But foreign aid is important


“My children, who have gone from me up to the local secondary school, have grey skin, poor teeth, poor hair, poor nails. They are smaller, they are thinner,” she said.

“At sporting events, you see your children in the year group compared to other children in an affluent area and you think: our kids are really small. When you see them with children of the same age who are from an affluent area, they just look tiny.”

What white privilege?

What is white? characteristics

A humble list of suggestions for factors to start off with, since this topic isn’t going away.

  • genetic distance to NW European alleles (most isolated throughout invasions)
  • IQ 95+ average, the minimum to live in a high technology society
  • religion and whether it is pre- or post-Reformation (high demand adaptation)
  • adaptability of culture to threatening existential events e.g. war (Blitz spirit and variations), famine, epidemic e.g. response to Black Death, and ability to pull together in cooperation
  • appreciation for cultural Christianity e.g. tolerance of eccentricity but NOT immorality e.g. poets are fine, burning “witches” at the stake is not.
  • historical achievements
  • modern (past 500 years) victories, including over social ills (problem solving ability)
  • national distinctiveness
  • etiquette, clear and socially norm
  • high technology society, technical competency
  • high literacy and numeracy
  • high professional standards (no corruption)
  • strong basis of morality e.g. universally applied and clear incentive/punishment structure
  • rewarding the Good before pitying and enabling the Evil (victim narrative)
  • ideal virtues and concept of individual character but not individualism (cults)
  • appreciable values model e.g. family over hedonism
  • facial structure, phenotype range and morphology of typical features e.g. pelvic width
  • language and stylistic qualities in the use of language
  • child-rearing (selection for, requirements and structural balance between parental influences)
  • parenting style (not abusive, pro-natal society with an emphasis on high quality)
  • healthy breeding habits
  • prosocial behaviours (as represented in lower self on self crime rates)
  • no sadism on the vulnerable e.g. children, elderly, the ill, sexual crimes on women.
  • self-sufficiency of the economy e.g. food security
  • a valid taxation system e.g. flat tax, luxuries (consumption) tax that rewards hard work but punishes decadence, rewards natives over the world.
  • an encouragement of efforts without vanity
  • loyal government and a history of honourable leaders (official and not)
  • rights (similarity to the Magna Carta and Rights of Englishmen)
  • liberty without irresponsibility (personal responsibility, narrative of duty to self)
  • divergent fashions
  • a range of largely exclusive cultural products including monuments (symbolism) and foods (class struggles)
  • occupation bans e.g. prostitution, piracy or burglar, hitman
  • no speech policing or censorship required (people already want to get along, this cannot be forced) unless it is immorality in the public sphere (kept underground for adults who seek it out) because children’s innocence is protected
  • a medical bias for health over disease (compassion has sane limits)
  • higher moral standards for leaders beyond the norm
  • low to no entitlements, starting with pensions (pensions cause Empires to fall and are dysgenic pressures with an aging/dying population that magically gain medical issues for attention or a higher mortality rate upon retirement)
  • no sexualisation of everyday life (it started in Jazz in America)
  • responsible materialism, preferably local or patriotic
  • venerated old age where deserved, anti-youth culture, pro-maturity (but not specifically elderly)
  • a reasonable military and no treasonous trading of weapons or information
  • preferred schedule (uses of time) e.g. German promptness versus Italian restfulness

and so on and so forth.

I think the more important things are closer to the top of the list.
You really can’t get anything done with a sub-typical IQ.

As IQ dwindles, maintenance costs rise (infrastructure problems and social engineering bugs as we see).

That’s good for now.

The lower in the list, the greater an individual’s possible contribution to it and power over it (not in the hands of rulers).

Inspired by


I suppose it all comes down to philia, love of one’s thede, race, ingroup. It’s been perverted by modern writers as friendship. It isn’t. Friendship is more agape (no conditions or requirements). It’s kinship.

It’s translated as virtuous love more honestly than friendship, for reasons of patriotism. There is no historically valid Brotherhood in the modern sense of its use (treehouse politics), there is only philia and its structures including the monarchy and governance. However, the Brotherhood of the military (the only one in true existence) has many conditions e.g. the draft, and requirements e.g. training, and standards e.g. loyalty, and defends the non-Brotherhood due to the group’s own reason for existence (philia). Without that protection’s purpose, the group is unstable and will disintegrate.

If MRAs were smart, they’d bring back the draft. Nothing less can unite men.
Israel’s own draft policy is the main cause of its social stability. It incites and inflames philia.

Genophilia has fuck-all to do with outgroup-inclusive (oxymoron) friendships. All efforts at this perverted form with a friendly alliance of Brotherhood or Sisterhood for example misses out a full half the group and includes many out-group. That’s why they fail and are always doomed to fail.

There is an evolved genetic basis for this social preference.


