K-selected mating rituals

The filter is strong.


Tim Tebow recently split with girlfriend Olivia Culpo – a former Miss USA model – and the reason is said to be the former Broncos quarterback’s abstinence pledge.

Yes, that’s right, folks. You now live in a culture where a girl doesn’t want a man who respects her enough to wait until he is ready to commit to her, faithfully for life, and not just use her body for his own personal pleasure…..

….Tebow will be mocked by the rabbits, but he also likely won’t end up divorce-raped, stripped of his wealth, and forced to watch as the children he is responsible for have to cope with the consequences of a shattered family….

We know what we’re about, son.


She lacked the self control. Great game. Truly magnificent.

Protip: ask them about controversial topics. They’ll squirm because they want so hard to please you but also remain neutral enough to control you. They’re empty, hollow people really. Essence de la PC.

Video: What is the most important thing in life?

There is scientific basis for this.


You must decide. Everyone has a hierarchy of values, a values system, but the order we rank differs.

Closely related, people may have hit this page based on the question:

What is the most important thing in a woman, man or husband/wife?

The most important trait in a spouse? Perfection.
It’s always that one thing.



Wife is a JOB title, MMV and SMV

Timely with certain undercurrents from feminists that women should be paid to work as mothers. (hold back your snort of derision, please, I know, I know…)

Graphic not mine; 10-scale also covered here and here, for variation of opinion.

If anyone's interested, there's plenty of scales too onlineSexual Market Value differs from Marriage considerations. This applies to both sexes. Heartiste has some good tests on SMV for both men and women (see top bar).

Here’s an excellent website I want to signal boost, I especially love the Wife Tests (as I usually pass them).




“It’s amazing how many women don’t really understand that “wife” is a job description, not a title.”

Why smart women don’t divorce;


In sickness and in health;


Go for natural, it can’t be faked;


Balance and assistance;


Of course, if you’re MGTOW, this does not apply, but I don’t see how being informed otherwise in case you change your mind could be a bad thing.

“By all means marry. If you get a good wife, you will become happy, and if you get a bad one you will become a philosopher.” ~ Socrates