The outcome of feminist outcry at ‘cultural appropriation’

We should welcome their outrage.
Watch this and get it as many views as possible.

See anything wrong with it?

Of course not. You’re normal. The feminists hate it. Pretty girl, sex appeal, corporate/capitalist branding, this was deliberately planned by Avril Lavigne’s PR and it worked stupendously. How can we make it work for us?

The more popular media they hate becomes, the more intense their tyrannical efforts at censorship in the public eye. This could be used to our advantage for making their mainstream intentions clear. Support these examples of thoughtcrime media. Openly question the over-reaction of the Cathedral’s bitches. Plant the meme.

A longer-term outcry is desirable to us: fearful of being shamed for appropriating other cultures by the PC mob, Europeans must begin to celebrate their own or none at all and multiculturalism will snuff itself out.