Isn’t privilege a way to say entitled?

But doesn’t this apply more to SJWs than literally anyone else?

Who else can make a living complaining?

No, this is real. I’ve seen these justifications before. It may have started out as Poe’s Law but by now it’s really taken up.

We have to document these things, because no one will believe it’s real in the future.
195 pages.
On the last, the faces of pathological altruism caused by White Guilt propaganda.
It’s a form of genetic suicide I never thought I’d see.

Who wants to tell them they’re slave-owners because transracial adoption is genocide?

This isn’t cuckoldry btw, which is spousal cheating in secret while maintaining lines of support.
This is stupidity. Plain old stupidity. Darwin’s losers.

Link: Why re-colonization?

I disagree.

For very simple reasons.

  1. cleaning up the mess they made will be expensive enough.
  2. we need to encourage our traitors to go abroad and helping the huddled masses would be a useful carrot, odds are they won’t return, with any luck
  3. we owe them nothing, charity begins at home and should be expended on those who deserved it (i.e. same culture and values, pay into our tax system or their ancestors did)
  4. it will be too expensive to help them and being foreign we won’t know where to meddle and meddling is still bad
  5. they already hate us (rapey NGOs do not assist in this reputation)
  6. they always will (resentment)
  7. they will drag us down, poverty will never be solved as stupid people with high time preference will always exist, it’s an impossible fantasy utopia never proven
  8. any money we (politicians calling charity while spending other people’s money) ‘give’ to them will be less toward our domestic plights, infrastructure and food from our children’s mouths
  9. we don’t have enough money, in debt as is, our grandchildren will struggle to pay current levels off
  10. they deserve to sink or swim on their own merits, and HBD suggest most of them will sink because we aren’t magicians, so be a utilitarian about it and don’t drag out their suffering for your own ego, that’s cruel. Give them the space and endogenous incentive (no magical white man is coming to help us!) to do it themselves. We had to develop too, in our history and those are the requirements.

Key among these:

we owe them nothing.

Quit with the programmed guilt already.


Do they owe us?

They’d cut us from a life raft and laugh. Or take the active route and drown us like the Muslims did to the Christians on the way to Greece. These are not civilized peoples. THAT IS THE ENTIRE PROBLEM.

They manipulate our emotions to extract money. That’s called a con artist. The women claim they don’t know they’re supposed to breast-feed their babies (no, that’s an instinct and even the baby crawls to the breast on the mother’s chest) to excuse how frail and sickly they look, to hold them up for the cameras and beg for money (begging is illegal here unless it’s on TV) meanwhile the whore is wearing clean, brightly coloured handmade silk clothes, ironed and smooth, with good hygiene, gold earrings and quite fat herself. They claim they can’t use contraception when obviously they want White Guilt to fund their entire family and we’re stupid enough to fall for it after 100 years of foreign welfare to Africa – during which time, they got a million times worse.

are you kidding me rn seriously wtf da vincis demons

Killing the white people? Still not enough to convince us. They think we’re marks.

We are genteel by genetics. As they try to ape our culture, they will pull it down like the door in Titanic. There’s only room for one. They bring with them the depressive mutation load that kills civilizations. 

Even within a chaotic place like India, they have a caste system to prevent intermarrying with the criminal and dense classes.

In this, cultural differences matter more than sex, sexuality or religion. You cannot convert them, Magic Dirt only works on Dracula. They want to take all the freebies while we ask nothing of them, they will never fight to defend us and they’ll riot then depart once they’ve robbed us blind. They are cultural locusts. 

Saving the world is impossible and probably involves mass-murdering the corrupt/bad/stupid people causing all the problems. The solution may not be ‘nice’ as Hollywood promised.

Colonialism never died, we still control the Third World by the purse strings except now we call it foreign aid. 

White Guilt rebrands as Norway Syndrome

And shuffles one step closer to naming the beast of Pathological Altruism.

This anecdote is tricky, and no less worthy of sympathy alongside your just desserts of Schadenfreude. A genuine victim presents itself and we should be ashamed.

I do wish people would stop making fun of him, it’s flogging a dead horse. Or at least, dead eyes. Look at those things. Damn. 

omg why no facepalm god ugh wut

Where was I?

Oh yes, can this part of the internet grow the conscience we’ve been acting as if we possess? If we’re such stellar examples of moral fibre, might it not be wise to lead by demonstration?

I don’t care for rape humour on an individual level but I expected better of the sycophants who reflexively pull the Male Rape card whenever the subject comes up. Where’s their sympathy? I had tried to explain this would happen either last year or the one prior. This won’t be the last male victim of Middle Eastern rape culture. What if this is a coping mechanism? We can’t well undo it without first seeking to understand. If we can deprogram this one, tactically, there may be hope for the others. Think logistics, people.

When you ask a Left winger about White Genocide [phone interview]

I was pondering what I posed earlier. Along the lines of Left opinion and SJW distortion, speculating on their personal motives and something I said, “The suppression of European prosperity is white genocide.” Although I believe it to be true, I thought it was unfair to argue this without a right of reply, as it were.

