Meanwhile, actual refugees

Yeah, let’s not save these people waving round the white flag of Christendom.

Are they welcome in YOUR home? Why not?

JK Rowling has yet to take in any ‘refugees’ that someone offered to pay to fly to her homes!

She is irrelevant. Like…

Emma Watson hasn’t spent a night in the Calais camp alone, without security.

Locks are racist! No borders? No walls! Let’s all live in pagodas! 

Now a series of triggering memes and funnies.

It’s been a while. 120 funnies. Some repeats. A few serious.

about as real as her hair

Going by her Coco the Clown makeup, I think they do.

The People do not consent to open borders. The native people.

Everyone into Lord of the Rings.

All harassment is bad but sexual harassment is the worst.
It’s the First World, fucking act like it.
Recently, a German woman was beaten by a ‘migrant’, because she told him not to call her a bitch.

Tesla’s expression, my fucking sides.

He never said that but yes. Fitness is in adaptation.

Just like consciousness. You can’t touch it or test it. It’s unfalsifiable. It’s the scientific concept of spirit.
It isn’t scientific though.

Sexual orientation theory is BS. There’s only behaviour – which hole is your goal?

SJW’s playbook.

The alt-lite treats the J-word as their N.

And strange brown men on the street.

The temporary alliance of SJWs and Muslims is simple: the sexually entitled support the sexually entitled.
Also take down White Man but obviously, SJWs aren’t white or men, typically.

Comic: Look up the meaning of gender


Find a Dictionary of Psychology*.

Turn to the page containing ‘gender’.

Accept the fact it has nothing to do with sex.

Accept the fact that gender is entirely, 100% about the psychological* metric of continuum between the poles of masculinity and femininity. It is literally a spectrum. Plenty of feminine women wear trousers, doesn’t change shit.

Specialist terms have precise meanings.
You are wrong.

When you use such a term inaccurately, you are both ignorant and anti-science.

You mean something else? You use a different word.
That’s how language works.