Vegans hate women

Not specifically vegan in some studies but close. They daren’t do direct studies.

Already shown you this
“Researchers in the United States have found a link between a low-fat dairy diet and increased risk of anovulatory infertility.”


There’s more!
“Seven of nine women in the vegetarian group became anovulatory.”
78%. Wow.

For the many obese vegans:
“In young women being overweight appears to be one of the major and still neglected causes of subfertility. Not only the excessive amount but also the distribution of body fat is clearly related to loss of fertility.”
We already knew it causes subfertility in men.

“These high concentrations of androgen and insulin in turn are important factors in the preferential abnormal localization of body fat.”
aka Unhealthy women have boy hips and no waist.

(Actually, I’d pay good money to see a subfertility study in Asians, especially considering all the GMO soybean products).

“in addition, have a higher rate of miscarriages”
forcing pregnancy means sickly babies, a miscarriage where not stress-based is just rejecting the genome that would be an infant mortality statistic anyway

If they aren’t responsible for their body, why are they allowed a baby?
“Drugs increasing insulin sensitivity also improve spontaneous ovulation and fertility in obese women but still need to be tested in larger controlled trials.”

Why don’t you listen to Mother Nature and stop trying to force babies?

At least do a follow-up study on their own health risks to show the practice is safe.
Fertility is not an entitlement.
Obese people are not healthy.

Agriculturally pushed carbs are the culprit, not meat or dairy
“Vegans take more pride in their diets than do vegetarians.”
Yeah, we know they do.
“Vegans view their diets as more central to their identity than do vegetarians.”
Isn’t that a mental illness? Orthorexia?

“had more positive feelings toward their dietary in-group (higher private regard)”
so vegans are racist?
“evaluated out-group dieters more negatively (lower out-group regard)”
yep, most meat-eaters in the world aren’t white…
Veganism was invented in 1944 in England, so clearly it’s racist.
“A retrospective review indicated that vegans should ensure adequate intake of a few nutrients.”
Supplements are either animal derived or tested on animals.
“”We found that some of these nutrients, which can have implications in neurologic disorders, anemia, bone strength and other health concerns, can be deficient in poorly planned vegan diets,”
“The study points out that some vegans rely heavily on processed foods and may not eat a sufficient variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.”
Obese vegans.

They also tend to consume non-organic coffee that’s been sprayed with fungicides, herbicides and pesticides.
“In some cases, iron and zinc status of vegans may also be of concern because of the limited bioavailability of these minerals.”
Things you need to live. Really?

Vegans dosing b12 probably don’t get it
“Approximately 85% of participants categorized as having low vitamin B-12 were taking vitamin B-12 supplements at doses in excess of the Recommended Dietary Allowance, which suggests that more research is needed to determine breast-milk adequacy values.”
again, women suffer more from stupid fad dieting, as the sex with a more complex body that’s intended to support another body in the form of a fetus
it suggests since their body isn’t adsorbing it that they’re still suffering brain shrinkage and also logically so too would the baby

You’d think that would be an important study to do.

Racial confound but okay
“4.5% lower body fat in vegan women”
thinner isn’t better, it isn’t healthier, especially for women
women need a higher body fat %
doesn’t control for source of meat
“Patterns of differences by diet group were similar in white men.”
Thinner men is also bad.
“In the Indian population, compared with meat eaters, vegetarian women were shorter (−1.1 cm) and had lower lean mass (−0.5 kg), and both vegetarian women and men had lower grip strength (−1.3 and −1.4 kg, respectively).”
Malnutrition 101
This suggests an Asian subfertility study must be done.
They also had less lean mass… hmm….
Differences in anthropometric and physiologic characteristics were observed across diet groups in white participants, but fewer differences were observed in British Indian participants.”
Diet is more important for white people who evolved to eat more meat during the Ice Age.
Water is wet.

And the word you use from the passport doesn’t count medically. They are not British, they are their bodies – Indian.

British Indian makes it sound like they belong to the Empire, technically they do. They can’t medically blend with their passport, they’ll never be British. Ever. They missed the local evolutionary events as we missed theirs.

