If you believe…

Excellent bait. I’ll take that.

The “supremacist” entry is actually two things, it “doesn’t follow” logically that they have any connection.

Every culture thinks itself the best, this is called patriotism and the basic instinct is called genophilia, it’s in the dictionary and you can check for it.

On the other hand, the second part is a foreign policy based on colonies, which put the domestic citizen at a long-term disadvantage, a form of pathological altruism, to make the first colonists filthy rich. As you can see, there is an error here.

A more interesting chart would be foundational premises or possible ones to each. No belief is theoretically irrational however impossible or unwise practically, there is a premise.

I humbly submit a proof list subject to change or criticism.

  • I have a right to my body, my genetic continuation and the homeland my ancestors bled for. Freedom of association.
  • There are irreconcilable differences between groups of humans and for global peace, each must be respectful to stay away from the others’ homeland/s. Nothing exclusive and protective. Golden Rule doesn’t exist. The Buddhists lost to Islam. To compromise with evil is to enable and absorb it.
  • I am a human and my kin have rights as such. This…. shouldn’t need to be said. Regions = reservations. I think a more subtle point might be underlying that Native group ought never slave (pay taxes from labour* and forced confiscation) for the out-group. No racial plantations, even if they’re desk jobs. Hostilities are guaranteed based on Darwinian genetic competition and what is earned by group A is the sovereign right (coffer) of Group A. That if the tax revenue were kept within-group, group B must earn their own keep (and A’s respect) or go home if they intend to live on largess as a dependent, the only remaining issue of intra-racial class would be simple to handle as a society (for largely IQ-communication reasons) without the scientific gunpowder of race relations that destroyed America.
  • You know the struggles and achievements of your group for your (future then, present now) benefit and refuse to deny them like a Thomas. Anyone in your land or expecting the fruits of this ancestral labour (legally a delayed gift to one’s kin ONLY) connotes a responsibility to lead and direct these exclusive resources (if there is a surplus chosen to share by the within-group, outward) so they are not squandered on those who would not appreciate them like good seeds on rocks. For example, if you want the beer, be nice to the brewer and don’t try to take over from him in his own brewery. Draws on White notions of guest right and opposes odious debt for emotional appeal.
  • Ah, you thought I wouldn’t touch this one, huh? Well, I’m not a wimp. Considering the inception of nuclear armament and the inevitability that some low-IQ dolt will get angry with access at some point, we either disarm the groups who stole technology they have abused to oppress their people, who cannot morally understand how to manage it OR try to restructure their societies according to a more responsible model (imperialism). This won’t work. There is an impasse where the biological differences are too great and many groups are annihilative, religious ones. You cannot reason with a deluded person. Eventually, they claim, they intend to swarm us by over-population (soldiers). A first strike as a defensive manoeuvre is the only strategy to prevent imminent invasion at some point in this century as global resources contract to their NORMAL levels before the false Pied Piper markets of globalization. War is always triggered by this contraction historically. They have been murdering and raping and invading our people for (centuries). They hate us and show cruelty even to their own people, children and animals. We are long overdue an active strategy to re-assert our soft power considering we have a narrow demographic window with which to secure our homeland. Our populations cannot raise recklessly (nor would we wish this) because of farming limits and cost of living being dragged by demand. Quality of citizen over births in abusive situations. We use our IQ advantages and cut off parasitic groups that are already hostile and awaiting opportunity. Technology can fight for us?
  • n.b. Considering they refuse to control their population in a “demographic transition” aka How the First World happened, yet feel entitled to our living standards and money, they will collapse our economy before we help them and if you look at Africa, two centuries plus of Christian interventions made them worse (more people, worse diseases, more corrupt). Our altruism to the outgroup is a pathological arrogant act to feel superior, a countersignal we could never actually afford, an error from Ice Age cooperation we did not evolve past yet; causing a genocide to our own people directly (no reciprocity – I don’t see Africans donating food to UK food banks) and in what should’ve been invested back to the in-group who are owed assistance and the help to thrive, (no guilt) including infrastructure and technological advantage. The foreign populations will be knocked down by famine as the UN themselves suspect this century. It would be kinder to control their populations by force now. If they cannot even survive with a reduced, more intelligent population, the best possible chance and gift we could give, they are ill-adapted to the modern world and nature should be allowed to take its course. It’s God’s will. They don’t care about their own survival? Why should we?