It occurred to me, ask one! Perhaps nobody has done this from lack of the personal contacts to make it happen, instead of willing, the selection of both parties and agreement to get along alone would be difficult, so I called up a lefty acquaintance who self-describes as ‘moderately Left’ (I can agree with this) and ‘not an SJW per se’ but with “social justice sympathies”, whatever that means.

Here is the transcription. This person is usually quite well balanced and reasonable, as in they have stated reasons for most of what they think, unlike many SJWs, to be fair. We dove right in.

DS: Are white people dying out?
Leftist: …Yes.
You … you acknowledge that.
Yes, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing.
Are you victim blaming?
No, white people aren’t victims.
But they’re dying out and a global minority.
Maybe they deserve to be.
Wow, they deserved it? Really? [lol] Argument from white guilt? What if white people went extinct?
So what?
You’re advocating genocide….
Whites aren’t a people.
You’re white.
It’s a social construct.
Social constructs aren’t alive, you can’t test its DNA. If you accept the existence of every other race, at least you must accept White as an umbrella term for non-POC.
Yes, an umbrella term, but not actually real.
Actually real?
Yes, they are a category, but they aren’t actually real, like race itself.
Are black people real?
Yes, but the idea of ‘blackness’ is a social construct.
Is their melanin pigment a social construct?
That’s racist.
That’s biology. Let’s change the subject. What about the Christian genocide ongoing in MENA.
That’s a myth.
Hillary Clinton called it genocide.
Christians aren’t a race.
Neither is Islam.
That’s racist.
What do you mean by use of that word?
You treat non-whites differently.
No I am not, I’m applying the exact same logical criteria and coming up with a contradiction. And if non-whites exist, by definition that must be in equally valid opposition to the equally real opponents of White descent. If Q, then P.
[noise] You’re twisting my words.
You’re saying things I didn’t say, it’s a strawman.
You don’t know how debate works, do you? Calling a fallacy doesn’t make it true. If I built a strawman, you could refute it quite easily, yet you haven’t. So I haven’t.
It’s a strawman.
Based on what, you said that already.
Based on what you did.
Do you even know how a strawman is built?
You’re making it up.
Explain how you’re lying?
I’m not lying, I was asking and answering your questions. It would be nice if you took this seriously.
This topic is stupid, as are you to give it a platform. It doesn’t merit discussion.
The idea of a race dying isn’t silly or trivial. It’s genocide, [micropause]’s evil.
Evil? Pssh. White people are over-reacting. The future belongs to POC.
You’re… you’re enjoying this.
Hey, I’m being practical. If we don’t have enough children, we deserve to be replaced.
So you acknowledge race replacement is ongoing.
I didn’t say that.
Literally did.
You’re literally fearmongering.
You accepted the premise that statistically, the future is brown.
You can’t say that.
Brown. It’s racist to refer to them by their colour.
Like white people? And black people?
Those aren’t the same.
I know they aren’t, but you treat them differently. You see one as less than human and the other as valid.
What do you mean, less than human?
You think every other race has a right to live and a right to self-determination and legal protection – except Whites. It is dehumanizing.
What is ‘a White’?
Someone of European ethnic descent.
And it can be tested for.
Those tests are unreliable.
Yet when a Democrat says she’s a 16th Cherokee, you believe it.
It’s controversial.
You’re being evasive.
You’re being hysterical.
About genocide? Yeah. Yeah that is a valid topic to get upset about. I’m quite disturbed by how happy the idea makes you.
I, what did you say earlier, I refute that it IS genocide.
It meets the UN criteria I showed you.
In your opinion.
No, literally. Statistically.
And what am I supposed to do about it?
Call it wrong.
Is it?
I don’t see anything to be scared of. We’ll be long gone.
Maybe, maybe not. It’s the principle of a race dying out, contrary to diversity. Diversity dogma states that every group requires support, you admitted white people are a category, a social group.
White people aren’t very nice.
There are no exceptions to human rights.
But white lives come at the expense of, as you say, brown.
No they don’t, everyone has their homeland.
Native Americans don’t.
Exactly my point.
Exactly mine.
You don’t follow.
This discussion is pointless.
I agree. Can I get clarification on one point? It’s about cognitive dissonance.
Rwandan genocide. Armenian genocide. Native American genocide. All wrong?
Yes, absolutely. Uhuh… [spoken like duh]
White genocide, right?
That’s a loaded question. White genocide, not a problem.
I think we’re done here.
Me too.


From what I can gather, now I’ve cleared my head, they appear to view it in two cognitive modes.

  1. inevitable – if so, why worry?
  2. preventable – if so, racist

I’m glad I did this actually, we have uncovered that the epithet ‘racist’ is synonymous with ‘heathen’ in religion. It connotes innate evil and outgrouping and one should prefer to die than be labelled such.

‘Racist’ functions as crimestop, and a thought-terminating cliche in the mind of the speaker. It is intended to be the bookend of discussion, putting a stop to anything controversial or novel.

