Creepy Asian make-up again and the actual clown origins

So they’re basically painting on a white woman’s face, and this is supposed to be fine?

We’re just …..

not meant to say anything? If they’re going to be white supremacist about it and fetishize our features, could they at least admit it? They painted over a look that resembles many North Western European women in particular. It’s eerie. I can see why MGTOW want make-up banned, and as someone with those features naturally I 100% endorse the honesty of banning makeup, but it’s never gonna happen. They’ll never openly walk around with flat faces, African-like nose bridges (because they’re related by MtDNA) and those dead fish vacant middle distance stare eyes. Without make-up, the ones who had double lid surgery look like Downies, due to the squished orbital area of the skull (which cannot be operated on). It’s like women with lip filler HAVE to use matte lipstick, because shiny ones would show up the weird boundary of injection. I also see hints of that VS model who’s Catholic but mostly in the brows. They really are just painting on another face at this point and it should be illegal to marry someone who doesn’t know what you actually look like. England at one point did outlaw make-up as witchcraft and you can see why. We’d also have to ban cosmetic surgery though, worldwide, and good luck getting that done. The make-up tips aren’t even especially good, it’s just ‘how to look like a basic white girl’ and they look uncanny valley when they’re done. How retarded are the weebs for thinking this shit is real just because they didn’t use darker pigments? I agree with the memes, except waterproof make-up exists, so don’t take her swimming on the first date, take a make-up wipe and ‘challenge’ her to use it. If you don’t recognise that side of her face as her, ffs don’t breed with it. Do you see how ugly the half breeds are? Half neckbeard and half fish eyed genes, and for some weird reason most of the kids are obese too. At least if you have kids, let it be with a Jap and not a chink or korean with a fuckton of plastic surgery and a trowel’s worth of make-up. The rest of the world has to observe your mongrels and, as studies show, they’re associated more with lesser animals than human beings. Disgust is innate. You have a duty to prevent the birth of fugly kids. Men are judged heavily by whether their kids are ugly, merely breeding isn’t an accomplishment, the gays have got that one right. The investment must be worth it. I can respect the weebs who 1. move abroad 2. burn their passport and revoke their native citizenship so they can never come back and 3. get the snip because there is definite deceit going on here for project half-white oops baby. Just don’t inflict fug kids on the West years later because you got homesick. Should’ve thought about that before you cooked the rice. I’ve seen a lot of them move back in shame lately, tail between their legs, and everyone fucking despises them. They have the temerity to slag off ‘immigrants’ when they import one as a glorified concubine, who’ll hilariously leave him once the anchor baby has grown up and she gets her green card. Reddit stories are gold for this. Know them by their fruit, and it’s fucking fug. It reminds me of Marge Simpson after the make-up gun, if you couldn’t press a cotton face cloth against her face without another face of pure product appearing by magic, she isn’t even cute, dude. Buy a fleshlight, it’s cheaper than Tiger Moms in divorce court. The reprobate mind is clueless until it’s too late. No wonder the hapa forums hate their fetishist parents. Imagine being descended from the fake omega losers of two races and the host of medical problems that result. It’s an extremely cruel social experiment. I love how these videos always skip over the steps of lid tape and Nazi blue or light contact lenses, like WTF, that’s not Asian, is it? We all know what you’re trying to do. One of the most blatant racial tells is a tip stolen from Lisa Eldridge (most of these are) – only pale white people blush from the outside in. That’s why they apply blush on the cheekbone and blend in, because it’s characteristic to Northern Europeans. Nothing about them is original. Sodding r-types.
SPOT THE THOT, DODGE THE THOT. This has been your tutorial in spotting the thot for this year.
This video series mentions the blush tip she invented for white girls. Specifically the second video 8 minutes in.

QED – Can men please see through the bullshit? Only masculine women need to peacock like that. Peacocking is a male behaviour.

It’s literally circus freak make-up exaggerating white features, I have no problem posting proofs.
For comparison, genetic Asians have notoriously short, stubby, straight-out eyelashes. The full, thick, curved long ones are false. Literally, always fake. They do not have them naturally. It”s another thing they cut to randomly without saying they did it. Like they sprouted 5x the eyelash length and a totally inappropriate shape, racially. I hate jump cuts.

