Invasion by any other name

Invasion leads to war, really? No kidding?

Important rationale below.

I thought Trojan horses were a gift intended to boost the economy!
All populations have a price on their head where it’s OK to betray!

There’s no such thing as immigration, get it through your fucking skulls.

Immigration is a myth.

Like the concept of refugees going back, ever.

If you can tell people to stay out of your house, how is your homeland any different?

It isn’t.

Globalists gaslight you because those expensive second, third, fourth passports would be useless if the public refused to allow them. Ban second passports and second passport holders and immigration goes away because r selects for the rats who seek to flee at the first sign of trouble. No national loyalty because they are foreign. There were takers in the first place, locust hovering over your crop. There’s no need to leave if you can rebuild on your own efforts. They are exploiters, if they cannot take they cannot live, so taking away the opportunity to exploit makes them screech, since this is their existence at stake as parasites. Ban the parasitic or your people are doomed. People like Vox will never point this out, because they rely on second passports, held by people like Epstein. It allows them (Cabal) to break the law and simply switch passports like an Uno reverse card. Why are we allowing this? There’s never been a public vote. Like Sharia courts, which are treasonous as competing judiciary technically. There’s no reason for them, either of them. Pick a nation and stay there, for the rest of your life or do not come. Homelands are not your tourist trap. You cannot be in two places at once. A house divided cannot stand, it’s Biblical.

Countries don’t exist for the highest bidder.

They show up, demand a Danegeld* (*welfare), rape the women and children, then make mongrels with the natives. None of this is good for the natives. It’s a process and nobody is discussing the final solution to whiteness: muddying it out (with any non-white race). However heavy the mixing brainwashing programming. As a person cannot be trusted to hack off limbs (trannies) in a state of mental wellness, neither can a man (nor woman) be trusted to decide to race-mix due to propaganda, it isn’t a free choice any sane person would make due to the negative health outcomes and self-termination of one’s own line, it’s genetic suicide via other means. Anchor babies must be ruled invalid legally if America wishes to continue to exist. Do not let immigrants vote or they vote for more immigration! Duh! Invaders for invasion!
During the halcyon 1950s, these self-cucks (especially libertarians – cryptos, the lot) forgetthat mixing was illegal. You cannot replicate half a successful society and expect it to remain intact. Shit in the gene pool turns the whole thing into a shitshow.

You cannot tolerate any of it and must ban the entire practice, like banning all rape, all child torture for Satan and all ritualistic murder. There’s no little bit pregnant and no little bit multi-racial. You need stability for longevity and homogeneity of demographics for homogeneity of culture. Culture doesn’t spring out of wishing wells and polite hopes. It’s made by the presence and omission of certain peoples. You wouldn’t invite everyone to a party, why would you invite everyone to a gene pool of a country? They have no right to be there. The right of the whole to exist subsumes the individual ‘decision’ to pollute the genetic environment. Libertarians balk at this. Why? NO SHITTING IN THE GENE POOL.
It’s not just a rule of civilization, it’s the ONLY rule. This French guy pretends it’s social.
It’s biological, it’s racial, it’s invasion. Deport them all. Including the cucks. Historically, they’d be childless because their own group has rejected them. This is moral. Libertarians act (in gamma entitlement) like they have a right to breed, which nobody does, especially if it burdens your homeland. No, you don’t. You never did. Reproduction is NOT a human right, dipshit. Libertarians lie about this. Especially mixing preferentially with the foreign shit of people from non-white countries of low national IQ. It’s no different than the folly of breeding with Eurotrash from white low IQ nations either (see EE), stop fucking ugly and stupid people (it’s the same people). It squanders white parental investment on the out-group, just like a cuckoo bird.
We cannot afford to fund such stupidity and/or malice.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A HUMAN RIGHT TO GENETIC DESTRUCTION. No excuses. No “love is love” NAMBLA bollocks. No. Thought-terminating cliche are brainless per se.
Do Trojan worms have rights to ‘brick’ the systems they corrupt, too? Do pedophiles have a right to be teachers and nannies? Do Communists have a right to take away all of your possessions, because they’re acting on their beliefs individually? Obvious bullshit, security and ongoing safety of the group they seek to impose upon comes first and foremost. The social harm is apparent in all of these examples but libertarians are usually Jewish psyops so expect lies. These people are genetic gate-crashers. Obviously, one thing must be banned. One thing will determine whether you survive into the future or cuck out, like the bird taking in a foreign egg and so killing its original line, forsaking it. It’s literally what cucking is. Biologically!

