Racial differences accounted for in beauty science [face only]

I have noted the Marquardt mask before and the frequent misconceptions about it. I glossed over one valid criticism because I couldn’t find the data on hand at the time and didn’t want to say ‘just trust me’. #dodgyAF
I’m not going to insult anyone because that’s for people who lack empirical proof. I never met someone who chose to be ugly and we cannot help what we are born.

I’m not going to make cross-comparisons because that would be mean and likely biased to certain ascribed values.
Instead, this is how they vary by pure mathematics from the universal template for the human species.

There are only female masks and examples here and I do admit there needs to be equal research on male beauty.
Please, believe I want this as much as the next woman.

Here are the European, Asian and African variations.

Try to claim ‘cultural standards’ now, chewing on humble pie.

European example, frontal/anterior view.

Description given, italics mine because ‘slightly’ on this scale is huge: “EUROPEAN VARIATION FROM RF MASK Slightly vertically thin upper and lower lips Flat eyebrow (very little arch) Slightly wider nose Lateral border of the face slightly wider than the Mask Possible: Narrow eyes, longer vertical chin, longer nose.”
For example comparison, here’s the Asian prototype. A blind man could feel the difference. Yellow fever is creepier than White fever because Asian women resemble children, with faces most like babies (see, bust size, band size is fairly objective) whereas European women tend to resemble teenagers.

Description given, italics mine: “ASIAN VARIATION FROM RF MASK Medial epicanthic fold Lateral epicanthic fold Lateral border of the face significantly wider than the Mask Eye brows slightly superior to that of the Mask with shorter tails Slightly wider nose and nostrils (nasal ala and nares extend laterally) Superiorly positioned nasal columella creating a longer upper lip.”

Note: there are differences and the legal contrivance of a portmanteau ‘Caucasian’ is a myth based on geography (see the MRH), there is as much distinctiveness as between, say, European and African. As with all Asians, if you split by the demographic of sex as well, there would be greatly reduced sexual dimorphism (the men and women look more alike than Europeans by the same token comparison). This explains the great lengths the cultures go to, to distinguish themselves (makeup and what I and others consider fake femininity).

Further note: nobody meets the universal human standard. Nobody. This isn’t a point of so-called white supremacy, but white raced-women tend to conform to more of it on average, by chance.

Bear in mind, facial beauty is a reliable indicator of Darwinian fitness (see The Mating Mind) and positively, quite strongly correlates to IQ. That’s right – hot people are smarter too. The smart thing to do in an age that despises intelligence is to hide it.

Why don’t I make more scholarly posts?

1. The data isn’t collected to parse. 2. The data is suppressed (publication bias, left in the metaphorical drawer). 3. It’s behind a paywall or similarly hidden from sharing, meaning you’d have to trust my word and discussion, being less reliable and a general waste of everyone’s time. 4. These posts are literally my least popular but the most true. C’est la vie, mon amis.

What am I forced to do? Post gifs for every occasion and go under-appreciated.


Racial realities, mixed race fertility and Neanderthals

Hope you poured a drink you could prop a spoon in.

I found stuff by accident again.


Neanderthal women couldn’t conceive with humans.

Different species.

It would be interesting to see if there are fertility problems between races…

I thought.
Google autocompletes “are mixed race less fertile”

Rumours that Asians and Africans have more trouble with IVF, even among those who already need IVF.


Infertility information isn’t gathered, which sounds weird for a data-mining project???
They collect the differing types of data but somehow can’t put them together? I call BS.

Cavalli-Sforza’s genetic distances.
I knew HBD would have the answer.

“It is almost the equivalent to having twice the number of children… Thus assortative mating by ethnicity can have large fitness benefits, the largest derived from choosing mates within geographic races.”

they pass on more of themselves, less genetic death per carrier (child)
May increase the values for Ks in parental investment theory.

“In other words and general terms, a white mother will be almost as twice as closely related to a child with a white father versus a child with a black father.”