Is that somewhere around the rationales given? They could be tested.

Nowhere to put this but a policy idea of missionaries. Anyone who signals (other) culture is so superior must move there to improve it, than import it and burden everyone else (the r-strategy, Cloward-Piven). On the legally binding condition they can never return or beg to be rescued. I’d make it into a TV show.

*Corvee slavery, a little about.


An example of how fundamentally illegal this system is, the taxes of white women in Europe who cannot save the money to have children, are being used to pay for a non-white woman’s children she didn’t consent to make and has no parental responsibilities toward. She is forced to spend X hours per week working so another woman can confiscate her earnings and live off them like a master.

Taxpayers! Calculate how many hours per week you slave for someone else.

You plug the hole in the boat before bailing out water. You prevent the larger, external pressure mounting before addressing local problems. Whites are the minority of the world and should be treated the best, according to social justice.
With rising debt per head in the West, look at a debt clock, the whole world must be enslaved a la the Corvée system at some point, it’s mathematically inevitable. The money we give/gave to say, Africa, will need to be paid back …with interest. The non-whites who drastically outnumber us must be sent the full bill at some point, including punishing interest. Considering most of these people can barely earn a dollar a day, such is the economic demand for their IQ in the time of machines and robots, mass suicide is likely. Or… war. Ah, margin calls.

It was an investment, not a gift.
Having mis-spent it, they still owe it.

China is sweeping in to try and claim this White investment (including literal purchase of white homeland, as if we’ll respect any illegal property right to what is ours!) and they will have no moral problem with killing hungry mouths across Africa when they complain. Their soldiers aren’t playing.

It isn’t charity. It has never been charity. It has been bribery and odious debt.
It isn’t charity with someone else’s money, it is theft. Tony Blair is rich, the soldiers he lied to are dead. The nation he deceived is poorer for his terms.

Naturally none of this matters if you don’t unpick who causes all these problems and put them on trial. Otherwise, these things will happen again.

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If wakanda can exist in their minds then so should whitekanda

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They have Wakanda, we have Albion

White nationalism’s creepy fertility cult

It’s bachelor types telling everyone to breed.
Oh, me? No, I’m not dumb enough to marry! type.

“But other people, men and women alike, have a different calling. No one is obliged to breed. No one should be shamed for not having children. (Rather, one should be shamed for having children, then neglecting or abusing them, as all too often happens.)” – A K trying to reason with r

“White nationalists who try to shame, bully, and guilt-trip others into parenthood on account of their whiteness are not expressing a desire for more children to be loved, cared for, and appreciated for their inherent worth. Instead, they want more ivory-colored pawns to be placed on the global demographic chessboard. Whether these children are loved or not, appreciated or not, whether their parents are worthy or not, appears to be of secondary importance. The main thing is to “make more of us!””

Pull up a chair, sit down son.

IQ density is important.
Population density is a weakness in times of economic downturn (now) and famine (soon). Why else would Asia be overflowing and crawling over one another like locusts to leave? If it’s so damn prosperous?
Many of the ‘refugees’ coming to Europe are from ASIA. Look it up!
We want the fewest whites possible to die in a famine, it’s that simple. Thankfully, we’re K-selected and all our children survive infancy, we’ve already controlled our breeding to sustainable levels in Europe.
Yes, sustainability, the topic you must discuss in demographics to have any legitimacy and hardly anyone ever does.

There is no sustainability without a controlled fertility rate.

We need to fix the multicultural problem, then food security – and we’ll be mostly fine. We’ll adapt and survive.
How often do you hear about the food security issue?
The elites don’t tell you. Oh, but they’re buying Apocalypse bunkers in New Zealand! The Guardian even covered it, brainlessly.

R-types migrate en masse when the Malthusian trap is about to snap shut.
You don’t talk Malthus? All your predictions are off!