Her tense smile of regret is hilarious. DAT GRIMACE

She even tried to dress their hair to look like hers. LOL

They have betrayed the commandment to honour thy mother and father. Honour their line.
They have betrayed the commandment not to adulterate their blood-line most assuredly. Thou shalt not mongrelise, says the accurate translation.
They have betrayed the commandment to not covet (coveting out-group genes is against God’s will or he’d have made us without those distinctions). Biblically, mixed kids are referred to as bastards. Doomed.

For their own soul, it must be made illegal again. No patriot could deny.

Sexual novelties do not produce civilizational stability. Diversity kills whatever it touches like the withering touch of Death. Purity is prized in the Bible, purity is whole or holy. God curses those who oppose him with rule by foreign genetics. It’s all in there if you look. I’m not adding a word to the Word. Go look! How does the foreign rule get there except seductive foreigners? The Bible warns of ‘strange‘ (foreign) women.
The weakness of men has always been the peen.

But libertarians claim to be culturally Christian, when they’re invariably Jewish.
Sexually immoral Jewish. “Judeo-Christian” windbags. Opposite of Christ’s law. By their deeds, know them.

Their equations never add up, or they wouldn’t have multiple passports to skip the Titanic they gleefully sink, blaming the other passengers who believed in them. You don’t buy a ticket out unless you have sabotaged the people in. Traitors hate the idea of their country succeeding without them. Look at Black Pigeon Speaks/cucks for a prime example of anti-white doom porn. Their ego relies on your ruin, like a standard gamma loser. This is why fellow whites rejected them for reproduction. Poor fitness.

Race traitors in particular like the idea of polluting the family line, since currently the laws* to stop them are temporarily suspended (this won’t last**). It’s the ultimate FU MOM/DAD. All mixers have parental issues. Freud was right there. After all, sometimes Jews tell the truth but only to pathologise whites.

*Like the legalism of pedophiles saying it’s legal to rape kids in whatever shit-hole white EE country or about Asia wanting to pimp them out. Not the point, it’s still child rape. Rape of a child. They’re still a pedophile by definition. The law means nothing, the deed is everything. Law =/= morality. Laws exist to stop these people from what they would do otherwise and this rationalization only proves it. Laws don’t exist for noble-minded people, only the scum. Laws exist to restrain scum from their alleged freedom to destroy their society and degenerate others. Nothing more. Mixing degenerates the genetic body of a place. It’s very simple, really. It’s a process like poisoning a cake. One drop of poison is still illegal.
**It cannot last, the problem is too much, especially with rape babies from gangs producing most of them. The SJWs of Social Services endorse this rape culture and profit from each mongrel. Making mixing illegal (and aiding, abetting it) would throw all the pedos and their enablers in prison where they belong.

How long until the Fake Right draw these obvious conclusions?

High trust culture is HOMOGENEOUS and cannot be otherwise. It was illegal partly due to spies (Russian, Chinese**) but also the wider observation that all wars, however hot or cold they may be, end in the invaders breeding-out*** the native genes. Whether they are programmed by MSM to consent (cuck) or NOT. The conscious “choice” is immaterial, the reality is they’re forced if they’re not coerced. That is no choice. Asian is PC code in UK newspeak for rapist.

These two things are so connected, you cannot logically oppose multi-racial societies and simultaneously endorse race-mixing.
What do you imagine the latter CAUSES?

I suspect the controlled ops to figure this out in, oh, five years or so?

Usually how long it takes them to openly rip me off. Browse the tags.

If most of the new French babies are only French in passport, you have lost.
There is a Darwinian war and you have lost. Correct the error and deport en masse or DIE out.

Extinction or preservation, there are no other options.

I’ve been making edgy comics way longer than Vox.

It isn’t even prediction anymore, it’s fact.

