They know how you vote

Votes can be traced by matching the numbered ballot paper to its similarly numbered counterfoil; the numbered counterfoil also bears the voter’s registration number from the electoral register which is hand-written by the Polling Clerk when the ballot paper is issued. As all the ballot papers for each candidate – including fringe candidates such as Sinn Fein, communists, fascists, nationalists, etc. – are bundled together, anyone having access to those documents can speedily trace the name and address of every voter for such candidates if they wish.

…claimed that the South African government knew the identity of everyone who voted for the Communist Party of Great Britain – thanks to British intelligence using this simple vote-tracing procedure. In any event, the notion that we have a secret vote is very misleading.,,-1051,00.html

Instead of writing over with pen, they’d just reprint your slip and write in what they like.

You could do it with a home printer.

Mistaken ideas of history on Patriarchy and Votes for X


Too many men online have woefully inaccurate views of history.

2 examples.

  1. Patriarchy.
  2. Votes NOT for women.

Patriarchy is formed at the head of a household. 
Bachelors are not patriarchs.
Often they are pitied. If not openly hated.
Patriarchy isn’t top-down control.
It’s closer to management. Largely hands-off.
It requires a lot of money, more than Child Support.
Control freaks are brought up on charges by the Government for abusing their position.
They are judged by their peers of other men and Patriarchs.
It does not mean ordering around your family.
That’s called slavery.
From a bachelor’s perspective, Patriarchy is bad.
It punishes their lifestyle. Harshly. Why?
The daughters of the Patriarchs are kept under lock and key.
Ever heard of chastity belts?
Hope you can pick locks.
Still, when you’re eventually discovered, whichever N count that may be, you might have the honour of fighting for Her Honour.
Unimportant to you as she is.
The nomad lifestyle is one of poverty.
Since you can only bring what you can carry on your back.
Sexy lordosis.
When you acquire a reputation, the Patriarchs will band together.
Run you out of town.
Throw you in debtor’s prison for the compensation to all the fathers.
Or simply hang you.

Yes, by all means, keep calling for Patriarchy, you dense bastards.
Of which you’d have many. Who would come after you years later too. Watch your back for the revenge of leaving dear Mother, customer … you forget the number.
What a magical life it seems, compared to the 21st C. of little to no responsibility and a State who blankets your biggest mistakes with taxpayer money.

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Briefer still;

Men rarely had The Vote either. Pick up a sodding history book.
Do you really think they’d vote to be cannon fodder so often?
To have the taxes on their farms and manual labour raised?

Any such downgrade of the voting system to the previous one of merit would be based on economic merit. On one’s earned or inherited stake in society. AKA
Do you own property?
No, of course you don’t.
That’s why you’re bitching on the internet and pining for a history where you’d be a serf, gutted in some distant field for a man you’ve never met. #maledisposability
So thank God the voting laws aren’t rolled back.

Or you’d be lumped in with most of the women too. Bitch.

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