Sign of the times

When we asked for a sign that white genocide was real….

I told you: they hate you.

But surely if the country is overpopulated, we can just deport those who belong elsewhere?

The billboards should be asking people to self-deport. Someone fund that!

Whites are already a minority.

White people are literally a minority, get over it SJWs:

But hey, at least they’ll be around to spit on our graves!

Amazing how Sargon pulls his head out of his arse long enough to look at the data when it’s milquetoast.

Sargon is 99% pretending to be confused by overtly anti-white shit. They could be lining him up against a brick wall for the diversity firing squad and he’d be doing his “perplexed but liberal” impression.

Meanwhile, called it that the SJWs were behind MGTOW vasectomies (and not marrying, same as they told women they couldn’t trust men).

old posts:

reproduce in the healthiest way with a high degree of purity maintained and low mutation rate, actually

SJWs knowingly convince men to get sterilized to kill future patriarchs. Seriously. Think about it – legal murder, like a male abortion. Nazi tactic, even. Certainly anti-Christian and pro-Moloch.

nb Alpha is a breeding pair. A male and female of a species breeding monogamously.

It’s just another way to make white guys commit suicide.

I bet they expect to inherit from their parents too…. to what purpose? The bargain is you get money to raise their grandkids. It isn’t booze cruise money. Give it to the siblings who have healthy kids.

Those low IQ enough to do this should…. except most of them moved to Asia, a zero sum increase on Asian overpopulation versus us. We need a few Hiroshimas, that’d fix overpopulation. Asians are more r-select than Africans, that’s saying something.

If whites die, everyone else does. It isn’t just agricultural advance and medicine.

Jews have tried to replace us intellectually but can’t… although gene engineering might allow them to take on some of our traits. Most gene companies are Jewish.


Pathological altruism must be stopped.

The arrogance of white guilt

We lament that this is the way it is. Is it like that? And that? And that? We’re counting, we’re noticing.

It’s actually premeditated grieving.

White people grieve before we do the things we grieved over, it’s a unique racial behaviour.

And the longer we grieve, the more blood we plan to shed.


They’ll remember.

All the white supremacists have one thing in common – a sense of obligation to non-whites, the white guilt, the white savior complex. If you don’t feel sorry for them, you can’t really feel superior. All SJW types are white supremacists, they freely admit they feel white people are privileged. That is a type of innate (with whiteness) superiority.

Anti-racism amounts to “sorry you’re not white”. The non-whites have noticed.

Why would white people want to be better? They never explain this.

Who would want to be considered responsible for groups of incompetents who hate you? But this is too logical to ever occur. A person isn’t just superior, they do things. A group not doing those things is, by definition, inferior.

They don’t like to explain this. But it’s the definition of the hierarchy entirely, better to worse.

Dim your shine for being white, is the message.

Apologise for being born a sinner.

They treat it as mandatory that all white people act a certain way and, by existing, cause others ‘hurt feelings’.

A lot of people say 1984 but we live in Harrison Bergeron.

THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren’t only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else…..

Forget who you are, who you ever were. Look, an African woman was your queen. Consensus reality, insanity.

Emperor’s New Clothes.

If you so much as wear a tie, you’ll be insulted for being white. Any goals of betterment are viewed as violence to the insane. Say you don’t like rap, they attack. Have ambitions, that’s like leprosy.

Whitey isn’t allowed to show individuality. Individualism is uniquely white.

Suppress yourselves with junk food, porn, hook-ups. The others can then look down on you, like a lion whipped by a tamer in a cage. This is why they laugh at us. This is why we’re funny or sad to them. Their weapon is shame but it’s also our solution, apply it to our own ranks. Shape up or ship out.

Why do they want to end white people as a race, if not to give the others a chance?

7 billion to less than one, and they’re still feeling inferior.

The OT was superbly clear that mercy was a weakness when following God’s orders – we’ve seen why.

If the conquered savage is not slaughtered they shall rape your daughters.

Crime – sentence.

There is crime but no sentence. This is curious. Until you know the grief response.

Profit does not enter the equation, it’s Darwinian competition.

Cui bono? Who profits by allowing your enemy to slowly destroy you? The ally of your enemy, that’s who.

Be careful with unsolicited advice.

The invention of white ‘extremism’

Tyler brings us this. Good old Tyler. Praise be Tyler.
Literally opinions.

Like, wanting to live in peace like a libertarian among genetic kin with freedom of association on the homeland you have a legal birthright to.

Not going along with your own genocide. This is just gaslighting whites, why so one-sided? [read: invalid] Can’t the mentioned Jews, which are supposedly non-white, be guilty of ‘extremism’ by abusing whites?

Gaslighting racial natives is mental harm, a form of genocide.

Section b

But this is for the army. So dying for your country is fine but being a patriot is bad?

Literally how?

Reach out to the Army on twitter for their stance on patriotism.

Notice no actual name signs this shit? They don’t want to be held responsible, but legally, they will be.

Email them to remind them of this, oy vey? Production of publicly distributed propaganda is incitement.