Same with America, UK, wherever. This isn’t just France/UK. This is the whole Anglosphere. Also stop feeding the competing races, they live on white farm largesse as whites cannot afford food bills? Obscene.

Better food banks in Asia than in England. They can grow their own shit or stop fucking like rabbits. We are not responsible for their population. Stop the white saviour shit.

**More UK targets but still.

***Mixing is genocide. Genocide is illegal still. Enforce it fully, that’s all.

Currently, London is a shopping mall for Eurotrash. Deport them all. They have zero right to remain here.

UK funeral director parroting me + excess mortality data

URL backup:

and Vox listened to him about Midazolam even though I commented it to his original site many months ago.
Type it in the search bar here, go on.
Am I just a lamp?
I’ve covered death data as well. May as well be pissing in the wind, with figures.
Why do I even bother?
I swear pretty soon I might retire this blog because so many males in this space just don’t seem to care about the truth if an origin point is female.
What’s the point of screaming to the void?
(sigh) For now, I inform.
But I hope for reform.

“But after the vaccine was introduced to his area in January, O’Looney said that the calls made to his funeral home soared, going up “300 percent”. “I’ve never seen a death rate like it in 15 years,” he said. “Initially, [the deaths were] all exclusively care homes,” O’Looney said. But after the roll out of the mRNA injection, the deaths were no longer exclusively from nursing homes, and the ages of the dead varied significantly.”
People need actual numbers, man. Freedom of Information request different counties, you have the ability!

I mentioned in a post some months ago it’s probably a halving of remainder lifespan, explaining why the really old die faster and the younger take a little while first. That would qualify it as a designed bioweapon for mass murder. Deliberate proof of depopulation and rather easy to mathematically check, if you obtain the raw data. It likely kills you the way you would have died anyway, decades later, like the lady with liver failure. That’s quite rare in women. There are reports of cancer survivors re-experiencing yet more cancer after the modRNA (near end of this post explains probable reason why). It likely weakens overall immunity (fighting off fatal brain clots) just enough to permit re-infection, and most cancers are PATHOGENIC in cause.

European demographers are also starting to get it, h/t Vox Day.

If only I’d covered the EU study data literally like, most of the year ago?

“You can see for yourself the excess mortality for much of the EU here. Few people realize that in 2021 we have had as much excess mortality, as we did in 2020. The difference is that the age profile has shifted: Whereas most of the excess mortality was in elderly people in 2020, in 2021 it’s increasingly showing up among younger people. The excess mortality has a peculiar characteristic, in that it starts showing up later in younger age groups, with the exception of children, in whom no excess mortality is observed.”

Link here:

“For the 29 participating countries as a whole, we have 4000 excess deaths among people aged 15-44. These deaths are hard to explain, because young people normally don’t die from COVID-19. Just 0.9% of COVID-19 deaths in the Netherlands are people under the age of fifty. The curve of excess mortality in this age category also doesn’t fit COVID-19. This is a seasonal virus that disappear in the summer, but the excess deaths among young people mainly show up during the summer.”

Wait until they begin mass bio-raping children with the modRNA shit, then the fireworks will fly as parents realise what was done to their children and also by extension them – and their grandkids, if they’re capable of having any! If only someone warned you about the French geneticist who won a prize and warned about the germline in December!

“Excess mortality, once you subtract the COVID deaths that are still occuring (despite almost every Western European nation having vaccinated 90% of its at-risk demographic) is running at about 10% above normal throughout Europe. But, the important thing to notice is that the trend is getting worse, as you could see in the graph I showed above.”

I’m not linking, go look.

Are low-uptake countries experiencing excess mortality?
They fear the control group. It proves intent.

The British have the habit of publishing unusually detailed mortality statistics, so let’s look at those. Here‘s the excess mortality for England:

Link here:

“You can see that people are dying in excess and it’s not improving. This is the general trend across the EU. Here is the Euromomo graph for deaths in all ages:

Click the page link for their blog post way above to see the link, you can predict it.

“The trend is clear however: An accelerating increase in deaths.”

Cumulative slow killer.

“So here’s the question to be asking ourselves: What’s causing the excess deaths? For this we can again turn to England. The excess deaths are found in the following categories: Ischemic heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, heart failure, other circulatory disorders and a small number of chronic respiratory disease cases. In other words, we’re seeing mainly cardiovascular problems. Almost all of the excess deaths can be attributed to this.”

