Article: The 8 traits of the perfect woman

I could add to this but there’s little purpose. These traits used to be the average woman and it saddens me to see how rare they are nowadays, the indecisive wretch is common.

A good test is whether you simply enjoy looking at them, knowing they’re a generally good, interesting person rather than purely at their packaging. If a woman can be objectified, there isn’t much else to her worth looking at.

Isn’t it strange that for all the pretense of helping women, no women’s magazines mention the skills required to develop to self-actualize? Men’s mags are better in this regard. The female equivalent of the cheat-code seekers (as I think of them) are far more common than their male counterparts, who get a lot of hassle from the girls (never women).

…I’m a pretty mellow and nonchalant guy. Few things piss me off these days. Few people get under my skin. But what really gets to me are the guys who are always relentlessly looking for shortcuts, tips and tricks in everything they do. That’s a subtle way of saying that the guy wants someone else to do the hard work so that he can fast forward through all the struggle and suffering and simply be given the resulting solution on the silver platter. …

Wise man. Good blog.