If you really want to stick with the postmodern friend definition, it’s unhistorical.


Do you not know that friendship with the world is hostility toward God?  Therefore, whoever chooses to be a friend of the world renders himself an enemy of God.

It’s love your neighbour, remember. (=PHILIA) Kin with whom you are on the same side and stand for the same cultural principles. It isn’t agape or it would’ve used the word agape again.

A soldier doesn’t die for his friend, there is no higher virtue in that – he dies for his family, Queen and country (all philia structures).


Multiculturalism is a perversion of Xenia, corrupted guest rights applied to hostile invaders.

No, everyone does NOT have a right to “live” in specific region. Apply it to Israel first.

They never mean “live” independently and work honestly without access to the coffers, the nation’s finite and exclusive assets. I’d be fine with immigration if it were temporary, they had no entitlements infringing upon us, including suffrage ordering us (so not citizens) or the ability to run for office over us. Kinda like Israel. They will change things if permitted, inviolable rights corruptions of the host. The native takes eminence.

If you want a country like (name), build it yourself!
You can live in it once you’ve changed your own land instead of invading others!
We’d help but you complained and called it Colonialism.

Note: No study on the economic impact of immigration is complete without a total historical model e.g. post-WW at least. If you looked at all the post-WW immigrants on welfare, the sum cost, including the biggest welfare of all – pensions, the numbers would be shocking. That all piles into national debt, we’re all paying for it.

Then you have a solid statistical baseline to compare that with projected and actual growth, that are both measured post-WW2. If you’re intellectually honest and want the truth. Someone file that FOI request!

No ring, no baby!


If you want to increase fertility, this comes first.

I have pushed this basic fact time and time and time again.

There’s even a nursery rhyme about it!

First comes love, then comes marriage

THEN comes baby!

“America’s birth rate is falling far below what is needed to maintain economic growth

Hey, Boomers and Gen X (and now Gens Y/Z) wanted sex without the reproduction part.

So they also voted with their… feet…. to pay for their own retirements and so forth, not to expect their ghost babies to pay it for them.

A large part of the decline in birth rates can be directly accounted for by a factor unlikely to be influenced by those birth-targeted incentives: marriage. That is, most long-run change in fertility can be accounted for by changes in the marital composition of society.

Good women don’t want to become single mothers. That’s a good thing.

Deadbeats and would-be deadbeats are being rejected on that basis. Excellent!

This is great for society.

The men expecting they can cash out by getting kids but horrendously depriving them of a good setting for a suitable upbringing need an ear-pull from their elders.

It’s confusing how they’d think having kids is less serious than marriage. I mean stupid.

Oh look, women aren’t terrible Lilith figures or Medusas trying to use you for your sperm!

They want the man it’s attached to to invest!

Broody women want a husband, what a shocker.

By fixing age-specific marital status to 2001 or 2008 levels, we can model a counterfactual scenario of what fertility might have been had people gotten married and formed families at the same rate as formerly.

Let alone if the economy were good.

Essentially all of the decline in fertility since 2001 can be explained by changes in the marital composition of the population. Married, single, and divorced women are all about as likely, controlling for age and marital status, to have kids now as they were in 2001. But today, a smaller proportion of women are married during those peak-fertility years…

Whose fault is that?

Who proposes again?

Don’t get me going on homewreckers


The numbers of marriages are declining, but now we are seeing attempts to destabilise the ones already in existence by replacing negative perceptions of the “failed marriage” with the idea that still-functioning marriages are actually failures – that those still married have “failed to escape”

In this “me-first” age, the tendency is to choose someone as much like oneself as possible, and now partners can even be selected from a catalogue. Possibly in future we will be able to clone our partners so that they share our every taste and enthusiasm and, of course, our every virtue.

They already do with brainwashing.

Whether friendly or unfriendly, children often they pay the price of divorce in their own happiness and in difficulties forming long-term relationships in later life. Even if they do marry, they will not be equipped to handle positively marital problems, but may give up at the first hurdle,

selfish people should never marry

I’ve never seen it end well.

since they will not have observed their parents working at problems and emerging from bad patches – which all marriages encounter – stronger and more stable.

The child psychology is clear that if you are unwilling to get married, you shouldn’t have children because they need that security. A monogamous set of parents, no affairs. What causes most divorce? Where there’s a true cause – unfaithfulness, to the vows.

We have gone from sanctioning divorce only in very difficult cases to viewing it as the legitimate answer for people who are not completely happy all the time. But the only people who will gain from couples splitting up because they are not completely happy are the housing market and Ikea.

Sexy affair shows, film and TV. Count ’em.
Include soaps, why not?

It used to be a few avant garde productions that got surprising attention like The English Patient (then Colin Firth became a cuck in real life, recently*) but now you only see happy adulterers, no happy marrieds. Quite a cultural change.