If only I had literally posted papers about this and the risk of cerebral thrombosis from the so-called covid-19 ‘vaccine’. Strokes count as clot shot deaths too so he is under-reporting, matey.

Nobody cites me – BECAUSE I AM RIGHT.

“So what could be the cause? Well, the canary in the coalmine are unfortunately our own teenage boys. In the period when the COVID-19 vaccines began to be administered to teenage boys in England, deaths among teenage boys were up by 63%, compared to 16% in teenage girls.
And that gives us a clue. Teenage boys have a strong immune response to the vaccines, but they also have a low body fat percentage, much lower than girls of their age. The effect this has is that almost all of the myocarditis cases among teenagers who receive the vaccines are seen among the boys. And so, when we start giving these vaccines to teenagers and we see a sudden jump in mortality among boys, that should be reason for concern. In fact, it should have been enough to halt the whole vaccination program at once. That’s how they responded in Scandinavia, where they decided to stop giving the Moderna vaccine to teenagers.

In England, the general trend we see is that mortality is more strongly elevated among younger age categories. The most recent week saw 25% increased mortality in people aged 25-49, compared to just 6% in those above 85. The other trend we see is that when we subtract the COVID-19 deaths, which we can assume occur in the hospital or in nursing homes, almost all the excess death is at home.”

The lefty Boomers are literally killing off their own grandkids, like a second abortion.

literally any excuse to use this meme

The girls’ endometrium is taking most of the damage (that and the brain) so they’re probably genetically dead or dying. If only someone made the obvious comparison to endometriosis, which damages the lining and causes it to act like a cancer in cell type. Speculated to be related to inflammation and autoimmunity.

“So, the general pattern we see is as following: People are dying in excess. The trend is most clearly visible among younger age groups. The trend is also generally getting worse. Most of these people are dying at home, so the deaths are generally unexpected. The deaths are mainly from cardiovascular conditions.”

At this rate, parents will literally hunt down anyone who ‘volunteered’ to administer this poison or called it safe on TV.

If only somebody compared this to Aktion T4, before it began? “Following orders” won’t wash.

“However, I wish to present to you what I consider to be the most likely issue we are currently dealing with. I fear that the excess mortality is entirely caused by the vaccine and is going to grow worse in the months ahead. Specifically, the main problem we deal with is that almost the entire spike protein displays strong similarity to proteins that our own body produces.”

If only I had predicted this and drawn the obvious conclusions about fertility.
Say, beginning last year?
Sterilisation shots. You’ll see when the data is available. Years of bitter tears and data.

The guy’s link here:

“It’s this strong reaction that has me worried. Almost every antibody your body can produce against the spike protein, is an antibody that can also react against your own proteins. We now believe for example, that the body produces an antibody that also reacts against thrombopoietin, the protein your body uses to regulate the production of platalets, which serve to stop bleeding.”
If only SOMEONE had warned you all.
SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE. Criticising the modified RNA vehicle.

Is that spelling quite right? That’s how it’s written.

“…That’s a very colorful metaphor, to illustrate the not so colorful reality that healthy young people are dropping dead from massive strokes. We’ve had numerous reports, of women reporting menstrual changes after receiving these vaccines. If you have sudden increase in menstrual bleeding after receiving this vaccine, a very good candidate for what’s going on would be Thrombocytopenia. You should not ignore these problems, because it’s not normal and not something that will just “go away”. For men, it’s much harder to recognize the symptoms.”


no comment

Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) or Paradoxical Immune Enhancement (PIE) is described:

“But that’s the worrisome part: Whenever you encounter this virus again and have a breakthrough infection, your immune system is going to start producing large amounts of antibodies against the spike protein, some of which also happen to bind some of your own proteins. All the evidence we have right now, suggests that vaccinated people are actually more likely to get infected with this virus, than unvaccinated people. The reason for that is simple: Your body was taught a poor and ineffective immune response.”


“So, what should you do, if you were unlucky enough to get vaccinated? Well, the jump in antibodies should only happen if you genuinely have a breakthrough infection. We know that vitamin D strengthens the innate immune response and reduces serum antibody levels in a number of autoimmune conditions. It seems like a smart decision to maintain high levels of vitamin D this winter.”