The funniest part is they’re ripping off freak show clown make-up and most guys are so clueless they don’t notice. That’s the REAL reason for using less pigment. It’d be obvious clownface. Using a full face of make-up can’t be called modesty, can it? The eyebrow tip in the Asian ripoff video was also overtly 1920s. Very curved and thin like the villain in Snow White. Proof:

A YT SJW called Mina Le does the same.

it’s a crazy tell

They’re trying to have larger, rounder, whiter looking eyes.

Transracial make-up has got to stop, it’s feature specific whiteface. Whitefishing bishes.

It was all literally devised by Lisa and only used by her at work until she posted tutorials, years later, online; yet naturally, they steal the credit… like they always do. Girls don’t have naturally orange cheeks. It’s more obvious than pink, the Asians just think they can get away with it, despite only some of them having yellow undertones.

The non-Lisa tips they use were stolen from a homosexual Welshman called Wayne Goss, mostly foundation techniques and nose contour. I expect you to check.
There’s also draping with one colour.

It’s French, historically. The matte look is for rank amateurs, like Kylie Jenner – and Asian thots.
This video mentions the lipstick in a blush shade, dabbed on. Like, nothing they do is original. NOTHING!

And this video describes the way white people blush from the outside inward by placement.

Because there’s no pigment blocking it in our temples.

So the Asians are placing it wrong because they’re dumb, it begins on the temples, thots. Not the space beside the ear. You look ill, Maam. They’re ripping off tips half their age.

Posted: 10 years ago.


It’s okay to like it as a look, just be aware it’s fake.

And don’t gaslight people like me who know it’s fake. We haz receipts. White MUAs did it first.

Asians gatekeeping white women’s make-up

I wrote this some months ago but the yellow belly posters took down two of the videos because they were so envious of white women, either OP or the hate comments. I’ll keep the URLs and the commentary in case they’re unprivated.

This is the one about trying to tell white women they can’t use eyeliner…. like M Monroe did in the 50s.

the privated video is here if you can access it

They’re turning on the female weebs but not the male…. why?
They’ll never accept you, like in business. You are forever an outsider. There is no goodwhite. What did you expect, silly slut? You don’t belong in their culture, so obviously they don’t hold back on that. You shouldn’t expect white behaviour from non-whites, don’t you know that’s racist?
The eyeliner thing is a cope though, especially since winged liner only works on round eyes, like Zooey Deschanel. It was a Western trend especially popular in the 1950s. It accentuates round eyes. So-called geometric liner was invented for publications like Vogue, take it up with them. It doesn’t make them look Asian. Eyeliner doesn’t perform the same thing as surgery. What a cope. My, what projection.
The self-loathing is intense.

Over a million views. No wonder they think white people are a joke. Fave @ 8 minutes. We need to show that to historians to explain why white people died out. It’s pure cringe from r-women desperate to race mix and I love it. MORE MORE SHAME MORE. We have otakus of Asian people pretending to be white because they drink tea and like Monty Python and everyone thinks they’re creepy and hates them. It’s definite omega behaviour. So desperate for approval.
It’s notable there are no men in this. They’re hypocrites, they think race mixing is fine or they’d mock the anti-white men too.
Anime was a psyop and this is proof of the brainwashing. Never let the enemy give their art to your kids.

Also, out-breeding is the same demographic death as being barren, except worse numerically. Finally, K-pop is just warmed-over Backstreet Boys style 90s American pop. I have recognised sampling.
This is grotesque, I have to say trigger warning.

They look like mutants of some nuclear disaster or maybe people who had serious burns and had them repaired.
Why is it okay for her to talk about skulls and not us?
Then again, Koreans who get surgery to look Anglo are more cringe. Like, we can tell you wanna pass as Celtic but with the blocky square skull it ain’t gonna happen. The jaw surgery is bad enough because they look like eggheads. A literal egg.
It’s funny how people mislabel the skulls as neotony (pervs, closet pedos) when they’re retarded, slow to no development, there isn’t sexual dimorphism so you can’t claim it’s feminine. The skull itself has testosterone blockiness, beady close-set eyes, and usually a square jaw and brow ridge. Those aren’t the same as feminine. Neotony is feminine and requires round eyes. That’s the key feature of cute babies. They don’t have that. Next it’s a soft jaw. They have a boat jaw. Marquardt has studied natural faces from each race in a computer and with no surgery, they look more masculine than African male faces, which they share mitochondrial DNA with (previously covered study). The jaw is wider than the average natural African. That’s why surgery to slim it is huge in Asia – to look whiter and less black. Africans have a more neotonous skull than Asians, with the largest round eyes but no softness in the jaw, only the lips. Asians have similar lips but a broader jaw, like a boat as Americans point out. Africans have a rounded forehead, which is baby-like, Asians have a slope, which is masculine. You can see in her mongoloid picture, but the white skull is flat forehead. Nobody bothers to compare this, do they?
The bone ‘protrusion’ she mentions is maturity, and also sexual dimorphism. The spread of the protrusion is different in men and women of every race, except Asian, which has no dimorphism. It’s inaccurate to say the men look like women, (she copin’) when mathematically the women look like the men, so they have to wear, like this one, a ton of bullshit on their face to feminise it like the trannies do. Add in the cutesy routine and I wonder if weebs actually know what these people look like. White women would love a ban on make-up more than Asians, just saying. A sex hormone study on men and women of every race would answer this question. You know they’ll NEVER EVER do it. Which race of women has the highest testosterone?