Apart from that, we will have a nation of miserable children, for whom marriage appears to be an impossible dream, and lonely old people consoling themselves for doing the wrong thing by insisting that they married the wrong person. We will be a nation of “wrong people” who have forgotten how to do the right thing.

*that’s what you get for marrying a foreigner.

DNA can distinguish Europeans from Jews


So much for white passing.

This is one test you shall not pass.

Ripped shamelessly off of JF.

A genome-wide genetic signature of Jewish ancestry perfectly separates individuals with and without full Jewish ancestry in a large random sample of European Americans

So much for the “science can’t-” crowd.

It was recently shown that the genetic distinction between self-identified Ashkenazi Jewish and non-Jewish individuals is a prominent component of genome-wide patterns of genetic variation in European Americans. No study however has yet assessed how accurately self-identified (Ashkenazi) Jewish ancestry can be inferred from genomic information, nor whether the degree of Jewish ancestry can be inferred among individuals with fewer than four Jewish grandparents.

When are we testing Hitler, I demand answers.

Here we show that within Americans of European ancestry there is a perfect genetic corollary of Jewish ancestry which, in principle, would permit near perfect genetic inference of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry.

Because if they look the same, they must be the same! – Reddit

In another world, they’d be summoning spirit animals and making voodoo dolls.

In fact, even subjects with a single Jewish grandparent can be statistically distinguished from those without Jewish ancestry.

Israel, after advancing genetics testing:

We also found that subjects with Jewish ancestry were slightly more heterozygous than the subjects with no Jewish ancestry, suggesting that the genetic distinction between Jews and non-Jews may be more attributable to a Near-Eastern origin for Jewish populations than to population bottlenecks.

Translation: A different race.

Video: What is white?

Apply to the BBC.

If they say no, you must be white.

Make a joke.

If you are told you are Hitler, you must be white.

Walk around a diverse area.

If you are raped…

Note: modern invaders of European countries e.g. Turkey, Italy, do not magically change DNA thanks to particles of feels in the dirt. This has been a PSA from Captain (Fucking) Obvious.

The books are online for free.

No, you don’t need to take a course to understand Darwinian evolution (there is no other).

He wrote a book you can see for free.


It is here.




By Charles Darwin, M.A., F.R.S.,

Author of “The Descent of Man,” etc., etc.

Sixth London Edition, with all Additions and Corrections.

Pause to consider:

The 6th Edition is often considered the definitive edition.

If you want the raw form?

With slightly less information?

Also see Project Gutenberg Etext #1228 for the First Edition.



You have no excuse now.

I am not one of those people who lie about Darwin. I encourage you to read the bloody books. Plural, this is the first one you start with or don’t use that word around me. Picture someone going on and on about cookery who doesn’t know how to crack an egg. That’s how you all sound.

The atheists are shit scared of this being required reading in schools.
That’s because it deals in fact and compares humans with other animals.

I know you’ll see my way if you have any capacity for logic and literacy.

Note: genes can jump within and between chromosomes within an organism.
“Jumping genes” so-called and ignored for decades.
This was discovered by a woman so don’t be shocked you weren’t taught it in school.

Barbara McClintock. Look her up.

What race were ancient Greeks?


In fact, there was a good basis for the 1911 Britannica to write about blonds in Thebes. Thebes was the leading city of Boeotia, a rich agricultural region in south-central Greece. Fragments from an ancient 150 BC travelogue describe the women of Thebes as “the tallest, prettiest, and most graceful in all of Hellas. Their yellow hair is tied up in a knot on the top of their head.” Pindar, a fifth century Theban lyric poet, refers to the Greeks as “the fair-haired Danaoi,” using a poetical name for the Hellenes. Likewise, in his Partheneia, or “Maiden Songs,” the seventh century BC Spartan poet Alcman, praised the beauty of Spartan female athletes, with their “golden hair” and “violet eyes.” He also wrote of Spartan women with “silver eyes,” meaning light gray. The seventh-century BC Greek poet Archilochus praises the “yellow hair” of one of his lovers, and Sappho—also of the seventh century BC—writes of her “beautiful daughter, golden like a flower.”

A society of badass Elizabeth Taylors, don’t take it away from me.

At minimum, they must classify as white because they were ancient European.

I would also like to point out that Aphrodite was called The Golden One, after her hair.

Ancient Egyptians weren’t black

Unless you mean the slaves.

If only we had a field of scientific study to tell.



Before white people invaded and since apartheid ended, Africa has had no excuse to be shit.

If they had a monarchy system, they might’ve had one King.

They’ve never had an Empire. Quite sad, actually. Every other race has.

They’re still trying to say raging tart Cleopatra wasn’t Greek.

Spot the Afro. I’m still waiting for the Poundland Princess to bring those back like a proud black woman.