Study: Video games DON’T cause violence

The first study looked at movie violence and homicide rates between 1920 and 2005. The second study looked at videogame violence consumption and its relationship to youth violence rates from 1996-2011. He found that societal consumption of media violence is not predictive of increased violence rates in society.

I wonder if it's loaded IT Crowd gun suicide

Article: Tomb Raider was better when she had big boobs

It was. There was a focus on puzzle solving and shooting. That was it. No crying over shooting tigers.

Even her look is ruined. She has a manlier build now, including facial features with Botox pornstar lips for some reason. Her original look was ultra-feminine, and her personality.

She had a large doll-like face, small but full rosebud lips and wicked eyeliner game. She looked balanced.

AoD went in an interesting direction by having a playable male character, it’s a shame they rebooted directly afterward.

She’s so oppressed right now.

I mean, it’s not like she had this deadly allure about her.

I miss the original run.

Lara Croft is totally sexist, guys.

Again, Media Violence doesn’t cause Real Violence.

This includes books, music, games and even porn. In fact, porn access causes rape rates to plummet.
This has always been the consensus. The people who said otherwise were self-interested researchers and lying feminists. They kept lying and saying it was settled to stop scientific enquiry that would prove them wrong.

In fact, when you count all forms of interpersonal conflict, in relationships women are more aggressive than men.


Video: Professional Victims vs. Real Gamers, #gamergate

Signal Boost, you beautiful woman. Add it to #NotYourShield, peeps. We want ethics.

game moriarty manic
Send them up. Take. Them. Down.

Signal boost the documentary which needs funding to expose these people:

There are ethical questions about people [DS: ‘journalists’] that we feel need to be addressed. …We knew bringing this project out …would also put us in the crosshairs.

Parody video up top was referencing this hypocritical BS, if you want to avoid giving Anita any more attention;