Garlic to thin the blood might help. Or ward off Dracula.

“The autoimmune problems we’re witnessing are unlikely to be the only problem we’ll face with this vaccine. We’ve never before had a vaccine against corona viruses, because the vaccines generally made a subsequent exposure worse, due to antibody dependent enhancement. Similarly, by triggering such a strong adaptive immune response, evidence suggests that the innate immune response to many pathogens is weakened. Your body has limited immunological capacity, because it simply can’t fill your blood stream with endless numbers of white blood cells. An expansion in one type of white blood cell will tend to come at the cost of other types.”

-nods, bitterly-

I’ve posted the coronavirus and sterility link studies before, how long until some asshat takes credit for that?
I posted it to Vox’s blog months ago, too. Before anyone asks. He knows.

Rape torture murder OK

Rumour has it many police were raping kids, so this is interesting….

nobody is talking about it.

The Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) Bill (nicknamed the ‘SpyCops’ Bill) gives undercover agents permission to commit crimes through a “Criminal Conduct Authorisation.” This includes rape, torture, murder, and other violent crimes. The bill applies to MI5, Britain’s security service, but also extends to any police force in Britain and other agencies like the Gambling Commission, Food Standards Agency, Home Office, and Ministry of Justice. In the name of preventing crime, or in the interests of national security or the ‘economic interests’ of the UK – which could mean anything – officers would be allowed to commit some of the most heinous crimes with impunity. The SpyCops Bill has already become law.

With the Tories guaranteed to vote overwhelmingly in favour of their legislation, Labour leader Keir Starmer naturally did what one expects of the opposition: nothing. Labour MPs were whipped into abstaining – only 34 of them choosing to rebel – gifting Conservatives with an unopposed passage of the bill. In the Lords, an attempt to remove the most heinous crimes from the bill, such as rape, murder, and torture, was subsequently shot down in the Commons. The bill received Royal Assent on March 1, 2021.

If I could write a leaflet for the planes incoming

Dear dopey tourists,

                               English people are more polite to you, the more we hate your guts. No, we don’t think you’re ‘one of us’, stop being so creepy. You’re not English. Magic dirt isn’t real. They’re being polite because you’re snowflakes about everything and it’s the same logic as appeasing a crazy on the bus. Just enjoy your holiday and leave quietly. Nobody asked for you to be here and it’s insulting to larp. Tea isn’t a big deal here, Hollywood lies. Claiming you’re English because you ‘love’ tea is utterly stupid. You look stupid, please stop. Tea exists on most continents. You think we’re wimps because we have doilies. Your rugby involves padding for your precious manchildren. You don’t really want to move here, the Anglo West is not actually nice, we’re just polite. The nicer we are, the more we probably hate you – we’re just a deeply sarcastic people.

Did you really think we liked strangers? Which country has ever liked strangers? Honestly?

We humour you like children because you throw spoiled tantrums if we treat you like adults, as the response to this note shall likely provoke.

Also, nobody cares if you’re offended. The bleeding hearts are mocking you, they’re ‘winding you up’. In fact, we silently enjoy the amateur hysterics of a mantrum or the meltdown of a Trigglypuff. If everything we do offends you, get out of our country. Yes, ours. Sod off.

All our sincerest apathy for your existence,


      actual English people

       aka not the London traitor wankers we all hate.

If everything in London but the museums fell into the ocean, nothing of value would be lost.

p.s. if you complain about this country whatsoever, we’re all thinking you should shut up and leave. That’s what stiff upper lip means. The London wankers are conning you out of your money, they don’t actually agree. They think you’re retarded. You all laugh at Mr Collins in Pride & Prejudice, but this is how we view foreigners trying to fit in here.

p.p.s. The black cab drivers are the only ones who might tell you the truth, but this is 50/50.

schools hide this

public debt to GDP ratio now 100.35%

past 90%, when I last checked, economies are known to stagnate

so no, it isn’t this “pandemic”, it’s the DEBT

Socialism kills.

external debt to GDP


External debt as percentage of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the ratio between the debt a country owes to non-resident creditors and its nominal GDP. External debt is the part of a country’s total debt that was borrowed from foreign lenders, including commercial banks, governments or international financial institutions. Debtors can be individuals, corporations or the government….

guessing China is high on that list?

recently gone a lot higher


Mainstream media headlines today are focused on Britain’s record national debt, which just surpassed £1 trillion, a figure that can only exponentially increase unless the entire mechanism of Government finance is overhauled.