We ain’t related, mate. You aren’t entitled to any claim on this place culturally. You will never belong here. A passport doesn’t make you a Martian either. It reminds me of Doctor Who psychic paper, just stop.

Someone tell them a passport is actually a license to draft. Including stupid dual passport holders thinking that places like Singapore don’t have any legal hold over them.
It isn’t a golden ticket. You’d have to have a permanently slow group IQ to think that.

Actually, diet x IQ study? Why no?
You have to scroll for the real findings.
“In contrast, both lacto-ovo-vegetarian and vegan females do not seem to have a lower risk of mortality from cardiovascular diseases. Not so clear patterns are observed for cancer outcomes. While lacto-ovo-vegetarians have lower risk of cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, vegans experience a higher risk for cancer of the urinary tract. For other-cancer sites, the risk is slightly but not significantly lower for both lacto-ovo-vegetarians and vegans compared to non-vegetarians. Subsequent reports with longer follow-up time and more cancer cases will help clarify the role of specific vegetarian diets with cancer outcomes.”

Little to no difference, especially for women.
Some cancer rates higher.
Any benefits are largely not being obese. If properly controlled for, that suggests cancer may be higher risk.

“In the EPIC-Oxford study [67], vegans had 30% higher fracture rates than meat-eaters. ”
Vitamin B12 deficiency may increase CVD risk factors [70], and is associated for a wide range of neurological disorders [71]. In addition, for those following a vegan diet, optimizing intakes of n-3 fatty acids is highly recommended ”

reconcile absorption study above

the lower cardio risk is an assumption based on supplementation, not the dietary fact per se

“large randomized dietary intervention trials on vegan and lacto-ovo-vegetarian patterns are warranted to duplicate the findings and further investigate the health effects of these diets.”
They’re mainly studying religious people, not the typical atheist vegan.
“The research on the health effects of vegan diets and chronic diseases have mostly derived from observational studies of Adventist and Oxford vegetarians cohorts”
That isn’t generalisable.
“In general, the protective effects of vegetarian diets are stronger in men than in women.”
Paleo makes no sense considering all the diseases men are at risk of most, are made worse by eating tons of red meat. If you won’t listen to science, you’ll have to talk to Mr Prostate Cancer.

Where’s the sex realism in dietary advice? No, men can’t get away with eating like women either. Almost like there are chemicals varying between the two.

And body builders have atrocious health. I’d like to see a study on how unhealthy gyms are. Exercising in those are the worst places you can exercise. I heard there’s HPV on the machines.

Plot twist:
“Populations who have had a primarily vegetarian diet for generations were found to be far more likely to carry DNA which makes them susceptible to inflammation.”
Racial confound.
That’s why Indians or Asians especially need to be vegetarian.
Their DNA is quite fragile.
“Scientists in the US believe that the mutation occurred to make it easier for vegetarians to absorb essential fatty acids from plants.
But it has the knock-on effect of boosting the production of arachidonic acid, which is linked to inflammatory disease and cancer.”
Vegetable oils are especially toxic for them (break out the ghee).

Vegan propaganda

Note the link says one third that magically disappears.

Fake news, people who can afford to go to Waitrose are going to boutique butchers.

One in eight”


“Britons is now vegetarian or vegan, according to a new report on food shopping that underlines a revolution in the UK’s eating habits.”
Invest in healthcare, there’s a boom in medical conditions on the horizon.

Veganism: The brain aging diet?

Vegetarian and vegan are totally different diets, stop conflating them, the false equivalence gives me a Vitamin B12 deficiency brain shrinkage headache.

There’s also the blatantly obvious fact that more plants increases pesticide ingestion. Organic plants still contain a lot of pesticide, increasing intake substantially (% of diet) will steamroll omnivore consumption.

Plus the animal and bug murder of ‘pest control’.

A five year-old could understand that making food involves killing things, that also want to eat your food. Biological competition?

Here’s where they sneak in the propaganda:

A series of influential reports have said that avoiding meat and dairy products is the single biggest way consumers can reduce their environmental impact on the planet, because farming animals is such a CO2-intensive process.”

So is the article about a Waitrose survey or mysterious, unlinked (!) reports?

