Pick-up weakens men


…I’m not denying the need many men have to improve their communication and confidence with the opposite sex. This is a real need. But the approach that pick-up coaches take doesn’t make men better men; instead of increasing a man’s real strength and self-assurance, it turns him into a dependent.

Replacement Father figures.

This article is more of a warning than anything. The pick-up artist or dating industry is big business, and a lot of you may be spending money on ebooks and courses trying to improve in an area where you feel yourself lacking. This isn’t money well-spent. If you want to become more successful with women, the solution isn’t a virtual guru of any kind, and it isn’t a quick fix — it’s the long, arduous road to becoming a more successful, stronger, and self-reliant man. The development of the self must precede your success with the opposite sex….

Seriously, odds are they don’t know anymore than you.
If you aren’t willing to work on yourself first, why would average women look twice? Mind, the ones you target (and yes, target, like a predator) have options, or you wouldn’t be attracted to them.
Even if they knew how this works, a single valuable insight, could they understand the true reasons (instead of those they wish to be true)? For example, does a single part of their theory make them look bad? Oh, they’re saintly huh? Yes, how realistic. Cults of personality are never wrong.Could they impart in full what they have learnt? (no) How much is down to their circumstance, things they have that you don’t (e.g. handsomeness) and pure Lady Luck?
Men are literally better off going their own way and waiting for women to show more interest (if there isn’t more interest post-improvement you didn’t have a hope in hell).

I defer to this gem of a quote;

from http://uncabob.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/my-personal-experience-with-mgtow.html

There is such a thing as too much experience with women. You end up running into a lot of terrible ones.

Sampling errors abound.

Women are disgusted by pick-up for the same reason men are by women who get surgery, false everything and wear tons of make-up, then try to take advantage of a rich guy. It’s a means of passing-off faulty goods.

On an evolutionary level, the junk genes are passing themselves off as superior, prime material (the natural Alphas aka real men, who don’t need hand-holding guides to teach them jack). Some (depends on age) of those real men get married (I think it’s Wolf Alpha, might be another type), because they know they want a family, they’ve become emotionally detached, player burnout exists, hedonic treadmill and won’t let a good thing go away (good women are rarer now more than ever in societal history, consider that).

This is why the “best” players usually move on after three shags. All that effort, it would be more cost-effective to buy a hooker (and a relief for local women, who get hit on all the time from desperate ‘player’ men who turn to begging, it’s pathetic, ‘bitch shields’ are just player shields). If they object to hookers on egoistic grounds, why do you need validation from the low class women who allowed themselves to be used based on a script?
If you’re lying to the good ones it’s a whole other kettle of fish, and those types must flee, a stressful life, before they’re ran out of town (inevitable, they aren’t nomads by choice) and likely beaten up or murdered. That is how the criminal sociopaths Alpha-types the PUAs look up to end their life. Before age 40. All over something you could’ve paid for. Hardly a long-term strategy, and you don’t see many players bothering past 40. The youngest women (without issues) start to get creeped out and the middle-aged pretend they’re not exhausted by pursuit and look just as attractive despite various physical signs to the contrary…

For all the posturing about being ‘lone wolves’… err, they don’t get any sex, they don’t have a mate, so they don’t mate. The alpha/beta distinction doesn’t exist in nature, that’s outdated knowledge from the 70s. Wolves find someone of their quality and mate for life, as elucidated in r/K selection theory. I guess PUAs can’t think of any sexy metaphors about being a male bunny wabbit.