The people pushing this don’t want 18 rugrats of their own.
They want someone else to pay for their party lifestyle and expected pension. They want you to invest, for them. Your time, their dependency.
They want more socialism. They don’t want the gravy train to stop before they’ve emptied it.
They’re not right-wing, that’s why. They can’t parasite your children if you fail to have any. They have a family fetish because they know the taxes will keep them in STD shots and Pills for their sluts.
It’s a GOOD, eugenic thing that men and women who don’t want to breed, fail to breed.
Most men didn’t breed throughout history. It’s a quality filter.
It’s about time the women had the choice to opt-out.
Why would you want those genes in your children?

We must praise good husbands, wives and families.
Naturally, men must marry before expecting children.
The fertility problem is a marriage problem.
I’ll repeat it until it sinks in.

You never mention it.

However, we mustn’t encourage the r-selected, who will try to twist and distort to outnumber us and use our programmes against us, see war widow pensions and the beginning of the welfare state. Reward the Ks, oppress the r.
The TRUE problem.
Africa has about a billion people.
China has more, slightly.

Which is a bigger threat to the West?

The Asian population is over half the world. Literally, over half the pie.
You can’t control them like blacks can be (gibs and grievance), I’d say the refugee problem is a mass red herring. Once you have Asians just in a company, they only hire and promote other Asians. The ingroup preference makes it impossible to cooperate with them. Inviting them in is a Trojan Horse labelled Chinese Food.

It’s deliberate, they don’t want other Asians because they know.

Why China Isn’t Hosting Syrian Refugees

Given what you know about supply/demand, why do you want to invite economic competition when you can barely afford to support a family on two jobs as it is, when they’re still in China??! Are you mad??!

We don’t need more white people than we currently have. We need to be sustainable in our native homelands, of better quality with superior K-selected childrearing habits.
To see it in terms of a raw numbers game is so spergy.

The solution to the dysgenics of the Third World isn’t to imitate the dysgenics of the Third World because it looks like they’re winning during the middle of the match.

Use your size as your strength.

Link: Is Trump actually a Nazi?

Nah but if he gets assassinated they don’t want to feel bad.
It’s like how anti-war people say they’d kill Hitler.

“I have a different perspective. Back in October 2015, I wrote that the picture of Trump as “the white power candidate” and “the first openly white supremacist candidate to have a shot at the Presidency in the modern era” was overblown. I said that “the media narrative that Trump is doing some kind of special appeal-to-white-voters voodoo is unsupported by any polling data”, and predicted that:

If Trump were the Republican nominee, he could probably count on equal or greater support from minorities as Romney or McCain before him.

Now the votes are in, and Trump got greater support from minorities than Romney or McCain before him. You can read the Washington Post article, Trump Got More Votes From People Of Color Than Romney Did, or look at the raw data (source)

Trump made gains among blacks. He made gains among Latinos. He made gains among Asians. The only major racial group where he didn’t get a gain of greater than 5% was white people. I want to repeat that: the group where Trump’s message resonated least over what we would predict from a generic Republican was the white population.”



Drawbridge effect.

So it is K-stimulus, just affecting other immigrants to stop the flood of competition.

Comic: Antisocial media


Fear white people.
Mock white people.

White people are dying and redundant. Whites will be history.
White people are coming back, stronger than ever. There is no such thing as white genocide.

There is no such thing as reverse racism.
There is no such thing as racism against whites.
There is no such thing as white people.
There is such a thing as white privilege.
There is such a thing as white supremacy.
There is no such thing as white supremacy.
There is no such thing as anti-white.
There is no such thing as a white nation.
There is such a thing as white nationalism.

Fuck, writing all that out at once really drives it home, huh?

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Link: White nationalism as a survival strategy

Ooh, game theory related.


I think of it from the reverse perspective.
If you want to know how to beat your opposite at chess, you imagine yourself as your opponent.

Well, SJWs are pushing this, the rhetoric that becomes policy.
SJWs project. They project their greatest fears into reality: everyone who disagrees is Hitler, free speech is bigoted because reality is unequal and the physical problem is White people.

OK. So their problem is White people. What should those people do to dispense with the temporary enemy?