Bear in mind, this isn’t opinion. It’s genetic.

“But when I turn to the mirror in my bedroom to admire us together, I am shocked. She seems so alien.”
The non-white always benefits far in excess due to dominating the white phenotypes.
They’re hoping to reduce their mutation load/disease risk. The white party loses.

“But still, I can’t shake off the feeling of unease. I didn’t realise how much her looking different would matter… When she was born, pale but with lots of dark hair, I asked the midwife if her eyes would stay blue. ‘Asian genes are very strong,’ she said in what I took to be an ominous tone. No more Brady Bunch kids for me. The midwife has been proved right and every day my baby’s eyes get a little darker.””

Wow so Nazi to insist your daughter look like you. /s
WTF do these r-types expect?

“Since parents share fewer genes with mixed-race children, people involved in interracial marriages are short-changing their own genes, which might explain why people engaged in mixed-race relationships often tend to have lower mate value.”

oh yeah
they signal how they can’t get one of their own so they settled
we all know how attractive desperation is, socially and sexually

“In general, mixed-race people have more health problems.”
The hybrid vigour thing was always a lie, it’s reduced fitness.
According to the field of medicine.

In other words, an argument could be made that mixed-race families are maladaptive — both for the parents and the children — and undermine one’s genetic interests. As noted by various commenters, multiracial families often do not possess the harmony, cooperation and purposefulness of same-race families, because mixed-race families lack the focus of genetic investment and returns that same-race families possess.”

Like a kind of …selection…

White British genes best at IVF *hums national anthem*

“The study also found that some groups of women including South Asian Bangladeshi, Black African, Middle Eastern, have a significantly lower number of eggs collected than White British women.”
weeaboos lament
“Furthermore, the increased prevalence of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in south Asian women may have an impact on egg quality and lower implantation rates.”
“The data suggests that ethnicity is a major independent factor determining the chances of IVF or ICSI treatment success.”
No shit Sherlock. Could it be something of a biological thing going on here…?
“While the reason for this association is difficult to explain, the potential factors could be the observed differences in cause of infertility, ovarian response, fertilisation rates and implantation rates, which are all independent predictors of IVF success.”
Difficult? Awkward.
“”Infertility affects 10-15% of the population and more people are seeking fertility treatment.”
Isn’t that approaching the rate of mixed race couples? Coincidence, I’m sure. I’d like to check but nobody gives enough of a damn about them to collect the data.
“The reasons behind the variation need to be looked at in more detail but in the future could potentially help improve success rates amongst all groups of women.””
Not if it’s genetic.

Another study!
“live birth rates of ethnic women were significantly lower”

White women healthiest post-birth
almost like an evolved advantage…

Disgust toward mixed-race couples at biological level
“”That indicates that viewing images of interracial couples evokes disgust at a neural level,” Skinner said.”
“Participants were quicker to associate interracial couples with non-human animals and same-race couples with humans.”
do you ‘fucking love science’ now?

Mixed race babies weaker babies
“contribute to the substantially higher demonstrated risk for stillbirth”
it’s healthy! they tell you
only because they aren’t collecting the data to argue otherwise
I would sue because that’s academic neglect and actual systemic racism.

You really have to search even for data on successful births, then there’s NO fitness advantage by rate.
“This paper investigates whether mixed race couples have different or same fertility level than same race couples”
“Same race couples have on average 1.93 children while mixed couples have 2.05 children. Same race couples have lower fertility because the majority of those couples are white. This data shows that homo and heterogamous unions do not have the same fertility level”
“Mixed race couples have fertility levels that fall in between same race couples; not as high as black or brown couples but not as low as the white couple.”
Regression to the mean, my old friend.

Ya gotta really LOOK.
Oh look, mutation load.