“Nick Palmer, the head of Compassion in World Farming UK says “Science proves that the healthiest diet is one that is plant-heavy. By eating less meat, fish, eggs and dairy

most food, then

and choosing higher welfare when we do, we can all help animals, people and the planet.””

Science proves no, it doesn’t.

Source? There are certainly no solid studies like that on vegans. We’ve been looking but all they hand us is hand-waving conjecture and reddit-tier self-report. Scientism promotes the high-fructose diet of veganism and their skin shows it.

Also, people are animals. If you really wanted to help the planet, you’d commit suicide. Total extinction of your carbon footprint, as a carbon-based life form.

The Waitrose info seems to confirm it’s a static fad, as in, no new people are taking it up.

Is that it? Also now it’s 1 in 5.

“Publication of the findings represents awkward timing for Waitrose.” PR. Fake news. A term banned in the press here now.
Faking data for the public should be illegal, especially when these people are dispensing medical advice.

Back to pure, organic bullshit:
“The number of vegans in the UK, who shun all animal products including dairy and eggs, has grown fourfold in the past four years from 150,000 to 600,000,”

Wait for it.

“…according to the Vegan Society.”
Would they lie to us? And that isn’t very encouraging considering rising obesity levels, what % of vegetarians and what % of vegans are overweight at all?

Look at the Waitrose data. There are tiny percentages involved.
For <50s, the number is static between age ranges. There is no movement.

The lines added represent the mean for almost all age groups, and it wobbles within 1-2%, nothing!

“Waitrose was the first UK supermarket to install dedicated vegan sections in 134 of its stores in May.”

Ah, this is an advert.

What’s the difference between a cucumber and a vegan cucumber?

What you do with it.

That justifies the price hike.

“This year, we’ve seen vegan food go mainstream” said Natalie Mitchell.

No, it isn’t, the rate of uptake isn’t higher with people under 30 or even 20.

If you’re gonna lie with statistics, get good with it?

“people are discovering that it tastes amazing.”

reconcile with

“Many of the vegan and vegetarian respondents said they missed bacon sandwiches and pork scratchings.”

“About 60% of vegans and 40% of vegetarians surveyed said they had adopted the lifestyle over the past five years, with 55% citing animal welfare concerns, 45% health reasons and 38% environmental issues.”

So what? Relevance? Make a different article proving that.

They don’t want to label halal meat, let alone ban its inhumane production in this country. They don’t care about the animals. Whatsoever.

There are no good studies I’ve seen on veganism altogether and vegetarian studies are fraught with method errors then environment – well, most new meat demand comes from China so you’re barking up the wrong tree. And their demand is only rising with their population boom.

Behold! Real DATA!

That is not your imagination, Israel consumes BY FAR the most meat in the world (poultry value cinches it).

When are you shaming them, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Peru?

Are the Guardian calling on the UK government to reduce production in this country of Halal and Kosher meat (insufficiently or not at all stunned, torturing the animal?) and to stop selling it abroad, increasing cruel meat demand? No? Then they don’t care about the animals.

“Scientific research published this year found that without meat and dairy consumption, global farmland use could be reduced by more than 75% – an area equivalent to the US, China, the EU and Australia combined – and still feed the world.”

So who eats the most meat? Clue – not white people! Are we all meant to go on rations (worse than rations, majority food group eradication) for the supposed benefit of other people in the world who don’t?
Shaming people for eating, they’re totally serious.


BCD – children deserve to develop properly and adults require adequate nutrition for fertility, especially women. I’m shocked the feminists are too dense to twig that shaming dairy is heavily sexist against women.

Before someone who can’t google gets triggered at the word ‘sexist’…
“Researchers in the United States have found a link between a low-fat dairy diet and increased risk of anovulatory infertility.” For one study.

There is definitely a link between veganism (worse, no dairy) and female infertility which remains unexplored.

“In the drinks aisle, Waitrose singles out the popularity of organic wine.”

Alcohol is proven to permanently damage your DNA. Health reasons, huh? Not signalling?

Wine doesn’t have mental benefits over beer, either. It’s false stereotype.

