“We need multiculturalism for the economy” lie

Worst slow-down since 1760-1800.

Dare you to look at the welfarites as a percentage, Bloomberg. Compare the demographics historically, compare them! The welfarites on pensions are the worst, tanking us the same as Rome.

No Shit Central: When you allow companies to import workers from literally everywhere, the domestic workers go jobless.
Also, why try? as many have told me, when they’re discriminated against for being white.
If you’ll never get the promotion, why work hard?

Guess the deportations can commence without fear of Muh GDP.

Diversity is our strength, look at GDP! So good for companies, it must be enforced by the State!

Repeal the Race Relations Act and let people hire by MERIT.

Remember, as national IQ drops, so does GDP.

You can’t really threaten high IQ people (nationally nor individually), we’ll just scale down production to shake off the leeches like a dog shaking off fleas. I said in Best Post, we’re on strike.

Sorry I gibs no spare shekels to your share price, Mr Banker Man.

Tax capital gains fairly (at min. parity) or the income workers won’t bother.

Diversity is the death of productivity.

I promised a year or two ago I’d “deep dive” on our economy but data like abortions, crime, drug abuse isn’t actually really collected, let alone available. Coincidence?

Cycle of White Flight

I have no credit for this. Sorry.

So much for freedom of association and indigenous rights (birth-right to homeland).

This was always going to happen, ever since the Race Relations Acts of the UK and America telling you that you can’t preferentially hire the best candidates for a job.

The r-types crave diversity as a survival strategy, much like gazelles hoping a diverse pack will make them a less likely target individually. Individualism is a myth relying on collective anonymity and easy nomadic movement. Should a CONSENSUAL (on the competent side) balkanisation of r/K occur, much like the Boomers of California now ruining Texas, they transplant and corrupt.

That’s their MO.

It’s also a cycle of degeneracy.

1.”Demand” to be let in – Trojan Horse method, later “you knew I was a snake..”

2. Cultural appropriation – we iz the British naow, look at me drinkin’ tea.

3. “Our” (anti-you) rules or you’re out – low IQ leaders, fronting. Mentacide attempted, coercion of own destruction.

4. “You can’t leave, we need you to clean up after our party!” – do not be their clusterfuck cavalry.

They’re stealing the signalled status of the original group, burning up their culture from the inside. Step 2 is not to be under-estimated. In-group members cannot communicate or socialise effectively when burdened by the group load of outsiders, like a bandwagon of fake signals.

White Working Class against classism

Book list at the end.

Globalization is just a way to ruin the domestic poor pretending to enrich the foreign poor.

It’s a stepping stone to OWG, One World Government via the EU’s empire model.

The middle-class who voted Remain are traitors. Anti-poor, anti-merit, anti-competition.

WWW = White Working Class, as the politicians refer to them. Sounds less heartless.

However, if you keep voting for socialism, you do deserve to get socialism.

If you voted for Tony Blair, you can’t cry he was PC.

If you insulted nationalism, you cannot complain about your nation.

Hatred is largely a waste of time, they want you to waste your time.

I consider myself an expert at that.

They fear your intellect, energy, community, building yourself and one another up, freedom of association, craftsmanship, local trade, beautiful art, social networks, in a word, civilization.

This coming economic turmoil will be blamed on “capitalism”. I heard them plan it.

Anonymous was real, Occupy Wall Street was a false flag.

It’s the bankers. Crony capitalism is no capitalism at all, it’s fascism. Politicians taking bribes to maintain the monopoly of FANG stocks. There’s no free market here. You can’t even refuse to hire problem workers.

The temptation will be to vote in more socialism, especially when the inevitable outcome of socialism, hyperinflation, kicks in. This has been the warm up, warn everyone what is coming as I have been doing for years.

They want you to lose your head, don’t.

Remember who did this to you.

The socialists of multiple decades.

They can only give you what they’ve already taken.

