Link: Ultrasound, birth defects, retardation and the abortion incentive

There’s no cost to the medical professional for making a woman abort a healthy baby. Despite clear negligence in their role.

I know this looks like madness, not scanning when necessary and scanning when not. This is why women need to be fully informed of unbiased material on the research available so they can carry out their own risk assessment before deciding against or demanding upon an ultrasound. In normal routine scans to assess foetal growth I deem them unnecessary and harmful, but using them to see if I am ectopic, that my baby or myself is at fatal risk, I deem necessary. After I have understood and assessed the risks involved, for now at least, I realize that I do not understand enough and further research of updated material is always required.

As with most incompetence, upon further investigation, it seems that perhaps incompetence is trained, guided and managed perfectly well.

There was a huge study in China (called the China study in these circles) connecting the number and severity of birth defects with the number of ultrasounds. It was clear causal evidence, huge sample, great method. Ultrasounds haven’t been retested in decades, and since then their power levels have been raised greatly.

Anti-natal feminists think good ideas are evil


This made me laugh.
They have no idea how briefing or reconnaissance or psyops work.
And they’re comparing themselves, and their bloodlust to people trained to do it for a living against people capable of defending themselves, without guilt.

Objectively, it’s a bloody good idea. That’s why we do it already. The whole idea of intelligence work and spying rests on this, and it’s millennia old. What a typical tumblr twit to be ignorant of all of this.
As is the idea of an external ultrasound. Seeing what you’re doing creates a pang of conscience in people with a soul. If you create a life, you take responsibility for it, regardless of whether you intended to create life or not. As for explaining the process of the abortion itself, erhm, that’s called medical consent? Aren’t feminists meant to be big on choice and consent?