The truth however is much worse, factoring in all liabilities including state and public sector pensions, the real national debt is closer to £4.8 trillion, some £78,000 for every person in the UK.

I hope the immigrants like their gibs of what, 400 cash per week?

Their passport makes them 1. viable to draft (what did you think you were signing?)*

and 2. on the hook for now 78K. Because Boomers “paid into the system”. 

Yes, a Ponzi system.

I’m gonna love this decade.

*You can’t hate the brown cannon fodder more than the Army hates them.

see more here:

average wage is apparently 30K

lol no, stop counting immigrants and AA hires

“We need multiculturalism for the economy” lie
Worst slow-down since 1760-1800.

Dare you to look at the welfarites as a percentage, Bloomberg. Compare the demographics historically, compare them! The welfarites on pensions are the worst, tanking us the same as Rome.

No Shit Central: When you allow companies to import workers from literally everywhere, the domestic workers go jobless.
Also, why try? as many have told me, when they’re discriminated against for being white.
If you’ll never get the promotion, why work hard?

Guess the deportations can commence without fear of Muh GDP.

Diversity is our strength, look at GDP! So good for companies, it must be enforced by the State!

Repeal the Race Relations Act and let people hire by MERIT.

Remember, as national IQ drops, so does GDP.

You can’t really threaten high IQ people (nationally nor individually), we’ll just scale down production to shake off the leeches like a dog shaking off fleas. I said in Best Post, we’re on strike.

Sorry I gibs no spare shekels to your share price, Mr Banker Man.

Tax capital gains fairly (at min. parity) or the income workers won’t bother.

Diversity is the death of productivity.

I promised a year or two ago I’d “deep dive” on our economy but data like abortions, crime, drug abuse isn’t actually really collected, let alone available. Coincidence?

Video: Criminal rape victim

Justice is dead, isn’t it?

The “feminists” don’t care.

The police and politicians are in on it.

So much for “hate crimes”, isn’t it?

But “age of consent” has nothing to do with rape, you weirdo. They don’t become non-victims aged 16-18, the pedos are pushing it as “underage sex” – no, it’s child rape. We already have a term, don’t use the Marxist rhetoric.

BTL dying

End the Buy to Let ponzi from landlords of 100 properties or more before it takes down the entire society.

When this is over, you’ll want to shoot the real estate agents as traitors, selling for corrupt foreign blood money. They’ve aided and abetted international fraud.

Put it out of its misery.

Great taste in ‘builders’.

“It was a shocking experience and no one is accepting liability.”

It’s terrorism.

“Our landlord is confused what is covered by his building insurance and the contractor doesn’t want to accept liability.”

Yeah, ’cause they’ll be deported. It’s criminal damage.

Halifax launches new 100% mortgage for first time buyers with no deposit needed

Hold me.

In London, the average first-time buyer deposit now stands at £101,389 (22% of the purchase price) – almost double the 2009 figure of £50,944.

My fucking sides.

“y u so cynical” – er…. maths?

Jesus f-ing Christ.

“While increasing numbers of first-time buyers is good news for the housing market and they are not far off the peak of the last boom which was just under 190,000 in 2006 – it’s saving enough to get a foot in the door that’s still the biggest blocker,” Russell Galley, at Halifax, said.

Yeah, you don’t wanna be last person in line for the abattoir.

Before the door shuts. You’ll miss your free shower.

Statistically, the average first-time buyer is now 31, with that age having slowly crept up over the past decade from 30.

The oldest are in London (33),

And these buyers now make up more than half of the UK’s mortgage financed house purchases, compared to 38% in 2009.

Ask yourself: who are these pricks in media gonna sell to?

They’re gonna live about fifty years. That’s a lotta taxes.

The city was only valuable because of the PEOPLE.