Thankfully, the middle class are finally feeling it. Formerly only the working class lost out to foreigners for the past, oh, two centuries. They didn’t give a solid gold shit about it. They were busy feeding Africa to cause more starving Africans because the pathological altruists “care” and lies about Jesus. Now their oven packs up after two years because it was made by a Chinese 12-year old held in captivity. Slavery was wrong but ignore the rape gangs of immvaders and suicidal people who made your iPhone. Now the “EU citizens” or anyone holding a “British” Empire passport are taking the easy busywork desk jobs from the middle-class traitors, expecting non-existent pensions (teachers) and jobs for life (but eat the rich?)… let them fail.

When the middle-class realise their savings didn’t exist in the Communist “stock” market, mock them for how stupid they called the rest of us. It’s called stock market because we’re livestock.

Their kids can’t go to University now, a billion Chans have daddy to bribe the school with alumni promises.

Push for an investigation of classism and bribery in our Universities, go with the flow.

Do Jewish schools have LGBTQ lessons? You can help, while doing it in an entertaining way.

Let the left eat itself. Don’t appease them or assume they’re well-intentioned or ‘help’ them when they’ve been calling you a Nazi for the past decade. Ignore them. Narcs hate being ignored. Leave them to their diverse echo chamber of high IQ non-whites. Try to force diversity into the schools of their children. Try to force their schools to be coed because Equality Act. They will attempt to project and blame. Don’t let them rope you in and blame you for what they did. Remind Boomers that Millennial voters outnumber them. They “paid in” to a black hole of their own choosing, we needn’t recognize their decision.

This will be sweet, this is revenge, you get to watch the failure of the people who tried to kill you fall by the same strike.

Do not forget. Do not forgive.

The post-war socialists mortgaged the future of their children, drained their economic lifeblood by diverting funds abroad. We’re living in that dystopic future of paying for a debt we never agreed.

Strike from funding your destruction (buy local, help your own, mock idiots, shun agent provocateurs or socialist cultists) but also make it known we must repudiate this intergenerational socialist debt shackled to us in slavery from birth.

You can have FUN with this. I have been for some time (I invented intersectionality*).

Use their tactics against them. Make your enemies fight one another.

That’s from:


The best $7 you will EVER spend. A biologist explained the science of your predicament, mine and that of Ancient Rome. The Left won’t read it, they’re anti-Darwin.

You want it to get to the point where they accuse (j’accuse style) any far-Left idea of being a Nazi plant.

They ruined your potential for prosperity, it’s only cricket you play back.

If you want to deal with the insufferables in your personal life:


Good, but not great as the first pick.

Britain was never Great, that was Queen Victoria’s vanity. Empires are melting pots of shit and collapse eventually. Do not take their false dichotomies as intellectual honesty. (Read Thought Prison for that).

England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland are naturally great and don’t need hostilities or foreign intrusion to infantilise them.

They’re scared of your intellect, rouse your passions for what is worthwhile.

See my ‘white advocacy’ post, this is a long time coming. Be subtle, be quiet, be like the march on the institutions…

but grassroots, where snowflakes dare to tread.

Let them die in their ivory tower, suffocated by speech codes. Let them win the battle, have their hollow victory. Set the stage for winning at the foundational level. Be smart. Lose today, seem to be retreating in shame, let them underestimate you and mock you… to do the work that gives you a decisive victory in the culture war. Use the tools you have better.

All Remain voters in the next referendum can be automatically drafted in the EU army, make that petition.

Write to the EU as a “concerned European” asking for official comment.

It’s easy to troll the Guardian set with logic and screencaps.

