The Left’s death spiral

They’ve gone back to their roots.

But this isn’t actually Labour. It would be tempting to think, but this is actually the UAF. The henchman of Labour.

Subtle distinction, but we must name the enemy of the People. They’ve already turned to the angriest, most Brownshirt faction to get what they want, as if this isn’t the 21st century, so the Left is well and truly eating itself. Those people are on par with SJWs as a destructive force, bringing them onto anything will damage you by proximity.

If they wanted better polling, they should serve the People, rather than lecture down and call the problems they caused imaginary (EU/immigration is the big one). Campaigning to leave the EU is the only thing that could save them at this point, and distinguish them from the splinter Left parties (Lib Dems and Greens).

But they won’t.

Thank G_d.

This aims to be a neat summary. Neat explanations are frequently superior.

Video: UKIP’s Nigel Farage threatened on BBC Question Time by UAF’s Bunny La Roche

Why wasn’t the bitch arrested? It was broadcast to millions of people. Notice how they tried to take the microphone away so the audience at home wouldn’t sympathize with him?

If she’d have assaulted him it would have been the full scorecard of Left ‘debate’ techniques.
Interruption, shouting, -isms, threats.

UPDATE: Informed the crazy (woman?) is called Bunny la Roche. Literal name. She(?) is a member of the Socialist Worker’s Party, formerly worked for them, Unite Against Fascism (UAF) member;


known affectionately as “Boiler” Bunny

she even attacks her fellow Left wingers

affiliated with the Kent International Socialists

who said;

“Heckling is a long-established democratic tradition and to equate it with violence is ludicrous.”


affiliated with Left Unity (unofficial group)


and a ‘Stand Up to UKIP’ campaigner.

Is this what stares out of the abyss?

How to find out if your Facebook friends are Far-Left supporters

– But how can you tell if your Facebook friends burn literature, physically attack people for their views and violently disrupt political meetings they don’t agree with?

To help our supporters, you can use the links below to find out if you have anyone on your friends list who supports Hope not Hate, Unite Against Fascism, AntiFa or the Labour Party.

To find friends who like Hope not Hate –

To find friends who like UAF –

To find friends who like AntiFa –

To find friends who like the Socialist Workers Party –

To find friends who like ‘Radical Independence Campaign’, the Scottish soap-dodgers –

To find friends who like ‘Left Unity’ –

To find friends who like the Labour Party –

To find friends who hate music and like the band ‘One Direction’ –

We think that just about covers the most tiresome of the fascist, anti-free speech, pro-intolerance groups. If we’ve missed any off, please let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

Expose the rot.

red dwarf looking searching investigation

The Guardian is imploding

and the left liberals are cannibalizing one another over Rotherham.

Calling it: The Guardian is finished. This is the turning point.

Bastion of British nuttery is past it, print circulation is down, this is the start of the downward spiral.
What they seem to forget are their demographics. All of their fucking around free love means the middle-aged and Baby Boomers who make up the core readers have children who, thanks to their parent’s belief system, are probably left in the care of many Muslim males without supervision. Parental instinct can occur in the Left, too, they aren’t complete traitors to their nature.

Article 1/2 – reading it in full so you don’t have to.


They banned so many comments. Can you blame them with ‘writing’ like this?

But can it really be true – as the tabloids and the right robustly claim – that a significant contributor truly was political correctness; the fear of officials that by intervening appropriately in cases where the suspects were Pakistani Muslims, they themselves would be castigated as racist? If it is, it is outrageous. [DS: withering look] It is also ludicrous.

Political correctness – if we are to persist with that hackneyed term – required members of a diverse society to accord to others the level of dignity they would want for themselves.

No. Special legal status.

The right conflated its meaning so as to describe any prescription on its behaviour that it didn’t like. Everything, from the description of coffee to adoption policy, became “political correctness gone mad”. Perhaps the idea was to discredit the concept by hoisting it into the realm of absurdity. But even then, the concept never, ever required anyone to turn a blind eye to the mass abuse of the vulnerable by criminals.

Hate speech imprisonment. Dunno before then.

And anyway, to do so on grounds of political correctness would never have made sense.

Higher paid jobs than private sector and gold-plated pensions.

If a backlash was feared, where would it have come from? There is no minority lobby for criminals and paedophiles.

Rotherham has been a Labour stronghold the entire time. Paedophile Information Exchange, advocated by Labour.

…If senior managers truly encouraged their juniors to hold off in the name of political correctness, they took the path of least resistance and should be brought to book. But that would have been such a mass dereliction of duty that I’m loth to believe it happened on such a scale. I know that if called to account, I’d much prefer to say, “I wanted to intervene but was terrified by political correctness”, than “I messed up”, “I didn’t think it was that serious” or “I couldn’t be bothered”.

I agree with the bolded.
So PC DOES exist, as an excuse for criminal behaviour, but only for the Left when they fuck up?

In no other sphere does PC and its terrors prevent the authorities taking action against minorities.

Proof? How would you know?

We’re over-represented in courts and prisons at one end of the social scale, overdisciplined and marginalised in the professions at the other.

Do you behave differently to deserve that? More crime and misconduct, for example?