In this case, a ‘good’ white person is expected to die on the altar of Liberalism, to sacrifice themselves and their kin (their race) to the ‘Greater Good’ of Brown People Happiness. Hypothetical happiness which fails to manifest in say, post-apartheid Africa.

their feelings > your life

Irrational. By any definition, an insane anti-life instinct.
Note: the ‘Appeal to Strawman’ so popular with atheistkult members. This man is an atheist. It is used as a false appeal to logical fallacy (itself a logical fallacy, as I reminded him) and practically, an excuse to dismiss the argument as having a lack of logical authority (also an appeal to authority, low authority).

I would’ve recorded him but I don’t want my voice up here and he’s quite a famous actor, you’d know his voice, since he’s famous for that. I got him to agree to transcript since we both detest undue publicity. Lord knows he got enough after an incident with a stewardess on a plane…

Link: Pro-immigration arguments sound like pro-colonialist arguments

h/t Xenosystems

The key issue being, why should we forsake our own future prosperity for people who hate us, want to kill us and refuse to do the grunt work themselves?

They’re taking bread out of our children’s mouths.

no do not want go away displeased

Guardian: Yes, immigration will screw over the UK poor

I say finally but –
– really they’re admitting it’s a class conflict. Middle class keeping down the lower classes (working and underclass) and spending our resources on the foreigners to get their warm ‘n fuzzies.

My research over many years in poor and structurally disadvantaged community’s shows clearly that fear and anger are ever present. The constant competition for limited resources, whether social and physical, like housing and state benefits, or symbolic resources, such as value and respect, generate an acute anxiety among communities that are being squeezed by a government.

But why didn’t they vote for us at the last two elections as we replace them out of existence? ~ idiots

The tensions on the estate had been rising for some time due to housing waiting lists, the lack of housing, and the length of time people were waiting to see a GP. Although the women did not blame the asylum seekers exclusively, they could see the added pressure on services.

But they told me that they were most unhappy and frightened that every day, as they walked through the precinct, a group of men they referred to as “Iraqis” were constantly asking them for “business”, meaning sex. It happened to me on several occasions. The women felt angry and disrespected at these incidents.

One woman told me that she and a group of women had “battered” (physically attacked) “one of the Iraqi asylum seekers” for asking to buy sex from one of the women’s 15-year-old daughter. When I spoke to this woman about it, she said: “Why should we be the only ones having to put up with this?”

Send them to Guardian-reading neighborhoods.

I think openly propositioning a person is wrong whoever they are. It’s plain rude.
In the First World, that isn’t how we do things here, whether you’re from …sandier climes or a PUA.

If the Left had any brains, they’d be calling for mass deportations and the Army at the borders.
If they don’t, there will be one outcome of all this diversity, bloodshed and ….

I will add for the record that being a hater doesn't make you wrong

The dominant narrative in Britain for working-class people is about feeling powerless, having no say, being disrespected, and having accusations of ignorance, small-mindedness and racism thrown at you if you point out that your neighbourhood can’t take much more. These feelings of uncertainty about territory, status and power where material rewards are unevenly distributed and are continually shifting, leave people on insecure ground, which encourages the erection of boundaries. These can be physical, as we see in our government erecting fences, but boundary erection can be symbolic and social, where we see people as different, a threat to our way of living, a drain on our resources.

Hello, elephant.

The women of Nottingham said to me in 2005 “we don’t begrudge anyone a roof who needs it”, but at the core of suspicion and fear of the “other” is the lack of resources. The consequence of austerity measures is that working-class families all over Britain have found themselves struggling to stay in their homes, to feed and clothe their families, and to keep warm.

Let the native poor starve and freeze to death like a Dickensian novel, or kick out the people who don’t deserve to be here in the first place?


While we increased foreign aid as well. 

Tough decision.

go away leave ew eurgh gimme space tony stark no gross

These r-types ain’t loyal.
Poor white people are slowly learning that fact.
And they’re very, very pissed off.


Europeans rn;

White people’s history

…Schools up and down the country teach of the evils of British involvement in slavery, yet never mention that Muslim participation in slavery had been ongoing for more than 500 years before evil Europeans got their claws into it. There’s also no mention of the fact that when Britain outlawed slavery, African tribal chiefs marched on Parliament protesting and saying we were denying their “culture and economy.” With all the time spent on British involvement in slavery it seems only right to teach about the enslavement of 1.5 million Europeans, including many British and Irish, by Muslims, yet of course it isn’t taught and so most people are completely in the dark about this part of our history while knowing in great detail how “evil” we were….

Something has to be done before we get a Baltimore or Detroit.

Oxford Uni students forced to attend “Race 101- How Not to be Racist”


oh no oh dear hides facepalm double

I doubt they’ll mention the biological, genetic, psychological or social proofs that race does exist (or differences are real and not imagined).

So you’re meant to avoid being something …. with the premise that it doesn’t exist anyway?

This might make them redpill when they realise literally anything done by a normal straight white man is racist. Breathing. Living. Existing.

The final vestige of relevance of University just died.