Birth rates and Western culture

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Malthus and the Making of the Modern World

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On the characteristic individualism of Western cultures.

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“Weber suggested that one of the central causes of the emergence of capitalism and its associated features was the disappearance of extended family structures. … ‘freeing’ the market and the individual.

The individual didn’t exist beforehand.

It’s a common question so here you go, either you can read it or stop circling the same three questions like clueless vultures.

1.How did we get here? – Libertarians who thought they could share without loss.

2.What’s going on with our demography? – r/K but read Malthus first aka Who is alive and why?

3.Why are we different? – Individualism opposes collectivism (non-Europeans) and those differences are irreconcilable, because they are genetic.


Nationalism must come before any capitalistic position or you lose all your resources to the outgroup. You must be fair on your own citizens or no good will come of it.

Video: What is Cultural Marxism? (short)

7 minutes-ish.

Here’s my pragmatic definition.

Hate speech against the better interests of Western Civilization and the survival of the White race of peoples native to the European continent.

Hell, I say we keep that law on the books and simply apply it to them. We know they can’t keep their mouths shut.
Their ultimate aim is the progressive eradication of Western cultures and prosperous existence of White people. When questioned on this, they will engage in Race Denialism.

They make out their opponents are mentally ill (like all tyrants suppressing dissent) when they actively celebrate their own, far higher numbers of mental disease and encourage others into the same vices that studies have shown lead to poor life outcomes (promiscuity, drug use, abnormal sexualities and identities). Studies have shown they cheat, lie and donate less to charity than their opponents, yet claim to be their moral superiors. They use their cultural hegemony to impose their immoral authority on a trajectory of societal decadence and individual degeneracy. Nothing is too low.

They are fearful of the Ingroup (genophobia) in response to the natural innate genophilia and fearful of Christians (Christophobia) in their status as classical moral arbiters and intellectual judges. There is a case for a phobia of white people and heterosexuals. These would be called something like Europaphobia and heterophobia, respectively.

They stole the Enlightenment’s idea of equality (in abstract principle, as before the law, and as humans, nothing more) and perverted it into a whole new, impossible meaning. They want us to fail.

Shame, fear and intimacy are their enemies. They are immature in their psychology and deny agency when it is convenient to play dumb for a concealed purpose.

They are creatures consumed with greed, lust, avarice/envy, and murderous hatred of their opponents, who are often the more attractive and intelligent competition.

Social justice is, in fact, anti-social revenge.

Video: European r-types disrespect the dead they caused

I don’t see that as a musical tribute.

I see that as a victory lap.

‘Peace’ in the leftist mind involves gunning down every evil white family in their native homeland. It’s a signal to the terrorists they let in and endorse with ‘Islamophobia’ rhetoric – we won’t fight you.

He’s doing the equivalent of dancing on their graves.

Did you get that signal?

OT: Sharia is sedition. Treason, high treason.

Their ‘special’ shield won’t stop bullets. Don’t make the idiotic mistake of trying to save these stupid people from themselves. They have proven time again they are insane, they are mad, they refuse to change course or see the direct consequence of their action and lie about something staring them in the face. That is psychotic delusion, it is madness.

To lighten the tone.

Link: How Social Justice paved the way for a Caliphate

It used to be;

White man good.
Brown man bad.

Since people were generally honest about the source of achievement and crime, respectively.

Now it’s;

White man bad.
Brown man good.

Why? The white men would rather a life of ease and indulgence, like the fat sloths at the end of the Roman Empire as the Barbarians swarmed in. Keep playing your video games and watching tentacle porn, guys. I’m sure they’ll let you stay.

This article is superb.


Islamic State hate the West for existing

I love correcting idiots on this.

“They hate us for what we’ve done to them.”

“Make them look bad by existing, yes.”

“No, the wars.”

“When? Do you count the Crusades, where they tried to invade the West, cos they fucking do.”

“We shouldn’t have invaded them though. That makes us just as bad.”

“That’s why they stopped. We didn’t start shit but we sure as shit finished it.”

Or the short version:

Sorry for existing. 

blackadder I know sarcastic

Video: The Decline and Fall of the West & Biohistory

Biohistory is the study of the biological roots of human social behavior including the outbreak of wars, economic growth and decline, forms of government, and the rise and fall of civilizations. Biohistory proposes that changes in these areas reflect changes in the prevailing temperament of the population, which is in turn rooted in epigenetics.

I’d compare this to a systems theory level of knowledge.

Includes videos;

and one upcoming.

Link: You wanted it, you got it

…The fact is, we need to be destroyed. And we have decided to do the job ourselves. And we are being allowed to do it.


Even after decades of self-inflicted decline, modern Man is too powerful – because we consistently abuse all the power we have, and every new power.

Supposing the world was still full of scientific geniuses, and that people were still as intelligent, educated and self-motivated as they used-to be? –  Supposing we still made major technical breakthroughs? – What would we use them for? – Supposing there were still great composers, writers, philosophers? – What kind of beliefs would they be inspiring in us? …


…And the whole process is concealed by our rooted cultural preference for dishonesty and delusion. Another choice with consequences.

ouch ow pain

Trust in your society’s instability

One of the main roles that the modern state performs is that it at least theoretically backstops all contracts, which makes it easier to do business with strangers and near-strangers. As that critical role becomes more theory and less practice, direct, unmediated trust becomes more critical for getting anything done. This means that it becomes more important to defect your primary loyalty to some combination of your family, ethnic group, religious affiliation, and quite probably gang or local business affiliation. This process is common within all collapsing states and need not be cause for all that much mourning, although it is cause for alarm.