Don’t the manosphere want an actual red pill, for once? Or blue pill race cuck porn delusions still?
Women are the same all over the planet, sorry. Moving to Asia changes nothing or they’d move her West. Fuck, I’d sponsor that as a reality show. East Meets West – DO IT HOLLYWOOD. Does she become magically less traditional? As in, was she faking the trad thing to get the ring? Survey says yes. Ask reddit.

T is different from cortisol. Which group of men has the lowest T? WHY IS NOBODY FUNDING THIS? Natural levels, no Pill or T-cream.
We need more commentary on transracials, it’s becoming a problem. I thought the elfkin were bad.
We need computer models like Marquardt because it’s impossible to perceive the out-group as well as they distinguish themselves. There are studies on this. We neurologically understand others by our own features so growing up among them won’t help. I don’t think the girl realises that IS how white people see Asian features, it mostly passes to us, and reminds me of the albino orc in the Hobbit. Troll features in all films are also slightly Mongoloid but they’ve yet to pick this up.


Because they’re actually dumb.

If they want to make white men look masculine and have narrow eyes, not Asian but just naturally white and narrow and high T, look up Mads Mikkelsen. Just look at him:

I choose to believe all the vikings looked like that. You can tell he’s 100% white but he has strong bones. That’s both facial maturity (compare his childhood photos, extremely soft) and sexual dimorphism to the max. Men always have a wider mouth than women because the tissue is stretched by the jaw, in all races. He still couldn’t pass as Asian whatsoever but one of the few white-possible features (high-T sign) that are also Asian is narrow vertical eyes. So we over-weigh it, clearly! The flat face isn’t something you can get with surgery and messing with the eyes is a nightmare.

“I don’t think Hollywood is that evil they’re purposefully selecting ‘average’ East Asians for their roles”.

They clearly do but only the men. Because the Jews like Timothee Chalamet don’t want competition. The women also have pull, Zendaya the Dyke is never cast next to a pretty, pale Nord looking girl because she can’t stand next to that and look decent. It’s a huge ego trip for them but regular white people get the blame. Hollywood was founded by Jews, I referenced a book here about it if you wanna go buy it. In Hollywood, you’d be forgiven for thinking half of American men are dashing looking (read: surgical) Jews, because any WASP woman in any TV series will end up with a Jew (even SATC’s Charlotte, and his lying about it was passed off as …fine?). A character who loves Christmas would convert because reasons, money? Nah. They are totally that spiteful. When the white man isn’t Jewish, he either looks German or soyboy or really really old. With Asians, they’re making it cutesy hooker, fat ugly BFF or really really old shrew. Don’t let them get away with it. Jewish man surgery look is like a soyboy but trying to buy German and some Pole features, cannot unsee. Jewess surgery is trying to look like some type of Nordic blonde, look up convert Ivana Trump’s old nose. Look. It was monstrous.

video they removed:

Oooooh, are you sure?
If appropriation of features is racist, they are FUCKED.
Give back the eyelashes, lid tape, nose clay, hair dye, Aryan blue contacts and skin bleach.
“Asians face racism every day”. You imported that, America. Asians make more money than whites, if anything it’s Asian privilege? They will literally never shut up now. They don’t even have the slavery thing.
Apparently her white fever is fine and totally not internalised racism. LOL
the race-mixers are eating each other, comment:
“I’m worried his coloniser genes will cover up mine” wow but he’s not a trophy? Really??

nobody hates r more than fellow r, we love to see it

They’re deleting these videos before the manosphere find them so I’m keeping the URLs (and comments) in case they go back up.