Don’t “get educated”, be educated. Be civilized. Be informed. Have statistics. Have references. Online access. We repeat the same thing a thousand times instead of linking it. Have rebuttals to rhetoric. Look the part. Start appreciating your culture from the ground up. Teach others. Starve the Beast roaring for your attention, tis a paper tiger made of CB IOUs. There are plenty of academic books about your country. Find them, compose book lists.

e.g. Food in England 1954, English Traditional Recipes, The Mead-Hall, Origin of the Anglo-Saxon Race: A Study of the Settlement of England and the Tribal Origin of the Old English People (Classic Reprint), Slavery in Early Mediaeval England from the Reign of Alfred until the Twelfth Century, Albion: Origins of the English Imagination, Albion Ascendant: English History, 1660-1815, Englishness: Twentieth-Century Popular Culture and the Forming of English Identity, John Ray’s English Proverbs, Malthus and the Making of the Modern World, Marriage and Love in England: Modes of Reproduction, 1300-1840, Food, Eating and Identity in Early Medieval England (Anglo-Saxon Studies), The World We Have Lost and its sequel.

Put the di in diversity by showing the people something to compare it with.

That’s the secret to cultural relevance. Spoil their cheerleader effect.

You can’t sit there and shrug when people ask what you stand for.

It’s a Hollywood tactic.

We have something other generations don’t: the internet.

Encourage a reprint of “The Explanation of Ideology: Family Structure and Social Systems”, it’s important.
You’ll know when you read it.
Also the essay “The Invention of Europe” by Emmanuel Todd.

I’m proving my nerd credentials with this post. Hell hath no fury like a bitch told she was too white to ever get tenure, so don’t even bother.

*I left a clue in the name, this was the rationale:

How to destroy morons? Easy, greater morons. They neutralise one another, it’s physics.


I knew they wouldn’t appreciate the reference. It’s easier to clean up the kooky looking lefties. Open borders will ruin their safe space too. If the country can’t protect its borders, safe spaces are racist.

One-third of white natives have freedom of association

What are the odds these xenophobic, genophilic whites are to be “honour” murdered, have acid thrown on their face or raped for wearing a skirt?

Can’t stop K-shift.


However, Professor Hewstone noted that the evidence suggests that people tend to make friends with people who are similar to them,

OK, when are you splitting up the gigantic Asian mobs at every Uni? No? Only white people again, huh?

The most noticeable finding is the lack of racial and sexual diversity among many Brits’ friendship groups. One in three white Britons (35%) have no friends from an ethnic minority background, while a similar number of straight Britons (33%) say they have no friends of a different sexuality.

I jest, I thought there’d be more cucks.

If they split acquaintance to real friend, the number of diverse circles would drop and the most racist groups are ~drumroll~ the Asian ones, unless you have money. For as long as you have influence.

What now, assign friends?

They would, they actually would.

Except studies show TM – that when you force diversity on people, and it sucks, they hate multiculturalism more! The Left misread their own data, stereotypes get reinforced with proof by experience!


They’re trying to call Friends racist like Ross and Monica were white.

Meanwhile, white-majority in white country shows are more popular than ever (The Crown, Downton Abbey before, films like The King’s Speech). It’s almost like people will pay to see themselves on a screen. As K shifts, white people are preferentially seeking out media cast with their own group. Diversity fests struggle to get attention.

There’s so much non-white media, the non-whites themselves choose their own specialized type than a random pick n mix. Africans aren’t patronizing Asian films and Bollywood isn’t tuning into Nigerian cinema. What is this, cultural segregation?

~side-eyes Black Panther fans~ And that genophilia is natural, nothing to be ashamed of.

This graphic contains hilarious information. As usual, it’s poorly gathered. We expect that.

The middle-class shun the poor, women shun creeps who pretend to befriend them for sex, Labour voters shun Tories, Remain voters shun Leavers, wow, I wonder who the cunts are!

Where’s the poll on how many of us want to deport Guardian readers to Spain?

But many other groups make up a much larger proportion of the population, to the extent that many Britons should come into contact with them on a regular basis. Howevver, our data shows that significant numbers of Britons don’t have any friends of a different class, political leaning, or even gender.


This is news to me, in my echo chamber.

Among these more common characteristics, the biggest skews in Britain’s friendship groups are class-related. A third (34%) of people who consider themselves working class say they have no friends from a different social class, with 83% overall saying their friendship group was exclusively or mostly working class.

