Link: The sneaky r-type order of “We must”

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Those people remind me of Evil!AI: We must kill the humans, so they cannot suffer any longer.
We must censor freedom, because freedom is dangerous.
We must stop the evil, by ….trumping…. it with greater evil… in the service of good. 


They really mean “You should….” but that would require a reason, which they don’t have.

I like looking at them, staring until they feel uncomfortable and saying with a tone at normal volume “MUST I?”… “MUST I?” and keep repeating until they back off.

One of the typical codes, like “anti-racist” being, in practice, “White hatred”. Or “White Male hatred.”
“Feminist” = “I have nothing to bring to this conversation but my cunt, and I’ll keep reminding you of it.” They try this on other women, btw. We aren’t exempt.

JUST WALK AWAY IT crowd leave go now run away

These people all thrive on attention. Never trust an activist. They’ve basically admitted they wanna lovebomb and manipulate you.
“Raising awareness” is code for “Getting the attention of normal people who don’t need a BS unsolvable cause to fill their vapid life, while we slowly suck the interesting things about them out as emotional vampires.”

Funny stuff I couldn’t be bothered to post one by one

Have at it, edgelords.

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This is not real but give it time.

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They didn’t see his porn collection…

The first feminists have a point.

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Depends. There’s an event horizon beyond which they’re damned.

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No other race willingly freed their slaves.

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He’s a sociopath, of course not.

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Nobody is that hungry.


My future child.


Redux: Why SJWs Are Afraid of the #Gamergate Spotlight

formerly on ROQ, November 5, 2014, archived here:
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dis gonna be good anticipation pull up a chair listen watch

trigger warning logic

Buckle up, buttercups.

What are social justice warrior princesses upset about? Everything, it seems. Recent fem-centric events taken together show a pattern of inconsistent hypocrisy. To lead in with a few examples…

…It’s like watching a Jekyll and Hyde transformation montage on a loop.

Taken separately, these Janusian outbursts have drawn mixed reactions from ordinary readers settling around puzzled. What exactly do these people want from us? Are feminists the new Morality Police, replacing the Church? They seem to have an opinion on all subjects, nothing is beyond their jurisdiction of judgement. They are judge, jury and doxxing, monstering career executioner. Insulting them or dissent on Twitter may soon incur a prison sentence, hence the term Feminazi. Their scope used to be confined to real-world events until Geek Culture found an increasing number of them infiltrating with the express intent to get works of fiction policed too and use comics as conversion tools. Feminism and its SJW subgroup are simply their means of social control. Gaming is among the most glamorous of these fandom outlets they are using to alter and mould the world into their Rainbow Utopian image. This is called Magical Thinking because if 100% of fiction were SJW-approved, it wouldn’t change the real world in any meaningful way.

Gamergate was prompted by the sex-for-success story of pen-name Zoe Quinn, who won an industry award with her friends on the judging panel. Conflicts of interest? According to the Politically Correct Party Line on the subject, no. Despite empowering herself by sleeping with her married boss, the leading press coverage came down to the antique accusation of misogyny. Believe it or not, women voicing opinions on the scandal, including non-white women, have been called misogynists or non-existent sockpuppets as a suppression method for rallying together. In typical fashion, these “social justice” people deliberately missed the points raised about professional objectivity.

This spark stuck for about a week until everyone on the internet collectively lost interest in Zoe Quinn and moved onto the real problem of abuse of authority in the gaming industry. Call it a conspiracy if you want, but evidence has been coming out to support the original claim of collaboration. The tired accusations from those in powerful positions had the opposite of their intended effect to silence critics of the critics and the conditions arose for the mere suspicions to grow into a full internet-wide investigation. Gamergate has brought together all real gamers from multiple platforms and websites in a fight against corrupt reporting and breaches of professional ethics. Predictably, those same brave gamers have been the target of a newspeak attack from the feminist-biased/social justice warrior cartel outlets to redefine the term “gamer” in the mainstream mind into something derogatory. See for yourself. Funny, that opinion of outright hatred, when you consider these people chose to work in the cash-rich games industry. The escalating attempts to silence dissent are becoming preposterous.