“Waitrose’s managing director, Rob Collins, said: “Being mindful of how we live and eat has become a priority in today’s world. As we become increasingly mindful of our own health, the wellbeing of our family and that of the planet, we’re reshaping how we shop, cook and eat.””

Read: consume less food so your betters can consume more, for the good of socialist globalism.

It won’t make you stupider, that’s impossible….
“It was this new meat diet, full of densely-packed nutrients, that provided the catalyst for human evolution, particularly the growth of the brain…”

Fun fact: A lot of Hollywood goes vegan because it allows their body to handle more drug abuse.
“Is Your Medicine Vegan? Probably Not”

The Darwin Awards need a Vegan section.

“Some people avoid products that are tested on or derived from animals, but don’t feel drug-use, smoking, and the like are directly related to the issue of animal cruelty.”

Here’s an illustration of the issue I take with surveys on diet.

I hand-typed this.
Vegetarian Society:

2007 – 3618 adults
2009 – 3219 adults
2010 – 548 adults
2011 – 1031 adults
2012 – 1491 adults surveyed.

2007 – 3% vegetarian (more female), 2% vegan (more men).
2009 – 3% vegetarian, 5% partially (WTF is that? That’s normal).
2010 – 2% adults AND children vegetarian. Less than 1% vegan.
2011 – 2% adults AND children vegetarian. Less than 1% vegan.
2012 – 2% adults AND children vegetarian. Less than 1% vegan.

Reconcile with

Opposite politics, reporting the same shoddy “data”.
Thinks that make you go Hmmmmm….

What propaganda? Fake news is banned.

You don’t need a phrase like that.

“As of 2016, Asia Pacific held the largest share of vegan consumers globally, with approximately nine percent of people following a vegan diet in this area.”

Bathe in these vegan tears

23 minutes of high caliber bullshit.

It’s the current year! We’re past evolution, aren’t we?

Why am I posting this? I’m a bitch, that’s why.

I dislike when idiots call everyone who notices their idiocy, the real idiots.

I would say drink every time she says something vapid but even James Bond might struggle on this one.

It’s like the Christians at gay pride who think they’ll make a difference.

OMG how dare people have a different lifestyle to me!

Yes. People are allowed but you know the mileage may vary on their results. What’s the problem? Do you really care if Pablo goes to Hell? If you don’t wanna fund their drugs and STD shots, that’s one thing but what are you gonna do, stopper their anus with a cork?

And is this really about the cute and fluffy animals?

When do we put down all zoo and nature preserve predators because they (gasp!) eat meat.

Carnist is a terrible insult, it sounds like a compliment.

You fed on your mother in the womb, biology is weird.

Various chemical supplements can only be derived from animal products, not that it’ll be on the label because the product itself is ‘pure’, this is like Puritan eating. Pest control kills tons of fluffy things because they compete for vegetables and vegans, unlike vegetarians, have tons of gastro issues because their gut lining is ruined.

Where’s the long term study? I haven’t seen a good one. You can’t just claim muh veganism without proof and it’s such a high sugar (and fructose!) diet that it theoretically sounds awful for you.

People who took Disney films a little too seriously as a kid and think they’re all equivalent intelligence to humans. Even humans aren’t equivalent to humans, QED.

What’s the cost in oil to produce various vegan products? Or do they assume production works on fairy farts? They’re heavily processed still.

They don’t wanna fund lab meat, they want to deprive others, typical narc logic.

Racist vegan white men countersignalling

It was all in the title but OK, click.

When women have a special thing, we hate when men steal it.


doing our hair

painting our nails

wearing dresses

wearing makeup.

That’s our thing. It’s characteristic. It’s disturbing to see men in our clothes.

Imagine a woman in a Kiss the Cook apron. Something is off there.

Men don’t do well on vegan diets obviously but the countersignal of “I can afford to” is a genetic signal to personal adaptiveness. The study is correct but the conclusions too PC to apply to real life. It’s the dietary equivalent of a peacock. Only a person without a real job (some desk jockey in media) would be able to afford the caloric drop and the nutrient loss (and the expensive food). It’s the middle class white man’s diet.

This writer doesn’t know how to write about science but I won’t bother punching at him. e.g. For this, the sample size is actually large in the field. Shh.
There are no blanket critiques, we have equations.