Trust is a scarce resource, probably the scarcest resource in a society becoming increasingly chaotic, and it’s also crucial for constructing anything of consequence. Rather than having that resource provided to you for ‘free’ as an entitlement that comes with your birth certificate, you have to build it for yourself or pay in to an alternative network to gain access to it.

What we should expect to see is a contraction in the above-ground, official society, and a growth in the underground, unofficial society in which the work of actual survival can take place. Attempting to extract resources from the official network will become harder and less consistent, while extracting resources from the occluded networks will become easier and more profitable.

Express: Multiculturalism is responsible for terror in our midst


In full, it’s that good;

Due to these twin ideologies we are now confronted by the deadly menace of militant Islam within the heart of our society. In the name of diversity and tolerance, the state has allowed barbaric intolerance to flourish in our midst.

The lethal danger from jihadism has been graphically highlighted by the growing number of Muslims from Britain now fighting in Syria and Iraq. The police have estimated that more than 500 young radicals from our shores have travelled to the Middle East to join extremist groups such as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), a notoriously savage organisation that wants to create a despotic medieval caliphate.In addition, around 300 jihadists are thought to have returned to Britain after involvement in terrorist campaigns in Syria and Iraq, posing a lethal threat to the fabric of our civilisation. According to Richard Barrett, the former head of counter-terrorism at MI6, the sheer number of these returning zealots means that it would be “a completely impossible task” for our security forces to keep track of all of them.

The British Muslim link to jihadism was further emphasised over the weekend when a group of Islamists from Britain put a recruitment video online, urging young Muslims to join them in the fight with ISIS. “What prevents you from obtaining martyrdom and the pleasure of your lord?” asks one of the group. He has subsequently been identified as Reyaad Khan, a 20-year-old from Cardiff.

THE mounting evidence of home-grown jihadism has led to a predictable bout of hand-wringing and self-flagellation from left-wing commentators.

“Why do these young men feel so alienated from British society?” they ask in bewildered tones. But there is nothing incomprehensible about the actions of the British jihadists. They are just doing the same as Muslim extremists all over the world, following a vile political ideology. In their eager embrace of the blood soaked horror of ISIS, they are no different from the butchers of Drummer Lee Rigby or the kidnappers of schoolgirls in Nigeria, or the misogynist Taliban brutes of Afghanistan or the Islamic death squads in Somalia.

The British state, especially under Tony Blair, pretended that militant Islam could be contained at home by fighting it abroad but that was a complete fallacy. Our interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have only succeeded in fuelling extremism within Britain, whipping up jihadists to new heights of self-righteous fury.

Another great fallacy of the progressive interventionists is that the flames of extremism can be extinguished by westernised education. But that is more wishful thinking. Just like the July bombers of 2005, all the British jihadists in the Middle East went through our schools system, yet still emerged as radicals.But by far the worst error has been the state’s addiction to immigration and multiculturalism. Domestic jihadism is the direct creation of a political class obsessed with open borders and the transformation of our society’s structure. Thanks to these two strategies, the Muslim population of Britain has now reached almost three million, while one in 10 British children under the age of four is Muslim. The pro-immigration brigade tells us that this is no problem, since the “vast majority” of Muslims are moderate. But that is more self-deceit at odds with the evidence. One independent survey showed that 40 per cent of Muslims here want to live under Sharia law; another revealed that 32 per cent of Muslim students at university felt killing in the name of religion is justified.

Such attitudes have been reinforced by the state’s fixation with cultural diversity which, instead of promoting integration, encourages migrant groups to cling to their traditional customs, practices, even languages. That is how we have ended up with Muslim enclaves dominated by the burkha, sharia tribunals, forced marriages, and ballot box fraud. Nor do the mosques do much to promote social cohesion. A recent study found that, out of Britain’s 1,700 mosques, just two follow a modernist interpretation of the Koran, while a quarter do not even allow women on the premises.

And the truth is that Islamic extremists have contempt for our society. Their allegiance is entirely to their hardline doctrine, not to this country.

INDEED, it is absurd to describe them as “British” at all, for they have complete disdain for the normal responsibilities of British citizenship.

They are interested only in exploiting us, whether it be through welfare or education or housing or legal aid.

The political class has appeased radical Islam for far too long. The militants have only been emboldened by this stance, recognising it as weakness dressed up as tolerance. If we are to conquer the enemy within, that means getting far tougher with the extremists. Jihadists with only limited connections to Britain should be stopped from re-entering the country by the withdrawal of their passports. And those who make it back should face long sentences for terrorism and treachery.

But we would not be in this mess if our rulers had decided to protect our society instead of feebly colluding with our enemies.”


Article: In praise of anonymity [good site]

“Joe’s Box Factory doesn’t exist anymore; we’ve replaced production with credit card and student loan debt, and as the working world becomes increasingly pointless, it becomes increasingly regulated, and increasingly unstable.”

“We bemoan the decline of civilization, while simultaneously living in such a way so as to hasten its collapse.”

“The contradiction resolves itself when you realize that these are two separate levels of thinking: the personal and the societal. “Individuals are important, but demographics are destiny.”

“To put it bluntly, a great culling is underway.”

These people are not going to listen.  You’ve seen the arguments on Twitter, on Facebook – you’ve seen their inability to think rationally, or report honestly.  These people have bought into the religion of Modernism™ hook, line, and sinker, and for their sins they shall suffer.”

“The faces of the movement are just connecting the dots; the real engine behind all of this is the Anonymous Commenters who’ve started to think for themselves.”

” Well – what if marriage were a bum deal, the economy was a bum deal, and the culture was a bum deal, and the best and brightest of a generation were holding out for something better?

Don’t underestimate the power of the silent boycott, and don’t underestimate the power of thinking for yourself.  As far as I can see, things are ticking along quite well.”

As I’ve said before, the young have nothing to lose by coasting.