The gaming reporters involved in unethical behaviours claim to be journalists when there are freebies to be had and humble bloggers when taken to task on matters of ethics and integrity. They demonstrate the same politically-biased, outraged beliefs and flip-flopping of victim narrative as the ADHD SJWs on Tumblr. If you don’t know what a tumblr is, run. Run while you still can.

Whenever you feel like you could be doing better in life, browse the completely serious feminism and social justice tagged posts on tumblr until you realize how good you have it to be mentally stable. Those last three links were parody accounts, because even on the website of and forsocial outcasts, SJWs remain derided outcasts.

Gamergate is a symptom of a wider social problem. These unelected activists are affecting policies and legislation creation in the highest reaches of Western democracy; a noisy, minuscule minority pouring poison into the ears of the powerful. Their delusional ideas cannot make it alone without censorship because they are an extreme faction that would never gain mainstream attention otherwise. To prove me wrong, form a special Social Justice party and see how well that goes for you come election time.

I have written about feminist interference using geek culture’s appropriation here before, extract: “You take the fun out of everything. Nothing is allowed to be fun or funny.” ~ An Open Letter. I won’t renew those sentiments for brevity, go read them separately. In hindsight, it seems strangely prophetic of the widespread dissatisfaction with narrative pushers in gaming.

The SJW’s nonsensical arguments are so predictably lacking in sense, a ranty poetry of car-crashed personal attacks, they have been automated in bot form here.

Feminists have a PR problem, according to Emma Watson’s Damsel in Distress beacon to Beta Males, and every single time someone tries to examine why they have a misandrist negative image, in hilariously short-sighted fashion they prove to the rest of us exactly why (spoiler alert: feminists can be sexist, defeating the alleged purpose of their entire existence).

We have defined Player 1. Professional victims, they’re being paid huge sums for playing Damsel in Distress to heterosexual white men’s chivalric fantasies of rescuing the maiden from the wicked trolls. They make a living from this and any objection or discussion is shut down promptly with antagonism. What could we call this means of deceptive death-threat employment, conninggullible empaths over and over again? The Sarkeesian Effect. Exhibits A [2012], B [this year, pre-Gamergate] and C [present] because noob Zoe Quinn was stealing her spotlight and thus, livelihood.

Who is Player 2? Gamergate supporters (aka people who play video games more than they complain about them) come from every walk of life, support journalistic integrity and prize the entertainment and storytelling medium of games itself above any pushing of a political narrative. They are not trolls and do not condone people who make threats. Why are they succeeding, commercially and ideologically, where others have failed?

Gamers have a similar, yet superior psychology to the SJWs. They are two halves of the same, narcissistic coin. The usual silencing tactics do not work on the diverse demographic of modern gamers. Crucially, gamers have a sense of humor. Guess which one is more fun at LAN parties?

I’m going to change course here because I’m certain if you knew what #gamergate was prior to reading, you wouldn’t need yet another article defending the people who actually purchase and play video games. C’est très obsolète. Let’s turn a mirror on why Gamergate has become necessary, why are these SJWs a problem wherever they go?

‘Trigger Warnings’ in their SJW, smothering use are a popular defensive coddling strategy originating from fanfiction which explores abusive sexual relationships for titillation. These pieces are still being written and are in active fandom circulation, including, yes, among SJWs on tumblr themselves. This new definition is separate from the clinical study of triggering because SJWs and other feminists do not have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder en masse, they are ‘victims’ because they have neurotic, emotional regulation problems instead and such a claim is highly offensive to true victims.

What do they have? Amygdal hijackings.

Who is prone to these visceral neural hijacks? Narcissists.

Narcissists, whose empathy deficit and faulty focus on the Self is thought to arise from structural, observable differences in the brain. This finding is unsurprising, since liberals/left-wingers have smaller amygdala compared to their political opponents from the centre onward. Of course, biological determinism in these matters isn’t real because that would be bigoted of reality. All men/women/other were created equal under God. Social Justice appears to have more in common with a faith than an academic pursuit and a cult of conversion instead of open-minded, calm conversations.

