Autism meets astronomy in the chan’s latest daring attack on Shia’s sanity
I’m crying with joy and pride.
That is without a doubt one of the best trolls in the history of trolling.
The Hitler ones seem familiar to me. ~Pavlov’s bells ring in the distance~

Especially the Hitler quotes Taylor Swift one.

Milo crashes and burns himself

I was away. Still sort of away but I have a few posts stored.
I come back to such an odd turn of events, every time, don’t I?
There I was, travelling parts of Europe only to return to… this.


I could revise earlier predictions I made along these lines but you know where the search box is.
Is it terrible that I vaguely respect the fact he managed to troll himself?


“But then a recording emerged of Yiannopoulos cheerfully defending relationships between older men and younger boys, and finally it turned out that free speech had limits.”

The internet will ask: a Jewish thing or a gay thing?
I have often noted the paedophilia of ‘twink’ culture and basically every Jewish man you meet is at least bisexual. Never met a single exception.
It’s bizarre but I actually feel sorry for him. I think it’s the topic and his own doubtless truthful history. He wouldn’t lie about something like that. Women can tell.
Quite a waste to the cause of free speech, it’s easy for the media to twist things, as he has done himself.
Podcasts are a stupid idea, you’re doing your enemies’ job of recording yourself at leisure, it’s like filming yourself when drunk. I’ve been invited onto my fair share of podcasts thanks to this blog and always refused, the cult of celebrity is basically a trap-door if you strike a false tone.

“Understanding Yiannopoulos requires a version of Occam’s Razor: the most obvious answer is the correct one. What does he actually believe in? Nothing except his own brand and the monetisable notoriety that fuels it. That’s Milo’s Razor. Understanding how he got this far is more unnerving.”

I think the Gamergate luck ran out, he’s better off avoiding PR until this dies down and planning a comeback on something a little different. While I do think he’s a gross opportunist, I don’t necessarily disapprove of him for that per se. I have a distaste for the way he’s brandished about certain private details and those of others. As you can tell I am fastidious about my own privacy and those of similar stripe.
I wonder who doxed him. Someone must have passed this along. There are many possible candidates. I’d bet someone like Cernovich, to get the stage all to himself and his gorilla impression. It wouldn’t shock me if Juice Bro was the saboteur of the saboteurs. He fits the profile, needing money and acclaim, to a tee. Such people will stab their closest allies in the back first, knowing the threat is greatest there. He has the same reputation as Milo (see below) but he’s managed to keep it hidden, making him the greater threat of the two.
He wouldn’t have got away with his glibness this long if he weren’t a race-mixing Jewish homo, they don’t mention that. I hope this suitably humbles Milo and he comes back stronger for it. A better journalist and brain, with stronger ethics he keep pumping down our throats about.

‘In a vicious email, Yiannopoulos threatened to ruin her career and called her “a common prostitute”.’

Somehow I doubt it.

‘Many profile-writers have noted that his critics won’t speak on the record for fear of vendettas. Iain Martin, the Telegraph’s former comment editor, remembered “talk of him being someone who should not be crossed” and was shocked by the cruelty of his mob-like followers, which included rape threats and doxing.’

joker DC smile smirk evil grin lol haha

Hmmm. Careful who you threaten. Eventually he’ll smack someone in the biker bar who’s actually bigger than he is, they just didn’t look it.

“Young, handsome, charismatic and eloquent – the writer Laurie Penny called him “a charming devil and one of the worst people I know”

no Elon tho

““I didn’t like me very much and so I created this comedy character. And now they’ve converged.” Whenever he gets into trouble, he blames the character. On Monday, he attributed his justification of child abuse to his “usual blend of British sarcasm, provocation and gallows humour”. Last year, he flippantly told Bloomberg Business Week: “I’m totally autistic or sociopathic. I guess I’m both.””

NPD, raging. Anonymous Conservative should do a profile.
Sociopaths don’t claim any of the traits and autistics are trying to be helpful, they don’t wield sarcasm like a straight razor (so no, I’m not one either).