“I can’t find any studies on this at all.”
Red flag to ANYONE else?
“I heard from student of medicine that interracial couples could have problem conceiving child because of their racial differences.”
Why not study it?
They’re screwing over the mixed-race kids.
Possibly killing them, in the long run. That’s just sick, not to study it. Parents deserve to know.

The manosphere dudes with Yellow Fever won’t be pleased.
“In both of these cases there isn’t something mystical going on; God is not smiting those who are sinning by crossing racial lines. Human spontaneous abortion rates are high. Much of this might be due to mother-child immune system responses. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that people from very genetically distinct populations have very different immune profiles. …”
It does if they grow up hearing everyone is biologically equal.
There is some data which might suggest that genetic relatedness increases reproductive fitness, possibly because of reduced risk of immune incompatibilities between mother and fetus when the father is more closely related to the mother. It stands to reason then that as the father becomes more genetically distant the likelihood of incompatibilities might increase. All of this means that genes matter, and they matter in ways we can possibly predict.”

Then predict.

Do the science.

Your JOB.

Irony, the name.
K-selected cooperation in a formula.

Inbreeding is generally better than outbreeding due to inclusive fitness.
applies to other species too
As long as you don’t screw close relations and over many generations, you’re fine.

Wasps! That’s the depth of the barrel I scrape for data on this. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear!
Because for some reason nobody takes the data in humans.
Some strange, open-minded reason.
They find cooperation. In insects.

Needs more genetics, more studies. Generally correct.

Link: “Is Mike Cernovich a phony?”


Signal boost.

Juice Bro strikes again. Lemme guess, he’s hustling some raspberry ketones?

ugh why no please stop god kill me now rdj tony stark

Maybe some detox tea? He has something in common with the Kardashians!
Don’t we all want that? Don’t. We. All.

From an interview linked below.

“Logic is pointless.” – Mike Cernovich

“What are Trump’s policies? I don’t particularly care,”

He isn’t pro-Trump, he’s cucking for senpai and ad traffic.

“I believe in strong borders”

unless it’s your wife getting a green card

“I’m an American nationalist, not a white nationalist.”


melting pot American, peachy

“Deep down, they want the cool kids to love them. I actually fucking detest those people.”

self-awareness of a lamp post

Cernovich realized that a meme could reach more people than a newspaper story, without having to cross an editor’s desk.

That isn’t a meme. Those are photos taken by a sex tourist. It’s laughable he thinks that counts or they say this.

“Who cares about breast cancer and rape? Not me.”

But he dare complain about the refugees? They’re mostly sex tourists, like him.

“I use trolling tactics to build my brand.”

Trolls don’t care when you disagree. Trolls don’t have faces and names and interviews in the so-called Jew Yorker.

“Lowers your cortisol,” he explained. He poured himself a coffee,

spot what’s wrong with that sentence

That journalist usually returns the favor by embedding a Cernovich tweet in the story.

He’s part of the media.

The article up top? Worth it for this image alone.

No such thing as legitimate dissent to a narcissist.

He tries ‘game’ tactics on other men, like AMOGing, DHV, flipping the script, desperate to get other men to qualify to a guy living off his ex-wife’s alimony.

This needs to be taught in schools

I’d love to see an interview with his ex-wife in the MSM newspapers. I’d broker it myself. His life story looks like Warner in Legally Blonde. Sad!

comment spills the tea

Basically, Cernovich and his wife went to the same law school, where she succeeded and he was a low-ranked loser. She went out into the world and became a power player in IP law and Cernovich was basically her house husband. He lived off her money before the divorce, and he’s been living off that spousal support payout ever since. Funniest part is his recent worldwide trip began right when his ex got remarried to an objectively better man–by all appearances, Cernovich has basically short-circuited over the whole thing and is now live-tweeting his resulting midlife crisis. Sorry, Cernovich, but lifting weights and calling people cuck will never be able to repair your shattered masculinity.