If we trash their belief system it will never take hold again. It took them decades to march through the institutions like this and now we know the enemy, we can name the enemy and have preventative strategies against their entryism. They’re cornered and they know it. They’ve turned on one another like cannibals to last a little longer as the money tap dries up.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Europe, in particular, has a long history of tribal alliance and putting aside our differences to deal with a common enemy. Our sense of fair play and the Rules of Englishmen are Euro-conventions, nowhere else in the world are they capable of this cooperation. Neither are we without guile. The man who wrote the book on manipulation was Italian. There are many slumbering giants among us. Every generation has them. These people are not narcissists and will not be found on a Youtube channel, peddling a blog with supplement ads or e-books. They’re out there IRL doing things. They have the skills we need. Think of it like a superhero team. Individually, we might get taken down. Collectively, with our strengths, we’re invincible (and yes, I count Russia, Western Russia). We shouldn’t assume that silence is tacit agreement, and the common man is against us, that’s SJW programming. To make us feel isolated. Many people want to do something and have no idea what. They need a positive vision. A peaceful action plan. Something inspiring.

The SJWs, with their ‘critical theory’ of nagging and bitching, could never compete.
Inspiration is a joke to them.

What strikes fear in collectivists?
A bigger crowd.

These problems are not going away. Their Orwellian command of language (Diversity is unity, a true strength) and books like Rules for Radicals, along with their mastery of protests and public influence at debates, have trounced the Right. Objecting politely is the blunt tool of cuckservatives, with no idea what they’re meant to be preserving. You could have a diverse table of European weeaboos, Europhiles and Anglophiles, they can dress and speak and act however they want, embrace the culture, they’ll never be European. Fighting a cultural battle is giving the enemy ground, because they have been slowly infiltrating the bastions of intellectual standard. Remember, when run by conservatives, Universities used to be good. [OT: And here, totally free, which really pisses off the Leftists when you remind them. They could justify the costs because standards were high and hardly anyone attended. The economy thrived and wages were higher because few people abroad were competing.]

They’ve been successfully executing a divide and conquer strategy on White people for decades.
By sex, nation, sexuality, anything to avoid the racial element. Anything that makes us turn on each other is aggression away from them, the cause. Let’s you and him fight. No more.
If you accept the premise of your enemy’s tactics without question, you accept defeat.
Why not try the opposite? Things can hardly get worse, can they? Realistically?

It matters because one thing doesn’t negate the other. White Nationalism doesn’t have to negate individual ethnic nationalism or identity. White Nationalism is possible as a temporary arrangement. As a tactic.

We are at war. We are being targeted as a whole, because we are White. Other groups have always defined us as “the White man”, that is all they see, they couldn’t care less about your special unique culture. This is not an individual issue about the fate of France, but not Spain, of Ireland but not Austria. It’s all of us together at the same time. Europeans are being targeted as a group. So we MUST respond as a group.

White Nationalism doesn’t have to be a permanent arrangement. We don’t have to erase Denmark to save Europe, but what good will it do to Denmark if the rest of Europe is lost but only it remains?

What happens at the end of a tournament? You go home.
What happens at the end of a fight? The victor goes home.

The conditions of war make the exceptions of peacetime. 

Last time, depending on what you count, either Vienna, the Crusades or Vlad the Impaler pretending to be batshit saved Europe from the current threat. Also, for wording, can we stop using extremism? Extreme beliefs mean nothing. Communists are extreme on property. The SJWs are using it as a synonym for terrorism (a criminal act) and we’re letting them. Soon having certain extremist beliefs will be enough, in pre-crime logic. They have a sliding scale of ‘fascism’ and we shouldn’t feed it. We are not reporters or biased journalists. Say what you mean, say Muslim terrorism.

Name the enemy. Mention Leftists secrets like the Progressive Stack, and how Muslims are at the top. Mention the soft bigotry of low expectations. Read their books, learn their linguistic tricks.

Keep it peaceful. Keep it positive.

While that’s still an option.

Deport the White man from politics and see what happens

The surest way to ruin an idiot is to give them power. They can’t lead, they’re incompetent and they’ll fail.