Click to access samplesize1.pdf

That ^ was on the first line of the first page of Google. STFU with that one.
I tend to kick sociologists, admittedly but I hate loud idiots. We all do.

Stop copy pasting criticisms of one study off reddit and randomly trying to stick it on another. Fake intellectuals keep doing this and it’s annoying. Each study is unique, like the wrinkles on your balls.

It would be like pointing at every painting and calling it a Picasso.
We call tell you’re wrong instantly. Please stop.

The problem with the internet is there will always be someone smarter than you reading your bullshit. Usually me. Angry tea-drinking.

But the study is basically angry that men still think like men even when they’re acting like women. It’s like they’re mocking us as stupid but also milking the virtue signal we own for male status points. It’s true and it is unfair but so what?

If something is the smart thing to do, the reasons don’t really matter. But it’s a way of framing their diet as an achievement of intellect, holding themselves up while pushing emotional people down, as if all humans aren’t emotional. There’s a good point in there.

Emotional reasoning exists, it isn’t an oxymoron. You could call it morality.

We are not machines, being purely rational is called being a monster. We shouldn’t be sociologically rewarding very cold people for being nice when it suits.

The study is correct. I don’t like it, but there’s solid reasoning.

I don’t care but there are always those sad people who view everything as a battle of the sexes when we all live in the same society.

It isn’t a sexed choice, it’s food. That’s the point.

It’s like vegan men are saying to vegan women “anything you can do, I can do better.”

No, it’s the exact same thing.
You come at it from opposite sides: animal welfare and scientific consumption.

Both are important but the men are trying to over-value themselves and mansplain for a sexual edge, I guess? That’s annoying. That’s really insulting, when you think about  it.

Like, “don’t worry, kitten, I know why you should eat that better than you do.”
For an opposite comparison, imagine if a woman told you that you were crying wrong.
We don’t do it, we could.

The obnoxious men are putting new people off, like tumblr fans ruining Sherlock.

“I’m a better vegan than you.” No veganer than thou intellectualizations. This isn’t a sexual thing, stop trying to make it a sexual thing.

I disagree with the practice of veganism but cannot fault the logic of this study.

A list of reasons vegans are stupid

These are rhetorical questions because they are impossible to talk around.
I am only doing this once. This is not everything. It is off the top of my head.

