There’s no such thing as the female gaze


I demand more objectification of men in films to balance it out, it’s only fair.
If we’re going for hypersexualised entertainment, don’t leave straight women out.
If it makes straight men uncomfortable, they’re just gay. (No, really).

It’s sexist that women have to actually watch for the plot.

The plot of comic films is shit. I say that with love.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Do it for the economy.

Source: “Eleven Little Roosters” by RoosterTeeth


p.s. I am actually 100% serious.

Superman would’ve been a huge success as a series based on female viewers alone if he just wore a super codpiece. No heterosexual woman would deny this. You’d go. You’d hate yourself later, but you would.

Even Aquaman’s covering up, I am offended. Geeks wait decades for this zeitgeist.

It would’ve made Batman v Superman somewhat tolerable.

Captain Marvel might as well be Muslim with how much skin she doesn’t show, it’s stupid.

We all remember the kinky BDSM X-men uniforms. Those films were popular.

Buy your own ccTV

Just get a computer monitor or projector.

You don’t need a TV.

The wifi isn’t how they transmit out, there’s a spy chip. If it’s plugged in, it’s spying. Don’t buy anything ‘smart’. They’re proven to record voice and video. Blackmail material (vice). Your eyes can’t see these resolutions. They probably emit infertility-causing radiation and pollute the air.

They even sell spy toasters ffs.

If they won’t let you open up the back to see what the guts are, it’s spying on you.

You’re paying to have your rights breached.

This began with the iPhone.

If they don’t trust you to change a battery….

Boomer tech at its finest.

Slumdog Yennefer

Someone sent me this and whew boy.


Well I guess according to the internet Asian is always more attractive than Polish?
I don’t know whether to watch this shitshow to mock it (she looks about 12) or sit from a distance and watch it burn down.
And if you think Cavill would object to this casting and demand someone passably attractive, you don’t know that he has literally gay taste in women. People actually assume they’re beards, they’re so ugly. Look up the bloodthirsty hunter he dated. He dumpster dives so he probably chose this Yen.

The most compelling character in the show, made into #curryscentedbitch personified.

She’s going to look like a teen PMSing and Cavill’s going to look even more pedo.

I’m looking forward to it now, no amount of make-up can fix that casting choice.

Bow down before your Asian overlords, white male Witcher fans.

It doesn’t help that the “sexiest” character is cast with a woman with the curves of a teenage boy.

Seriously though, Yen is meant to be an 11/10, an Elizabeth Taylor. Her power is meant to be being the hottest woman around, no contest. Is that it?

Beautiful women don’t need tons of make-up and SFX.

I’m with the guy saying she looks young enough to be his daughter. 35 minus 18 (charitably) = 17, she could be. Cavill is also aging like shit thanks to drinking, STDs and drugs before the years-long show has begun, good luck with the CGI, outta be better than the facial hair mishap. Correct, commenting guy: creepy.

I think they bought the rights to scupper the competition from making a better version.

The whole plot is going to be shifted to revolve around buff white guy angst as he’s so oppressed with his Mary Sue power, looks and magical abilities to get any woman into bed.

So oppressed. So much suffering.

Even if they don’t screw this up, trying to redeem a manwhore into a likeable character will turn off the very demographics they’re trying to appeal to. Think how stilted James Bond is now.

Compare what they could have won.

The Millie girl they cast in another part looks the spit of Yen too.

I’m looking forward to seeing Netflix fail again so soon after “Death Note”.

It’s blatantly anti-white and misogynist to claim there are no talented white female actresses?

Witcher’s gonna suck

Why did people like GOT? It was basically 100% white. Spot the trend.

And that’s without factoring in the yuck factor of HerpesMan.

The man with the charisma of a tree stump.
Living proof that men can coast on looks, too.

Hard pass, I think. It’s like the new elf in the Hobbit, sign of suck.

His career will go down in flames eventually. His paranoia‘s already talking.

I’m suspicious of anyone cast in a leading Hoewood role in the past 10 years.

Deeply suspicious. Balls-deeply suspicious. Something’s not right there.

Rick & Morty K-shift

Yes, I went there. I’m calling it.
A sci-fi cynical atheist show is exploring family.
Think about it. THAT’S THE THEME.

A whole universe… multiple… and that’s the theme.

That’s all I will dare post about Rick and Morty. Divine Providence everything will turn out okay idealism.
Time traveler that wants the past. That’s the opposite of ..everything.
Okay, now I’m done.


High Castle will suck as it attempts to be modern and relevant. No, you need Victorian and WW1 (so hot right now) build-up with cameos from famous figures. Develop the Napoleon fetish Hitler had. Some plot hijinks with opera house spies. Be dramatic. Nobody wants to see half-assed hippies fucking in a cabin in the woods.

We can see that now.

The Ragnarok ending to Game of Thrones will go down as a major disappointment in all of TV history. Nobody will want to watch re-runs in five years’ time.

The sexy Satanist cardinals are a joke. The Amazonian Arab ninjas? The squid people worship Cthulhu, for fuck’s sake. People will look back and say they were hypnotized by tits, which… OK, fair enough.

Westworld is too “what’s the future like?” It’s an apple bob of futurist tropes. It’s an inverted Matrix. From the machine’s perspective, waking up in the human world. Except every show has humans, we don’t give a shit about their Real World. We want to know what robo-fuck Disney is like.

In the real-real world, if the rich assholes weren’t cannibalized by their security and lightly smoked over a trashcan with a dollop of sriracha in the economic ruins of Los Angeles, it’s wrong.


Wait, Mr Robot. Nevermind. If Elon Musk wants to be cool, appear in that show, not Young Sheldon. And not as a powerful person either, like the guy who answers the phones crying under his desk. No acting required.

The current elite will be immortal, sure. We might hang their corpses in the public square for two centuries as a reminder. You laugh but Guy Fawkes.

Tim Burton should be killing it. He loves this polychrome Truman show stuff that’s actually coming back in vogue. Give him a Pushing Daisies movie and you would make all the money.