“middle-class people are cunts” you hear it all the time

All they do is talk about Ikea and drinking. When they aren’t sneering at your football flag.

Likewise, 15% of those who identify as middle class have no friends of a different class, with 75% overall saying all or most of their friends were also middle class.

That’s when they admit to being middle-class.

The most annoying part of the middle-class is when they deny it.

Never befriended a Tory

Friendship groups tend to be politically homogenous too.

That’s called bigotry because you choose your beliefs, unlike the other stuff.

While the nation split 52%/48% at the EU referendum, few people’s friendship groups see both sides represented so evenly. Only 8% of Remain voters and 14% of Leave voters say that roughly half of their friends take an opposing view on Brexit.

Of the two groups, Remain voters are more likely to surround themselves with people who share their views on Brexit. A quarter of Remain voters (26%) have no friends who want to see the UK leave the European Union, compared to the 18% of Leave voters that are not friends with anyone who wants the country to stay in the EU.

That’s why they’re called cunts. Either they bullied them out or bullied them into silence.

“How many of you feel personally victimized by a smug Guardian reader?”

Mind your Ps and Qs, never say cunt like the proles do, but sling bigot like it’s “the”.

When they don’t use the dictionary-accurate meaning of bigot, because obviously.
Their wrong use of bigot means not middle-class. It always fits.

Point out their classism when they sling bigot at everyone not like them and they shut right up. Short and sweet, “classist”. It works, repeat it and they always back down.

Similarly, those who voted for Labour in 2017 are more likely to have politically homogenous friendship groups than their Tory counterparts.

So much for the tolerant Left.

Wow, did they hate that meme. Struck a nerve.

A third of 2017 Labour voters (35%) say that most or all of their friends are Labour supporters, with 16% having no Conservative-supporting friends at all. By contrast, only 15% of 2017 Conservative voters say that most or all of their friends are Conservative supporters, with 11% saying none of their friends support Labour.


Sorry….I seem to be unable to see the data for the number of white friends black or Asian people have. ? Did you not measure it or am I just missing it?

And many immigrants and foreigners prefer to live in their own monocultural community.

Ban monoculture hovels or make them go home. If they don’t want to be here specifically, doing it our way, they have no claim on being here (not that there was any before).

Here’s a couple of memes to resurrect.

The SJW’s MO:

The SJW’s analysis, heavy on the anal.

Where should white people move?

What do you want? Each one of these bullets knocks out a large swathe of the world for consideration. How do smart immigrants think?