Asians getting jaw botox to look more white

Asians have the broadest jaws, then Africans and finally Europeans. Feminine is code for whiteness, as a cluster of traits. This also explains stuff that looks weird like skin bleaching and eyelid surgery, they’re imitating those youthful features, as opposed to mature-looking tilted narrow slitted eyes and a square mannish jaw. They want to be trusted by white simps. They’re so hostile to white women in general because of what we have naturally (with scant exceptions that tend to have bug eyes) while they’re plastic surgery fiends to marry off their daughters. When surgery isn’t an option they use make-up, usually contouring or surgical tape.

to be honest, Meghan and some others do it too but that’s more common to mixes trying to look whiter than fully African women, who tend to appreciate their features more
however, it’s mostly a mannish Asian thing, to attract white beta providers like that woman in the Economist said (white fever is actually just searching for a beta simp type for them, she makes all the major decisions but makes him think it was his idea, they like dumb ones)
this way they can say they haven’t had anything done surgically and be technically truthful
look at her medical file before marrying a lawyercunt type
it’s a personality disorder and it always comes out like jekyll and hyde eventually
anyone who wants to change the basic structure of the face is mendacious
then we’re all meant to act shocked when the kids (especially daughters) are fugly, like did you SEE Mel in Melbourne’s daughter? Solid 1. I swear to Christ. One of the ugliest women I’ve ever seen, and she’s mixed with Irish, who are usually stunning. It’s tragic. Making ugly kids should be illegal. Leave them out in the forest. Why do you think women used to do that? Fug. Ugly kids get less parental attention, subconsciously hoping they die off.

This explains their weird gatekeeping of white women from make-up, even European 20th century make-up, since they presume white women already have the advantages they pay a lot for. No wonder they’re pissed but stay mad.

I’ll post about it later today for proof.

White fever cosmetic procedures

But we’re supposed to believe white women aren’t the standard. Sure, Jan.

Shaving down the bones in your face is totally normal. Looking for a pointier profile and narrower rounder face with a bigger chin isn’t racially specific, is it? Neither is the skin bleaching, huh?

They naturally have a flatter face, no projection and a recessed, mouth-breather jaw and chin.

From the front, the face is wider and the jaw squared, the chin too small for the overall face size. Europeans have a natural V-line, especially Eastern or Norther Europeans, whom they seek to emulate.
The Asian brows are also flatter (and straight, a high T feature), the nostrils wider like Africans are and the lower lip much bigger, again like Africans. Unsurprising considering their shared mtDNA. They’re getting these procedures to look less black, more white. They are the least neotonous race, Africans have larger, rounded eyes than Asians and larger foreheads. As a result, Asians do not age well and ‘need’ procedures to pass among other races.

Asian jowls are common, even in teens and this is seldom mentioned by people. There are also marionette lines, which in white people are only common aged 50-70s, but Asians can develop them in the late teens to 20s. Watch some youtubers if you don’t believe me e.g. Chase Amie. It’s common to tell an Asian or half-Asian is in their 30s by the deep set nasolabial lines that in whites only occur in smokers. This is why no Asian model has a very long career, the marionette lines mean they’re pretty much done by thirty. They avoid widely smiling to delay their onset, throwing up that peace sign and smiling with their eyes instead. They cannot get fillers there so the top of the face looks young but the lower third looks ancient. Especially by white standards.

The dislikes are from the Asians telling the dipshit Beckies their aging was ‘natural’. They don’t want the chinky secrets getting out. Genes don’t suddenly change your jawline!

CCP opposing anti-Asian plastic surgery

Unsurprising since this goes against their pro-nationalist, pro-Asian propaganda push.

The culture of beauty is heavily racial. If you love the out-group, you do not love the in-group.
Anyone who praises European beauty, hates Asian beauty. The SJWs complain about this as Eurocentric.
Anyone who praises Asian beauty, hates European beauty. This is correctly called fetishistic when the person isn’t Asian themselves but also anti-white, which the SJWs approve.
A house divided cannot stand.
So yes, people can be racially self-loathing.