These people need to be studied under laboratory conditions, I’m completely serious. The flashbulb memories of their continual psychological trauma at least. Most of them seem to have self-destructive personal problems or currently be in need of medication or therapy, and they are giving out life advice to neurotypical, healthy people? Could feminism overburden these conditions? The pathological reaction to any criticism is an angry backlash, hysteria with hashtags. Modern psychiatry would call it a panic attack (acute) or a nervous breakdown (protracted), but the biology is the same. If these (mainly) women are miserable when captured within this belief system, what next? Misery loves company. As recruitment efforts to their fellow woman have failed miserably because suffering is off-putting, they have turned to beta males to save their cause with #HeforShe. Using weak-willed men as tools to do their dirty work is a classic hallmark of feminism and it won’t work as intended. The passive puppies who take to it will be as passive in their conversion efforts of women to The Cause. If beta males had discernible influence over women, they wouldn’t care. When everyone associated with ‘social justice’ in practice is needy and whiny, yes, they have a PR problem. Have you ever thought feminist theories were depressing in their ruminating self-pity? Do they make you feel vulnerable or weakened with the slightest exposure? Depression is socially contagious too.

In Freudian terms, these people have a weak, poorly-formed ego. Their false belief systems trap them in comfortable feedback loops and they are too ashamed of themselves to seek help.

They have created a shared narrative to prop up their entitled doubts. They bought the Beautiful Loser myth in pop culture and twisted it into a demonstrably false belief: “If I am a loser now, I must be correct and become beautiful later.” Big as you are on White (privileged) Knights I shall quote A Knight’s Tale‘s riff on the Bible: “You have been weighed. You have been measured. And you have absolutely been found wanting.”

Look at their label, Social Justice, what is that? What does their version of justice entail? Social ‘justice’ is a moral crusade against the status quo, whatever that may be. It is a meme of Anti-Social Revenge. Social Justice punishes the happy, strong and normal for supporting the system which raised them that way. Nothing is good enough and blasphemers are evil bigots. This is the danger SJWs present wherever they go. They can do nothing but destroy and call it love.

They have already pushed their faith into science and tried to fit physics around their post-modernism. Gamers are hyperaware of this cultural war since the debacle where they tried it with atheism, dubbed atheism+. They have refused to spare anyone until gamers have stood and fought for their own hobby. SJWs are finally on the back foot and World of Warcrafters put them there. No variations on ‘neckbeard’ insults they can sling will change that factual state of play.

What do these SJWs need? What is lacking in their lives that this constant battling replaces? They need temperance, a balance of emotional stability with reason. As adults, they need to take that responsibility for fulfilling the need upon themselves. Preferably to the nearest psychologist.

How have they got this far? By appealing to the Western system of values, based in Christianity. You don’t see successful SJW campaigns in non-Christian countries. The biggest Christian value of all? Charity.

Hark the Equality Evangelicals, alleviate your guilt of Original Sin by lightening the privilege of your wallet to us! Why is this salesman tactic beginning to fail? There are two key reasons. Firstly, their primary mode of power-grabbing, the personal insult, has been overused and lost its impact. The rumination which created Social Justice talking points has ruined its members with depression owing to the constant victimhood and foreseeable learned helplessness. Second, SJWs took on too many contradictory pet causes (see headlines up top) and the repeated cognitive dissonance required to keep them is exhausting, sinking the SS Feminism with its unhappy, rejected sailors in dire need of an ego boost. They cannot play nice with one another and undermine the very foundations of liberalism.

Why are SJWs afraid of the Gamergate spotlight? It could blow their entire cover in every single Cultural Marxist infiltration, backdated by years. Their movement could never recover from the damage, it would be finished. They would have nothing else to live for because without their labels, they are worthless.

boom boom boom blackadder

Video: Why are feminists fat and ugly?

Marry me.


Marry me.

There is something deeply attractive about seeing him simply tell the truth.

But it’s like a meth gang, once you fall in with these people as friends, they cause you to become like them. Social contagion is a key element. Mental illness gets more severe, for example.