Property rights (no house theft, low burglary rates, you own your body and labour, police do their job to enforce rights, good tourists that don’t deface ancient monuments)
No corruption
High national IQ/GDP
No shit currency. Stable.
Low national debt (if you’re young, you’ll be paying it).
Skyscraper Index.
Actually, good building quality (new build).
Culture (not secular aka self-loathing, houseproud)
Fair taxes
No terrorism (Australia/NZ are out)
No social culture of lies, however polite-seeming, no society of status-grubbing and deceit
No PC rewriting of reality, the Berlin Wall was an idea
Self defence rights, no Poor Criminal victim blaming
No anti-white racism (chronic stress)
No demographic timebomb (dying society or multi-cultural ‘divisions‘ between ‘communities’)
Low suicide rate
Not all high or drunk or lazy, good national character (so Amsterdam, Spain and Italy are out)
The sexes look dimorphic aside from hair/makeup/clothing
Decent healthcare
Industrialized but not slave labour.
Kind to animals. Think about it. Do you wanna be trapped in a nation of sadists, who were cruel during the good times? Look at the history of torture use in the country.
Look up the most popular porn fetishes for said country.
Likes families, kind to their own spawn (no Tiger Moms abusers) and don’t marry relatives.
Is your testimony worth anything? (a white’s in Japan won’t get a Japanese convicted)
You don’t need family connections to acquire basic things e.g. a good job/promotion
No state-allowed rape (prostitution) especially child rape (cos then they definitely won’t care about you).
Non-pedo age of consent.
What rape gangs?
Honourable public servants writing new laws. No nasty surprises five years in.
Good transport links, can leave quickly.
Sound infrastructure
Individualist culture. Otherwise you can’t relax, might as well be a child because your life gets dictated to you.
No bossy shrew middle-aged harpy women. Who do you think you are?
No embittered multiple divorcee deadbeat loser men. You did it to yourself.
Also, no old people worship cult. You’re the reason we’re in this mess.
What’s the STD rate? Who’s paying?
No tacky festival decorations (objects purchased will be similar low quality).
Food quality. Peasant food quality.
The weather isn’t trying to kill ya.
Low deadly disease rates through all seasons.
Low antibiotic resistance.
Freedom of speech/integrity/association
Prefers the educated to the ignorant
No parasite class or shamed and improved
No section 8 driving down property/school values (the hospitals and stores go too, eventually)
No fairweather friendships because you rich foreigner, they indulge you like baby.
Low civil war risk within countries or between e.g. not the EU
Conscription isn’t popping up to pressgang you like the British Navy
How is the ‘modern slavery’ trade?
Free press
Peace, a preference of its people. No quick regime changes.
Food security, some prosperous farms going.
More concerned with their own survival than the fucking pandas.
No pathological altruism bleeding money to shady NGOs.
No love of socialism, that ends with a direct lead injection to the back of your cranium.
They know their history and learn from it.
They have common sense.
They have survival skills e.g. can make a fire, some food, not whine about it.
No FREE SHIT mobs.
How many middle-class brat protests per year before society is allowed to hate you for making up problems?
Do the poor have right to protest?
White majority, least likely to kill you for your flesh Pantone. A deep bronze fake tan won’t cut it.

These places don’t exist.

They were degraded where they did. There is no better.

White flight was a fine idea 50 years ago, bros. It’s impossible now, there’s nowhere to go. No buck passing, we fix the West our ancestors built or the whole shebang dies Empire-style. The temporary boom of places like Singapore is funded by Central Bank fraud in the West, it won’t last. Who do you think the hordes come after? Like the French Revolution, the rich foreign assholes. That means you.

Links: London’s new mayor, Sadiq Khan

chaplin joy confetti happy lol

If you wanna hurl, look at the usual suspects at the Guardian. They’re practically crawling over one another to congratulate the Muslim, who is now officially higher on the Progressive Stack than the Jew.

Drudge gets it right.

As I predicted, the Muslims will form their own political party.
The WWC Left will move right. The Left is killing itself.


The people spoke. They weren’t English people, but they spoke.
This minority-majority victory in London poses a clear path for the future of politics. Cameron himself supported the idea of a Muslim PM.


I wonder if this will shock people in time for the referendum next month.


I see this as a good thing, our predictions are coming true.
We’re circling the drain ever faster and this speeds up the inevitable resolution. Anything he says will be held against him, and he already has ties to IS. Let’s see how the Leftist’s Multicultural Utopia works in practice.
Addressing the Jew, “the “outrageous” tactics had “blown up” bridges built with London’s Muslim communities.”
The candidates are openly being told to appease the Muslims. Beyond London, the people have no say who runs their capital city. They aren’t even pretending at democracy anymore, and the number of rigged votes, by illiterates or non-existent postal voters, is apparent.
This was the end goal of the race replacement/white flight/genocide.
Boris, trained at a school in Brussels, was always warm to this prospect. He oversaw the replacement for the best part of a decade. Just in time to step into the PM mould for the Tories and play adversary to them.


The future of British politics is Muslim.

The entire country will know now, undeniably. Weeks before a nation-saving referendum (not legally binding and probably rigged, but it’s something).

“In fact I’d be surprised if Cameron doesn’t put himself on a platform with Khan in the next few weeks to talk about Europe. There are a lot of Remain votes to turn out in London.”

wow omg likey

And this will have the exact opposite effect.
I can’t decide whether this will increase or decrease the security risk.
Local crime, sure, but something like Paris? Probably less likely.

