Link: Trigger murder

It would not be surprising if down the road, the triggers not only got less intense, but if rabbits began to demand immunity for violence like this, based on their being triggered… It would not be surprising if the rabbit warren would collectively begin to agree that one’s behavior once triggered was the fault of the triggerer, and not the triggered. Think about how we are halfway there now.

Ah, but they won’t. Fear of reprisals (which they are incapable of, since they have no ties to one another).

K-types are naturally adept at defending themselves, in small combat units, with a focus on loyalty and its flipside, revenge, and the street runs both ways.

All we have to do is be ‘triggered’ by their PC words, all of them, the very idea of it, which we are to some extent. We just deal with it like adults. They could probably get Breivik out of prison on that basis.

Note: a lot of mixed kids have mental problems. I’m not saying that was the cause in this case, but I’m pointing out the statistical fact a lot of them have psychiatric issues. He should not have been in a regular class.

Video: Anti-SJW sentiment rising, college censorship backlash

Yeah, they are.
They are laughing at that.

Excellent, outgroup the extreme r-types.

If you’re not on Twitter, or Tumblr, or the very liberal Universities, EVERYONE is laughing. Because everyone is tired of this shit.

Among probable (real) liberals even.
We need to redpill them hard on what their ‘fellows’ are actually doing.

It’s not that it’s annoying or funny, although it is funny because this shit is …just insane.

He unknowingly references the anti-logic Standpoint Theory at the end of the clip.

Trigger TV: Black Swede’s White Genocide Rap

Typical Leftist reaction.

I am horrified for once. You know that’s bad.

How is this person not arrested for hate speech and deported? Minimum.

h/t Morgoth

Triggers and tribulations

Welcome to 2015, the year that speaking and writing freely had to stop. Anything that might cause trauma to anyone of any race except the white one will be expunged, and the perpetrators of politically incorrect speech or written words will be airbrushed forever. “Trauma” derives from the Greek and means “wound.” The literary canon will be the first to bite the dust, as it’s one big trauma, especially for feminists….

…As our white male college professors told us, “The white man” is the “greatest trouble-maker on earth.” White male culture is Western culture and both are drenched in racism and sexism. The only hope for redemption is annihilation. Anything would be better. As social media nutbar Suey Park put it, “Whiteness will always be the enemy.” This narrative has been plowing forward like the train in Snowpiercer since the 1960s, but it appears 2014 was the year the wheels finally came off….

No scientist is safe from triggered SJWs

…But as a jerk columnist in the New York Times wrote, ‘Whites Just Don’t Get It’. Well, one white guy I know (I only met him once at a dinner) does get it, and he has just sold his Nobel Prize medal for $4.1 million, which he plans to give to charity in order to redeem himself for something he said back in 2007. James Watson, the co-discoverer of DNA, told the Sunday Times that he felt gloomy about Africa because ‘all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours, whereas all the testing says not really’. Well, the good Dr Watson has become a non-person these past seven years, the academy and the media turning their nose up at him. The time I sat next to him at an intimate dinner I found him to be a wonderful man, warm and obviously extremely intelligent, but he didn’t take my advice to tell the media to reproduce themselves as far as Africa was concerned….


The Jezebel raid by 4chan is tumblr’s fault

I have a position which allows me to connect the dots here.


The Social Justice Warrior princesses who decided to try and take on among the most hardcore perverts on the entire net just because they look at Johnlock erotic fanart featuring red pants found out what a real raid looks like. They tried to “raid” 4chan, a feat never accomplished, on the 4th July this year. #ShutDown4chan

Yes, I’m sure this horror prepares you for the likes of /b/

It didn’t end well because you cannot out-troll the troll masters.
Be ready to laugh – “How do I use a 4chan?”

Tumblrinas revealed a crucial, r-type weakness: ‘triggering’. Here’s a great video by Internet Aristocrat covering it

You do not step into a shark tank and begin cutting yourself. 

Now, that ‘triggering content’ could be blocked in text, it’s a feature of the site because these people hate everyone, including themselves, but images auto-load on tumblr!

The technique, posting goreporn, was honed on the popular tumblr tags, including SuperWhoLock for some reason, because 4chan has no taste, where it made the SJWP Tumblrinas fight back like the strong indep- avoid the website for days like the cowardly bunnies they are. ….Aaand go off and cry about it on Jezebel until the worst blew over.

I watch Tarantino, I thought it was a diehard Moriarty roleplayer at first.

This Jezebel thing is the aftermath – 

4chan followed them.

Ironically, 4chan users should migrate to tumblr too. It’s mostly porn and hipsters, some fandom. The SJWs are a strict minority and everyone hates them because they never stop complaining.

They’ll be back Nov. 14th

May I suggest they go for this complete prat? Sherlock is a high-functioning sociopath, watch the fucking show. (They’re saying it’s a bluff to lure 4chan now but it probably isn’t, the Sherlockians are well known for being nutty and revel in being literally insane, they’re covering their arse). Although I agree Who is terrible now. If it was indeed a joke for the non-crazy Tumblr users (we exist), bravo spread the message, might follow. But you should know better than to mess with the chan, so I doubt it’s fake.

I hope this ‘battle’ keeps up because the comedy posts are top-quality

Tumblr actually fell for it.