Racism doesn’t exist

Unfalsifiable. Do we ever get a complete permanent list of what isn’t?

It’s real as a teapot around Mars.

I defy anyone to deny this.

It’s a kind of mass psychosis that nobody questions whether this exists and how to empirically test it.

Not to mention, if the concept of racism itself is racist, non-racism cannot exist (either).

Avenue Q was right… so there’s no response required. Literally nobody is exempt. Finally equal.

Almost like a natural state.


Race is real, it is biological and ‘racism’ means, effectively, human.

It is a false equivalence to compare the in-group preference of every race for their own (genophilia) with genocide, an incursion on others, invasion and destruction.

Trotsky, pusher of the concept ‘racism’


Implying that acting with free will is a bad thing.

[inc. freedom of association].

Pro-pathological altruism and demographic suicide.

If something happens throughout society, you needn’t indoctrinate kids in its existence in school.

An exclusive category with no exclusions is an illusion, it doesn’t exist.

If you can’t say what it isn’t, it’s unfalsifiable.

I wonder if this might be oppressive to a race, therefore invalid because if the concept of racism itself is racist, there’s also no such thing.

From an academic paper covered previously. That quoted is the indisputable fact, unless you deny Darwin.

Click to access TOQv8n3Hamilton.pdf

Lefties are the real Creationists.

If Darwin were taught in schools, nobody would fall for equalism.

Oh, the crime of being an unwanted fetus.

Make an update for the next election, someone.

e.g. Humans are greedy bastards never to be trusted versus Social engineering is good and public sector workers deserve better pensions than the taxpayer.

Violence is wrong, it’s against democracy versus Won’t do as we say? Prison! No? We’ll shoot you!

You must be tolerant versus “Social Justice” is noble to destroy you.

Genocide is wrong versus You don’t deserve to live in peace.

We celebrate diversity versus White people don’t belong here.

If you hurt them, that’s evil versus if they hurt you, it’s okay when they do it.

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