There are many more funny details and this is all verifiable online, but I don’t want post the ex’s info. She has been trying to get the Cernovich stink off her for years. You’re definitely right, though: Mike Cernovich is a fraud, Mike Cernovich is a loser who would be penniless without his wife, and Mike Cernovich is a professional failure who wouldn’t know how to beat a parking ticket.

Yes, women are the cause of your problems. The problem is, they’re smarter than you.

Yeah. Speaking as the guy who blew him up on this issue on Twitter, the $50K a month stuff is just disinformation to keep his idiot followers confused. I’m also a lawyer and was able to ask around with some colleagues in CA and get the basic story on Mike’s windfall and complete lack of a real legal career. Apparently he’s something of a known joke/cautionary tale in tech legal circles out there.

Yes, he is. I checked.

This guy? A role model? Fire up the ovens.


“Meet Mike Cernovich, the meme mastermind of the alt-right. “

This year he’s been claiming to be a face of the Alt Right. This guy.
Yes, he represents us. /s
His steak-flavoured supplement degeneracy is really what we’re aiming for.
He hasn’t come up with a single meme and is utterly humourless if you look at his Twitter feed.

that's enough stop please karen will and grace

It’s lifestyle catfishing. The girls on Instagram are paid to take those pics and go to those hotels, these guys are selling their single materialism, a la SATC.

What I hate about Mike Cernovich and Victor Pride is that they act like they’ve founded Amazon or Google. Those two guys are just stupid dream sellers who live off the dreams and stupidity of their readers.Sometimes you read trough their stuff and think who the fuck do you thing you are? Bill Gates? Elon Musk? They are just a little farts in comparison to those guys.

Okay, I’m not too happy with Elon atm for personal reasons and Bill has always been on my Shit List (Gladwell’s Outliers actually applies to his timing and his privileged logs on the first card punch computers) but please don’t mention them in the same sentence as these dipshits with their male versions of mommy blogs. Elon especially is an amazing role model for men, an A+ Alpha Male type, in business if not his woeful handling of a personal life. He is one of the greatest minds on the planet. He self-taught rocket science FFS. Juice Bro isn’t fit to lick his boots or hold a candle, ‘mkay?

As for Juice Bro himself?

He’s as Alt Right as Milo Yiannopoulos is White and heterosexual.


Have you also noticed that all these white guys who proclaim to have amazing “game” and be “alpha” usually date mediocre foreign girls (mostly latin and asian) who are either insecure and using their whiteness as status or are being taken care of?

In context, these facts from the New Yorker article.

His second wife, Shauna, who is twenty-nine, and pregnant with their first child, was in the kitchen…

Anchor baby? Is that a shotgun being loaded or the cash register for his settlement after divorcing wife numero uno?

Mike said that, when they started dating, “I didn’t take it seriously. But she just refused to go away, and now—”

“I’m married and pregnant!” Shauna said, smiling.

“And my life is over,” Mike said, half-smiling.

Wait, wasn’t he saying Never Marry? This is the second time. And he’s put this pussy on a pedestal and made an honest woman of her? Why? Cos she was pregnant? Alpha fux, beta bucks….

He’s clearly been ‘victim’ to an Oops! Pregnancy. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer d-bag.

She might be the first confirmed case I’ve seen of a Jezebel Spirit.Ooh la la.

I bet she’ll divorce him once the babies are out and take the first sucker’s money. He’ll probably write a book about it.
She’s gaming him and he’s too dumb to know it. No sane woman would marry a PUA without having an exit strategy. This is so funny. Karma is a bitch.

Her parents are secular Persian Muslims who left Iran before it became a theocracy.