This idea ‘going abroad’ is a way to avoid Plastics is ridiculous when Asia and South America are actually bigger on it. I hope they bring in law so prospective suitors are informed about the procedures (with photos) long before an engagement or wedding because finding out when the kids are born fug is wrong.

the eyelid surgery is obvious

so is a nosejob (nobody is getting surgery to look more African)

fillers are aiming at profile ‘projection’, a white racial trait

“improved projection” White projection, because Asians have the same dip as Africans

the narrowing is also, frankly, white supremacist
since the Asian face (below) is the broadest of all major racial groups

Whitefishing eye makeup

The lengths these women will go to. I can’t understand the women who spend one hour on hair and one on make-up, if you look that bad just kill yourself. It’s easier. Obviously I’m joking but seriously, when men find the Frankenstein’s monster underneath that bullshit do you think they’ll stick around? So… what’s the point, then? Wipe half her face with a wet wipe and see if her beauty does a Houdini.

White people literally wake up like that, eyebag ‘definition’ and all and they literally coined eye contour like WTF. Equal parts Lisa Eldridge tips on the shadow blending and the eyeliner gap is Marilyn Monroe but the rest is absurd and basically plastic surgery with make-up. That’s no longer you but a face painted on to look like somebody else. That is a mask. A mask in natural colours but still a mask. The white techniques on white eyes are supposed to accentuate what is already present. When a girl with the characteristic egg shaped head is daring to label a video without surgery, that’s a laugh. (Egg heads don’t exist in nature like that, it’s too short and squat, she’s had jaw surgery and they even fold in the long ears to make them seem shorter). Also, if there are men who think pink glitter is a natural look I give up.

Rounded brows pointed down are also a white trait. The orbital ridge is shaped differently. That fake brow shape makes her eyes look bigger too. Microblading weirdness.

Theirs are naturally straight and upturned.

They’ve gotten so defensive about all of this whitefishing they’re daring to claim regular make-up use is Asianfishing now. You wish you looked like that, please. Most of your tips are stolen from white women who adapted to their natural faces. Your surgical shit cannot compete. It’s like tits, plastic doesn’t count.

Nobody is getting eye surgery to look like an angry Downie.

That jaw and ear thing is so gross and creepy. Like a gremlin. Cannot unsee.

Replacement is not just territorial, it’s cultural. Trying to replace Western beauty standards for women, with fake “Western” women. Genocide is artistic, if you read the history books. You’re not allowed to have an exclusive standard (i.e. natural, genetic beauty) nor criticize others openly for appropriating it (i.e. they rule over you, have the power to censor).

The push to deracinate

Aw, the Token thinks they care. No, middle-class women are supreme bitches, you were their PC shield, their pet monkey. That’s how they actually see you, they may admit it while drunk.

A pet monkey does not give orders. You were dismissed in your routine. It was no longer funny, just sad and annoying.

“I was a white” –hahaha-haa NOPE

Let me explain since I’m not personally involved.

Awakening to what? They always knew your place. It’s the price of your admission. You don’t challenge the alpha beauty of the white woman, we’re fiery when challenged by our own, and our own men. Who are you?

White women don’t have the lowest miscegenation rates of all groups for NOTHING.

White fever friends don’t get to judge anyone about the evils of whiteness.

No more than you bonded around brown-ness or other-ness.

What do you expect when you befriend xenophiles?

You’re in their country, you are a guest. The host makes the rules.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Befriend shallow bitches, they gonna drop you when you get uppity.

You’ll never belong. Sorry, that’s the fact. Never, ever.

The black sheep.

This was the hierarchy. You knew this when you latched on like a lamprey.

All women know how this works, don’t play dumb. If there’s a non-white alpha female she tries to veto any white competition unless they’re insecure and she can bully them. We all know what you signed up for.

Nobody believes in white supremacy like the white fever people, socially or sexually.

Let the r-types fall out with one another naturally, it’ll happen anyway.

Link: mixed race marriage and biological problems

Parents do not give equal shares of genes to their child, this is a myth.

The party with more recessive genes e.g. white, will be less than 50% of a genetic parent to their mixed child.

“In evolutionary terms, one could argue that mixed-race marriages are maladaptive in that they reduce a person’s overall genetic fitness – i.e. passing on copies of one’s own genes.  In a multiracial marriage or relationship, one is showing altruism toward a partner who shares fewer genes than a co-ethnic would share.  A parent will also share fewer genes with a multiracial child than with a same-race child.”

Study the in/fertility of the mixed kids, that’s also a doozy.

If it’s well known their organs don’t work properly, that includes the gonads.

