Gold-backed yuan

China Prepares To Launch Its Gold Convertible Petro-Yuan March 26, 2018: Five ‘Test Runs’ Have Successfully Completed.

All the snarky commentators who told me I was deluded, please hate yourself.

Been saying for years.

Literally years.


In actuality it’s Russia backed.

China needs Russian oil.

As stated, Russia could win a war with China just by starving out their food exports and oil then step over their mountains of corpses to take the gold.

Ukraine was about grain.

Ukraine typically exports over half of its grain output, averaging around 39Mt per year, making it a key player in the international export market and capable of wielding a fair influence on world prices.


Remember this.

The look on China’s face when they rely on the EU for aid will be priceless.

They’ll regret that bridge. Plenty of Africans will be sent down it.

America: just buy all the yuan and immediately trade it in for gold.