Farmers kill animals they cannot sell.
They will sell it to other customers i.e. the increasing demand from China and India. This is never-ending.
Animals are domesticated and bred by eugenics through centuries or millennia of animal husbandry and rearing practice, they could not survive in the wild without humans any longer.
Shoot the dogs, release the wolves into the wild. Domesticating “dogs” was evil.
Most meat reared for human consumption is a prey species. Left in an ecosystem over time, they over-populate, catch disease, suffer from decreased living standards, predate or aggress against one another in panic, starve since local resources are finite and there are massive die-offs. That is the greatest suffering available to an unintelligent species.
Show me the ancient vegan tribes that survived longer than one famine.
How much technology (and electricity) does the vegan diet depend on over others?
You need thousands more studies on vegans (most medical studies cannot be replicated) to be this cocky.
Humans picked off many predators, natural predators e.g. wolves in Europe, to make ourselves apex predators.
Arable land cannot be taken up with animals we cannot eat or otherwise use, especially since a greater square footage of area is required for the denser vegetable nutrition requirements of a non-meat eating diet.
The arguments for chicken guilt sound an awful lot like the arguments for white guilt.
Chickens are crazy, pigeons would be better but provide less meat.
Emotional appeals do not apply to species that do not experience pain like us. No vegan advocates saving the insects (a protein source, used in dyes) unless you count bees. Bees die before consuming the honey they produce, there is a surplus.
Good butchery practices cannot be developed if we do not continue to study animals.
Medicine will grind to a halt unless vegans put themselves up for gruelling medical testing.
Animal testing allows us to kill the animal for dissection and reduce human mortality. Tell a child with cancer why you don’t want their meds to get funding. Go ahead, try.
If you hate humans so much, why live in urban areas of the highest density and avoid sterilizing yourself?
Europe is the only sustainable continent by population. In any discussion of food supply, you must look at the demand issue first.
Non-white races have the highest demand for meat. This is because there are more of them but also because of cultural, tribal practices in which meats are preferred and how they are prepared.
Can we eat an animal who dies naturally or by accident? Define accident.
Can we eat lab-grown meat? Why not develop that, when there would be no carcinogenic chemicals in it?
Why not regulate massive food companies, don’t you people love involving government in everything else?
Why are vegans trying to convert people like a religion?
Isn’t veganism a religion for people who refuse to drop other unhealthy habits e.g. drinking, drugs, promiscuity and shallow sleep?
GMOs were developed to meet plant yields. To feed a vegetarian world, you must eat GMO. This sterilizes animal models.
The arable land to allow wild animals we cannot use does not exist.
The land would be stripped by allowing these creatures to ride roughshod since we killed off their checks and balances.
How far back do we go in cloning old predators? Shouldn’t we care about the Neanderthals too? They were smarter than us.
Your government is producing more meat than ever. They are selling it internationally. National solutions do nothing.
Would you ban the sale of meat? If not, we are forced to conclude you are eating it on the quiet. Human meat is already illegal to sell but has been sold in modern times as other types.
How do we fix soil fertility?
What about soil erosion?
How many local species of creature must die to clear farmland? Farms do not naturally exist. Trees and bushes take up the space. Don’t you care about the fluffy bunnies, rare birds or foxes?
How many vegans give a damn about the illegal immigrants who work at slave wages in dire conditions to pick your greens?
How many vegans are willing to grow their own food?
How about working part-time on a farm to nurture and pick their own food? Why not? Why are you too good for manual labour? If meat-eaters must butcher their own food, why can’t you manure some carrots?
Meat-eating evolved to spare us calories, how do you propose we replace those and the nutrient-density of animal products, let alone magically evolve new brains and key organs e.g. stomach?
Where do you intend to source your animal quality collagen?
How do you prevent the purity spiral of healthy eating, moralistic dieting into eating disorder?
Vegans cannot exercise, they require unnatural sources to hit regular caloric requirements. Considering many modern humans exercise wrong (for their body’s needs) and in excess, where do the good calories come from and isn’t it wasteful to produce food for the vanity of abs and asses? Better to leave earth fallow for nutrients.
Why do vegans refuse to eat sheep but wear their ‘fur’?
Agriculture changed human society forever, true or false?
The Industrial Revolution changed food technoloogy forever, so why do you think we can dial the clock back without a subsequent collapse in living standard?
Why are un-developed humans (<25) allowed on this diet? Allowing a child or teen on a special diet is considered abuse. Young adults are still developing in the brain and the reproductive and hormonal systems, diets are medically dangerous.
Food prices would rocket, you classist bastards.