What are you ashamed of? What are you afraid of?

Why not put their address? A return address is normal on flyers. Don’t they feel safe in a multicultural utopia?

And they’re actually implying genocide is a social good when their whole tax paid purpose (army) is protection of those people, the natives of Britain.

You are the servants. The People make the rules.

People is singular, only one group has a birthright.

I’d ask the Army officially if this propaganda represents them, officially.

If so or if not, who is directly responsible for it? Freedom of Information for the network involved.

Because only arresting brown faces was starting to look bad.

Panic that the guilt trips don’t work anymore.

And treason is still the worst crime, especially for the military.

“Claim that it is acceptable to abuse Jews or Muslims as Judaism or Islam are not ‘races'”

We’re all equal to criticize, aren’t we? And religion is not a race, duh.

Disagreement is not abuse.

You choose your religion. You also choose to interpret it as something that allows you to murder and rape children and women.

They forgot, they also send an evil ancient frog spirit to haunt anyone darker than ‘tan’.

It’s okay to be white, especially protecting a white nation. Isn’t Israel’s military white?

Does the army represent white natives or not? Do they have a duty to protect (not judge) those white natives? Official comment?

Is this part of the official programme paid for by taxpayers or not?

At least during a famine, the fictional No-Go zones will be easy to cordon off and allow to starve, medieval siege style. Vlad the Impaler, hallowed be thy ways.

People just need cultural alternatives to the multicultural shit. Something that isn’t focused on it either, off doing its own thing. Cooking, art, whatever.

If you build it, they will come.

Especially since it’ll work 100000x better for not being bogged down in SJW censorship.

How did I miss this?


Whiteness is treated as the Original Sin of humanity, I pointed this out yonks ago.

In some contexts, being white is a crime, like being armed. Defending yourself physically while white? Defending yourself verbally while white? Applying for jobs or college while white? Refusing service while white? Turning down a PUA while white? Having a religion while white? Having an opinion while white?

I sense a pattern.

They’re treating whites like such unquestionable superiors they must be hobbled at all turns by the law or else outcompete everybody else. Largely, this entails curtailing natural rights and freedoms – to association, speech, assembly, representation etc. etc. Nobody believes in “white supremacy” like the hate crime people.

The truth you can’t openly say:

If you believe white people are privileged, you’re a white supremacist.

The question of white/white-passing aside. The concept of “white privilege” is white supremacy.

It has to be rooted in it, that’s the suggested biological premise.

It has to be biological because they claim you’re born with it.

They even believe in the flipside of white supremacy, White Man’s Burden.

Apparently we all have a duty to scrape and save for Africa, even though they’ve long since come to outnumber us and should logically be expected to financially assist us.

Logically, if living around whites is so terrible, all the non-whites should be forced to go home, for their own good.

Certainly, they cannot be expected to take money from their white masters. That would be evil and colonial.

Colonialism didn’t die, they just call it welfare.

It’s a little known fact that slavery always revolves around a breeding programme – how else to replace them?

Their new work – voter farms!

Held there by? The welfare cliff! The financial plantation.

If it weren’t for the news cycle and reality TV, would they take any interest in politics?

What’s the cost of multiculturalism?

Peter and Paul living at the expense of Saul. Hyperinflation, if you compare a century ago.

What could a dollar buy you 1900 to 2000?

No other century has seen such a devaluation of the currency serving with their socialist shithole pie. There’s probably a good economics book in it. The century of imaginary money?

Someone take that and run with it.

Without globalist demand for foreign currency, some maturity might’ve been required. The socialist politicians wouldn’t have been able to promise the world because the world wouldn’t be buying. Churchill would’ve been fingered as a blue-blood treasonous cunt, fat while others starved.

I hope the sequel is about Internalized Racism and False Consciousness Altruism.

For the cover, this gif but like the white girl at African orphanage photo blog that was shut down.

There are orphanages in white countries, Karen.

(Honestly, they treat it like visiting a zoo).

If I had to troll that, I’d set up a seaside photo scene with the face cut-out of an African orphanage photo.

Middle-class white bitch cat-nip. Are the goodwhites Uncle John?



Remember, white privilege is code for white supremacy.

Comic: American socialism

By global terms, everyone in the West is The Rich.

White guilt doesn’t work. The working class now know the plan to replace them.

Socialists never want to ban luxury products, god forbid they put down the dumbphone.

A calculator in their hand they never use.

Mathematically impossible, like pulling up a bucket you’re standing in.

These people are your idols?

No True Socialist!

Most productive to least – that’s the ONLY kind.

Surely the greatest good involves avoiding malpractice, letting workers join a union if they want and avoiding PR gimmicks intended to inflate your personal stock but sure.

SURE, Mr Oak Tree.

As long as they get to define “greatest good” and it (((coincidentally))) lines up with their self-interest.

By coincidence.

Communal narcissists are the worst for the world.
If anyone starts bragging how they wanna ‘change the world’, the rest of us should legally be allowed to slap them.

I used to be that stupid too, I cringe when I think of it.

Naive but clever is a devastating combination.