The original 2D waifu: Betty Boop

The basis for Monroe’s faux ditz demeanor alongside Jean Harlow’s hair colour and Jessica Rabbit’s dress.
Unlike anime or modern sex symbols, she was very much all-woman in figure and wasn’t ashamed to be feminine.

As for the Baby Esther stuff, the black woman wasn’t ginger. The cartoonist wasn’t inspired by her either, so whether or not Kane could ‘steal’ a singing voice like a tiny Ursula, she wasn’t the inspiration for Boop.

This image

is a fake.

That isn’t even a black woman – it’s a white woman with drawn-on eyebrows. Are these people blind? Look at the nose!

Tila Tequila kicked off Twitter
She should thank them. Twitter is over.
Not once did they dare mention her interview on the Daily Shoah, the real reason.

Not even once, kids. It isn’t fun and it isn’t funny. It will pollute and blow your tiny mind to hear an ex-porn star talk about her kids being safe in a playground.

You know that salute photo? Both those guys were Jews.
So you have an Asian girl and two Jews being called white supremacists.
I did tell you the Asians were based AF, they’re conniving. The women just want status. They’ll step over white men, hell, any men, to get it. They’re the most calculating of all feminists too, Asian women are amazingly matriarchal and self-interested (not always bad) they just give zero fucks. Of course, men rarely see this as masculine cos they keep up the cutesy crap long enough to pop out some kids and dump him. After birth, the Asian duty of a woman ends. An Asian mother puts out less than a Catholic in old age.

I will give her this, her interview was funny.

She’s a posturing Hitler fan, if she didn’t have tits nobody would give a shit.