No magic dirt! Who’ll buy your shit bricks near a mega-mosque, Han?

If you’re not married and planning kiddies, why the fuck do you need a house? To show off your prize pozzed dildo collection?

It continues because…. stupidity.

When it comes to affordable homes, the number of areas in this bracket has fallen from 83 to 38.

Keep voting for diversity, you bloody numpties.

You can’t white flight tied to a house depreciating in value thanks to your new neighbours.

Regionally, first-time buyers in Yorkshire and the Humber, Wales and East Midlands have to find the lowest deposit – 16% of the total purchase price – compared to London at 22%.

Are those not both low?

Halifax has today launched a new family boost mortgage to help first-time buyers get on the ladder without a deposit.

Instead of a lump sum, savings from parents or other family members can be used to provide security for 10% of the loan.

Ho Lee Shit.

You wanted to pack the country like a tin of sardines, you numerically illiterate pathological altruist twits.

The champagne socialists will more than pay for their mistakes, as I long predicted.

Buy to let is the most sophisticated timeshare. Hey, you get to pay all this money now and get little crumbs back! Maybe! Aren’t you proud? Don’t add up when you’ll break even, you’ll ruin their ‘lending’ fun. You’ll never make that much money. Sure, the banks could buy all the properties and do the same thing but you’re so gosh darn smart! Safe as tulip colours!
You whine about social credit, brag about your credit score. You are SO clever.

All the alcoholics down the pub agree with you, you’re just a genius.

we are offering families a way to help give the next generation the boost that they need to get on to the property ladder,

it’s called inheritance?

while providing competitive rates to both buyer and supporter,” the lender said.

Never a buyer nor lender be. Who is jewing who?

Competitive rates, eh? Fixed, I’d wager. Would be a shame if the markets were inflated or something.

There won’t be a house for nonny to move in because the banks know you’ll default on the mortgage and she’ll lose her savings, meaning you won’t even be able to keep her warm. Multi-generational stupidity.

The three-year mortgage is fixed at 2.9% with no fee, while the deposit savings are held at a fixed rate of 2.5% for the same period.

Inflation called. It said nothing.

It took everything.

At the end of the three years, provided that the mortgage payments have been kept up to date, the savings and interest will be returned to the supporter (ie family member).

Three years of continuous payment. From a Millennial? How will they buy the next iPhone?

They’re holding life savings to ransom and you’re letting them.

But if you’re on your own, Wayhome is offering a slightly different version of shared ownership. Essentially it pairs you with a ‘funding partner’ in order to purchase a property.


You stick down 5% as the deposit, while the partner pays the rest.

Mathematically, how.

You then pay rent on the chunk of the property that you don’t own, with the option to overpay on the rent whenever you like.


You can increase your stake in the property by up to 5% a year, up to a maximum of a 40% ownership.

40% =/= ownership

told you it was a timeshare

BTL is anti-natal cancer. By the time you have a house, you can’t breed.

Who is jewing who here, it’s like an orgy of bullshit.

Meanwhile, high fertility imported voters get a house whenever they like, the best London mansions.

reminder: importing voters is treason

What happens at 40%, you ask?

It gets better:

Once you’ve reached that point the idea is that you’ll be in a position to get a traditional mortgage and purchase the property outright from your funding partner.

So the raw, worst deal from: the bank, a credit score, your relatives, or a mystery ‘business’ partner, producing nothing, who is also a landlord over you, and you can’t sell anything in the meantime?

This is the Asians, isn’t it? It’s got Asian IQ written all over it.

Get them, Goldberg. Get everything.

The problems for buy-to-let investors have continued to mount over recent years. Not only have property prices failed to rise across the UK, due in part to high valuations, tax changes and mortgage availability have also meant the profitability of the segment has come under pressure….

People d-d-d-don’t want to invest in diversity?

Can we force the police and social workers to live in the cities they work in?

They love diversity, right?

Buy-to-let returns have come under pressure for many landlords in recent years, with government changes to tax a key reason.

Socialism pays – the state. It pays, the state.

Prisoners voting for guards.

As well as a 3% stamp duty surcharge on second homes, there’s less scope to offset mortgage interest payments against rental income than in the past.