Cavalli-Sforza’s team compiled extraordinary tables depicting the “genetic distances” separating 2,000 different racial groups from each other. For example, assume the genetic distance between the English and the Danes is equal to 1.0. Then, Cavalli-Sforza has found, the separation between the English and the Italians would be about 2.5 times as large as the English-Danish difference. On this scale, the Iranians would be 9 times more distant genetically from the English than the Danish, and the Japanese 59 times greater. Finally, the gap between the English and the Bantus (the main group of sub-Saharan blacks) is 109 times as large as the distance between the English and the Danish.”

Hey sub-race, they still won’t discuss you.

Using the genetic distances outlined above, let’s look at two hypothetical multiracial marriages.

An English Man and a Japanese Woman:  As genetic distance figures above note, an English man would be around 59 times more closely related to a Dane than to his Japanese wife. 

aka the joke in this

Why would you willingly take on a genetic disability, to be trendy?

Bloody anti-white cucks. Well, at least they impair their own idiotic genetics.

Regarding the individual’s genetic investment in the second example above, Frank Salter (On Genetic Interests, pg. 261) writes:

“For a person of English ethnicity, choosing an English spouse over a Dane gains less than one percent fitness. But choosing an English spouse over a Bantu, one yields a fitness gain of 92 percent….  The same applies in reverse order, so that a Bantu who chooses another Bantu instead of someone of English ethnicity has 92% more of his or her genes in offspring as a result.  It is almost the equivalent to having twice the number of children with an English spouse.

Genetic preservation, also to be encouraged in other races.

If you want to annoy a Europhile, point out they’re pushing for the preservation of the white race.

Thus assortative mating by ethnicity can have large fitness benefits, the largest derived from choosing mates within geographic races.”

In other words and general terms, a white mother will be almost as twice as closely related to a child with a white father versus a child with a black father.  Because same-race parents share more genes,  each parent is likely to see more of his or her genes in the offspring even if they are not passed on directly.  For example, if the father has gene X and doesn’t pass it on directly to his son, there’s a good chance his same-race spouse will have gene X and pass it on, so the son will indirectly possess the father’s gene X.

Noting phenotype in mixed-race children, each parent would more closely resemble co-ethnics than their own child, especially the white mother, since whites tend to have recessive traits for appearance.  (A person only 1/16 black will often still have visible and prominent black features.)

And appearance does matter.  The fact that mixed-race children do not resemble the parents, esp. the fairer parent, seems to be an issue of concern, although not widely discussed.

Hey, you wanted attention. You got it.

it is unsurprising that mixed-race children suffer more problems of identity and health.  For instance, mixed-race people are less likely to survive organ transplants, especially bone marrow transplants.  In general, mixed-race people have more health problems. A study by J. Richard Udry notes:

“A new study that involved surveying 90,000 adolescent U.S. students showed that those who considered themselves to be of mixed race were more likely than others to suffer from depression, substance abuse, sleep problems and various aches and pains. Conducted by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the National Institutes of Health, the investigation found that adolescents of mixed race were more likely to have other health problems as well.”

It’s child abuse, if we’re honest.

For the parent’s fetish or vanity.

In other words, an argument could be made that mixed-race families are maladaptive — both for the parents and the children  — and undermine one’s genetic interests.

Hybrid weakness, it seems.

Melanin is an aggression hormone

Not just a pigment. Biologists know this. It’s found in countless other species.
We even know the reputation of black birds with witchcraft and death.

“Do pigmentation and the melanocortin system modulate aggression and sexuality in humans as they do in other animals?”

Click to access Rushton-Templer-pigmentation-aggression-sexuality.pdf

Remember the femme fatale is always black (haired*).

From the abstract:

“Both within human populations (e.g., siblings), and between populations (e.g., races, nations, states), studies find that darker pigmented people average higher levels of aggression and sexual activity (and also lower IQ).”

Yes, they look at IQ too.
It’s a reason Asians try to look paler (even the men).
The classic intellectual is pale. It’s status, it’s about money.
It’s also more ‘civilized’, as in less prone to criminality. This is key to collectivists, such as Asians.

*Historical references to black women e.g. Anne Boleyn, always referred to hair because black skinned people obviously didn’t naturally exist in Europe (they’d be referred to by geography, Moors are common descriptors). An African in Europe wouldn’t do well for many reasons including Vitamin D deficiency. Without imported sources, it can be fatal and the NHS guidelines do target Africans in Europe for warnings about this.
Italians were considered the most passionate women in the Middle Ages (and angry) due to their black hair, closely followed by dark-haired Irish women.
Spanish women were considered mongrels due to Islamic conquest, along with some Italians to this day. Northern Italians are what all Italians used to be, genetically.