If it is true that political correctness prevented the authorities from using their powers against minorities for fear of giving offence, that’s a scandal. It would also be a first.

The first to break – of many. The seal is broken, the fruits of multiculturalism aren’t going back in the can.


Here’s the second, by a white guy; Should be fun.

Political correctness used to be a joke.


…Whatever its origins, not many are laughing now.

Is that…? Is that what I think it is? Is that a child rape joke?

The Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan – said to be the intellectual guru to Ukip’s Douglas Carswell – argued that “these children were victims of ‘anti-racism’”.

No comment from Unite Against Fascism’s thugs.

He recounts a personal story seeing natives grieving pelted by “Asians” where the police did nothing and cannot connect the dots across the country. Normally I’d click close at this point because he’s obviously a no-hoper working for them, he denies it when he sees it with his own eyes.

One officer told those who’d been hit he’d like to go after the offenders but he couldn’t: “It’s the Human Rights Act.”

That sounds laughable now [no], so obviously an excuse for inaction. But I’d go further. In a subtle way, such a claim – and indeed similar invocations of political correctness – represent a kind of racism. For what is being implied when a council or police force say they cannot stop a ring of men raping children? It is that there is a class of people who are different from the rest, a category that sits somehow outside, if not above, the law because of their race. [in opposition to the Equality Act section on race] That was the message of the policeman who told that frightened group [of pensioners] in east London that his hands were tied: the usual laws don’t apply to that lot.

It’s…. it’s ALIVE!!!!!

At the very least, the effect of such talk is racially divisive. [close enough to hate speech] It pits one group against another. It says to white people in Rotherham: “We’ll come after you, but we can’t go after them. Thanks to the PC brigade, that lot are untouchable. They are different.” So in reaching for a handy excuse for their own incompetence, the authorities of Rotherham have sprinkled petrol onto an already incendiary situation.

No, the Muslim rapists did that bit with the petrol, that wasn’t funny or clever. Back to 0 points.

If that’s what they believed, that only makes it worse.

For what low opinion must you have of those of Pakistani heritage to think that they, or Muslims more widely, would be offended by the prospect of violent paedophiles facing justice for their crimes? Posing as cultural sensitivity, such a concern betrays contempt: by presuming they would stand by the abusers and torturers in their midst it damns an entire community for the vile behaviour of a few.

You know, there are some real victims just over here if you’ll only turn your head. Real victims > imagined ones. Forget it, he’s a braindead Zombie.

…cast a large, disparate cluster of communities as some kind of single, seething mass ready to turn violent at the slightest provocation.

You seem to have put a lot of thought into that. Have you read the Koran? Or just watch the news lately?

Our starting assumption should be not that the overwhelming majority will be offended by action against the beheaders and child abusers, but that they will welcome it. To presume otherwise is guilt by association, and the laziest form of prejudice.

Where are the protests? They knocked one together about Gaza, not a single group of them against this? What may we assume from that omission? Palestinian possible victims > English actual victims, to them.

…including the insinuation that “everybody with brown skin is a suicide bomber or closet rapist”.

Hello Mr Scarecrow! Oh wait, it’s a vacant straw man.
He finishes;

 That’s not just political correctness gone mad. That’s political correctness gone racist.

I shall leave you with this jovial tune on my lips;

The delightful fall of the Socialist Worker’s Party

“David Renton and 165 other people left in January to form a new group called rs21 (Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st century) and he believes the SWP has been left with no more than 200 active members. Richard Seymour says its rump of “worker-ist activists” is “brain-dead, unpleasant and thuggish” – and destined to become more so. “It is toxic,” he says. “It’s doomed.”

Entertaining, in-depth look – see how they turn on one another, the inside dealings, the tyranny of fascism.
I’d like to hear more about the Unite Against Fascism “front”…

We've got all, the time, in the world....


The future of the UK

article here

Leftists (or at least Trotskyists, communists and many “progressives”) know full well that such mass immigration will help them destabilize the “capitalist system” (as they call it). Through such destabilization, people will become “radicalized” (they predict) into adopting revolutionary socialism – as offered to them by, say, the SWP. In other words, the riots and communal conflict which have already occurred in the UK, and which will occur on a larger scale in the future, are but a means to bring about the revolution which these Leftists so desire. Or, as the phrase goes, for a Leftist (as well as for a Nazi): “The worse things are, the better they are.”

As usual, the left inaccurately predict human behaviour.

Let us say – there is more rioting. A lot more.

Let us say – there is another English Civil War.

Who will the military defend? Taxpayers or parasites? The rich or the layabouts?

And who will the hungry, rabid proles flock toward?

The Left by definition cannot provide for themselves, let alone others. The Socialists of the “Worker’s” Party rely on handouts from the productive, which would cease in the event of violent unrest. They’d be too busy looting and fending off immigrant thieves to recruit anyone, even if people were to listen, and the design of Parliament is such that it deliberately cannot be surrounded (riverside). This is why squatting laws were passed. Because in that situation, the only thing they could’ve clung to was their council housing.

They are rabbits who will be torn apart when the wolves come.

Yet they laugh at conservative preppers.