Of course, what would I know?




Rich Britons don’t want to live in Londonistan

They’re trying to hide it but the estate agents look worried.


Middle class people wanting to start a family are the raison d’etre of their profession.

Those places are selling to foreign buyers, on the whole. London is the safety deposit box of the world. Foreign buyers rent out and don’t contribute to local infrastructure, hence the decline is sped up.

£244 million: the British state school bill to teach immigrant children English

This is on top of pre-existing language needs of a student.

And as recent figures show that the number of school children using English as a second language has soared by a third over the last five years to 1.1million, some schools are investing in separate classes for non-English speakers, in which they concentrate on developing their spoken and written English to a standard which enables them to join lessons with fluent English speakers.

What to do when the "intellectuals" hit reality like a brick wall? Laugh, I guess

Despite the measures, there are fears that native English speakers are losing out. One London teacher told the Mail “It has become something of an unwritten rule in many classrooms that non English-speaking immigrant children are the teaching priority.

“Mostly, they are great kids – they’re full of motivation and determination and they’re desperate to succeed in this country. Invariably, once they master the English language, they go on to do really well. [DS: because the teachers show PC favouritism] I have never really felt too concerned about them. Eventually they become a success story. [DS: because all of the funding goes on them.]

“My worry is over the native English-speaking kids who are getting left behind because we do not have much time for them. These days we have no choice but to dumb down the language we use in lessons to accommodate the needs of non-English speakers.

“For immigrant, non English-speaking children this must be the best country in the world to attend school. How sad it is that in many of those schools, pupils who are native English speakers have become a low priority group.”

In THEIR country.
Do you think these kids don’t notice? Do you think they like this?

Last year there were 240 schools at which 90 percent or more of the students did not have English as a first language.

…why is it receiving state funding?

In five schools, not a single pupil was a native English speaker. And there has been a huge influx of pupils from Eastern Europe over the last five years, nearly tripling from 44,000 in 2008 to more than 123,000 by 2013.

The Romanian language recorded the fastest growth, up 527 percent over five years. Latvian followed, up 414 percent. Polish increased by just 136 percent, but recorded the largest number of speakers at 62,275. In total, the number of non-English, Irish or Roma white children hit 313,000 this year, up from 72,000 in 2010.

Professor Alan Smithers, the director of the Centre for Education and Employment Research at Buckingham University, said: “The teaching of English to pupils from abroad is taking up a large chunk of money at a time when expenditure on education is severely constrained, placing extra stress on our schools.

Don’t those teachers notoriously vote Labour and read The Guardian. Goodie goodie gumdrops.

“This is of great concern to parents. I know of parents who are so concerned about the impact of large numbers of pupils from abroad on the education of their own children that they have taken steps to move them to schools where they can concentrate on their studies without the distraction of non-native speakers.”

aka Good Parenting.
Isn’t this a child’s right? Literal right.

The influx of non-English speaking pupils is also of concern to the teaching unions. A National Association of Head Teachers spokesman said: “Gaining a rapid understanding of English is vital to help those children integrate in the classroom so that they can learn along with their peers.

“Children who do have English as their first language are also well served by this approach because it means that their learning isn’t compromised by classmates who are struggling long-term with the language barrier.”

Bullshit. You’re diverting small finite funds. Away from the natives.

Schools are already struggling thanks to the rising birth rate, fuelled in part [ENTIRELY] by high birth rates within immigrant families. Romanian women living in the UK have on average 2.93 children, whereas their British counterparts have 1.84 children on average. Official estimates place the number of new school places required over the next decade at one million, and the government has pledged £5bn by 2015 to provide more school places.

Earlier this month, during a radio interview, the Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said that the character of schools was being altered by the influx. New arrivals in communities are “‘literally change the schooling because so many people arrive not speaking English,” he said.

For those PC pricks who say the native children never suffer from multiculturalism and mass third-world immigration, I want to drag out a pristine piano and play them a thrilling rendition of It Ain’t Necessarily So.