“The Southern Poverty Law Center calls him “the person who propelled the alt-right movement into the mainstream”.”

Do not want.


“Most people who are no-platformed or shamed on Twitter didn’t set out to inspire outrage, but outrage is Yiannopoulos’s lifeblood; without it, he is nothing.”

The projection is exquisite. I was actually sent this by an actor friend. They act in interviews too. Many aren’t political at all.
I’ve changed my mind again (woman’s prerogative and all that), I think we can use this to recapture him under our terms.
Stringent limits, discuss this, this and this but not that.
Everyone would win, since he is willing and able to debate on MSM TV.

“Penny wrote that she wouldn’t debate him in public, “because I know I’ll lose, because I care and he doesn’t – and that means he has already won”. If he is indeed a supervillain, then he’s Ben Kingsley’s character in Iron Man 3: a shallow, amoral actor who plays the bad guy for money.”

“How was this smirking void ever taken seriously? He had enablers… and every TV producer who booked him to say something outrageous while batting his eyelashes like Princess Diana.”

They ignore the public’s purpose with Trump, Milo et al. Professional provocateurs.
I disagree with what you say, but I’ll defend your right to say it. Classic liberalism.
But you know it isn’t a proper leftie triggerfest until Owen Jones wades in, looking about twelve.
I had to cancel my theatrical plans to catch up on all of this. It was too juicy to wait. C’est la vie.

My mates had a good cackle about this inevitability. It’s like he was trying to be a Nazi cosplayer fag (a totally different but faggier fag in the tradition of South Park) but also fighting them too, so when playing both sides eventually came back to bitch-slap him it’s like, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself.


your integrity isn’t high enough for this horsey ride
lurk moar, learn something

normie bitches with their South Park tier troll shit and ‘evil vagina’ Milo rags, meanwhile those of us with taste prefer a little xenosystems empire-building and Wonder Showzen






For those unfamiliar…

I want one smooth jazz solo about being fabulous and fashy.

The Guardian would need to run a 24hr helpline to deal with the triggering.

Video: Instagram make-up and drag beauty

Drag make-up is a costume. Even Duchess Katherine has been sporting Scouse (drag) eyebrows, very heavy like a Sharpie or permanent marker (often in black). What photographs well (2D) looks atrocious in person (3D).

There’s nothing wrong with makeup. Makup is largely medicinal nowadays (anti-aging, anti-pollution, SPF) as in, everybody should be wearing product on their faces. The first makeup was also medicinal to prevent sun damage etc as well, and Roman men used to wear mercury, merlot-tinted lipstick before women adopted it (same with heels from butchers, corsets to support the posture while wearing armour). Dandies made makeup seem feminine by associating it with the decandent (and, let’s be honest, poofy) French court*.

Briefly, let me explain the little-known female trolling.

Female trolling is commonly finding a girl with an ugly face (mostly bone structure) or bad makeup and clothes, telling her those things look ‘sexy/stunning/gorgeous’ and then watching her repeat them.

Most women don’t know this.

It’s the social media equivalent of So you agree? You think you’re really pretty?
Bear this in mind the next time you read ‘delusional’ girls of 4 (most 10-scale is neck-down sexual dimorphism) lowering herself to a 2 because she is gushing and accepting compliments like she’s an 8. Deep down, I think they know, because if you gently try to correct them, they shoot the messenger. They just want to be popular, they just want to make friends, and will sadly humiliate themselves dressing like a slapper to do it.

It’s like the pretty girls befriending one true uggo to make themselves look better in photos. Nowadays they befriend transgenders to look more feminine. Yes, it’s cruel and bitchy. Men do it too, they befriend one weaselly guy to look more attractive.