Why didn’t you let Roosh marry her instead?

ace comment is ace (ree Cernovich and Roosh V)

Both guys have a backstory that involves sponging off of women. Both guys hide the fact that they’ve never been independent, in order to constantly over-hype the very premise that they are independent and not “wage slaves” but serious role models. Both guys prey on directionless 20-somethings in order to sell them garbage, and tell you that the information that you can find anywhere else is being “given away for free” out of the goodness of their hearts, when the entire purpose is to sell you on a bullshit lifestyle of slavishly accepting their values, casting friends to the side if they don’t share a single-minded obsession with being “financially independent” (aka sponging off of your ex-wife, girlfriends, parents, etc).

And both guys are very clingy to the white nationalist movement, though they’ve been touched by fire, because neither of them are “pure” white people according to many white nationalists. They’ve been dancing around building an audience of broken, hateful, and sometimes intelligent but wholly misguided individuals. If all you can say is “why do you hate their success” when clearly they’ve simply slowly accumulated a following by burning through money they didn’t earn, then you are willfully refusing to stare reality in the face.

You’re just jealous!

Nobody is jealous of failure.


Victor is legit re fitness advice, I’ve never had an issue with him but yeah, also living in the middle of nowhere banging Asian women… like it’s hard? An Indian guy couldn’t do it, it’s entirely because he’s white. They want semi-white babies. It’s a big status signal thing in Asia. Like a handbag. By all means, go ahead and watch as the wall of fake femininity bubbles down, as people like me tried to warn you it would. Have fun raising those kids. Asian women prove themselves in their culture by popping out babies (Eastern), not sexing their husbands (Western, Christian chastity). They divorce once the breeding period is over. Look at the interracial divorce stats. Who’s the cuck then?

Back to the interview, for a moment. Spot the connection.

“I’ve gained twenty pounds during this fucking election.”


“You guys want a snack?” Shauna asked.

Shauna, who has stopped working, continued, “I was still upset, though, and he eventually deleted some older posts.”

The persuasive case against Eurasians

The psychiatric issues cannot be denied.

OT but I’ll put it here

He wasn’t even handsome.
Seriously, all the ‘straight men’ calling him attractive need a good, long look in the mirror but that involves coming out of the closet on the other side.

He looked like a puffy sex doll, with the middle distance porn star stare. Definite creeper vibe, probable anime fetish. It’s mostly in the lips. We call that a trout pout but it’s a pretty good indicator of whorishness since it’s usually a result of Botox. He looked like a strange ambiguous anime character on a balloon or bobblehead. At least very femme for a man. He looked about 13. This case disproves a lot of supposedly redpill truisms e.g. rich guys always win, women will sleep with anything if it’s cocky enough, hypergamy is a female thing instead of a projection of male ambition, women are superficial but also don’t care about looks, you need a car and the alpha mindset (WTF NLP BS is that, alpha males IRL have children and ONE mate) and finally, mixed race is the future. I guess that’s why they have high rejection rates both on dating websites and organ donation. Evil, bigoted biology, amirite?

I still see ‘redpill men’ going on about the injustice of it.
The world doesn’t owe you sex. That’s entitlement. No IFs or BUTs. That’s entitlement. Put down the porn. They’re the male Sandra Flukes expecting the rest of us to give them orgasms…. because they exist, therefore they deserve it.

If you’re basing your lifestyle on a rapper, you’re doing Life wrong.
If your ‘bang’ (shudder) is on birth control, you shouldn’t feel proud. They aren’t ‘selecting’ you for anything. Darwin doesn’t apply to sterile sex and even IF she got pregnant, you’d be the first lot to 180 your ‘principles’ (really signals) and demand an abortion OR an exemption from child support (so Alpha, to abandon your children, so strong, not to mention cuckolding some other guy you call Beta, such brotherly love). You aren’t proving your masculinity, your Alpha-ness or anything other than your ability to be a throbbing dildo or otherwise vaginal plug while she’s between ‘boyfriends’. Where’s the victory here.

If you think hypersexuality is a positive force for society, you’re a feminist.

They would agree with that sentiment, I think. I have no illusions where these supposedly right-wing males stand. The lays never lie. Your politics is proven by your personal life.