Young people are saying fuck you, I’m staying home? Can they do that? Make adult choices?

The impact is that a landlord’s cash flow, after all costs have been paid, may be down on where it has been in the past.

Being a middle man scumbag makes no money, poor babies.

How many times did they vote Labour for those taxes? How many?

Don’t pity the greedy, they voted for this.

“Labour is a member of the Party of European Socialists and Progressive Alliance, holds observer status in the Socialist International, and sits with the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament.”

“Secondly, Henderson secured the adoption of a comprehensive statement of party policies, as drafted by Sidney Webb. Entitled “Labour and the New Social Order,” it remained the basic Labour platform until 1950. It proclaimed a socialist party whose principles included a guaranteed minimum standard of living for everyone, nationalisation of industry, and heavy taxation of large incomes and of wealth.[21] It was in 1918 that Clause IV, as drafted by Sidney Webb, was adopted into Labour’s constitution, committing the party to work towards “the common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange.””

“Historically, influenced by Keynesian economics, the party favoured government intervention in the economy, and the redistribution of wealth. Taxation was seen as a means to achieve a “major redistribution of wealth and income” in the October 1974 election manifesto.[150] The party also desired increased rights for workers, and a welfare state including publicly funded healthcare.

In more recent times, a limited number of Members of Parliament in the Socialist Campaign Group and the Labour Representation Committee have seen themselves as the standard bearers for the radical socialist tradition in contrast to the democratic socialist tradition represented by organisations such as Compass and the magazine Tribune.”

You voted to lose your own money.

from counter signal memes

Should interest rates rise, this could put their future return prospects under even greater pressure.

Maths, who needs that?

They’re so much smarter than whitey, they bought a new Mercedes!

Furthermore, with the FTSE 250 generating around 50% of its revenue from outside of the UK, its growth potential may be higher than a buy-to-let investment. Countries such as China and India are growing at a pace that’s as much as five or six times the UK’s growth rate.

growth without limits

like cancer

This could catalyse the index’s performance,

no, all economies stagnate at 90+% debt/GDP

due to many of its members having exposure to the emerging world.

Stick a fork. #dead

Let’s do the obvious check.,_1st_Baron_Passfield

Clause IV guy.

Man of the people. The chosen people:

“Sidney James Webb, (13 July 1859 – 13 October 1947) was a Jewish Bolshevik, economist and co-founder of the London School of Economics. He was one of founder members of the Marxist Fabian Society in 1884 and wrote the original Clause IV of the British Labour Party.” source

Why doesn’t wikipedia mention this?

It doesn’t mention the Bolshevism either, but does link the eugenic publication.

No demand eh? Maybe sell to aborted babies!

Sales volumes expectations for the next three months dropped to -23 from -4, while short-term expectations for prices declined to -24 from -13.

Britain’s housing market has slowed since June 2016’s referendum decision to leave the EU, though outright price falls have been concentrated in London and nearby areas – a pattern that persisted in August’s RICS data.


RICS also noted continued strong demand from tenants at the national level, combined with fewer landlords listing property to rent.

They don’t want to rent to Third World tenants they can’t legally evict.

“The pressure is for rents to continue moving higher and indeed outstripping any price gains both in the near and medium term,” Rubinsohn said.

You import leeches, you feel faint.

This is just the beginning.

Socialists wanting shekels

Market forces.

They won’t actually shut up shop, they’re bluffing.

They just want more money and they’re threatening literal famine to do so.

Socialist farmers only do it for the shekels.

Real farmers want a profit, but not at the expense of their people.

You know, the generations buying it?

Nobody’s forcing you to sell to the EU, their money is worthless anyway.

Prices should come down, food should be bought locally, they’ve been spoiled.

Throwing a tantrum won’t increase the value of their product, profit margins are supposed to be thin.

Nobody made you buy the pimp tractor for 5 figs or the best drone bullshit.

If domestic prices aren’t kept down, poor people could starve.

More important, you’d think. They have a duty to feed this country.

The food security issue needs to be pushed, this is national security.

Nobody cares about feelings. You chose that line of work, shut it.

The yellow vest thing in France is lazy farmers and drivers who over-value their low hours per week (look it up) because their socialist state funds them at the expense of the people.