Eyebrows overdone detract from the other more subtle features of the face. Drag needs to be all ‘bold’, all strong, all oddly masculine with its cack-handed approach (men don’t have our gentle touch). They perceive beauty as porn stars. Like heterosexual men, they cannot perceive what specifically about a woman makes her attractive. We’re not ‘cheating‘, anymore than washing cheats them out of smelling our pheromones, it’s a flaw of the male visual perception, encouraged by evolution not to be fussy if it means reproducing. It’s an overall effect, so overwhelmed by the visual stimuli as they are, by being male and viewing a female face, that they try to imitate that intensity with crayon makeup (drawing it all on like painting entirely new features, all ‘bold’, all over). Same with vibrant hair, it detracts. You can accurately judge someone’s attractiveness based on bone structure, which cannot be faked (contouring is an attempt to mimic female orbital spaces, which cannot be altered surgically for FFS). With natural colour hair (their own), their skin tone looks best and colour seasons are based on this fact. However, some people are so boring or so attractive they can pull off unnatural colours, both are signals; the former, to get a vital second look, and the latter, to get less attention. Yes, less sexual attention. They already get too much.

By clothes, masculine clothes on the female figure make or break it (think supermodels), like Karlie Kloss. She proves that if you’re gamine, feminine and youthful enough on the face, you can pull stupid poses without looking ugly (because you retain childish innocence in your features and it looks ‘fun’) and you can wear a simple white shirt and blue jeans and look better with your figure (that shows through like a pane of glass) than other women wearing a wedding dress.

Grace Kelly contoured with two shades of powder. You can look feminine with the Hollywood techniques the drag performers actually adopted. Max Factor was the first to do the really heavy pancake look. There’s disturbingly no opposite, women who want to look more beautiful and femme (than sexy, high testosterone). There’s no opposite to contouring, but peaches and cream complexions look close, the English Rose look. It needs to be so soft and gentle in application it wouldn’t film well for Youtube videos, so they never catch on, (2D, 3D point). As for ‘men can’t wear makeup’, many successful men do. They just choose their colours (see my article on British girl makeup) very well and blend. I would say men are fast catching up to women in skincare and this includes makeup. Makeup doesn’t mean prostitute, that’s an old French idea based on rouge, it means you don’t want skin cancer and premature lines. One or two ‘strong’ features at a time e.g. cheekbones, jawline, or clear mascara, lip balm. Everyone needs concealer. Everyone. Tired? Concealer? Date? Concealer. Job interview? Concealer. Notice the guy who gets promotion always has amazing skin… almost, too flawless? Women don’t care as long as you don’t look feminine.

*Personally, I like the TV show Versailles, but facts is facts. Straight men don’t want to signal homosexuality.

The most disturbing aspect? We’re being trained to accept men as the beauty standard of women.
Where’s the feminist upset over Barbie? This would be the ultimate expression of Patriarchy, treading on our territory. They want to take what is exclusively feminine, like their property.
Men have taken away in ‘fun, expressive, artistic’ makeup culture the one thing we had left, by evolution – our beauty.

I disagree. A man will never be better at being a woman, than a woman.

Meanwhile, insulting chav makeup, which uses less product, is socially acceptable. Chavs haven’t the social power to mob you.

Link: Right-wing trolls can win

I’m not surprised, it reminds me of the woeful failure that was the tumblr 4chan raid.

These people don’t have a sense of humour and can’t process dissent without internalizing it.

Study link

A recent study found that exposure to prejudiced online comments can increase people’s own prejudice, and increase the likelihood that they leave prejudiced comments themselves

– you mean, honesty?
– calling a spade a spade, so to speak?

Society is a consensual agreement to be nice to one another. We are naturally a terrible species. You don’t become the dominant species on a planet by being self-hating.

Conservatives have been losing because they’re the only ones playing by Queensberry rules. They lose the culture war because they refuse to “sink” to the level of WINNING tactics.

The left-wing co-opted the internet from the right-veering nerds, they are interlopers and should be treated as such. If they cry it’s unfair, go build your own. Go and build your own internet, and see how many people use it.

Reverse trolling

– to accuse somebody who outsmarted you of trolling themselves as a silencing tactic to ignore everything they just said and go straight for the ad hominem of ignoring their argument. In doing this, one is, ironically, actually trolling. The troll may be too stupid, relative to the person who outsmarted them, or too new at internetz, to realise what trolling is or that they are doing it.