Against the cult of travel and what everyone gets wrong about The Hobbit

I thought that was obvious but I suppose there are plenty of people who are technically literate but plot-deaf.
Holidays are the most expensive, temporary thing you can buy.
The cult of travel is capitalistic. It doesn’t improve you. Self-improvement is free or cheap.
Especially booze cruises, where you can’t even remember most of what you did. What is the point? It’s an excuse to charge summer mark-up prices like wedding prices. Because you have to.

“Travel isn’t just framed as a cure-all for what ails us, either, but as a goal around which to build the other elements of one’s life. Don’t have children, the thinking goes, because they’ll hinder your ability to travel. Work for yourself and create passive income, so you can jaunt off to exotic locales whenever you want.”

If you brag about travel, everybody thinks you’re a boor, because you imagine you need to hop on a plane to be fun.
Not to mention the painful ‘culture’ people, who lecture you that it’s pronounced chill-eh and barf-ss-eh-lona.
Eating weird food for a month doesn’t make you deep.
If you can’t be happy in one place, the problem isn’t the place, the problem is you.
If you constantly need a distraction of endless processions of stranger people, how empty is your sense of self?
The adventure of being a foreign alcoholic, the bravery of dancing to the same music in a different nightclub.
Truly Hemingway level shit, here, people.

Worthless gadabouts.

The Works/charity/do-gooder White Woman cuddling a dozen black kids people are easy to mock, but at least they tend to accomplish things, rather than passively enjoy a culture in the laziest way – the food, the gift shops and the main tourist sites. Bravo.

If your imagination is dead unless it’s under a slightly slanted sunset, that’s all on you, don’t blame home.

“Was Tolkien a hypocrite? Were his books merely a form of wish-fulfillment, a chance to live out in fantasy the kinds of things he was too timid to enact in his own life?”

One of the most insipid and pathetic responses to criticism you can ever give is ‘You’re just jealous’. 
Plenty of people could be like you. They choose not to, but instead of listening to the reason or, bonne chance, thinking of them yourselves, the ego shield comes up and blots out any chance at taking in the novel – erm, this is deeply ironic from the trendy traveler set.

The best travelers are Jews and Gypsies, you don’t see anyone looking up to them for it because it wasn’t a choice – they had to keep moving because people hated them. The most travel-based escapade was The Grand Tour, only taken to places of culture (no clubs, no bars), taken once (in the late teens, early twenties) and only by the gentry (which many trendies, being anti-class, would scoff at). The Grand Tour completed the education, like a practical finishing school, and never set foot in uncivilized places e.g. Asia, America, Africa. Never, this was a rule.

Edgy people are the worst (kek) as reactionary conformists.

“rite of passage from wisdom to ignorance and from bourgeois vice to heroic virtue.”
who does that sound like, the people of the cult of travel, or everybody else?
don’t fill the void with flyer miles, you can’t run from fate
to run from responsibility is the coward’s way out of anything, such people are national deserters
they are xenophiles who imagine anywhere else is utopic, too ignorant to see the truth

“his imagination did not need to be stimulated by unfamiliar landscapes and cultures”
there’s the truth of it
travel hobbyists are dead from the neck up
like a rattle to a baby
you travel to go somewhere, not to be someone
these people prove their imagination by— photographing what’s directly in front of them…

social proofing
it’s cancer

few men understand that bragging about work, car and especially holidays (trans. I’m good at running away from my problems) are bribes to stick around when the man himself is lacking in fundamentals
it seeks approval by pointing at trinkets, just as nauseating as the churlish woman with the baby book
that feeling when someone whips out the pictures of their children?
that’s the feeling when a man shows you a photo of sangria by a pool, that looks just like the one down the road
what you think is rare says a lot about your status in a way you cannot hide
standing in a stable doesn’t make you a horse
if you’re a cheap degenerate in America – guess what

teadrinking sipping pretentious sarcastic bitch mmhmm not my problem lol

“He who travels to be amused, or to get somewhat which he does not carry, travels away from himself, and grows old even in youth among old things.”
“Travelling is a fool’s paradise”

travel is good for the advanced soul, depraved for the average
best advice I can give – shared what you learnt, not what you did

“the man who’s bravely ventured across the globe may be frightened stiff of facing himself and grappling with the ordinary, while the man who’s snug at home has bravely faced up to exactly who he is and what his life has amounted to.”

rdj claps applause mhmm

on a totally unrelated note, it’s amazing how nice and patronizing foreigners are when you have a lot of disposable cash as a tourist
do you think they respect you?

or remember you a week from now?

Pretend you’re short on funds and see how quickly their heathen hospitality dries up.

Works well with friends and dates from the third to fifth onward.

White men especially fall for the Conqueror treatment. You can sell them anything in that docile victus state.

Did someone link me to Vox Day?

Or did he see I linked to him in Fashtastic Google Trends?

Does this not look familiar?

If he did see my post, it’s yet another count of a man not linking me or giving me credit.

And you wonder why there aren’t more Alt Right women.

Honest to Christ.

omg really wtf go away no audrey

The same damn day.

Not to mention the intellectual dishonesty of trending white genocide with SJW to support his point (confirmation bias). He published a book on SJWs, it’s no wonder the traffic would spike, for example. This is a confounding variable children and it’s bad science to infer similarity to variable A and C without B.
I used both variables but in proper, differing contexts.

Fashtastic Google Trends

I’m kidding to be edgy, of course. Some of these surprised me.


Gee, I wonder why the people who said The Manosphere is Dead (because they killed it) want in on the AR?
A sweet new internet sugar daddy to milk for Patreon shekels, like their idol Anita. Joke’s on you, the AR has no money.

If you wonder why the old manosphere ship-jumpers (self-aware r-types) are suddenly signalling so hard for their Youtube shill pleasure, this is why.


I don’t know what to remark on this one. They’d be better of, as fake Ks, doubling down on the manosphere stuff.


I’m sure that’s a coincidence.


Also, probably, a stonking coincidence.






They’ve self-replaced themselves and their oppression story. Is that sad or hilarious?


No comment.


Uncannily close for the past two years.


redpill vs fascist


So much for MGTOW relevance. The PUAs and MRAs are best off doubling down and sticking to what they know than signalling to such a small, quiet group.

Onto the Emma Watson ones for lolz, since she’s topical.


Yes, she has definitely raised some awareness.


Raised something.


I hope she’s sex-positive.


This was the last one. Hermione’s Patronus clocked more searches.

Don’t quit your day job, Emma. Oh wait, she did. 

this is awkward



And yet, this mixed race guy is saying the meme doesn’t work and hasn’t spread….

I’ve seen regular people fail to blink at the term, same with invaders.
It seems obvious, given recent headlines.
Note: I’m not saying he’s wrong per se, and we shouldn’t look for other memes too, but it’s a non-sequitur to say it’s been unsuccessful and should, he incorrectly deduces, be abandoned. It connotes death, and that’s what demographic decline is doing

What else do you want, an extinct species poster from 2025 with a white man, for offensive whiteness? A series of adverts you think is about pandas but then there’s some guy on a couch drinking a beer? A series of adverts from an SJW’s perspective along the immigrant rhetoric lines of We Want Them Out, with clips of insults – and it turns out to be about straight people?
(Go ahead if you want).

One more, let’s end on a hopeful note, shall we?

whitegenocide-not so cucked after all

Not so cucked, after all?

Once you take out the US skew, the uptick in the UK and Germany is astonishing.
But sure, trust the guy who keeps reminding us he’s mixed but white that the meme isn’t getting through because rhetoric never works on the average voter, right?