Forgive me for disbelieving that Trump is Jesus (idolatry, no better a celebrity than a Kardashian whore) and the Savior of America. The American People need to save themselves and always have done. I find him quite timid considering the problems and he is too lax on subjects like guns. Typical rich kid, I don’t believe he’d fight to defend anything, he just wants attention and will say anything. It just so happens that playing Devil’s Advocate nowadays is anti-PC.
Not to mention, if he can’t commit to a marriage, how can he commit to a job of a few years? The Bible Belt will see this. He lacks constancy and he was born into a rich family. He has no moral authority to speak of marriage and religion when he lacks faith himself. All politicians are hypocrites, it’s a matter of degree, and trumpeting his Whiteness or manliness (being crass to random women is actually a mark of insecurity as a man, but whatever) is a sign you don’t have any sound policies to actually discuss (the way Hillary plays the woman card and Sanders the poor, like a fiddle).
I’m bored of Trump, he lowers himself to insults too often when he had the moral high ground. He dispenses ad hominem when he stutters and runs out of ideas (he isn’t classically smart) so he can’t object when people do it to him, he preferentially insults people instead of addressing the question at hand. He’s immature, and his wealth, the bubble of it, probably has something to do with that.
I’m more interested in whoever comes after. They might be a real Christian and actually support policies than a half-hearted maybe. I looked into him and various business ventures have failed disastrously, Trump resorts show what a braggart and over-promiser he is. They’re only falling for it because he’s 1. male, 2. White, 3. rich, 4. insulting feminists. Forgive me if I think the Saviour of America would be too classy to make period jokes. How is that not alienating voters? Most women are not feminists, if you look at the damn data.

Politicians ignore reality. Political correctness is Fantastical wrongness, a polite term for professional liars.
I think Trump might be ineffectual in office, he’s blagging his way in like a business pitch but I’m happy to see him stick to his guns.

“As things come unwound both at home and abroad, the White man won’t just be sitting back eating popcorn, laughing at the chaos of a world that doesn’t want him anymore. No, he will be directly affected. Instead, he will be cleaning his gun and coming to the conclusion that when you become a minority, then it may be time to give up on democracy.”

This is an interesting way for fence-sitting r-types to justice their cowardice, aside from White Knighting and the pedestal nonsense. What about protecting your home and family? There’s even more risk in a dangerous environment. Sure, watch the people who think they’re so great, try and fail, but don’t toss the baby out with the bathwater and abandon your own communities, especially if you dare call yourself a masculine man. Pajama boys come up with an excuse to do nothing, it’s a delta/gamma thing.

A little note on SJWs and the wrong side of history gambit.

SJWs fear death. They hope their bundle of lies will create a legacy and make their sad lives worthwhile. In fact, they will die and no one will listen to them. That is what they cannot stand. They won’t matter, narcissists can’t stand the idea they’ll be gone. They’ll be dead and the silly laws will be abolished e.g. the oxymoron of ‘gay marriage’. Bad laws are rendered null over time, disused or abolished. Instead of giving out marriage licenses, a Caliphate (going by demographics) will go back to the good old days and kill the gay people by chucking them off buildings or hanging them, in the First World. What good will an old SCOTUS decision do then? We ignore the laws of slavery, don’t we? If everyone ignores them, they don’t exist.

Tying it together;

Nobody can deny that Trump is just as much a narcissist as the average feminist. It still remains a bad thing. Narcissists lie. A lot. The Right should stop sucking up to him just because he’s said some pretty words – he has DONE nothing. Until he DOES something, quit the hero worship.

Video: Greg Johnson’s ‘In defense of prejudice’


Pattern-seeking, also called patternicity, is innate to mammals.

It is a survival instinct.

We can no more switch it off than our perception of colour.

Ignore the patterns at your own peril.

When you recklessly imperil the lives of those around you, they’re going to perceive two threats.

Original Threat + Traitor

Where there one concept, there is its opposite.

Where there is loyalty, there is disloyalty.

Where there is safety, there is danger.

Endangering others? Makes you responsible too.

Scorpion and the Frog. A snake doesn’t change its nature.

As for the mathematics, this is truly probabilistic. I haven’t seen this application before but it’s dead-right. This is why social science has proven (and hates to admit) that stereotypes are mostly true. Prejudice being acting according to these, where there is individual information to the contrary that they are ‘not like that.’ Self-preservation and precaution (Christian prudence) are the psychologically healthy reactions to logical assessments of risk.