Video: Bank theft on major scale and how to stop it

I’m creeping back onto Youtube, slowly. I think most of the time wasters are gone by now.

I’m tired of hearing the same four opinions on Trump instead of the real issue, which is financial. The talk of sex/race/whatever is a deliberate ruse, fools! [a man pointed this out to me] You’re taken in just like the SJWs, they own the topic content now. But they shut down discussions of finance, don’t they? Look, see! Demographics is part of it.

The AR has become eaten up by the outrage cycle, instead of discussing solutions.

There isn’t actually a boom/bust cycle, that metaphor is a myth. It’s a slow collapse, one gear crumbling at a time. I pointed this out to him.

For the curious, the four opinions are;

  1. Trump is good because mostly-straight white male.
  2. Trump is bad because rich and Jew grandchildren.
  3. Trump is useless but good for Muh Movement. What movement?
  4. Trump is a pawn and Hillary was never meant to get in because Arabs don’t want to work with a chick.

If those tiki-torching twits really wanted to fuck the elite, they should’ve marched for good savings rates for the working class and to increase interest rates. March for banking justice a la Iceland, what the Marxists should be doing. ~Outplay them by being actually revolutionary.

At least the useful idiots of the middle class will lose everything and become the feudal poor they hate, lifestyle spending is an addiction.