The rest of the world won’t fetishize your child the way you fetishized their mother with some Oriental BDSM BS. Don’t expect everyone to agree with your vision or, as the feminists themselves call it, fuck your beauty standards.

If you think about it, he’s trying to emulate his parents’ relationship with his Daddy’s money, like a male Paris Hilton. I don’t know what to comment about that, let’s leave it.

If you actually read his manifesto, it doesn’t go on about women per se.

It goes on about white, blonde women.

How dare they not let him buy them? Like, we’re people? He knows what they need, like he’s their surrogate Sugar Daddy father figure. [Protip for women: if any man hints at trying to roleplay your father or a Daddy-like figure, run, he’s an r-type. Ks want an equal force in the home, they don’t actually control contrary to r-type belief, because they don’t need to, they know their woman is good.] He cares about women so much he thought we are disposable objects, not future wives and mothers capable of making our own decisions, including knowing when to reject someone who’s clearly missing a couple of screws. Consent requires a basic level of intelligence to know when and what to reject. [Also why if women can’t vote, fucking them would be pedophilia, legally. Either we have agency and can make such weighty decisions like reproduction or not. Pick ONE.]

That’s right, your mystery meat White Saviour was anti-white. Why do you want this supposed beta uprising if you’re doing so well IRL and also not beta or lower yourself? Is this not some delta revenge fantasy?

And being nice gets you nothing. That’s called the First World standard. It’s the minimum. You aren’t special for being polite to women because women are people, the same way women aren’t entitled to a drink because they smiled at a guy.

A puppy is nice.

Nobody wants to fuck a puppy.

Have the standards for husband slipped so low?

The self-aware r-types try to win women from both sides by signalling K. Run away. They’re crazy. Leave them to the cokeheads and sluts. Let the genetic suicides get on with it and burn out their pleasure circuits. Yes, that’s what burnout is.

Divorce stats for interracial, mixed race and miscegenation marriages

My traffic stats are tingling after I triggered both sides of politics with the latest post about Yellow Fever.
Okay, let’s assume you want a marriage that’s lifelong.

Have a single one of you looked at the stats?

Did you just assume miscegenation with some Thai bride leads to traditional-length marriages, because she irons or something else domestic, like cooking?

You would be wrong.



Clearly some SMP hatefacts in there somewhere.

It’s so easy to prove you should feel bad.

Divorce rates among interracial couples are slightly higher than divorce rates among same-race couples,

Louder for the cucks at the back.

Divorce rates among interracial couples are slightly higher than divorce rates among same-race couples,

That’s the average, blending many factors.

showed interracial marriages were more likely to end in divorce than same-ethnic marriages — 41 percent versus 31 percent

aka if longevity is your chief concern, you should be the last people to mix

if you don’t want to marry  your own race (assuming it’s white) you won’t be better off outside either

Moreover, members of interracial pairings are more likely to have traits correlated with a higher probability of divorce.

aka when you get divorced, it is also your fault

However, these studies failed to account for gender in connection with the race of each individual in interracial marriages.

They didn’t collect the data, it still exists. They don’t wanna get fired.

Let’s go for the White Fever Asian woman version, where she wants semi-white children.

A white husband and Asian wife were 4 percent more likely to end in divorce than marriages involving a white husband and white wife.

If you don’t have the facts, please shut up.
You’re not better than the mudsharks, statistically, you’re still losing. You still fail. Science.


This isn’t a pro-white thing, statistically Asians are less likely to divorce – from cultural pressure, but only when they marry each other.

Whites are more likely to divorce in the first (easiest) decade, so they shouldn’t want you either.
Unless she’s just taking the socially acceptable route to use you for your sperm.
Like those white women you keep bitching about.


That’s an SJW post. Bet you didn’t notice. Go ahead and support their agenda.
You were warned, there is data.


This isn’t the shitpost you want today, but it’s the shitpost you deserve.