If just one person in the world has differing dietary needs, animal murder becomes a statistic again. What about homicide, death penalty or nah?
Humans have different eating patterns, at least by timing – grazers exist. The same would apply to chemical needs for animal products.
Why don’t we equalise it by banning all takeaways and expensive restaurants. The middle of the road places could easily cater to this mode of eating for the masses, the takeaways are full of toxins and the rich places are too exclusive. Think of it as caloric communism.
You must prevent illegal tree-napping, the logging practices of places like Ikea (founded by a fascist) because poultry, for example, need trees of many kinds for shelter.
Aren’t vegans just squeamish on the whole?
Trees communicate, in pain, they don’t oppose the use of wood in their house. Alternatives are available.
What is the cap on global population and the cap on national limits for infrastructure and food security purposes?
I have never, ever in my life heard a vegan utter the term ‘food security’.
Don’t carbs make you fat?
Why do vegans carb load when you claim to care about health?
Ban vegan junk food. The market shouldn’t exist.
Does the water exist to farm the things you rely on e.g. almonds in California?
How do you refute the evidence (try Authority Nutrition) that grains caused the American obesity crisis?
At the very least, grains should not be the bulk of any human diet. This goes more so for modern mixed grains. It’s war-time rationing that made us depend on grains.
What about harmful food packaging? I don’t mean just BPA-free plastics but the neurotoxic effect of aluminium cans or the discarded items that animals get snared on and die?
What you argue is anthropocentrism and this is true but considering how humans are the only species trying to conserve others at personal expense, why is this bad? How is it possible to do more without harming animals, humans?
How do you transport your asinine requirements from all four corners of the globe without an abundance of oil, I’ll wait.
Vegan recipes use the same five ingredients and ingredient restriction is unhealthy, like any fad diet defined by blocking out entire food ‘groups’ when there is no such thing in nature as a food ‘group’.
Ingredients can be sourced to extinction, discuss.
Farmers think vegans are stupid unless selling to you. You must raise livestock to make the farm truly fertile, it’s a system. You can’t remove a block, it’s like Jenga.
Malnourished humans count medically as starvation. When famine has the same track record as your diet, it isn’t a diet. A diet doesn’t require artificial supplmentation, it is sourced from the organic environment.
Where do you think certain vitamins come from? You can only get them through animal sources or only the animal sources are properly absorbed by the human body e.g. bovine collagen.
Gelatin capsules are gentlest on the human body.
Speaking of, why are there GI problems in vegans, resolved by eating good meat?
Do you know what adrenal fatigue is?
If diversity is the best policy for organisms and sustenance, why do you all live off soy?
Many a soy product is poorly produced and contains contaminants and toxins. Yes, they do.
GMO soy exists.
There are plenty of obese vegans. This should not be possible.
What is the longest a person can go full vegan without health problems, including mortality?
Why do you spend so much time discussing your food and none discussing your shit, when the latter is as important to monitoring your health on a special diet?
Altering the nutrient profile of your diet slightly causes permanent brain damage. It’s a fragile, complex organ.
Why is every vegan stressed? Stress is physical, in the nervous system and cardiac system.
The body produced anxiety to urge us to hunt.
Why do non-meat eaters in studies have mental health problems? Heme isn’t causing your depression.
Anything with a vascular system is meat e.g. fish, lobster. While you spot this, you miss how the systems tend to develop. Animals eating other animals, including their own species.
How would you propose we prevent this?
Chocolate exploits slave labour, whatever the label.
Growing certain trees e.g. cocoa bean, in large quantities, unbalances the ecosystem. Trees take up too much.
Look what happened to a popular breed of banana tree in the 50s.
Blood diamonds aren’t as bad as coffee.
Coffee also funds the drug trade. Drugs sold to children.
Why do you need stimulants if you have natural energy?
I never met a vegan without sleeping problems. It can’t be guilty conscience so what?
If less is more, why don’t you get on board with sustainable clothing too, or does that cost too much money to be ethical? Child slaves making your fast fashion wanna know.
How do you define animal consent and if they cannot, human?
Cooking our food improves its nutritional value to us and our tastebuds followed. Vegetables tend not to follow this rule and if it all tastes so great to you, stop with the nutritional yeast because yeast lives matter and you’re farming them in the same way we cultivate dairy with affinage.
Is human breast milk acceptable?
Why don’t you try to ban sale of bushmeat, in light of Ebola risk especially?
Can vets administer medical treatment on animals, including antibiotics?
What if they’re unwilling?
Old vegans look like prunes. A good diet makes the person consuming it look healthy, so what gives?
You can’t choose to be non-human.
You can’t eradicate the history of animal genocide by your ancestors that led to your birth.
