Video: Nature as feminine

So Jung.

Look up Bateman’s principle for more evobio.

I’m linking these suddenly because I remembered I hadn’t posted any of his stuff here and these are among my faves.

I love giving people credit for good work. Part of the reason nobody’s ever heard of me.

Sometimes ideas sift through!

I’m mostly chill about it.

Even Kipling, nature red in tooth and claw. Which sex is protective of babies?

Which sex is the most red because it bleeds?

Which sex holds down the fort or manages the house?
If an Englishman’s home is his castle, what happens when he leaves it?

The ______ of the species is more deadly than the ______.

Shock horror.


Without women, men just kill each other. It isn’t just that you survive, but your competitors die. They’re giving their potential offspring the best possible odds by freeing up resources. Nature is self-correcting, there is a scale balancing and places like India with a birth ratio skew are ripping themselves apart because they lack many maternal and feminine traits to cohere and work together at great density numbers.
Sheer Darwin.

Polygamous societies die.

Competition is toxic, antisocial, crime goes up and too few men with too little skills run the show to prevent superior fitness of younger rebels from achieving, there’s a ceiling. It’s unstable. Those jerks will still die.

Monogamy works. Trivers. Darwin. K-selection.
Monogamy staves off corruption -and decay- because men can’t spread bet with their genes. Women are limited biologically so the risk is only in men.

Feminists hate biology, they also hate femininity.


Misogynists hate meritocracy, they also hate masculinity.

That sounds counter-intuitive but everyone has that Jungian balance inside them of anima and animus.

Quick Wisdom: Every man goes his own way

Men strike silently.

When a man has a problem, he acts.
If you want to know the solution to the marriage/fertility/settling decline, consider that until it sinks in that men ultimately cannot be controlled.

If men aren’t talking, they have already decided.