Fix the war thing before presuming to judge other humans and species.
There is blood on your hands whatever diet you choose, why not admit this?
Cannibals, historical and accidental.
If you were starving on a boat, would you not be instinctively forced to eat fish eyes? This is known to occur. The brain goes into a frenzy for nutrients.
Will you forcibly prevent tribal peoples from raising and consuming animals?
Alcohol isn’t the most moral beverage, it has more in common with dairy than a drink. Soy is also suspect. Then there’s the Russian mafia’s role in vodka and so on. Olive oil adulteration by the Italians?
Your body requires fermented products, dairy is the best source.
There are herbs that resist eating e.g. spices. Isn’t it immoral to eat those?
Do vegan children display poorer health e.g. shorter?
Fructose is worse than regular sugar. It’s in fruit and promotes cancer.
Juicing is bad for you, no fiber.
Isn’t pushing veganism on kids at best propaganda and at worst a religious movement slash cult?
Why is there bullying and abuse and isolation if you’re not a cult? You act like cultists.
Isn’t it more sad to bond with a human over plant life compared with sex, race, sexuality and so on?
Veganism is a fandom, agree or disagree?
Wild animals hate us.
They carry disease e.g. Black Death from Asia.
Different cultures have different tastes. I doubt India will ever go vegan.
The metals in your iPhone were mined by slaves.
As far as reducing suffering, shouldn’t a top priority be sex trafficking (the most common slavery) and rape gangs (the same but without monetary exchange, kidnapping and brainwashing)?
Should we force prisoners onto a vegan diet to reduce their aggression levels? This would work.
What is your position on snails?
How do we rid ourselves of vermin (rats) and pests?
Why do vegans dispute which foodstuffs are cruel and also rarely mention drinks?
This includes the way drinks are served e.g. leather coasters.
Official stance on coral, this is important, as coral is edible. What about seaweed?
Isn’t seaweed too important to marine life to pick?
Humans are domesticated by the state to be used for our products (labour), like bees, true or false?
Our organs are stolen post-mortem by the state, suggesting they do indeed consume us.
Blood donations.
Transfusions of medications developed with animal products or by animal suffering.
Nature is red in tooth and claw, why is a better life the one where they don’t have anyone who cares about them (legal term duty of care)?
Why don’t you go after China for having legal animal abuse? They boil dogs FFS.
Horse racing. They’re going to run anyway so where’s the line?
Are animal breeders abusing them? exception: dog breeders
Aren’t your supposed beliefs largely arbitrary based on virtue signalling? If you couldn’t virtue signal, how many vegans would stay that way?
Isn’t that last the reason nobody respects vegans? We know you can’t shut up and do it?
There are precise tests offered by companies of your microbiome. To my knowledge, not one advocates veganism. Send in samples to test and they will tell you which things you need in your diet and why, via app. Show us it’s healthy. They’d love the PR too.
Why should every animal survive? If pandas want to go extinct, shouldn’t that be their choice than being bred for human egotism?
Why not raise food standards on meat production e.g. less chemicals added as preservative?
Don’t you know crops are sprayed and treated with that stuff too? How else to survive the shipping containers?
There are studies of pesticides on fruit and veg and no, you cannot just ‘clean them off’.
Feeling better without the health outcomes to prove it is scientific, it’s called the placebo effect. There is also the nocebo effect.
Humans are trapped in cages of debt. I never met an egg subject to inflation either. Humans farm other humans.
Do you believe in Darwinian evolution? Then why oppose natural selection?
What is the property right of a non-human animal?
What to do with animals that attack humans?
I can control who comes into my house but I’m told I cannot control who comes into my country. Do rights have limits? I can control what I eat but I cannot control or ‘shame’ what others eat (verbal abuse) nor change what my body needs.
Biologically, aren’t crustaceans insects, the way lobster was counted?
Can we eat ants? Aren’t ants alive?
We can’t eat honey but I guess you’d be fine with flies. To me, that sounds like a gap.
Can we swat flies?
Humans cannot live without microbes, our digestion would pack up. Probiotics are found in animal sources and the likes of honey.
Manuka honey is mostly sugar.
Vegans shouldn’t have pets, it’s animal slavery.
Killing old animals is wrong (unhealthy for us) and young ones is cruel (agreed) but what’s the good medium?
If a lion wanted to eat a vegan, would they shoot the lion or let it?
Purely carniverous animals, should they be genocided? Like dinosaurs.
Are vegans obtuse as a debate tactic or are you really from such a sheltered upbringing you don’t know how the countryside works?
Your official position on culling.
You find a dead but delicious animal, what do you do?
Estrogenic products are not good for men. Not that estrogen is bad for men, it is naturally occuring, their body produces and needs it. However, combined with xeno plastics, isn’t it sexist to expect men to follow a diet that hates their body?
Their balls shrink and they grow breasts, this isn’t imaginary.

I cannot be bothered to do more, you get the point, yes?